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(Daily Herald)   Let's turn that cross on top of your church into a cell phone antenna   ( divider line
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5081 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Oct 2002 at 4:16 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-30 10:16:16 PM  
Finally, a church can be used for something USEFUL.
2002-09-30 10:26:08 PM  
Maybe this will clear up that CDMA/TDMA/GSM debate over who is the "chosen one."
2002-09-30 10:57:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-30 11:45:25 PM  
"Can you hear me now?" = Fight Club quote from Lou.
2002-10-01 12:04:17 AM  
heh. i live like 2 miles from Schaumburg, IL. My cel phone sucks. I don't believe in God. Hmmm.... its all starting to make sense now.

2002-10-01 12:40:44 AM  
B0rg9 If only voting was enabeled. . . .
2002-10-01 12:50:32 AM  
REPEAT! Wait, this one's being posted first...
2002-10-01 04:24:35 AM  

Errrrm ....

"Yes, thank-you, that *does* feel a bit warmer."
2002-10-01 04:26:25 AM  
Can just hear the complaints now.

"I will NOT use my cell phone because I don't believe in God!"
2002-10-01 04:26:32 AM  
Cellphonia is your new god!
2002-10-01 04:27:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Was gonna be done sooner or later...
2002-10-01 04:29:07 AM  
You should join our club...

/random bullshiat
2002-10-01 04:30:51 AM  

we alreayd have antennas inside some church crosses down here in .au
and behind fake bricks, and fake palm trees and other such crap
2002-10-01 04:31:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-01 04:31:31 AM  
When deep space exploitation ramps up, it will be corporations that name everything. The IBM Stellar Sphere. The Philip Morris Galaxy. Planet Starbucks. The Church of SprintPCS.
2002-10-01 04:32:20 AM  
Oh give me a call
through that old rugged cross
2002-10-01 04:36:54 AM  
This is good. Now when ive got nothing to do, Ill just ring up god and stuff.
2002-10-01 04:37:08 AM  
Frost you forgot the Internet, brought to you by Time/Warner.
2002-10-01 04:37:52 AM  
"My personal opinion is it's smart," she said. "Nobody said Christians are supposed to check their brains at the door."

They arn't? Then how can they believe in-

2002-10-01 04:41:27 AM  
This is just another piece of metal

Joking aside, this is just further proof how everything in America is either for sale or for hire. If some mega-corporation can wave some money in your face and make you say that your sacred christian symbol is "just a piece of metal", then there's a word for you: WHORE!
2002-10-01 04:43:31 AM  
"And so I said, Susie, I said, you have a spider on your dress and she said . . . "

*OJ Simpson, you are condemned to an afterlife of fire and brimstone."

"Jesus! God, I think we have our lines crossed."
2002-10-01 04:49:08 AM  
Collect call from "God" Will you accept the charges?
2002-10-01 04:55:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-10-01 05:00:31 AM  
ehh, as long as you don't constantly hear preaching/hymns in the background along with the static, i really don't care.
2002-10-01 05:03:44 AM  
LOL Set.
2002-10-01 05:25:02 AM  
What really pisses me off about churches is the farking bells on a Sunday morning. While any normal person is lying in bed trying to sleep off the excesses of the night before, these farkers feel they have the right to wake up everyone in the vicinity. Why do they do this? Does anybody not know that churches have services on a Sunday morning? It has been a regular fixture for the last few centuries after all. You would have to be particularly retarded, even by Xian standards, not to have noticed this by now.

If people want to delude themselves by believing in primitive superstition, that's their decision. Just don't disturb my beauty sleep.
2002-10-01 05:30:19 AM  
Proof that God wants to create car accidents.
2002-10-01 05:33:58 AM  
A church is next door to my house. God bless the day they decide to put bells in their tower. grrrrrr...
2002-10-01 05:46:06 AM  
There's some sort of connection to the Tower of Babel story here but I don't feel like drawing it out...
/waits for the smiting to begin
Now with the Bevetron unit installed you can increase your cell phone reception by up to 30 percent!
Biblical quotes not included. See your pastor for details.
2002-10-01 05:58:57 AM  
*beep beep... buzzzzzz*

|Jesus luvz u :)|

Could the asshat in the back pew please turn that mobile off, it's making baby Jesus cry.
2002-10-01 06:44:56 AM  

yeah, aint we advanced? have you seen the fake tree ones? they're crazy
2002-10-01 07:07:40 AM  
They should stick those cell phone antennas on top of every farken church. That will probly radiate some sense into the churchies.
2002-10-01 08:30:30 AM  
Maybe they can sell airtime instead of anally raping alter boys.
2002-10-01 08:33:59 AM  
heh heh.

I'm a deacon at a church that leased out a spot for one of those fake pine trees. No big deal.
2002-10-01 09:15:34 AM  
"My personal opinion is it's smart," she said. "Nobody said Christians are supposed to check their brains at the door."

Jay-Tea beat me to it but it just had to be listed again so I could say --hahahahahaha OMG ROTFL LOL!!!!!11!!!1!!.
2002-10-01 10:13:38 AM  
So when are they gonna publish God's cellphone number?
2002-10-01 10:16:59 AM  
There's a lot of stealth Base Stations around the world...
if you want to see some australian ones click

otherwise has many international sites.

yes i am strange
2002-10-01 10:30:54 AM  
oops -- </i>
2002-10-01 10:46:44 AM  
"My personal opinion is it's smart," she said. "Nobody said Christians are supposed to check their brains at the door."

Xtians have brains? When did this start? :p
2002-10-01 12:03:58 PM  
they have been doing that for a long time
churches will take money anyway they can get it
2002-10-01 01:17:51 PM  
As a Christian, i have objections to this idea in that it 'sells out' one of the more sacred aspects of my religion. However, money is helpful to the cause. Most churches just recieve funds by the weekly offerings during service, which isn't always enough. If the cell phone companies want to buy a new cross for the church and give them more revenue, the only downside is a little antenae in it and a shack for other equipment, I say go ahead. Churches can always use more money for all of their community outreach programs, etc.
I know that there are a lot of people out there that dont believe in Christianity, or any religion at all, I can respect that. But once your beliefs turn to insults, etc. I have to take a stand.
Yes, HeartBurnKid, Christians do have brains. We have had brains for as long as I can remember. We are not just some brainless cult that follows what the minister says. We have our own opinions about Christianity. And most of the people that practice it make it their choice to go to church and follow the word of God. I don't know if you are a Christian or if you have any religious affiliation, but just cut us some slack.
In churches you can find some of the nicest, brightest, and just all around nice people, and I am glad to be apart of that.
I dont mean to come off as preachy or anything like that, I just want to convey my thoughts, and give my Christian perspective.
Way to go Our Redeemer's Methodist Church for helping keep the faith alive. And thank you Sprint PCS, for helping Our Redeemer's to keep that faith alive!
2002-10-01 01:49:37 PM  
This is all cool until the IRS catches it. Then the church is open to losing the tax exempt status because they are inteh business of renting space, or charging money for programs not related to their stated purpose.
2002-10-01 02:06:06 PM  
Jesus saves...up to %10 on long distance rates!
2002-10-01 02:28:24 PM  
My parents' church just signed a deal for this kind of thing. Said its going to bring them a good deal of cash for it too.

And Ziklagz...this leasing thing won't effect their tax-exemptness at all. They're a church...churches are tax-exempt no matter what. Hell, many larger catholic churches have gift shops in them and they're tax-exempt status isn't threatened at all.

2002-10-01 02:36:24 PM  
That's hilarious, Alto_reed_on_a_tenor_sax!
2002-10-01 04:50:13 PM  
I think Stars of David have a longer range.
2002-10-01 05:32:49 PM  
The Pentagram antenna, covers a 100 mile radius, no static, no fee airtime time.

Of course you sign away your soul in the fine print but with a deal like that, I'd go in for it.
2002-10-01 06:19:51 PM  
Just another example of Jesus trying to monitor people's cellphones.
2002-10-01 06:46:19 PM  
Borg9: that was most excellent.

The Catholic Church. Remember learning about how they excommunicated people that thought the earth wasn't the center of the universe? What a joke. Let's just make stuff up and say "That's how it is, folks! No proof, but you all have to believe it because that's what we decided."
2002-10-01 07:19:48 PM  
You have a collect call from Heaven. Will you accept the charges?
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