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(Mainichi Daily News)   "Cram school" operator arrested for trying to cram it into a 13 year old girl   ( divider line
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2002-09-30 08:44:18 PM  
What the fugg is a cram school?
And not to justify his actions, but HE DID PAY for the sex.
The girl is somewhat guilty IMO.
2002-09-30 09:23:59 PM  
Hehe, it says "cram".
2002-09-30 09:24:23 PM  
Cut his farking dick off.
2002-09-30 09:25:04 PM  
the only reason guys pay for sex is because girls charge for it :O!?

cram schools are just schools, added on to your normal school
2002-09-30 09:25:29 PM  
30,000 yen is apparently the going price for a junior high japanese girl these days.
2002-09-30 09:26:55 PM  
30,000 yen= 245.403 USD
2002-09-30 09:27:09 PM  
didn't we just see an article on japanese junior high prostitutes the other day. It's a farking epidemic.

2002-09-30 09:27:15 PM  
Well, she was sent to a cram school to learn at an accelerated pace, n'cest pas?
2002-09-30 09:27:49 PM  
Are these the same girls that steal your kidneys?
2002-09-30 09:28:20 PM  
My dog is licking my toes because I stuck a peanut between two of them.
2002-09-30 09:29:02 PM  
that's almost $250
hope he got a degree for that price.
2002-09-30 09:29:22 PM  
I guess he wanted to go out with a BANG.

/rimshot: peals of laughter echo through the haunted house
2002-09-30 09:30:04 PM  
in prison HE'LL be the pie.
2002-09-30 09:30:26 PM  
This thread looks familiar...

/em eats his popcorn
2002-09-30 09:31:39 PM  
Lunatic Tassle > is that 'smells like peanut action?'
2002-09-30 09:34:52 PM  
Great headline.
So what was his crime?
2002-09-30 09:35:04 PM  
I might be wroung here, but i'm pretty sure 13 is the legal age of consent in japan, so odds are he was arristedmore for trying to pay the girl, and the fact she was his student more than the fact she was 13.
2002-09-30 09:35:21 PM  
dylanspurgin nope, but it tickles.
2002-09-30 09:36:01 PM  
Now he will be going to cram school...
2002-09-30 09:37:38 PM  
Everything, in Japan, is a farking epidemic. That's what happens when you ignore a problem for a few decades and blame it on the west (i.e. not Japan).
2002-09-30 09:37:41 PM  
actually, my little beagle is getting very good at dislodging peanuts between my toes.
2002-09-30 09:38:43 PM  
Lunatic Tassle > foot fetish forming?

Whidbey65 > where is that wang looking thing that you have a pictar of in your bio?
2002-09-30 09:38:43 PM  
Lunatic Tassle: One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just isn't the same...

God, I love the smell of a good non-sequiter in the morning.
2002-09-30 09:39:30 PM  
I guess we can't tell if he has big feet from this headline anymore.
2002-09-30 09:45:25 PM  
Offtopic Answer to D. Spurgin:
That is the Dungeness Spit on the North Coast of The Olympic Peninsula in good ol WA. It's a freak-lookin' thing isn't it? Definitely a great place to while the hours...about an hour/half from Seattle.
2002-09-30 09:48:53 PM  

A cram school is basically a school that you go to OTHER than your public school, to cram even more knowledge for those blasted college entrance exams. I personally think that the 5 1/2 day school week is plenty, and that these overwork kids way too much.
2002-09-30 09:49:53 PM  
"The term juku or "Cram School" loosely covers all extracurricular studies devoted to academic studies; however, their goals and settings can vary dramatically. Ranging from small classes of two or three students meeting in the home of a teacher to large schools with dozens of classes, hundreds of student and branches all over the country, their content also varies from remedial to highly accelerated."

"Detractors claim that the pressures of attending after-school classes have resulted in children with little time for play or enjoyment. Although overall, the size of the average Japanese has grown significantly in the post-war period, recent years have seen an increase in the number of injury-prone children. The weaker bodies of the younger generation are generally traced to excess study time, and to a lack of exercise and play time."

Two or three students meeting in the home of a teacher, huh? I need to move to Japan...

He was just trying to offer them a "little time for play or enjoyment" and offer them "exercise and play time" to build up their weak bodies, I am sure.
2002-09-30 09:51:05 PM  
So wait, he met the girl through a dating service? Come on, she knew exactly what she was getting herself into.
2002-09-30 09:55:41 PM  
Hairpie? sank you.
2002-09-30 09:55:41 PM  
Hey atleast the girl can now buy her barbie collection she always wanted.
2002-09-30 09:56:16 PM  
Plus, isolated tho I am in the belly of the Great SATAN (THE US), seems like morality goes a little more apeshiate over in Japan than here. I mean, you GOTTA TAKE OUT INSURANCE if you make a farking HOLE IN ONE! All that stomachknotting HONOR!
Worse than keeping up with the Taniguchis...
2002-09-30 09:57:05 PM  
awesome headline
2002-09-30 09:58:35 PM  
So... um.... does anyone know the URL of this online dating service?

What!? What!? I'm just askin'!
2002-09-30 09:58:45 PM  
i would have chopped off his wang and displayed it in front of school. hell, it worked with a real human head! even though he payed for it, its like buying illegal drugs.
2002-09-30 09:58:54 PM  
Thank you, Hoyab.
2002-09-30 09:59:29 PM  
Tardedagain: NERDS!
2002-09-30 10:00:30 PM  
"i would have chopped off his wang and displayed it in front of school."

Chopped off his WANG??? What kind of racist rhetoric is that? You Asiaphobe.
2002-09-30 10:02:24 PM  
ah man i could go for some sex right now
2002-09-30 10:05:50 PM  
I could also go for some sex right now
2002-09-30 10:06:06 PM  
wait... there are a couple of things unclear in this article... did they actually do the nasty? how did the cops find out? what was the girls name? email address? phone number? wtf
2002-09-30 10:07:04 PM  
but not 13-year old school girl sex. 18-year old school girl sex, yes, 13-year old school girl sex, no.
2002-09-30 10:10:54 PM  
when i was 13, i wanted to have sex with other 13 year olds
2002-09-30 10:12:48 PM  
Ya know, the girl that is described lower on the page today as the "hottest.girl.ever", or something along those lines, is probably not much older than 13, and all you drooled over her pictures, yet, this situation is considered "sick".

Does anyone else in here smell the hypocrisy, or is it just me?
2002-09-30 10:17:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-30 10:20:31 PM  
2002-09-30 10:20:37 PM  

I looked up your hometown in GIS and this is the first thing that comes up...

[image from too old to be available]

I can't decise if it is supposed to be a big, stupid dick statue, or someone giving you the finger....
2002-09-30 10:21:46 PM  
Whoops...i was gonna say...yeh, this whole site is full of hypocracy
2002-09-30 10:22:37 PM  
Runatic All right, one of us is high. Is it me, or is it you? I think it might be you..., what were we talking about again?
2002-09-30 10:24:22 PM  
That's the "Our Town Has a Bigger Cock Than Your Town" statue, proudly displayed in front of the courthouse here in Nacognowhere.
2002-09-30 10:27:38 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Our town's cock is way bigger than your's, Sinatra.
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