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(Aint-It-Cool-News) Video The new trailer for the Lord of the Rings comes out today on AOL only. AICN has the video for everyone else. AOL surrenders   ( divider line
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2002-09-30 05:38:01 PM  
Yea but Episode 3 is going to be WAY better.

2002-09-30 05:48:29 PM  
I think I'm going to have to pass on this one. Apparently, there was another "Lord of Rings" movie out a while ago and I hear it wasn't very good. TruthMedia gave it a bad review, so I'm guessing another one won't be any better.
2002-09-30 06:34:49 PM  
I'm waiting for the Bill & Ted meet Wayne & Garth movie to come out. THAT will be good. I will smoke my bong right in the theater.
2002-09-30 08:44:08 PM  
Vader - the resurrection
2002-09-30 08:44:20 PM has had the trailer for weeks, if not months. Big news.
2002-09-30 08:44:53 PM  
"shiatty real video version"

lmao, truer words were never spoken
2002-09-30 08:45:25 PM  
For anyone who wants to see.
2002-09-30 08:45:36 PM  
The first one blew... unless you are very into the books, in which case... well, your parents were probably glad to pay the $9.00 and drive you to the theater to get you out of their basement.
2002-09-30 08:47:39 PM  
i thought the first one was good. better than the books anyway. you know with all the special effects and stuff. and the blowing things up. better than "This isn't the first time Frodo had wished he was back at home safe in the shire."
2002-09-30 08:50:02 PM  
This looked wicked


However, I am a therefore I would think this is wicked!

2002-09-30 08:51:47 PM  
These movies remind me of those weirdos who get married in shining armour and have jousting competitions in their backyard.
2002-09-30 08:52:37 PM  
you know what's good? pizza. it's just so farking great, easy and delicious. mmmmm, pizza
2002-09-30 08:52:38 PM  
While enterprising "internet savvy" computer users have had a copy of the entire movie for months.

[jerks off]
2002-09-30 08:53:23 PM  
By Iluvatar, that got my heart racing!
2002-09-30 08:53:23 PM  
Seriously, who gives a crap? OHMYGOD, it's a trailer. It's A COMMERCIAL. Sheesh.
2002-09-30 08:54:26 PM  
Harry Knowles is an ASS CLOWN. The video has been out on sites other than AICN for days.

Oh, TTT will kick HP's ass! :-)

2002-09-30 08:56:23 PM  
Leave it to these forums to sap the fun out of everything. Do you shiat on your friend's birthday cakes too? Because, you know, it's just a farking cake with candles after all. For those interested, this is a new trailer, not the one that ran after the first movie. Very cool, IMO.
2002-09-30 08:56:39 PM  
Iluvatar is angered that there will be no movie based on the Silmarillion (and what a whopper of a film that would be).
2002-09-30 08:56:49 PM  
Not the same trailer that his been out on other sites, dumbasses.
2002-09-30 08:57:55 PM  
What's this lord of the rings thing that i've been hearing about lately. Is it some kind of p0rn?
2002-09-30 08:59:23 PM  
BarkingPumpkin its a new trailer. It hit aol last night but everywhere else today. Oh and it looks great.
2002-09-30 08:59:58 PM  
As Remisser said, any fan already has the film...trailer shmailer.
2002-09-30 09:03:25 PM  
Lord of the O-Rings featuring Peter North....
2002-09-30 09:04:00 PM  
Everybody can see the trailer with high quality at Riva3D. Comments would be appreciated there!! thank you all!!! (Nemesis is also included)

2002-09-30 09:04:39 PM  
I have been seeing "Supposed" Bootleg downloads of twin towers on WinMX & Kazaa in DivX format... file size about 100MB or so... I also remember seeing a post submitted here where it was rumoured that the bootleg is out there... is this true ? everything I have downloaded does not play...

wazzupwithat ?
2002-09-30 09:05:10 PM  
liv tyler has a huge piehole.
2002-09-30 09:05:31 PM  
check for these cool trailors,
2002-09-30 09:09:33 PM  
Is that the sequel to this movie?
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-30 09:09:44 PM  
this looks good, and i'm probably an anal bastard but i noticed that the background music towards the end of the trailer is the theme music from requiem for a dream. yeah, i guess i am anal.
2002-09-30 09:10:57 PM  
2002-09-30 09:12:53 PM  
I though the second part would be "Lord of the Bling Blings..."
2002-09-30 09:13:42 PM  
Please place comments on my site at Riva3D for both the Two towers and Startrek Nemesis!
I need support for this site to be active!
Comments comments comments!!!! please!
thank you all!
2002-09-30 09:16:14 PM  
why does kazaa only show 38 users and 30 gigs online?
2002-09-30 09:16:31 PM  
LOTR was one of the greatest movies to be released in a very long time. All you haters out there can go watch "Citizen Kane" a thousand times and analyze the deep focus techniques and fake ceilings to your heart's content, and the rest of us will watch films that care about things like "characterization."

2002-09-30 09:18:27 PM  
Wow, you Farkers are SO COOL by being SO FAR above things like movies. The REALLY NEAT way you put down the film is BOSS, MAN! Such wit! Such insightful comments!

You guys are my heroes.
2002-09-30 09:20:45 PM  
I need support for this site to be active!
Comments comments comments!!!! please!
thank you all!

2002-09-30 09:21:20 PM  
hey...go read the super twats that populate the AICN feedbacks..
2002-09-30 09:23:03 PM  
I was actually surprised how good the movie was considering how horrible the book was. Then again you can chalk that up to an author who spent entire chapters describing a farking grassy knoll which in no way related to the overall plot.

that's how you rant, asshats.
2002-09-30 09:25:19 PM  
Gotta agree w/ Burnt Toast here... the first movie ROCKED, the 2nd and 3rd will surpass. To all the haters out there...

You obviously do NOT get it.

So go see The Country Bears and stfu.
2002-09-30 09:25:23 PM  
Hey..Jimmy..I will crush you if you keep trying to pawn off your stuff..I paid good money for FARK.
2002-09-30 09:27:19 PM  
When does the new movie lord of the trailer park come out, me and my sister need a good make-out movie.
2002-09-30 09:27:35 PM  
Tarvuz: Come on... would you really kick a guy when he's down? He is obviously a dumbshiat for having a website about a farking graphics card... I thought the supreme court ruled against cruelty to retards
2002-09-30 09:28:02 PM  
Hey man(Tarvuz) im just trying to inform people on the latest news!
2002-09-30 09:30:27 PM  
Really? I watched it... I downloaded that on Kazaa about 2 weeks ago...
2002-09-30 09:34:02 PM  
the file names of the real movie are , [tmd]Lord.Of.The.Rings-The.Two.Towers(1of2) ----145MB, and [tmd]Lord.Of.The.Rings-The.Two.Towers(2of2),---97.6MB, The movies been out for 2 months, if you know where to look..
2002-09-30 09:36:43 PM  
Hahahahaha, I think its great to see how worked up people can get over a film trailer.
(1) I've scoured alot of places including ftp sites and i don't think there is a bootleg out there yet, and my contacts are semi-decent. The big hoo haa over its availability is all part of the ongoing content vs hardware providers which is continuing to clog the courts. There will be a bootleg available soon no doubt but at the moment kazaa et al's files are try hard crap. (hint look for files over 400mb or so)
(2) LOTR is not for everyone, like all films. If however you enjoyed Tolkiens masterwork and seminal piece of fantasy then the movies are pretty damn fine. If your not a LOTR fan and your dragged to see it, then just watch the colour, it is amazing!
(3)I will definately get the bootleg, just cos the hype thats built up becomes so unendurable. Then I will definately see it in the cinema on the biggest screen possible. This in no way spoils anything for me as I (and millions others) already know how it ends!

P.S. yep those trailers are not new & they are shiatty. And BigPimpin that photoshop "lord of the bling blings" rocks!
2002-09-30 09:38:12 PM  
yeah, yoda, the mpg's will be over 400mb, but the screener, avi format is only about 250, the same as all my otrher new releases ive found, already got the episode 2 dvdrips also=]
2002-09-30 09:39:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This guy does not deserve TWO movies... Hollywood IS out of ideas!
2002-09-30 09:40:13 PM  
Smokec4nn4bis, cool I will check your suggestions out, thanks for the tip :)
2002-09-30 09:40:40 PM  
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