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(Canada.com)   Man rappels off of city bridge trying to hitch a free ride on a cruise ship. Misses. Gets free ride on police boat.   ( canada.com) divider line
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2002-09-30 06:47:14 PM  
I bet he said "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...!"
2002-09-30 07:22:01 PM  
How very 006 of him.
[image from 00heaven.org too old to be available]
2002-09-30 07:22:26 PM  
Darwin misses another one.
2002-09-30 07:22:38 PM  
"They were just waiting for him at the bottom," he said.

Reminds me of the Simpsons or something..
2002-09-30 07:23:15 PM  
2002-09-30 07:23:48 PM  
There's got to be more to this story.

What did he think he could just casually slip into a cabin and enjoy a cruise?
2002-09-30 07:23:54 PM  
so he wanted on the cruise without paying? Was this a multiple day one? Where did he think he'd sleep?
2002-09-30 07:26:48 PM  
I am from Vancouver. He didnt rapple, he bungied. He was not trying to get on the boat, just "touch it". TO THE EXTREME!
its funny cause its true.
2002-09-30 07:29:33 PM  
I see a new add campaign coming:

"Life's short: Kill yourself. Just do it!"
2002-09-30 07:29:42 PM  
Would've been funnier if his bungee cord was about a foot longer...he really would've "touched" the boat...probably would've left an imprint too.
2002-09-30 07:30:15 PM  
Is it time for a Canada tag?
2002-09-30 07:30:15 PM  
According to the radio news here, he bounced off the tennis court!

2002-09-30 07:30:40 PM  
Another case of something that is almost cool.

If he had actually dropped down the line right onto the deck. AWESOME!!!!!

But no, he "hung around" to eventually get arrested. farkING DUMBASS
2002-09-30 07:31:03 PM  
if he had been wearing REAL electric space panties and not cheap imitations, he would have succeeded!
2002-09-30 07:32:11 PM  
canada tag? While we're at it let's get really redundant and make a USA tag.
2002-09-30 07:33:49 PM  
At least the picture clearly shows the "frozen wasteland" that Canada is made out to be in so many recent posts...

2002-09-30 07:34:29 PM  
How rappellent!
2002-09-30 07:34:45 PM  
Canada tag is a good idea. Since 99% of the dumbass stories are about people in the USA, it will help to point out the exceptions.
2002-09-30 07:36:49 PM  
Notice the article says, "...he was repelling down a rope..." Yeah, I bet he was VERY repelling.

Thanks. Try the buffet.
2002-09-30 07:37:14 PM  
Isuldirs Reuters confirms your story. What the hell kind of news site is canada.com? And shouldn't it be canada.ca anyway?
2002-09-30 07:40:52 PM  
[image from michaelchaney.com too old to be available]
"What he did was he..."
2002-09-30 07:42:17 PM  
The article said he " hit his head on the cruise ship". Is that like stubbing your toe on a freight train?

DrLearned's....posts...so....lame.....can't....find.... humor....
2002-09-30 07:43:18 PM  
Back in high school, we'd go to rural bridges over rivers, attach ourselves to the side with rock climbing equipment, and have someone belay the "climber" while they made their way to the center of the underside of the bridge. When you got to the center, the belay man would lock you off, and then you'd let go and WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! drop and swing out over the river. When you'd had enough, the belay man would lower you into a rubber raft tied to shore and floating under the bridge.
We never got arrested, but once a police helicoptor thought we were setting up our own bungee jumping thing. Well, apparently there are laws against that, but not against climbing around on bridges with rock climbing apparati.
2002-09-30 07:44:12 PM  
I thought this was really cool. you know, if it had worked and nobody wrote up a news article and posted it on fark.comn stuff
2002-09-30 07:47:09 PM  
The cops asked him what did he think he was doing? He could have smashed himself on the deck really hard.
"It's alright," he said,
"I'm used to hardships."
2002-09-30 07:47:55 PM  
*crickets chirping*
2002-09-30 07:50:48 PM  

2002-09-30 07:52:29 PM  
[image from angelfire.com too old to be available]
2002-09-30 07:52:54 PM  

I love that bit. cracks me up everytime
2002-09-30 07:55:10 PM  
Here, Radiobiz. Enjoy.
2002-09-30 07:56:15 PM  
2002-09-30 07:56:45 PM  
Two words: Twonnnnnnng- Splat!
2002-09-30 07:56:53 PM  
2002-09-30 08:03:38 PM  
Was there a roadrunner on the ship?

2002-09-30 08:04:02 PM  
That guy forgot his stealth camouflage and modified berreta that shoots tranquilizer darts.....
2002-09-30 08:06:31 PM  
hot xxx electric wheelchair porno movie is filming in the first mate's cabin! extras needed!
2002-09-30 08:06:56 PM  
No, but reliable sources spotted a long eared fellar asking about directions to "Alberqerky"
2002-09-30 08:07:47 PM  
Dayum. That bridge is real high. He may not have been utterly competent, but, he got the squirrel nutsack.
2002-09-30 08:07:51 PM  
Ass-hats makes the world go 'round.
If it weren't for them who else would we be able to make fun off....people with down syndrome??
2002-09-30 08:10:09 PM  
im not above making fun of people with down syndrome.
2002-09-30 08:13:04 PM  

I'd like a free ride on a police boat. That would be totally awsome. Did they let him run the siren too? Lucky bastard.
2002-09-30 08:22:54 PM  
Raindog: And shouldn't it be canada.ca anyway?

I must have missed the part where the US bought all "com" addresses. Last time I checked, "com" meant "commercial", as in "commercial news site".
2002-09-30 08:24:05 PM  
or commmercial boobies site. yum
2002-09-30 08:30:26 PM  
OK, I admit, poor spelling is a pet peeve of mine, at least for "journalists". They spelled rappelling wrong, and rappel right.

Do they not have spell check in Canada, or were they too busy translating it into French?
2002-09-30 08:31:54 PM  
can't blame him for trying
2002-09-30 08:33:43 PM  
Dcho: Canada tag is a good idea. Since 99% of the dumbass stories are about people in the USA, it will help to point out the exceptions.

That couldn't possibly because this is a US site with the vast majority of farkers being American could it?

go check out fark.ca assclown
2002-09-30 08:34:24 PM  
That's funny, FredGarvin, considering "rappel" comes from the French...

2002-09-30 08:38:04 PM  
and away he goes,,,,
[image from thornappleriver.com too old to be available]

2002-09-30 08:39:13 PM  
¿Speaking of foreign farks, does anyone know who runs fark.ru and if its affiliated with fark.com or not?
2002-09-30 08:39:34 PM  
....note the upcoming waterfall
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