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(Newspress)   Man hit by tree he was cutting down, falls on wasp nest, and cuts leg with chainsaw   ( news.newspress.com) divider line
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2001-07-26 04:34:46 PM  
erste Posten

This guy knows what bad luck is all about.

-he who stacks pork
2001-07-26 04:37:59 PM  
The lord giveth and the lord taketh away.
2001-07-26 04:39:21 PM  
Poor guy
2001-07-26 04:43:45 PM  
His nickname is Lucky
2001-07-26 04:43:52 PM  
I farted, it was wet, I am not moving
2001-07-26 04:44:13 PM  
God is hilarious
2001-07-26 04:45:58 PM  
...Mr. Howell was treated with antibiotics in the ambulance, then taken to Cottage Hospital -- only five minutes away from his home.

I think we can all pretty easily assume why this guy chose to live so close to a hospital...
2001-07-26 04:51:24 PM  
Mme has finally went nuts. Then again, the only insane people are the ones who CAN'T hear the music....
2001-07-26 04:56:03 PM  
darwin awards honorable mention!
2001-07-26 04:56:54 PM  
Sounds like a Hard Lemonade commercial.

Q: Why would they give him antibiotics in the ambulance, and again at the hospital? Surely the only benefit would be placebo effect. Just like wasting antibiotics on colds and flus.
2001-07-26 04:57:45 PM  
The article fails to mention that he was struck by lightning while being loaded into the ambulance, bitten by a dog in the back of the ambulance and back over by said ambulance as he was being taken out. Also, as a joke, one of the zany RNs replaced his morphine drip with battery acid. Those wacky kids...
2001-07-26 04:58:47 PM  
backed over. damn.
2001-07-26 05:00:07 PM  
Nah, no honorable mention - not only did he live, but he remains in the gene pool. Now, had the chainsaw not sliced his leg but rather his...naughty bits...well THEN we would have ourselves an honorable mention!
2001-07-26 05:02:15 PM  
2001-07-26 05:03:58 PM  
Don't worry, I'm sure he'll manage to finish off the job in the hospital when he acidently walks into a scaple or something
2001-07-26 05:04:56 PM  
3 men couldn't lift a 200 lb. tree branch? Time to sign up at a gym.
2001-07-26 05:10:47 PM  
Nazzerov: I'd lean towards honorable mention only if it involved undue amounts of liquor and/or drugs. Of course, being an English professor at Cal Poly increases the liklihood of this event, so keep yer fingers crossed!
2001-07-26 05:17:14 PM  
Darn! You beat me to it! ;)

-= rei =-
2001-07-26 05:17:29 PM  
er... Mole4hire :)
2001-07-26 05:18:34 PM  
As Moe & Larry try to trim the bushes and mow the grass.
nyuk nyuk nyuk
2001-07-26 05:19:51 PM  
This will be featured in next week's episode of "The Simpsons."
2001-07-26 05:21:46 PM  
slippy: that's what honorable mentions are for, isn't it? people who remove themselves from the gene pool get a full award, even if they don't kill themselves.
2001-07-26 05:29:09 PM  
damn, i call him lucky, dont know ifs good luck, or bad luck, but its still luckyt ;p
2001-07-26 05:30:05 PM  
And agian Karma bites another citizen in the ass.

2001-07-26 05:37:50 PM  
Don't piss off God!
2001-07-26 05:41:44 PM  
Flux: I just went to the site, and while there are no set rules posted for honorable mentions, I nevertheless stand corrected! Good call on that one. I always figured that honorable mentions were for those who retain their life, but sacrifice their ability to procreate. Guess I figured wrong!
2001-07-26 05:52:26 PM  
I think the neighbor's son Kyle set the whole thing up so that he could impress this guy's hot daughter.
2001-07-26 06:05:37 PM  
Nazzerov: WTF is a scaple?

The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the Dictionary search box to the right.

Suggestions for scaple:
1. staple
2. scaped
3. scapula
4. scale
5. Scafell
6. Scapa
7. cecal
8. Castle
9. sequel
10. Capsa
11. scapulae
12. scape
13. Casper
2001-07-26 06:07:20 PM  
This type of thing seems to be very familiar to something someone we all know might do..

therefore all I have to say is..

2001-07-26 06:08:16 PM  
isn't this a repeat? oh its just old news.
2001-07-26 06:17:48 PM  
So, that's what happens when a Californian attempts to do his own yard work, I always wondered why they have Mexicans do it for them.
2001-07-26 06:20:24 PM  
Also.... I wonder how you get a 200lb limb from a 20ft pepper tree, must be a real dense tree
2001-07-26 06:27:44 PM  
hey where's that darwin tag??
2001-07-26 06:50:00 PM  
I think this is a job for Nelson:
2001-07-26 06:50:36 PM  
Someone forgot to say his prayers that morning.
2001-07-26 06:51:49 PM  
Soupgoblin- it's not often I laugh that hard at a comment :) nice one

Pbsaurus- STFU, taken in context it was easy to figure out ... but I remember what it's like to be 15, so I'll let it slide.
2001-07-26 07:20:00 PM  
PBsaurus: I don't know how to spell scaple, but he's refering to a knife that surgons (sp?) use. This is the very reason I have mexicans do all my landscaping. And yes I do live in California.
2001-07-26 07:31:57 PM  
The only thing that annoys me more than people who'll bother posting a whole damn message dedicated to correcting a tiny, insignificant typo in their previous message, is someone who does it to other people's messages.
2001-07-26 07:47:18 PM  
That's not the music I hear. Must be genetic. BTFW, I knew he was speaking of a scalpel, I was just picking on him because he typically could use a spell chekcre. Nazzerov, no malice intended, just farking with you :}.
2001-07-26 08:31:41 PM  
>3 men couldn't lift a 200 lb. tree branch? Time to sign up at a gym.

If the branch was 200 lbs, how farking big was the tree?
2001-07-26 08:41:18 PM  
"Nazzerov: WTF is a scaple? "

Its about time somebody other than I noticed that :) To answer your question, Scaple is either some sort of pastry, or a hurried attempt at replying to many Porkstacker boobiess at the same time. Remember, spelling isn't the important thing... its how much money you make sending people to dictionary.com to look up a word, only to see a shiat load of X10 camera ads (money in the bank, I tell ya!)
2001-07-26 08:42:18 PM  
Hmm, so "posts" = "boobies" now? Hmmm. This isn't going to work since if there is a filter, it will just display "boobies" = "boobies"?
2001-07-26 08:42:55 PM  
Lets see if it was either a filter, or a really, really, shiatty type job on my behalf :P

Porkstacker Posts
2001-07-26 08:43:05 PM  
2001-07-26 08:44:05 PM  
And the "higest potential for a Darwin award," ribbon goes to...
2001-07-26 08:44:20 PM  
Yes, me. I'm so talented.
2001-07-26 08:47:36 PM  
Maybe he means SCAFFOLD????
2001-07-26 08:50:10 PM  
A scaffold? Isn't that one of those things high strung business execs jump off of, to end their horrible lives?
2001-07-26 09:23:10 PM  
Exclusive picture of that man:

[image from douglas.min.net too old to be available]

2001-07-26 11:40:41 PM  
Surgons use scaples?

Me fail english? That unpossible!
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