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(DPO)   Man's leg is found 7 miles from a hit and run accident   ( denverpost.com) divider line
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2002-09-30 09:10:04 AM  
Brilliant. Not only do you hit and run, but you steal the person's leg? What's this world coming to?
2002-09-30 09:21:10 AM  
Damn, this is truly sad. I hope they get the SOB that did this...
2002-09-30 09:33:58 AM  
For all you sickos! A Pic of his leg.....

C'mon look! you know you want to!

NSFWeak stomachs
2002-09-30 09:45:36 AM  
[image from intriguing.com too old to be available]

"What are you going to do, bleed on me?"
2002-09-30 11:19:29 AM  
Police on Saturday were searching for the driver of a white, late-1970s Chevrolet Blazer

OK, where's OJ?
2002-09-30 01:34:37 PM  
I drove by wondering, 'What is that?"' she said. "I saw the shoe and thought, 'What is happening here?'

I seriously doubt that's what I'd be thinking if I saw a severed leg laying in the road. It would have at least a half dozen explicit words also.
2002-09-30 02:45:59 PM  
I was working that morning and had to find the victims name and next of kin info. They thought he was going to die but he's still alive and in critical condition.

They still haven't found the driver. I was asked to find any info possible but unfortunately there are plenty of people with white Blazer's in Aurora. And DMV listings don't mention if the cars have red bug shields.....of well, I tried.

The leg is wrapped in plastic and sitting in one of our evidence freezers at work. Sadly, there was no chance to re-attach the leg after it had been missing for 3 1/2 hours.
2002-09-30 03:35:11 PM  
Chevy Blazer!

[image from images.cardomain.com too old to be available]

Yeah. People who own these things are pretty messed up.
2002-09-30 04:14:54 PM  
Condolinni wants his hand back Jess...
2002-09-30 04:16:33 PM  
He was not able to make it to the hospital in time to get the leg reattached, even though the hospital was located only a hop, skip, and a jump away.
2002-09-30 04:17:41 PM  
i understand that the prothetics these days are pretty slick. wonder if he'll experience that ghost appendage phenomenon.
2002-09-30 04:18:09 PM  
Sounds like he could use a refreshing Mike's Hard Lemonade!
2002-09-30 04:18:50 PM  
Impaler beat me to the OJ ref.

JOHNDX -- yeah, that almost looks real
2002-09-30 04:19:16 PM  
[image from news.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]

- 7 Miles, no way!

- Way!

(Accident happened in Aurora... Aurora was where... Oh, never mind, it was funny when I thought of it...)
2002-09-30 04:19:51 PM  
Perhaps this explains the strange, single shoe I sometimes see, lying in the middle of the highway. I always wondered; How does one lose a single shoe, whilst in a car, whilst on the road?
2002-09-30 04:20:29 PM  
this guy should check the lost and found at the local hotel or make an offer to the Aloha Motel.
2002-09-30 04:22:24 PM  
That is pretty gross.

does colorado still go by the "eye for an eye" code?
2002-09-30 04:22:37 PM  
I hit it.
2002-09-30 04:23:44 PM  
So what's going to cost him "the arm" now?
2002-09-30 04:25:26 PM  
Morticia: have you been saying the H-word again?
2002-09-30 04:26:11 PM  
My evil ex had a K-5 Blazer. Maybe it was her.
2002-09-30 04:26:12 PM  
They need to prosecute the hit and run mother effer into the next century. Asshat.
2002-09-30 04:26:56 PM  
Well I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more ....
2002-09-30 04:28:43 PM  
I didn't read the article. Did the leg run after it was hit?
2002-09-30 04:29:35 PM  
Randy Moss and OJ Simpson were having a big farking SUV test of wills.

Both were stoned out of their minds.
2002-09-30 04:29:42 PM  
Wow... A proclaimer's reference. Has anybody ever thought about that song? I would walk 500 miles... and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door... Doesn't that seem kind of devoid of purpose?

"Off to the Gulags..."
-Uncle Joe
2002-09-30 04:29:55 PM  
You would think a leg with any loyalty at all would walk home and meet you there.
2002-09-30 04:30:18 PM  
imagine the asshat in the blazer, seven miles of: thud, thud, squish, thud, thud, squish.

he probably thought the dude was still under his car...major asshat
2002-09-30 04:32:49 PM  
Damn. That's pretty weird. The guy got hit hard enough to rip his leg off, but the leg somehow stuck to the car. You'd think the impact would have sent the leg flying. And on top of that, the guy managed to live. Pretty lucky, while being really unlucky at the same time.
2002-09-30 04:32:53 PM  
He was taken to Swedish Medical Center, where his condition was described as, "Bork, bork, bork!"
2002-09-30 04:33:22 PM  
Seven miles in three hours?

I suppose it wouldn't have taken as long if both legs were severed.

*hobbles away fast*
2002-09-30 04:34:23 PM  
We need a *gross* tag
2002-09-30 04:35:13 PM  
ahhh sweeden, the land of meatballs and Volvos
2002-09-30 04:35:24 PM  
you cant understand what this man has suffered unless you walk a mile in his shoe's... or is that 2 miles in his shoe... but if one was driven 7 miles would i have to walk 5 or 6 backwards...

argg I hate maths
2002-09-30 04:36:53 PM  
Sounds like the 16-year-old daughter was a wee bit smarter than her mum; at least she called the police. Mum just went home and told her daughter.
2002-09-30 04:36:58 PM  
if one leg left toronto on a train a t 150 miles an hour....
2002-09-30 04:37:09 PM  
A white Bronco chasing a Blazer? hhmmm...could these 2 be up to no good again?
[image from courttv.com too old to be available]
2002-09-30 04:37:13 PM  
Never even date a women who drives any SUV like a K-5 Blazer. They will drink you under the table and then kick your ass.

I never date women who drive SUVs, period. The "manly" SUV drivers for the reasons above, and the luxury and economy SUV drivers because I find they are way too uppity and never step out of their comfort zones (the economy women are cheap biatches, too).
2002-09-30 04:38:04 PM  
DOH! Its hard to find a pic of A.C. and when I do it is unfetchable. ARRGGHHH!!!!
2002-09-30 04:38:28 PM  
The fact that it happened in a state where many Farkers live makes it really hit home for me.
2002-09-30 04:39:33 PM  
[image from home.quicknet.nl too old to be available]

The Swedish Hospital?

Dur Leig ez Okey Dokey!
2002-09-30 04:41:42 PM  
Leg was found seven miles away 3 hours later, not that it took the car that long to get seven miles...

With any hope, the guy who was chasing the that H&R car has enough information to give over... the H&R car has 2 hits already.. plus manslaughter (maybe vehicular homicide) if the victim dies...

Hang 'em
2002-09-30 04:42:22 PM  
Well its a good thing there is another thread that can tell him where he can pick up a prosthetic leg at a hotel.
2002-09-30 04:42:50 PM  
Oh great. Another swimmer with a prosthetic fin. This is so not fair.
2002-09-30 04:44:59 PM  
"The leg was found in an open field near where earlier this year a teenager found part of an ear. A local man who identified himself only as 'Frank' added: 'Don't you look at me! Don't you fu<king look at me!!'"
2002-09-30 04:45:35 PM  
If it were me, I'd be hopping mad.
2002-09-30 04:48:45 PM  
09-30-02 04:29:42 PM JStalin
Wow... A proclaimer's reference. Has anybody ever thought about that song? I would walk 500 miles... and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door... Doesn't that seem kind of devoid of purpose?

JS - you really have to listen to the rest of the song. It goes on to say *dadalada, dadalada, da da da dantilin di dantilin di da* ....

oh...never mind you're right.
2002-09-30 04:51:47 PM  
I'm shocked getting hit by a K-5 didn't kill him. I've known 2 women that drove them, and they both sat up very high off the ground. The front bumper on one was about mid-chest high on me.
2002-09-30 04:54:11 PM  
Control: There are a lot of Farkers in EVERY state, what's your point?
2002-09-30 04:56:34 PM  
Hello FARKers! Long time lurker first time poster. Just had to say this happned right by where I grew up not a great place to be at 4am.
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