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(Yahoo)   New video game controller shocks you when your character gets hit   ( divider line
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2201 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jul 2001 at 12:23 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-26 12:39:21 AM  
This is supposed to be Spiffy, not Stupid. It's a great idea.
2001-07-26 12:42:49 AM  
Pfff, I don't need a fancy game controller to shock me. Alls I need is a leyden jar and a tv screen.
2001-07-26 12:49:32 AM  
remember the old power vest for when playing mortal combat2? that thing sucked. it just made you feel wet when you got frozen by sub-zero. ahh the memories :)
2001-07-26 01:01:22 AM  
Old news, this was on months ago. Just to clarify:

1. It doesn't shock you, it uses painless impulses to make your opponent drop his or her controller.

2. Its not stupid, its just stupid looking.

3. Someone will modify it to actually give you a hearty 110v shock and he or she will have an article on fark.
2001-07-26 01:22:34 AM  
Stupid Hax0rs + electrified controller = Darwin Award!
2001-07-26 01:50:17 AM  
Those wires need to be longer so you can hook it up to other body parts.
"Oh, no. Not that combo, Ow! My balls!"
2001-07-26 01:57:31 AM  
Making special attachments for your "special unit" will eventually open many new doors for those into online sex. Before long, will need much more broadband.
2001-07-26 02:04:35 AM  
Smosh, hold on, go back a second...........there was a VEST for playing MK2????
2001-07-26 02:59:01 AM  
I'm waiting for them to come out with a controller that kicks you in the teeth, when you get hit.

Wow lost a tooth on that one....coool
2001-07-26 04:11:09 AM  
Hey Skallas, what "impulses" would those be? That's right. ELECTRICITY. Getting electrocuted is synonomous with being SHOCKED. You don't have to be such a hard ass.

Rock and Roll
2001-07-26 04:11:12 AM  
This is sort of the opposite of what I had when I was younger, if your friend hurt your character in the game you'd turn around and punch him, causing him to drop the controller.
2001-07-26 04:13:33 AM  
people are going to find ways to have too much fun with those things.

like those disguting rumors i hear about the rumble pack and the school whore.
2001-07-26 05:08:19 AM  
I can see it now, new punishment for he penal system.

Let inmates on death row play games with this thing, if they die during a game of (insert their favorite game here) in multiplayer, they are fried with 100K V.

Sometimes videogames rule =)
2001-07-26 06:11:46 AM  
its not the voltage, stupids.
2001-07-26 07:50:21 AM  
Animage440: yeah, yeah, it's not the voltage, it's the current. I think most of us here get that, but you don't need to be an ass about it...
2001-07-26 09:49:50 AM  
Yeh.....but kids never use their toys the way they were meant to be used(remember the old Evil Kneival(sp.)
doll many of those did i chuck out the window??

it wont be long till kids will be hooking this thing up to someone's genetals
2001-07-26 10:22:14 AM  
Just keep that thing away from Cheney...errrrr, then again...

I wonder if it uses the same power source that Pravda's been raving about?
2001-07-26 11:09:05 AM  
Jjbooker: And how many GIJoe parachutes did you attach to the hamster and toss down the 3 story laundry chute?

Or was that just me?
2001-07-26 11:12:23 AM  
ELECTRICITY. Getting electrocuted is synonomous with being SHOCKED.

Ever use a TENS device? You don't get shocked, as in pain, a current just passes through you.
2001-07-26 11:28:41 AM  
I wonder if this can help me quit smoking?
2001-07-26 11:36:31 AM  
"it wont be long till kids will be hooking this thing up to someone's genetals"

Heh, that's what I was thinking the moment I saw it...
2001-07-26 02:49:59 PM  
that sounds pretty kool. but you KNOW that something's gonna go wrong! silly people will stick the shockers in the WRONG places...
and, did you see how the kid was holding the controler? he had his hands like so together! if i played with those shockers, id proly end up rippin em off, cuz id wanna move around and shtuff. you know?
2001-07-26 04:29:55 PM  
Yeah nice idea, until you are playing one of those damn pokemon games (you know you have) and pikachu shocks the shiat out of you for 90 seconds straight, now THAT would be realalistic.
2001-07-26 05:51:02 PM  
I personally think this should be adapted for educational use. Edutainment using quiz games and electical shocks.
2001-07-26 06:01:23 PM  
damn, man. those electrodes are going directly onto my nuts.
2001-07-26 07:19:37 PM  
I think we need a Pavlov Award to go along with our Darwin Award.
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