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2007-10-03 8:00:26 PM  
Welcome to Farktography!

This Week's Theme: "Tourist in Your Own Town"

: Photograph the cool things in your town that tourists should go to see, and for some odd reason residents pass by or ignore.

We ask that before submitting your photos you read and adhere to the following submission rules, including but not limited to the following:

- Submissions must be photographs; screen captures do not count as photographs.
- You must be the original photographer of your entry. Do not submit anyone else's photography as your own.
- You are only allowed to enter a photograph once. Do not submit the same photo to another contest later.
- You may enter 3 photos in each contest as long as each photo is of a different composition.
- Please post each photo separately so they can be voted for individually.

Ideally, your photograph should be presented as taken, with as little alteration as possible either digitally in-camera or in your image editor during post-processing. No selectively applied digital effects! No removal or addition of image elements, no spot treatments, and no HDR images, please.

With few exceptions (red-eye removal, sensor or scan dust removal), modifications to the original photograph must be made evenly across the image.
See the rules for more information on acceptable modifications, or check in at the Farktography Forums.

Legal: All photographers submitting photos to this contest are the legal copyright holders for the photos submitted and the photos are not to be considered free for any other use without written consent from the submitting photographers.

To have your photo website listed on the Farktography home page, please send your Fark username and url to admin(at) and we'll get you up forthwith. (also, indicate if you're willing to share your photographs for use as source images in PhotoShop contests)

- Drop by the Farktography Forum (for chatting, critique, techtalk and so on)

- Image hosting sites can be found here.

- Stats can be found here.
2007-10-03 8:00:53 PM  
img440.imageshack.usView Full Size

/State Capitol, Autin, Texas
2007-10-03 8:01:06 PM  
stevecollis.comView Full Size

The crypt at the Shrine of Remebrance

2007-10-03 8:01:10 PM  
Colchester Castle and park.
The castle was built circa 1090 on the remains of a Roman temple.

[image from too old to be available]
Image links to bigger (pops)

Information on the Castle (pops)
2007-10-03 8:01:21 PM  
Local cave Full Size
2007-10-03 8:01:25 PM  
Almost a year ago to date, I spent my last weekend after a year of living in Iceland, wandering around like a tourist. This is in the middle of a traffic circle just down the street from my apartment in Keflavik.

homepage.mac.comView Full Size

Gigantic Version (pops)
2007-10-03 8:01:35 PM  
2007-10-03 8:01:40 PM  
img229.imageshack.usView Full Size

Things Everyone in Vancouver Should do:
Watching the Sunset at English Bay

2007-10-03 8:01:49 PM  
stevecollis.comView Full Size

Flames at the Casino

2007-10-03 8:01:51 PM Full Size

Calves - Rauscher Farm, Clinton MA
I didn't even know there was a working farm in town until recently.

2007-10-03 8:01:55 PM  
Local cave Full Size
2007-10-03 8:02:02 PM  
St Botolphs Priory.
Built around the same time as the castle. It sits on a side street out of the main foot traffic of the town, so most locals walk straight by it, which is very sad.

[image from too old to be available]
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Information on the Priory (pops)
2007-10-03 8:02:21 PM  
farkt.ogra.phView Full Size

flickr page

Chautauqua in IR

2007-10-03 8:02:22 PM  
I dubbed this the "Arby's Church". If any of you are old enough to remember when their restaurants were shaped like that, you're WAAY old!

homepage.mac.comView Full Size

Gigantic Version (pops)
2007-10-03 8:02:31 PM  
stevecollis.comView Full Size

Melbourne Arts Centre

2007-10-03 8:02:41 PM Full Size

Old Train Tunnel - Clinton MA

2007-10-03 8:02:47 PM  
img49.imageshack.usView Full Size

Things Everyone in Vancouver Should do (#2):
Experience Awe at the Vancouver Aquarium

2007-10-03 8:02:59 PM  
i145.photobucket.comView Full Size

World's smallest violin, at the Chester Museum.

(mods, please delete previous post - TF says it's too large, even though it's under 200K and well under 700x1100)
2007-10-03 8:03:06 PM  
farkt.ogra.phView Full Size

flickr page

Boulder Court House

2007-10-03 8:03:07 PM  
Hollytrees House / Museum.
Situated in Castle Park, many people don't realise it's an open museum and free, unless they have a guidebook or have been to the information centre.

[image from too old to be available]
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2007-10-03 8:03:27 PM  
Probably the single largest tourist attraction in downtown Reykjavik. The locals generally avoid it like the plague, unless they're attending church services, or a concert.

homepage.mac.comView Full Size

Gigantic Version (pops)
2007-10-03 8:03:48 PM  
i145.photobucket.comView Full Size

Hotel Register of the Prattville Hotel in Big Meadows, California (now under water, in Lake Almanor). The notations in orange are a continuing log of the eruptions of Mount Lassen in 1914, part of a series of eruptions lasting a couple of years.
2007-10-03 8:04:28 PM  
img54.imageshack.usView Full Size

Things Everyone in Vancouver Should do (#3):
Go to the Richmond Night Market

2007-10-03 8:05:31 PM  
davesweblife.comView Full Size

davesweblife.comView Full Size

building pic doesn't make much sense without the sign so you get a twofer.

and as you can tell from the empty parking lot not many go there... ever.

2007-10-03 8:07:09 PM  
davesweblife.comView Full Size

2007-10-03 8:07:17 PM  
richdaleyphotos.comView Full Size

Downtown Cleveland Skyline

2007-10-03 8:07:22 PM Full Size

Clamshell Pond - Clinton MA

2007-10-03 8:08:22 PM Full Size

Depot Town, Ypsilanti, MI
2007-10-03 8:08:27 PM  
davesweblife.comView Full Size

2007-10-03 8:09:58 PM Full Size

The Yankee Air Museum, Ypsilanti, MI
At the Willow Run Airport, home to the original "Rosie the Riveter"
2007-10-03 8:10:02 PM  
i143.photobucket.comView Full Size

Several downtown businesses have these Fairie Doors which children only seem to notice or seek out.

Shown in context (new window)
2007-10-03 8:10:11 PM Full Size

the side streets of historic annapolis
2007-10-03 8:11:21 PM  
mendenhall glacier

abandoned-alaska.comView Full Size

click for larger
2007-10-03 8:11:23 PM Full Size

maryland statehouse, not sure anyone around here goes there except for elementary school field trips
2007-10-03 8:11:53 PM  
richdaleyphotos.comView Full Size

While downtown the wife and I visted the Science Center

2007-10-03 8:12:05 PM  
Actually, here's a great spot for visitors:

i145.photobucket.comView Full Size

... what? I don't like tourists.

(It's actually a neat little ice cave, and I actually don't want more people to know where it is.)
2007-10-03 8:12:15 PM Full Size

st. mary's church in downtown annapolis
2007-10-03 8:13:15 PM  
gwennick.comView Full Size

Indiana State Museum

This place has moved twice since I was last inside it.

2007-10-03 8:13:19 PM  
gastineau channel and treadwell mining ruins:

abandoned-alaska.comView Full Size

click for larger
2007-10-03 8:15:07 PM  
gwennick.comView Full Size

Medal of Honor Memorial, Indianapolis, IN

2007-10-03 8:15:43 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

Vanna Whitewall outside Plaza Tire. I know that you are intrigued. For more information, go here...

C'mon. I live in Peoria.
2007-10-03 8:16:12 PM Full Size

The Yankee Air Museum graveyard of old planes
2007-10-03 8:16:26 PM  
treadwell mining ruins. inadvertent double-exposure, fifty year-old medium-format camera.

abandoned-alaska.comView Full Size

click for larger
2007-10-03 8:16:39 PM  
i143.photobucket.comView Full Size

Context (new window)
2007-10-03 8:17:35 PM  
gwennick.comView Full Size

Indiana War Memorial

This mausoleum takes up an entire block downtown. I've never been inside it.

2007-10-03 8:19:47 PM  
staplermofo.comView Full Size

OMFG it's a spitting video fountain.
2007-10-03 8:20:53 PM  
staplermofo.comView Full Size

2007-10-03 8:21:15 PM  
richdaleyphotos.comView Full Size

We then visited the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame

That's our dog Bailey. It's not my idea to take him everywhere we go and he's the primary reason we couldn't actually go into any of these places we visited that I have never step foot inside of in all my life living here in Cleveland!
2007-10-03 8:23:05 PM  
staplermofo.comView Full Size

2007-10-03 8:23:16 PM  
img165.imageshack.usView Full Size

Fireworks over English Bay
Festival of Lights
Vanvouver, BC, Canada

2007-10-03 8:24:08 PM  
bugaloos.comView Full Size

Fountain Valley Family Fun Center
(click for bigger)

2007-10-03 8:25:05 PM  
bugaloos.comView Full Size

Fountain Valley Family Fun Center
Miniature Golf Course

(click for bigger)

2007-10-03 8:26:06 PM  
i143.photobucket.comView Full Size

Where this is (new window)
Click Pic for Bigger.
2007-10-03 8:28:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
National Cemetery, Marietta, GA USA. Looking out at Kennesaw Mtn.
2007-10-03 8:38:52 PM  
bugaloos.comView Full Size

Redondo Beach Pier -- where I grew up
(click for bigger)

2007-10-03 8:43:54 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Guptil House Historic Spanish Point Sarasota
2007-10-03 8:48:24 PM  
A weird fountain and the bizarre "Blue Spire of Doom" at the Scottsdale Promenade: Full Size
2007-10-03 8:50:34 PM  
Another one from the Scottsdale Promenade. Just imagine, in a few years, they'll have some shade for people to walk in. Full Size
2007-10-03 8:51:56 PM  
Downtown Phoenix. Hooker Central (Van Buren). Still under construction after all these years... Full Size
2007-10-03 8:52:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Fresh from the factory F-22 flying around Marietta
2007-10-03 9:11:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Jackie Robinson Memorial
2007-10-03 9:14:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-10-03 9:17:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2007-10-03 9:27:56 PM  
pbase.comView Full Size

Tredegar Iron Works - Richmond, VA

/Supplied the South with half of its munitions during the Civil War
//Now it's The American Civil War Center
///Richmond sucks
2007-10-03 10:29:54 PM  
I split my time between Portland, OR and Venice, FL; so here's Venice the night before I left:

i79.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-10-03 10:50:44 PM  
the Willamette River, where I go jogging every morning:

i79.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-10-03 10:55:04 PM  
Venice again:

i79.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-10-03 11:46:53 PM Full Size

Springfield IL is full of Lincoln sites. The locals rarely do any of them. This is the newest one.

2007-10-03 11:47:39 PM Full Size

Lincoln's Tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, IL.

2007-10-03 11:50:23 PM Full Size

Most locals consider this just another road, not "The Mother Road".

2007-10-04 12:02:14 AM  
stevecollis.comView Full Size

the most beautiful building in Melbourne and I usually ignore it on the way to and from the Station

2007-10-04 12:02:45 AM  
Night at Epcot, backward water fall at Imagination pavillion

Living 45 minutes from Disney means we go there any time... and sometimes we even do. My favorite time there is about 20 minutes after the fireworks, when all of the tourists are making the mad dash for the trams and the rest of the park is quiet.

dmrosner.comView Full Size
2007-10-04 12:02:55 AM  
stevecollis.comView Full Size

Our very own bit of Paris in the heart of Melbourne.
An alley-way that I never knew existed until just recently

2007-10-04 12:03:14 AM  
i14.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-10-04 12:03:24 AM  
img75.imageshack.usView Full Size

1. "Into the Twilight": A WWII vet speaks to a couple at the Nat'l WWII Memorial in DC.

This monument's mainly overlooked, even though it's sandwiched between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. The reason is that it's over a half-mile walk from the Lincoln Memorial, and people would have to cross a pretty major street between the WWII Memorial and the Washington Monument -- too much work, I suppose. Maybe they don't care, though hopefully the recent Ken Burns WWII documentary will help with that.

By the way, if any of you want a bigger version of this, just holler here and I can brew one up.
2007-10-04 12:03:29 AM Full Size

Night shot of Tako Koen (Octopus Park) in Ebisu, Tokyo. Nobody is ever there despite the awesome play structures. Why? WHY? WHYYYY?
2007-10-04 12:03:33 AM Full Size

10-foot-tall stone Buddha marking the historic Kotsukahara Execution Grounds in Minami Senju, Tokyo.
(1/2) Clickr for Flickr.
2007-10-04 12:03:50 AM  
stevecollis.comView Full Size

Flinders St Station, the end bit that everyone ignores when photographing the main entrance

2007-10-04 12:04:03 AM  

i17.photobucket.comView Full Size

Texas Tavern
2007-10-04 12:04:12 AM  
Ft Knox water tower seen in numerous basic training scenes of Bill Murray movie,"Stripes"

i14.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-10-04 12:04:12 AM Full Size

A bunch of people pass through Shiodome (shee-oh-doh-may) everyday, but I doubt many stop to notice what an attractive part of town it is. Too busy.
2007-10-04 12:04:25 AM Full Size

The Kotsukahara Execution Grounds in Minami Senju, Tokyo. Bring the kids!
(2/2) Clickr for Flickr.
2007-10-04 12:05:46 AM  

i17.photobucket.comView Full Size


Roanoke, VA
2007-10-04 12:06:03 AM  
Henry Ford Museum - Greenfield Village - Dearborn, Michigan
Modified infrared camera.

So many tourists, so few locals.

i24.tinypic.comView Full Size
2007-10-04 12:06:18 AM  
Sebastian Inlet, FL

Just down the street from family, we somehow have gotten there only once.

dmrosner.comView Full Size
2007-10-04 12:06:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

This is a beautiful state forest, with panthers, bear, and deer, with great fishing and eagles soaring overhead.

Just um... not right here. Which is probably why nobody goes here but me.
2007-10-04 12:06:46 AM  
2. "Jump the Buildings"

img75.imageshack.usView Full Size

One of the best pieces of tourism in DC is actually the architecture in the business districts (especially the "Golden Triangle", where this picture was taken). There's a lot of architecture that's, on average, more modern (or more French, perhaps courtesy of influences by the town's designer) than you'll find in New York or practically any other city. It's really beautiful. Here, I got the deep blue sky with the help of a polarizing filter.
2007-10-04 12:06:47 AM  

i17.photobucket.comView Full Size

Victory Stadium...oh wait...

Roanoke, VA
2007-10-04 12:08:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

And a beautiful local wildlife preserve, largely ignored.
2007-10-04 12:09:36 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Since I'm new here, I've got to fall back on pictures from my old hometown. Boothe Memorial Park, slightly foggy. Volunteers spend hours working on a rose garden here that nobody ever visits.
2007-10-04 12:10:26 AM  
3. "Invasion of Girls World"

img75.imageshack.usView Full Size

(The primary "invaders" are: 1. the kid in jeans climbing the tree, and 2. the man holding the girl in the background -- see a larger version here (caution: appx. 225 kb!))

In the spring, the DC Tidal Basin isn't the only place to get amazing cherry blossoms. There's a neigborhood in Bethesda, MD called Kenwood, which also has amazing, and arguably better, blossoms.

You can see more blossoms shots here.
2007-10-04 12:18:28 AM  
2007-10-04 12:19:18 AM Full Size

Bower Creek
2007-10-04 12:27:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
/Downtown Omaha and Gene Leahy Mall: September 11, 2006
2007-10-04 12:34:56 AM  
Arctic Blue Light. 10AM January 15. Full Size

large (new window)
2007-10-04 12:35:16 AM  
s3.amazonaws.comView Full Size

One of the last sunsets before 24 hour light in McMurdo Station Antarctica. Yes Im really there.... yes people live in Antarctica... yes I see penguins.

/im cold.
2007-10-04 12:36:47 AM  
dmrosner.comView Full Size

The Townsend House in Clermont, FL, maintained by the local historical society. They offer tours every Wednesday, but the lot's nearly alway empty. Built in 1887, the home now contains relics of its era, including this tub on the covered back porch.

2007-10-04 12:38:40 AM  
wet road. Upside down. 15sec. F8 Full Size

Large (new window)
2007-10-04 12:41:38 AM  
Mods, please delete previous post because I'm an idiot and didn't enable voting. Thanks!

Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica CA. I didn't even see that father and kid holding hands when I took the was just a lucky shot.

[image from too old to be available]
2007-10-04 12:42:00 AM  
Nature's own Fireworks Full Size

Best viewed large (new window)
2007-10-04 12:45:19 AM  
2007-10-04 12:49:09 AM  
pics.livejournal.comView Full Size

1/3. Watts Towers in L.A. I'm an architecture buff, so I was psyched to visit this place once I moved here. It's just this fenced-off part in a run-down part of the city with people living right across the street.
2007-10-04 12:55:14 AM  
pics.livejournal.comView Full Size

2/3. Something that neither L.A. locals nor tourists see, but they should. It's this awesome old hotel sign right near the entrance to Griffith Park.
2007-10-04 12:58:30 AM  
pics.livejournal.comView Full Size

3/3. This is just a segment of this awesome wall of (commissioned) graffiti between my apartment and the freeway. Everyone walks and drives past like it ain't no thang.
2007-10-04 12:58:52 AM  
I just moved to Beijing a few weeks ago, so I am still kind of a tourist myself but here are some of my first pics of an area not visited yet by many foreign tourists, the 789 Art District, a former factory complex now housing many galleries and artist workshops. Full Size
2007-10-04 12:59:27 AM  
i47.photobucket.comView Full Size

Henry Doorly Zoo: Omaha, NE

*I've lived in Nebraska all my life and I still love going to the zoo*
2007-10-04 1:01:10 AM  
More 798 Art Complex, Beijing Full Size
2007-10-04 1:01:58 AM  
i47.photobucket.comView Full Size

Bemis Park; Omaha, NE

The eastern/midtown part of Omaha has a lot of great parks. This was taken after the last big snowstorm we had last winter.
2007-10-04 1:03:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Tetrahedron Provincial Park, near Sechelt BC Canada
2007-10-04 1:04:15 AM  
i47.photobucket.comView Full Size

Memorial Park; Omaha, NE

Sorry, almost all of my Omaha pictures I have are from a blizzard we had last winter.

I do have a bunch of pictures I took when I went to NYC and Chicago though...
2007-10-04 1:05:43 AM  
This one is from Beijing's Forbidden City, which already draws a lot of visitors of course, being the main tourist attraction, but I post it anyway because often I wonder if people are really looking at the details when they visit? I can visit places like this numerous times, and still discover interesting new things if you just look close enough.

So, a detail shot Full Size
2007-10-04 1:08:18 AM Full Size

city park, new orleans, 10.2.2007 at dawn with the iPhone
2007-10-04 1:10:01 AM  
Northern New Hampshire, my latest move... Full Size
2007-10-04 1:10:30 AM  
Mormon Temple and grounds
Salt Lake City, UT

(I recently relocated here from Buffalo, NY so I'm kind of still in the process of transitioning from tourist to resident!)

Nikon D50
Tokina 12-24mm f/4 Full Size
2007-10-04 1:12:37 AM  
My job, but we tend to frown on people visiting the site: Full Size
2007-10-04 1:14:33 AM Full Size
2007-10-04 1:17:31 AM  
Empire State Building Full Size

I took this just an hour ago. Unfortunately, they turn the lights off at midnight. It's humid and the clouds hang low over the tops of the buildings. But what I love best about New York is the views of internationally renowned icons from a completely muted perspective. From a distance, this building stands out - for miles around. Up close, it's so easy to miss.
2007-10-04 1:19:05 AM  
Clicky takes to full size:
[image from too old to be available]

West Lafayette, IN.
Northwest Parking Garage.
Late on a cold winter's evening.
2007-10-04 1:19:49 AM  
Clicky takes to full size:
[image from too old to be available]

West Lafayette, IN.
Northwest Parking Garage.
Late on a cold winter's evening.
2007-10-04 1:26:27 AM  
Times Square Full Size

Times Square is the last place I would recommend tourists to visit. Stay away, it will suck money out of you like MegaMaid. Best viewed at a distance.
2007-10-04 1:33:17 AM  
West Side Highway Full Size

Final entry. This is of more practical use. I learned last weekend that the New York City Parks Department has free kayaking on the Hudson River all through the summer. There are only two weekends left before the stop for the season, but it's worth checking out. The picture is of a sculpture of a giant bottle done up on the inside to look like an apartment. The only two windows were at either end. To find the kayak launch, find the bottle, it's right there. Unfortunately I don't remember where the nearest street access is. It's north of Chelsea Piers, but south of Riverside Park.
2007-10-04 1:37:19 AM  
Looking glass falls
i162.photobucket.comView Full Size

my old hometown
2007-10-04 1:40:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

A valley at the base of Galena Summit, near Sun Valley Idaho.
2007-10-04 1:43:05 AM  
Bruton Parish Church (first Episcopal Church in USA)

i162.photobucket.comView Full Size

My new hometown
2007-10-04 1:50:24 AM  
Totem Bight State Park: Full Size
2007-10-04 1:53:31 AM  
2007-10-04 1:55:51 AM  
Downtown at the cruise ship dock: Full Size

clicks bigger
2007-10-04 1:58:18 AM  
Bar Harbor: Full Size

click it bigger if you can't see the name
2007-10-04 1:59:36 AM  
i90.photobucket.comView Full Size

Oregon Coast, just outside Depoe Bay
2007-10-04 2:04:06 AM Full Size

Clicky for larger *pops*
Logan, WV
2007-10-04 2:05:05 AM  
i90.photobucket.comView Full Size

Yachats, OR...great place to watch the Pacific Ocean crash along the rocky coast and a great place to hunt for agates (new window).
2007-10-04 2:19:02 AM  
i90.photobucket.comView Full Size

Last one, sunset at Depoe Bay, OR....
2007-10-04 2:39:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Not something in my home town. But this guy has been reduced to a tourist attraction in a town his people started over a thousand years ago.

2007-10-04 2:44:19 AM  
i174.photobucket.comView Full Size

yarra river, melbourne
2007-10-04 2:55:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Not really of a landmark or anything, but it's a great view of my town from the top of a parking garage, and the sunset's we get sometimes are really nice.

/Yeah sorry about last post, don't know why the picture didn't come up. If a mod could delete it that would be great.
2007-10-04 3:02:29 AM Full Size

Statue by Ossip Zadkine commemorating the bombing of Rotterdam in WWII
2007-10-04 3:03:21 AM Full Size

and now i live in london
2007-10-04 3:06:24 AM Full Size

with translation:

"At this place, 147 Statenweg, on the 14th of May 1940,the germans handed the Dutch their ultimatum : Surrender, or your city will be destroyed. Rotterdam was largely razed. Hundreds died, thousands lost their homes, their livelihoods, the heart of their city.
Persecution, terror, robbery and hunger followed, but also, nearly immediately - resistance. 5 Years later: Liberation.

Traveler, you are standing where Holland was faced with the threat of the destruction of Rotterdam and other cities, and when this threat was carried out, the Netherlands surrendered.

Erasmus said in 1517: The most unjust peace is better than the most righteous war."

This memorial is just 600m from my house, by the side of the road. I noticed it on a walk. It is not in any guide book, but it touched me that the Dutch would publicly remember their defeat, as well as it's victories.
2007-10-04 3:07:58 AM  
img296.imageshack.usView Full Size

Oklahoma City National Memorial

(Not my home town anymore, but it was for a while.)

2007-10-04 3:14:04 AM  
img187.imageshack.usView Full Size

The Fountain, Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff

2007-10-04 3:35:06 AM Full Size

Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, BC
2007-10-04 3:36:24 AM Full Size

Canada Place and the busy Port of Vancouver
2007-10-04 4:01:26 AM  
i24.tinypic.comView Full Size

A path along a river, it's split up but ultimately travels 30 miles through the valley here. Almost nobody utilizes this part of it.
2007-10-04 4:05:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Another shot from the same river. Jordan River near South Jordan, Utah
2007-10-04 4:53:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2007-10-04 5:22:30 AM  
Coming in a bit late here, but had to wait until I got home to post this...

Sydney skyline, as viewed from Taronga Park Zoo:
[image from too old to be available]
Note: No filters or photoshopping (other than cropping) done here - this is exactly as I took it. Sydney is the most fabulously beautiful large city on the planet. :-)
2007-10-04 5:25:23 AM  
One place that I think is sadly overlooked by tourists is Western Australia (it is 2000 miles away from Sydney, but if you're going to travel halfway around the world, why not see the whole country?) Anyway, the following pic was taken on the beautiful Rottnest Island, 25km off the coast of Perth, WA:
[image from too old to be available]
2007-10-04 6:01:49 AM  
Lincoln Birthplace, Hodgenville, Ky (cabin inside)

i14.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-10-04 6:45:49 AM  
I think this is on top of what used to be the old town hall. It's completely different from everything else on that building, like someone mixed up the designs. Never noticed it until I moved into my flat and saw it from my window.
There are lots of these little architectural quirks around town, you just have to look up at the roofs occasionally.

[image from too old to be available]
2007-10-04 6:58:56 AM  
All Saints Church, Kings Heath, Birmingham Full Size
2007-10-04 7:04:59 AM Full Size

Chinese Gardens - Sydney - I have walked past the Chinese gardens thousands of times without realising what zen lives behind the walls (after the un-zen 6 dollar entry fee).
2007-10-04 7:18:41 AM Full Size

Kennedy Center and the National Cathedral from the bridge to Roosevelt Island.

2007-10-04 7:20:38 AM Full Size

Interior of the National Building Museum, under renovation.

2007-10-04 7:22:36 AM Full Size

Smithsonian Administration Building


//And I'm...spent
2007-10-04 7:26:32 AM Full Size

Running around Sydney with my camera, taking photos of things that I have walked past thousands of times before, noticed how it seemed as though the solider was looking at the Australian flag.
2007-10-04 7:32:44 AM  
kijabe.orgView Full Size

A day late and a dollar short?

Taken with a cell phone (Sony-Ericsson k750i)
2007-10-04 7:55:07 AM Full Size

The leaves are changing. I live in a pretty small village, fewer people live here than went to my high school.
2007-10-04 8:01:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Palo Duro Canyon, the second-biggest hole in the US. Fun to see from horseback.

This is about 15 minutes from my house...
2007-10-04 8:03:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

The town's resident crazy millionaire, Stanley Marsh III, has placed these road signs all over the town. They are planted in people's yards, some hidden, some obvious. Each has a unique saying or, in a few cases, illustrations, on them. Few make any sense (except maybe to Stan).
2007-10-04 8:08:47 AM Full Size

Like most residents of the Toronto area, I only get up the CN Tower when visitors arrive. It's a shame because it's a hell of a view.
This shot shows the Toronto Island Airport.
2007-10-04 8:30:43 AM  
i243.photobucket.comView Full Size

Dix River, High Bridge KY
I'm the guy standing on the rock fishing.
2007-10-04 8:48:53 AM  
pbase.comView Full Size

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
2007-10-04 8:49:45 AM  
pbase.comView Full Size

Citadel Hill, Halifax, Nova Scotia
2007-10-04 8:50:28 AM  
pbase.comView Full Size

Big Fiddle: Sydney, Cape Breton
2007-10-04 9:34:14 AM  
img250.imageshack.usView Full Size

4th of July Fireworks over the new GT North Avenue Apartments.

Click for Fullsize (pops)
2007-10-04 9:38:02 AM  
i94.photobucket.comView Full Size

The Spencer Trask Memorial, Saratoga Springs, NY

Henry Bacon And Daniel Chester French are the designers, the same men to build the Lincoln memorial.
2007-10-04 9:47:39 AM Full Size

2007-10-04 10:03:18 AM  
img524.imageshack.usView Full Size

The stadium
2007-10-04 10:04:31 AM  
2007-10-04 10:06:09 AM  
img522.imageshack.usView Full Size

The stadium and the Arch
2007-10-04 10:11:31 AM  
First time trying to do a farktography. Rosemount mansion. Big old house in my town. They have an outdoor dance there every year to start the state fair.

[image from too old to be available]
2007-10-04 10:25:26 AM Full Size

Someone actually shouted "Tourist!" at me as I was taking this. Lived here almost all my life.
2007-10-04 10:26:38 AM Full Size
2007-10-04 10:31:28 AM Full Size

This is at Eulogy. Samichlaus on tap, biatches.
2007-10-04 10:41:56 AM Full Size

click photo for my flickr and see O size.

Begun in 1832 the Thomas Viaduct was the first train bridge ever to be built on a curve. During its construction it was widely believed that the bridge would not hold under the weight of a loaded train, and it became known as "Latrobe's Folly." It soon proved to be one of the sturdiest structures in the nation. The conductors and travelers of the Underground Railroad made use of the viaduct for shelter in the years before the Civil War. It would become a defense post for the Union. The viaduct is still in use today, owned by CSX Transportation, and is the world's oldest multiple stone arched railroad bridge.
2007-10-04 10:46:20 AM  
Grant's Tomb. Once one of Manhattan's most popular tourist attractions, now mostly forgotten. Full Size
2007-10-04 10:52:06 AM  
uploadhouse.comView Full Size

Damn tourists never visit the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz
(Shot on film, printed and scanned)
2007-10-04 11:42:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Civil Rights Museum in Savannah, GA
I had no idea this was here until I got lost one day in the bad part of town.

2007-10-04 11:43:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Sculpture of the "Clapp's Pear", a hybrid seedless pear developed in the Boston borough of Dorchester. Located at the intersection of Mass Ave and Columbia Rd, right down the street from my apartment.
2007-10-04 11:44:40 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Savannah College of Art and Design Theatre in Savannah, GA
I hope to go here for my master's in post-production!

2007-10-04 11:49:01 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Submachine gun at Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah, GA
I can suggest this because no one ever goes to the Airfield.

2007-10-04 12:01:06 PM  
Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago Full Size
2007-10-04 12:32:34 PM Full Size

National Cathedral, Washington, DC

2007-10-04 12:34:23 PM Full Size

Monumental sunrise, Washington, DC

2007-10-04 1:33:27 PM  
fuzzybuttz: Awsome photos everyone! Gives me the travel bug again!
Anyone available for hire as a "tour guide" if and when??? :o)

Well actually.....
i243.photobucket.comView Full Size

I'm a fly fishing guide on KY's Cumberland River. This is the boat I built for the job.
2007-10-04 2:17:14 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

Women's Civil War Naval Memorial in Washington, DC (located in front of the Senate side of the Capital, in the parking lot).
2007-10-04 2:20:38 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

Washington DC World War I Memorial (off in the trees on the the Mall, by the reflecting pool)
2007-10-04 4:31:20 PM Full Size

The Old South Church in Boston, which is a historic site, although it doesn't get as many visitors as it's predecessor, the Old South Meeting House. That's where the Boston Tea Party started.
2007-10-04 4:32:25 PM Full Size

The Ames Building in downtown Boston (near the old State House). No tourists would have a reason to go there, but I love the exterior architecture.
2007-10-04 5:45:21 PM  
s3.amazonaws.comView Full Size

Figured I would throw one more in... awesome topic.

This is Capt. Robert F Scott's hut at Cape Evans Antarctica. Scott was of course the guy who lost the race to be the first to the south pole. It has stood untouched for just a bit over 100 years. Every artifact inside and out is still as they left it when they got off the ice.
2007-10-06 12:47:36 PM  
Okay, I know I'm outclassed here!

This is the office of the Cass County Democrat Missourian newspaper in Harrisonville, Missouri Full Size
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