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5959 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Sep 2002 at 10:33 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-25 11:25:42 PM  
...how is that possible?!
2002-09-25 11:27:59 PM  

Let's see the two of you, I've got money to spend -- no joke.
2002-09-25 11:29:34 PM  
Tough break.
2002-09-25 11:31:23 PM  
Jeez, these guys have NEVER put any ads on their site, and are just asking for some cash because they got wacked with a $300 fee out of nowhere. No big deal not to donate, but it's not like they're asking you to pay for something irresponsible, either. They've linked FARK since day one and have been one of the top referrers to the site here. And again, there's not a single ad on their entire site.
2002-09-25 11:33:29 PM  
That site has gotten me through many a boring workday. Content has sucked as of late. I'll give em $5.00
2002-09-25 11:35:19 PM  
Whatever dude.
2002-09-25 11:37:53 PM  
only $300 hell i got more than that in my wallet right now. I'm a college student too. I wonder why these guys have no money. 300 isn't really that much.

oh well.
2002-09-25 11:44:16 PM  
After the writer B left the website sucked..save your money
2002-09-25 11:49:25 PM  

Any friend of Drew is a friend of mine. Hang in there and let me know if you need any other assistance.

2002-09-25 11:50:57 PM  
Dude where's my bandwidth?
..I dunno dude where's your bandwidth?

Dude. Where's my bandwidth?

.. Dude I dunno where's your bandwidth?
2002-09-25 11:51:43 PM  
whats your email address? Becky will send you a pic of us..if your lucky
2002-09-25 11:52:50 PM  
$25 paypal donations are now being accepted for seeing becky topless via the webcam..LOL
2002-09-25 11:54:04 PM  
If I donate will they bring B back? He was a fellow BaltiMORON (kind of anyway) and possibly the only reason I went there.
2002-09-25 11:55:01 PM  
Heres an idea...

[image from radigan.info too old to be available]
2002-09-25 11:56:18 PM  
2002-09-25 11:57:57 PM  
Me what-ever dude speak goodly.
2002-09-25 11:58:14 PM  
As the owner of W-D, I'd like to thank the person that showed enough enthusiasm for our plight to submit it to Fark. I also want to thank you for using an incoherent sentence that I am sure will cater to the sympathetic Farkers out there who frequently give charitable contributions to the mentally handicapped. :)

In all seriousness, I've read through this thread and I agree with a lot of you. Why would you wanna donate money to a website you've never even heard of or don't particularly enjoy. Makes no sense. So to those people, I say, don't even give this a second thought.

But to the few of you out there who might have come across our site and have gotten some enjoyment out of it throughout the past year and a half.. I'll say this. The writers at W-D have tried to provide free entertainment to help you get through a boring work day. Plain and simple.

I've paid all costs out of my own pocket. You've never seen annoying pop up ads on the site, cause I've had no problem paying the monthly server costs. Last month though, the nice people at our hosting company hit me with a charge of 10x the amount they normally have charged me per month.. so when I tried to call the phone number they had listed on my credit card bill and got a (this phone line has been disconnected message), I called the credit card company and disputed the charge. I thought the problem was solved, until the nice people at our hosting company took our site offline two days ago, without nary a warning.

Basically, they have told us that we need to send them a check for $300 (which is strangely much less than the charge I had disputed) by Monday, or they're taking the site down again. A nice little stay of execution if you will.

Being that I'm currently out of work and have a four month old son, I can't in good conscience ask my wife, "Hey.. do ya mind if I take $300 out of our savings account, cause I think my needing a place to write my "Rating the Audreys and Rustys of the Vacation Movies" is just a teensy bit more important than buying baby food." Who am I kidding? I tried.. but she said no.

So this donation is just a one time, desperation thing. We just need to appease these people, so we can gain access to our FTP, back up all of our files and switch hosting companies.

Hey, if this doesn't work and W-D goes under.. not that big of a deal. Life goes on and it was fun while it lasted. We gave it our best shot... and whether you loved us or hated us, we simply tried to entertain ya.

Oh, and to those who have never heard of Whatever-Dude. Basically we're an X-E ripoff site that either was never good to begin with... or was once good.. but has been sucking for the past few months. Or at least that's what hear. :)
2002-09-26 12:01:27 AM  

I can't think of an independent, dedicated webmaster that hasn't been in this situation - facing dire straits at some point. I'll guarantee you Drew could tell similiar stories. I got royally farked three times by my last host.

Hopefully people will have a heart and open their wallet.
2002-09-26 12:01:48 AM  
Jesus, you guys are a bunch of assholes. These guys provide content, ad-free, free of charge, and the ONE TIME they get slapped with a huge bill outta nowhere and ask for a little assistance, they get ripped a new one. I've never BEEN to the damned site, but seeing as how they refer a lot of traffic to FARK, I'm happy to donate a couple of bucks.

Bunch of raging pricks.
2002-09-26 12:02:48 AM  

Howdy - it's poor_­phil[nospam-﹫-backwards]oo­h­a­y*com

:-) I'm feelin lucky!
2002-09-26 12:05:07 AM  

Your site ain't going away. Trust me. Stay in touch.

2002-09-26 12:06:34 AM  
2002-09-26 12:07:19 AM  
fark..I hate HTML..I;m way to freakin tired
2002-09-26 12:08:33 AM  

Nice, I cannot wait to see the both of ya.
2002-09-26 12:09:39 AM  
I wanna' Get Their Freed
I wanna' Get Their Freed
2002-09-26 12:10:49 AM  
I can't believe all you fark-only whiners, and people saying they are "begging for money" just to make money. That's crap, I think its genuine, and I am going to help.

Besides, you farkers who piss and moan so much don't realize that WD supported fark by purchasing ads, helping keep this site going as well. If you are going to have your head up Drew's ass and act like fark is "the intenernet" at least appreciate those who help support it. Obviously Drew does. But that's why he runs this site, instead of sitting around biatching about others.

No gratitude of course. If it isn't fark, or somethingawful, it sucks, right?
2002-09-26 12:11:34 AM  
I cant get this damn camera to work..grrrrrr
2002-09-26 12:12:50 AM  
This is the pic of myrtlebeachdesigner

[image from images.andale.com too old to be available]

hehe, i doubt that's actually you in the pic, but who cares.
2002-09-26 12:13:54 AM  
I am gonna start my own site..
everyone can help fill up my kitty bank

I'm no even supose to be here today..
2002-09-26 12:13:55 AM  
MyrtleBeachDesigner -

You are doing it all wrong, I have a great idea for you.

;-) Post your tits, and I'll tell you. Trust me, you are getting the better end of this deal.

2002-09-26 12:17:24 AM  
you get myrtlebeachdesigner's boobie pics in the mail, it turns out she's a he and he's a truck driver from new jersey, but those are his real boobies.

2002-09-26 12:20:15 AM  
Drew this, "interenet" that, paul, dave.....

I'm afraid we're losing sight of the real issue at hand.

Where is B?

For those who have never read his stuff, you must check out the archives when (if) WD gets back online. Seriously really funny thought provoking writing. I know this may not be a grand title, but I think it would be safe to call him the "best writer of irrelevant (and some relevant) stuff" the internet has ever known.
2002-09-26 12:45:17 AM  
$2000 for a blowjob? Jesus, even Hugh Grant got a better deal than that.........
2002-09-26 12:49:25 AM  
I've seen new ones get ripped . . & the only thing these whining goinks will ever rip open is a bag of Doritos.
Good luck with the site dude, you'll be OK.
2002-09-26 01:00:51 AM  
"2000 for a blowjob? Jesus, even Hugh Grant got a better deal than that........."

You have to pay for quality.
2002-09-26 01:27:05 AM  
So, they're asking for money because they weren't backing up their website? If you can't blow it off and won't back it up, you don't deserve to get it back.
2002-09-26 01:41:25 AM  
so we can gain access to our FTP, back up all of our files and switch hosting companies.

I've got two words for you and it ain't rocket science: BACK UP. Geez. How friggin stupid is that.
2002-09-26 02:18:47 AM  
We backed up all of our posts.. but not all of the pics we had uploaded to the site.. And w/o the pics, our posts are pretty much worthless. (Hey Dave, they're worthless even with the pics) Thanks cynical Farker types!!!

Sorry I'm such an imbecile.
2002-09-26 02:25:52 AM  
It's silly to say Dave and Paul 'deserve' it because they didn't back their stuff up. Not all webmasters are hardcore into computer know-how - some do it just to write. As mentioned, W-D doesn't have ads, so any posts that go up are sheerly for the writer's enjoyment in writing it and for the readers who might find it interesting. Not liking someone's content is one thing, but calling them dolts for trying to seek a little help after giving out free content for a few years is just a jerky smerky thing to do.
2002-09-26 02:32:49 AM  
Oh look. It's Macbeth.

Seen WDB anywhere?

-- MrJesus
2002-09-26 02:57:41 AM  
[image from members.home.nl too old to be available]
2002-09-26 02:59:43 AM  
I agree with the people that say that B was the best thing about W-D, and that the site lost something big when he left. Now the best writer W-D has is Chad, and that's only when he's not posting a dumb pot story (e.g. W-D's latest post). Not to mention the fact that most of the good articles that he writes can be found on his own website, BigMeats.com.

Oh, well. W-D is still good enough to pay some change for. Unfortunately, I'm dirt broke, and I doubt that the scholarship check I'm waiting with baited breath for is going to come in before Monday. Sorry, Dave.

2002-09-26 04:10:30 AM  
whoa an x-wrestling reference?
2002-09-26 10:25:17 AM  
I tried to donate 20 bucks but paypal is such a pain in the ass that it would not let me. Any other way to help you guys out. I have been there as well and would not even give you a second thought were it not for your humble post.

Oh and Myrtle.. I got your $2500 and am practically down the street in Charleston. Time to put up or shut up sweetheart. ;)
2002-09-26 10:41:58 AM  
You're damn right a WU reference.

I don't call myself old school e/n for nothing.
Kinda funny that in the end, Opie and Anthony lost their jobs down the road.

I wonder what The Rock had to say about that. :)
2002-09-26 11:16:55 AM  
i need $6000 to get my freedom from my bank.
send money now.
2002-09-26 11:28:57 AM  

If only you had a PO Box or an address to send money to I would mail some money this weekend. The credit card I use for Paypal is maxed out (no donations for me please I can handle my credit card debts) but I could send some cash money.

I say if you enjoy the site, then appreicate that they don't have popups and give 5-10 bucks or so. It seems like every site asks for money, WD is no different, they just need the money now.
2002-09-26 12:04:49 PM  
I have never checked out this site but just did and was just snooping around and noticed their fascination with the movie "Mask". As I have seen this movie a few times I was interested to read their review of the movie. I had to stop reading the article three times because I am at work and was laughing uncontrollably. Let me give you a couple of quotes,

"When Rocky goes to the camp for the blind.. he obviously has some ulterior motives going on. From the second he stepped off the bus, he was on the prowl for some nice visually impaired poontang pie."
"Seriously, Rocky's supposed to be there as a counselor's aide... yet there's only one scene where he is even remotely helping out campers.. and that's when he's leading a group of four of them over to the kickball game..so he can unload them and go try and find the hot little blond he had his eye on earlier. From there on out, he only spends his time with Diana, trying to get into her pants."

If you have not seen the movie pardon my taking up space, but if you have you cannot help but laugh your arse off at this stuff.

Hopefully you guys get the money to keep the site up, I am going to paypal right now.
2002-09-26 12:25:42 PM  
I would not be oposed to a small mail in donation
2002-09-26 01:54:23 PM  
Hey everybody. Just wanted to thank all of you who have contributed.

According to Paul (who's handling the whole thing), between donations from W-D readers and kind hearted Farkers, we have already reached the target amount that we needed to.

I'll be the first to admit that we hated having to do this as a last resort. I mean, hell, here we were having a fundraiser and we didn't even get Sexual Chocolate to play for you guys. Shame on us.

Also, McDowell's restaurant has a new salad bar. (Sorry.. my dad, Cleo, asked me to plug it)..

(I hope Jesse Jackson isn't offended by my using two "Coming to America" references in one post. Sorry, Jesse)

Paul's going to be forwarding me all of the paypal e-mails that he received, so to those who donated, expect a thank you e-mail in the next week or so. (and if you'd like, as I feel I need to give you at least "something" in return.. in addition to a thank you letter, I'll paste a copy of the e-mail that William Zabka sent to me, in which he explained his motivation as an actor when it came to the roles of Chas Osborn, Johnny Lawrence, and Greg Tolan in "Back to School", "The Karate Kid" and "Just One of the Guys", respectively.)

Oh yeah, his e-mail was in response to this article (now that's what I call a cheap plug):

I was kinda shocked to see such an outpouring of compassion fom a lot of people. It's kinda like... Everytime paypal rings, an angel gets his wings. I must be the richest man in town.

Oh, and to Gerlad and Ghostbuster who wanted to send a contribution through the mail.. Thanks a ton for the sentiment.. but it doesn't look like we're gonna need it.

Also.. Jive Turkey, thanks for trying.

And Gretzky99... Glad you got a kick outta Rocky Dennis Week in the archives. People may say Whatever-Dude sucks or it isn't good anymore without B.. and that's all well and good, because all I know is when people type in "Rocky Dennis" into google's search engine, Whatever-Dude.com is the first site listed.. and that makes it all worth it. :)
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