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(whatever-dude) Needs $300 Quick to Get Their Freed from their ISP   ( divider line
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5958 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Sep 2002 at 10:33 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-25 09:43:44 PM  
Yeah fark their website. That will solve all their bandwidth problems.
2002-09-25 10:35:21 PM  
haha, sure enough
2002-09-25 10:35:56 PM  
and another down and another one gone.. another one bites the dust
2002-09-25 10:37:13 PM  
" Needs $300 Quick to Get Their Freed from their ISP"

they also need a community college english 100 course so they can build proper sentences.
2002-09-25 10:37:38 PM  
The tits are pointing toward the sky.
2002-09-25 10:39:46 PM  
I need $300 as well. Just hook me the hell up.
2002-09-25 10:39:47 PM  
If your site isn't making money and it's survival depends on money, then it's demise is it's destiny. BWUHAHAHAHA!!!
2002-09-25 10:40:34 PM  
yet another case where I might be inclined to help, if only they had even ONE other option besides paypal.
2002-09-25 10:41:10 PM  
I am also not a pussy
2002-09-25 10:41:19 PM  
I've never heard of this site, and apparently can't access any of its content, erego I'm not wasting any of my hard-earned cash to support it.

Always nice to know some cares enough to submit a virtually unintelligible headline.
2002-09-25 10:41:58 PM  
Hey, I only need $150, hook ME up!
2002-09-25 10:42:33 PM  
Bootdog, Agreed, I also hate gaypal.
2002-09-25 10:43:43 PM, "Where quality postings are our highest priority"
2002-09-25 10:48:56 PM  

What would Rocky Dennis do?
2002-09-25 10:49:03 PM  
I'll just ask for $100. And forget paypal. Just mail me the check.
2002-09-25 10:50:22 PM  
I'll show my tits for $300
2002-09-25 10:50:59 PM  
Dont give them crap. I hate them, they're the stupidest people ever.
2002-09-25 10:51:27 PM  
Send me a picture of your tits and I'll send you a picture of $300.
2002-09-25 10:51:47 PM  
I always ask myself: WWFMD
2002-09-25 10:52:24 PM  
What would Fred McMurry do?
2002-09-25 10:53:04 PM  
I wonder if that credit card biatch is still getting tons of money to pay off her shiat...
I'm so jealous
2002-09-25 10:53:06 PM  

what's with the rash of website's begging for money. There's that Karyn biatch, that other biatch, the guy that wants the engagement ring etc...(fark doesn't count)

I blame that god awful Kevin Spacey movie for starting all this crap.
2002-09-25 10:53:16 PM  
what you got against paypal? ive never used it...
2002-09-25 10:54:09 PM  
my roomie says she will give a great blowjob to anyone who pays off here $2000 Belk credit card..LOL
2002-09-25 10:55:13 PM  
-$75.00 my money
-$460.33 your money
-$327.72 eBay sales
$3,424.47 TOTAL DEBT September 22, 2002 - WEEK 13


Yes, she still is getting a shiatload of money from people. the amount only goes up every time she updates, and has paid off about 17,000 of her debt.

2002-09-25 10:56:00 PM  
Myrtle: I'll start the bidding at 2,500.
2002-09-25 10:56:08 PM  
FifthColumn what website is that?
2002-09-25 10:56:42 PM  
The save karyn website?
2002-09-25 10:57:09 PM  
hrrrmmmm ... pay for Fark? or pay for some other site I might not ever visit again ... decisions, decisions ... or should I just buy beer. I'm so confused!
2002-09-25 10:57:53 PM  
It is insane how successful she has been with this cyber begging scheme. Wish I thought of it (well, realize that you don't need content to pull it off).
2002-09-25 10:58:31 PM  
I might have donated if I wasn't unemployed....oh and if their content quality hadn't gone way way way way way way down a few months ago. I used to vist that site all the time. Now I'd rather read fark archives then that dribble
2002-09-25 11:00:20 PM  
I second what MyrtleBeachDesigner said...but I'll take $250. Can't be too greedy when the rents due in 5 days :)
2002-09-25 11:00:40 PM  
Myrtle, I'll give your roommate $50 toward her bill for a lousy blowjob.
2002-09-25 11:01:40 PM  
shiat for $2500..we will both get on our knees..
my rent it due too!
2002-09-25 11:01:57 PM

Just for reference.
2002-09-25 11:03:42 PM  
i save for rainy days.
2002-09-25 11:03:47 PM  
Karyn was actually a "super-speller" in grade school.

She was.
2002-09-25 11:04:06 PM  
Sure I'm gonna give some cash to a website right... I remember ASKING ME to exchange links with them. Then a few months later they dropped my link withour warning and when I asked why they ignored me. These arrogant assholes got what they deserved as far as I'm concerned.
2002-09-25 11:04:34 PM

just a thought.
2002-09-25 11:05:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-25 11:05:16 PM  
Well That site used to be amusing, but ass of late all of their content has been piss.
2002-09-25 11:06:08 PM  
Natix - "Gaypal"

A 3rd grade word alteration... not so impressive by itself.
Using "gay"? Brilliant! Everyone knows that there's no worse insult than being compared to a homosexual (here on Fark at least as much as other places)... those lousy scum of the earth and sinners against God's mighty will. Nice one!

2002-09-25 11:07:58 PM  
My Gaydar alarm just went off.
2002-09-25 11:08:55 PM  
If you want to know the secret behind Karyn's success, take a gander:

Monday, September 16, 2002
Tonight I slept with the light off. Okay - I am going to confess... I am afraid of the dark. I have been ever since I was little. I just get really freaked out in pitch black, so I sleep with the light on.

She acts like a little kid/damsel in distress and then internet pervs (like me) come to her rescue by donating money so maybe she will love them. maybe whatever-dude should try that approach.

Today I was walking down the street, fell down, and scraped my knee! Then mommy said I had to have stuff put on it to make it feel better, but it only made it worse! Why oh why can't a man come to my rescue? *sigh**sigh*sigh*

© FifthColumn Intellectual Property Corp.
2002-09-25 11:10:04 PM  
Stop being such a homophobe, Warchild.
2002-09-25 11:14:30 PM  
Funny, seems I can get in this way... go thru google cache then just click one of the links...​m/++%22W

or here for example...

o... maybe I'm jamming their bandwith even worse now...
2002-09-25 11:17:56 PM  
ne'er mind... i thought the FARK link went to something... else... err. nevermind.
2002-09-25 11:18:37 PM Licks $300 Quick to Get "Anal" Their Freed from their ISP
2002-09-25 11:21:28 PM  
it would be nice to have that type of job security....
2002-09-25 11:21:36 PM  
Argh. Nobody give them money. The site deserves to go down.

I arrived at this conclusion when the review bashing a Freddie Prinze Jr. movie was worst than the movie!
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