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(Mediabistro)   Amanda Congdon and her world-class breasts are gone from   ( divider line
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47110 clicks; posted to Main » and Fandom » on 21 Sep 2007 at 3:14 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-09-21 3:16:48 PM  
Memorial pics?
2007-09-21 3:17:06 PM  
2007-09-21 3:17:21 PM

2007-09-21 3:17:29 PM  
I haven't watched Rocketboom since she left....
2007-09-21 3:17:38 PM  
varmint congdon
2007-09-21 3:17:55 PM  
World class? I'll be the judge of that. Pics, please.
2007-09-21 3:18:37 PM  
we're gonna need to go ahead and get some visual evidence on this.
2007-09-21 3:18:41 PM  
Can I have her stuff?
2007-09-21 3:18:48 PM  
Who? what boobies? pics?
2007-09-21 3:18:58 PM  
I'm crying me two perfectly shaped, perky tear drops.
2007-09-21 3:19:05 PM  
gogelmogel.typepad.comView Full Size
2007-09-21 3:19:53 PM  
I haven't had to use a Congdon since my university days.

2007-09-21 3:20:01 PM  
rightwingnews.comView Full Size
2007-09-21 3:20:01 PM  
It appears based on the GIS I just did that nobody loves her breasts more than she does.
2007-09-21 3:20:12 PM  
barnako.typepad.comView Full Size

World class subby?
2007-09-21 3:20:30 PM  
chrisabraham.comView Full Size
2007-09-21 3:20:32 PM  
Who's a what now? Did someone say boobies?
2007-09-21 3:20:35 PM  
i14.tinypic.comView Full Size
2007-09-21 3:21:16 PM  
rightwingnews.comView Full Size

2007-09-21 3:21:25 PM  

glasses girl with nice rack = awesome!
2007-09-21 3:21:39 PM  
Oh noes! Other than the dirth of free boobs to look at on the internet, what ever will we do?

2007-09-21 3:22:33 PM  
yes please
2007-09-21 3:22:33 PM  
It's dearth, silly.
2007-09-21 3:22:54 PM  
What show was she on? And why haven't I DVRed it?
2007-09-21 3:23:06 PM  
Drakin030: Nice...nice...

That looks like a scene straight out of the porn site Bookworm...
2007-09-21 3:23:08 PM  
slightly more than before

i9.tinypic.comView Full Size
2007-09-21 3:23:16 PM  
I have come to the realization that I love breasts.
2007-09-21 3:23:24 PM  
img153.imageshack.usView Full Size
2007-09-21 3:23:41 PM  
2007-09-21 3:23:57 PM  
She's pretty cute.. But she's also really ditzy and self-absorbed..

If you ever see her just rattling away in front of a camera, it's about the most boring thing you could ever witness..

Imagine a 13yo telling you about her day for over an hour, that's what it's like..
2007-09-21 3:24:18 PM  
2 square inches of article + a square mile of junk + no pics = massive fail
2007-09-21 3:24:27 PM  
Riddeford: I have come to the realization that I love breasts.

2007-09-21 3:24:36 PM  
Isuelde: It's dearth, silly.

Why yes, I suppose it is.
2007-09-21 3:25:22 PM  
I'd hit it.
2007-09-21 3:25:34 PM  
i3.tinypic.comView Full Size

2007-09-21 3:26:45 PM  
The Drunk IT Guy: If you ever see her just rattling away in front of a camera

You watched with the sound on?
2007-09-21 3:27:29 PM  
Pic from the website:
2007-09-21 3:27:42 PM  
ClicheGuevara07: MemorialMammorial pics?

/not a pet peev
2007-09-21 3:28:24 PM  
2007-09-21 3:28:37 PM  
...aint no boobies when she's gone (bow bow bow)...
...and they're always gone too long anytime...
...they go away (bow bow bow)

/i must be bored
2007-09-21 3:28:39 PM  
Where's the French chic?
2007-09-21 3:28:41 PM  
Isuelde: It's dearth darth, silly.

sorry, pet peeve
2007-09-21 3:28:51 PM  
i12.tinypic.comView Full Size

apparently no buttsecks
2007-09-21 3:29:01 PM  
more pics!
2007-09-21 3:29:55 PM  
Nice rack, too bad she doesn't have a mute button...

/got tired quickly of Rocketboom
//tired of her shiat
///ABC got tired of her shiat too...
2007-09-21 3:30:25 PM  
awww, she was fun.
2007-09-21 3:31:03 PM  
2007-09-21 3:31:15 PM  
Yay, friday boobies thread!

On the one hand, its silly how many no talent ass clowns can AW themselves on the internet/cable tv, some of whom think they have something other than their boobies to bring to the table. And on the other hand, i love boobies. Yay.
2007-09-21 3:31:17 PM
2007-09-21 3:31:17 PM  
Judging by the above photos her boobies seem to have some mystical shape-shifting, size altering capability. Neat.
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