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(Gamesdomain)   Warcraft III delayed again until sometime in 2002   ( divider line
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934 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jul 2001 at 7:41 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-24 08:49:36 PM  
What a big surprise. Blizzard doesn't "balance" and "further develope" the game any, because they do that with patches nearly every two months. Look at Diablo 2. Then look at a better game, Starcraft. Broodwar was DONE when Starcraft was, but instead of including it with the regular purchase, they seperated it and sold it as an expansion... like Lord of Destruction for Diablo 2. WC3 will probably be done before the end of 2001, but Blizzard will hold it back to work on something which, at the last minute, will be taken out from the game and sold seperatly. Again.

Lets hope Blizzard isn't making a MMORPG as rumored, or they are really farked since this business practice won't work.
2001-07-24 09:16:46 PM  
Speaking of Starcraft/Brood War, I've been playing that a lot lately. In case anyone else does, my name is TheHumanBullet.(Like from The Tick.
2001-07-24 09:18:08 PM  
Yeah it's not a surprise that they delayed it at all. Can't deny that Blizzard makes some of the best games on earth though.

I'd really like to see them try to make a feature film like Squaresoft recently did, because I think Blizzard's animations are the best of all gaming companies out there.
2001-07-24 09:20:29 PM  
Grr.. scuse me for that temporary lapse of sanity... I just need to shoot up some more caffeine, ill be ok then...
2001-07-24 09:47:30 PM  
I just wish Blizzard was honest and chopped off the "until 2002"
2001-07-24 10:08:38 PM  
Bill Cosby-I rarely play online games, mainly because I have no time for l33t kiddies, but I'll play with someone I (sorta) know. My handle is ToasterThief.
2001-07-24 10:17:51 PM  
WC3 is the Daikatana of the RTS genre.
2001-07-24 10:44:21 PM  
Hey I can't wait to play duke nukem forever.
2001-07-24 11:04:23 PM  
Lessee now, Max Payne just came out today...
Duke Nukem Forever will be out by Christmas...
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault due out in October-November

Who the hell needs WC3?

I-Mockery: If they decide to do that, they'd just better not make an ass-horrible movie like FF was.
2001-07-24 11:19:33 PM  
Who gives a damn about WC3. They announced the game in like 1998, a few more years won't matter.

It'll probably be just like every other bloody RTS game out there anyway. Battle For Dune anybody ??

Blizzard can suck it as far as I'm concerned. Westwood studios is by far the worst however, emperor was a joke of a game, proving the fact that their target market is "people who like shiny graphics."
2001-07-24 11:26:45 PM  
Now I can delay buying a computer that is fast enough to run WCIII. By the time it comes out, I may actually be out of school and able to afford it!
2001-07-25 02:37:19 AM  
= not WinXP compliant
2001-07-25 05:31:05 AM  
Delayed until 2002! Good! That means I'll be able to get some work done! Warcraft and Starcraft ate up huge amounts of my time! I played Diablo, too, but it was not very interesting. Click and chop, click and chop... yawn-o.

Scientologist: Lets hope Blizzard isn't making a MMORPG as rumored, or they are really farked since this business practice won't work.

What do you mean? MMORPG's in general won't work? I have heard that Anarchy Online runs so slow that you can bake a cake between updates.
2001-07-25 10:55:28 AM  
Anyone remember when WC3 was going to be a Monkey Island-ish adventure game (with some battles thrown in...). I think it was about some inprisoned orc.
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