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(   Paralyzed man sues strip club for not having wheelchair ramps into the lapdance room   ( divider line
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4042 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Sep 2002 at 10:43 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-23 10:45:13 PM  
Can paralyzed men get it up?
2002-09-23 10:45:59 PM  
umm, this isn't really heroic. THis lawsuit happy country sucks. Seriously, just go to another strip club.
2002-09-23 10:46:51 PM  
old news
2002-09-23 10:47:01 PM  
the stripclubs with the ramps will get more business - if a club doesn't want the business, fine.
2002-09-23 10:47:43 PM  
What a moron.

Everyone knows he should have ordered their delivery or carryout service.
2002-09-23 10:47:50 PM  
The stripper should counter sue because he couldn't get it up.
2002-09-23 10:48:08 PM  
Or just yell at the manager until he gets a few strippers to carry you into the lapdance room. That way you get a free piggyback ride from a stripper with every lap dance!
2002-09-23 10:48:37 PM  
Why would he need a lap dance if he can't get up?

I'm going to hell...
2002-09-23 10:48:46 PM  
God Bless America
2002-09-23 10:49:15 PM  
Damn, beaten to the punch...
2002-09-23 10:49:53 PM  
Speaking of boobies, this was submitted, but not approved (why?!) -- I didn't submit it, but I sure do like it!

Rachel Lee Cook, sfw
2002-09-23 10:50:18 PM  
This is sooooo old and sooo lame
2002-09-23 10:51:11 PM  
There are no wheelchairs in the champagne room...
2002-09-23 10:53:14 PM  
You assholes must not have ever really known a disabled person. You suck.
2002-09-23 10:54:07 PM  
American with Disabilities Act says you gotta do it. Anyone can sue if you don't.
2002-09-23 10:54:14 PM  
And a lot of them CAN get it up, just not feel it. Get stuck in a wheelchair and then post here, farkers.
2002-09-23 10:54:57 PM  
Noggy: Do you know one that frequents strip clubs?
2002-09-23 10:55:00 PM  

09-23-02 10:49:53 PM Symphonik
Speaking of boobies, this was submitted, but not approved (why?!) -- I didn't submit it, but I sure do like it!

Rachel Lee Cook, sfw

Hey is that that This Is Your Brain on Drugs egg chick!? WHOO HOTTIE!222
2002-09-23 10:55:15 PM  
What a charming man. I especially appreciate the way he refers to the exotic dancers as "chicks". Repeatedly.

No wonder he has to get his jollies at a strip club.
2002-09-23 10:55:32 PM  
can't the stripper just like hoist him on her back and carry him into the lapdance room? no shame in that
2002-09-23 10:55:43 PM  
I know a few disabled people, but seriously, can he not find something more meaningful to sue about?

He could have just taken his business elsewhere..

2002-09-23 10:58:17 PM  
Just because you have legs and can go somewhere that others cant, you dont think they should be allowed? Thats bullshiat.

And yes, I do know a quadrapledgic that loves to go out, including strip bars. I mean, he is still a farking man, regardless if he can walk on his own or not.
2002-09-23 10:58:39 PM  
Disabilities are not funny, but you are talking to the same group that made funny comments about a tombstone falling over on a 4 year old girl.
You ARE aware this is FARK?
2002-09-23 10:59:26 PM  
Nice. His sister dies of cancer, so his friend takes him to a strip club to cheer him up. Now that's a friend.

A very similar incident took place here in Toronto not long ago. The owner of a competing strip club wrote a letter to the newspaper covering the story pimping his joint. I tried not to crack up laughing while reading it.

I'm nearly blind - if I use my hands, can I just say I'm looking around in the dark?
2002-09-23 11:00:03 PM  
Sugarush - My friend would be terrified of that. If someone drops him, he would get hurt pretty badly...and there is no catching yourself when you cant move your limbs.
2002-09-23 11:00:30 PM  
Thsfsthtrvwl-chllngdrntcvrdndrthAmrcnswthDsbltsct. t'scryngshmtlly,cryngshm.
2002-09-23 11:00:53 PM  
Yeah I know its fark Dragon, but dont you ever feel the need to stand up for people that you give a shiat about?
2002-09-23 11:03:11 PM  
It's A-Holes like this that drive up the price of booze in the peeler bars. They gotta redesign the club or pay off settlements. Who do you think the owners pass the loss onto? YOU. Just because somebody is handicapped, doesn't give them the right to HANDICAP everyone else.
2002-09-23 11:03:21 PM  
And I am sure he would stand up for himself if he could work enough to afford a computer. But he only gets like $600 a month, and that isnt enough to live on. He also works doind data entry through voice recognition software, but it does not pay very well.
2002-09-23 11:03:42 PM  
Look at the story again, this dick is just a lawsuit ahppy asshole. THis is old news, and this guys a crippled ass. Do some more research.
2002-09-23 11:04:23 PM  
Ratslapper, your just a farking waste of space. No one with any intelligence would post something as ignorant as that.
2002-09-23 11:04:33 PM  
as far as i know, the americans with disabilities act only applies to public and governmental buildings...private businesses cannot be compelled to create access to their establishment.
2002-09-23 11:04:37 PM  
Noggy, you sure you don't mean Johnny?

I sympathize with the guy. I just feel a little queasy for them, wondering what kind of reaction they must get from their families. "You're making a stink over what? Uhhh... 'k, how about that weather?"

The letter from the competing strip club owner was hilarious just for the chutzpah, though. Nothing like using a bad situation to promote your own ass.... or asses you own. Whatever.
2002-09-23 11:05:20 PM  
Noggy, I'm with you
2002-09-23 11:06:34 PM  
Well, whatever. I cant give people brains or emotions, so you are all farked.

But there are some good people who are disabled, and they should be able to do everything that anyone else is allowed to do.
2002-09-23 11:06:37 PM  
Wonder what the results of this case will do for sight-impared strip club patrons...
2002-09-23 11:07:57 PM  
Aww, c'mon Noggy.

Funny medical fark-ups
1.Cancer-The gift that keeps on hurtin'.
2.Leprosy-The gift that keeps on eatin.
3.Para/quadraplegia-The gift that can't be felt.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO going to hell.
2002-09-23 11:09:53 PM  
wow, thanks for that link, Symphonik. i only have two words to say about that:
2002-09-23 11:10:04 PM  

I was a camp counselor for those of less that are less auspicious. Also did a lot of other work in that area with the the elderly. This is an old story, and I truly believe this "I'm gonna sue because I'm disabled" could visit a lot of other places and get all the hummers he wants. Or look at all the boobies he wants to look at. Christ, it's not like they were denying him food or water or anything.

Hell, my husband has only one hand. Could get one of those nifty handicapped parking things. But he doesn't and he works for IBM as a highly regarded IT specialist. Tough to type with one hand when he should have been right-handed. Product of rape. Get off it. This high-and-mighty shiat pisses me off. Life is short. Don't biatch and sue and biatch. Gets you nowhere. And don't listen (or read) stuff from ignorant farks.

Do you think trolling helps? If you are disabled, or someone close to you is disabled, then why don't you work more toward the positive end?

/end rant
2002-09-23 11:10:17 PM  
Well, have something like this happen to someone you give a shiat about...then you might be standing up for them too.
2002-09-23 11:10:32 PM  
oh bah, filter.
2002-09-23 11:11:02 PM  
again Noggy, I'm with you. There is actually a great foundation here in CO, called Wilderness on Wheels. They have miles and miles of trails through the mountains here, of various difficulty, smoothed out and widened for wheelchairs. More daring wheelchair bound folks can take the harder trails, others can take the easier ones. They also offer white-water rafting, rock climbing, rappeling, cave exploration, all kinds of things for people in wheelchairs... they're awesome...
2002-09-23 11:11:47 PM  
I apologize for offending you by defending a friend of mine, Auspicious, I did not mean to make it personel for you.
2002-09-23 11:12:18 PM  
Rock climbing?! Rappeling?! HAHAHAHAHA
2002-09-23 11:13:37 PM  
"Rudowsky said, 'I'm going to grill the crippled guy. It's hard to give it to a crippled guy on national TV, but I'm going to. This whole thing's hilarious.' "

Hmmm...this guy must have graduated from the "Stone Cold" Steve Austin School of Public Relations.
2002-09-23 11:14:18 PM  
yes Communist_bob Rock climbing and rappeling. My bro has a friend that is paralized from the waist down. He goes up there to this place, and goes rock climbing. Just cause he can't use his legs doesn't mean he can't use his arms.
2002-09-23 11:15:40 PM  
Isn't this a guy who just left in a huff, without even asking for assistance? Regardless, it's up to the business to supply or not supply handicapped accomodation. I couldn't believe, for example, that a bungee jumping company would be required to accomodate a paraplegic. Do you have any idea exactly how much that kind of equipment would cost? And the INSURANCE?!?
2002-09-23 11:15:55 PM  
Noggy? You know I was serious about the being nearly blind part, right?
2002-09-23 11:16:04 PM  
I guess you would have to stand up for them since they can't on their own.
2002-09-23 11:17:10 PM  
I am disabled, and while I reserve the right, like anyone, to fight for what I want, I do not believe the world owes me the same access to things that those without my difficulties have. Certainly not when it comes to entertainment. Read Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron.
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