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(Some Slammer) Audio When poetry doesn't suck, it's called "Spoken Word." This guy is farkin' hilarious   ( divider line
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10521 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Sep 2002 at 7:24 AM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-09-22 7:35:40 AM  
That is some funny shiat
2002-09-22 7:39:58 AM  
I've said it before, and I will say it again

Austin is the coolest city in the US.

The entertainment value is priceless.
2002-09-22 7:53:36 AM  
So then, this would be poetry. Shut the fark up Ernie.

How about
2002-09-22 7:58:30 AM  
i would give my left arm to meet a girl smarter than i am.

/being full of myself
2002-09-22 8:01:22 AM  
HOLY SHIAT this guy is HILARIOUS. I'm buying that album.
2002-09-22 8:04:50 AM  
heehee... good stuff.
2002-09-22 8:07:57 AM  
:) great.
2002-09-22 8:11:37 AM  
As the man said, Ernie Cline is Airwolf.
2002-09-22 8:12:14 AM  
Airwolf was a great show. I don't think i'll be saying 'I hit the Airwolf level honey' after spine aching knee weaking sex though. Unless she starts screaming out 'Stringfellow Hawk' first. Then anything goes.
2002-09-22 8:15:46 AM  
2002-09-22 8:35:42 AM  
I know Ernie Cline, and Ernie Cline rawks. All of Austin rawks. If you're reading this, and it was indeed a plug, give Mikey a big sloppy kiss for me.

2002-09-22 8:38:11 AM  
i would give my left arm to meet a girl smarter than i am.
You would have to leave your mothers basement first.
2002-09-22 8:40:48 AM  
Ordered his cd :P just hadto.
2002-09-22 8:43:04 AM  
There are still plenty of idiots who feel the need to not only share their views (which is what we are all here for), but to call people names if they don't agree. I'd especially like to thank this second group as they help to reinforce my feelings of superiority.
2002-09-22 8:49:44 AM  
Great, now I want to change my Fark user name to HotCock007.

I hope the site doesn't get farked later in the day. That's funny stuff that should be shared with everyone.
2002-09-22 9:01:49 AM  
Awwwww, don't be so sensitive. All in good fun, dear, just as the comment about not having met a woman smarter than you obviously was.
2002-09-22 9:03:11 AM  
BTW, I'm pierced
2002-09-22 9:05:59 AM  
haha, ok. no harm done, just hard to tell the context in which someone says something here :) sorry for getting mean
2002-09-22 9:10:55 AM  
Back on track, am I the only one who didn't find this guy particularly funny? I must not get out enough.
2002-09-22 9:15:09 AM  
(yawn) BOOooooooooooorrriiiiinnngggg.....

This sucks. What a dork. I didn't laugh once, and I usually love shiat like this. What a waste of time.

/everything on Fark has sucked all weekend
2002-09-22 9:17:43 AM  
here here Viss. worst part is, there was pretty good stuff that never made it to fark. well, a couple things at least.
2002-09-22 9:25:34 AM  
This is poetry??

Man...and to think all these years I've been listening to those losers Dylan Thomas and W.H. Auden...
2002-09-22 9:34:52 AM  
There are still plenty of idiots who feel the need to not only share their views (which is what we are all here for), but to call people names if they don't agree. I'd especially like to thank this second group as they help to reinforce my feelings of superiority.

Let's see... you called people names, and you only listed one group: "idiots who share their views and call people names".

You might want to check that whole "superiority" thing.
2002-09-22 9:41:52 AM  
good chit
2002-09-22 9:44:44 AM  
PlastiqueJeebus, that was a quote from someone else's profile. it was later deleted. it made sence trust me, though i have taken any insult back.
2002-09-22 9:49:22 AM  
Dennis Miller WANNABE
2002-09-22 9:55:53 AM  
That's pretty damn funny.
2002-09-22 10:10:27 AM  
Haven't listened to it yet, but does anyone know if it is reminiscent of Saul Williams?
2002-09-22 10:13:01 AM  
Isn't "spoken word" the same as old-fashioned "talking"?
2002-09-22 10:17:05 AM  
hooray for nerd porn...

... oh... gotta go im missing battlestar galactica
2002-09-22 10:20:57 AM  
Spoken word as a musicless artform requires a skillfully crafted character of delivery and pace to be more than just coffee house ranting.

If you're just going to race through a written piece and there's no music to fall back on, there'll be nothing of interest once the words are digested, and nothing to make the audience want to hear it again.

Constructive criticism.
2002-09-22 10:45:51 AM  
I generally don't like poets. They seem way too full of themselves. Like their every emotion is worthy of being documented and read to others who drink funny coffee look unamused. fark 'em. I keep my emotions bottled up inside like a real man, until they finally boil over and I end up saying or doing something belligerent.
2002-09-22 10:46:47 AM  
Something belligerent... like forgetting the word "and".
2002-09-22 10:54:57 AM  
get more of him .. and soon .. he IS HILARIOUS
2002-09-22 11:12:33 AM  
Henry Rollins stomps this dinky retard. Move along, people. Nothing to see here.
2002-09-22 11:47:31 AM  
All he wants is stupid shiat.

Ernie Cline knows his audience, and provides accordingly.
2002-09-22 12:25:18 PM  
Saw some pretty good slam poetry last night, including a guy from Houston who is apparently the 10th-ranked guy in the world. Really liked his stuff, and a couple of the locals were great, too.
2002-09-22 12:36:03 PM  
Is anyone else annoyed by the way every single spoken word person talks? I'm gonna put the EMphasis in ALL the wrong places and then SPEED UP in strange places just like EVERY other spoken word guy TALKS and try to use really SMART words.
wil [TotalFark]
2002-09-22 12:37:24 PM  
Hey Farkers, I submitted this link, including the headline, so direct your flames at me and get off Ernie's dick.

Ernie is no Henry Rollins, but nobody is Henry Rollins...even Henry Rollins isn't Henry Rollins anymore.

But Ernie doesn't try to be Henry Rollins. He is just Ernie, and he made me laugh my farkin' ass off.
2002-09-22 12:58:40 PM  
So sorry! Ahpawagies!
2002-09-22 12:58:51 PM  
PEOPLE PEOPLE IT'S CALLED COMEDY GET OVER IT... IF you don't like it... OH F%$#Kin well.
As the lady said:

09-22-02 07:39:58 AM Sweater Girl
I've said it before, and I will say it again

Austin is the coolest city in the US.

Brains and Hockey.... Now that's a classy lady
2002-09-22 1:01:45 PM  
Different strokes, eh. Wasn't funny to me.
2002-09-22 1:09:11 PM  
Saul Williams is incredible. Have you heard the piece he did with Blackalicious? Nearly brings me to tears every time I hear it.
2002-09-22 1:26:31 PM  
2002-09-22 1:41:17 PM  
Nobody does funnier spoken word than John S. Hall of King Missile. If you haven't heard their stuff (or you've only heard their hit song "detachable penis") you really should check out some more of their material.
2002-09-22 2:21:21 PM  
Isn't "spoken word" the same as old-fashioned "talking"?

Yeah, that's what I thought too. =)
2002-09-22 2:33:19 PM  
Didn't laugh.
2002-09-22 2:37:21 PM  
Fellow Austin associates of said Spoken Word
2002-09-22 5:34:39 PM  
I remember this, someone posted the link in another fark thread a few months back.

Hmmm surprising that no one thought to submit it to fark until now.

What, don't look at me, I'm lazy. I am also airwolf.
2002-09-22 6:35:44 PM  
I listened to them, smirked a bit and moved on. Then I thought, "Hey, that second one was pretty good, maybe I'll keep it." So I go back to the site. Twenty seconds later I've got them all on their way to my hard drive and am halfway through the ordering process.
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