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4672 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jul 2001 at 8:04 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-24 08:12:03 AM  
heheh! awesome!
2001-07-24 08:16:41 AM  
the actual site is still 0wnZ0red. when I hear about a hack it's usually after the fact.

note: this was posted at 8:15e. this morning. if the site gets fixed by the time you click my link, it's not my fault that you can't wake up early.
2001-07-24 08:20:03 AM  
Glad to have seen it.
2001-07-24 08:34:33 AM  
Be careful about clicking into hacked sites. This last fall the FBI confiscated somebodies computers for checking in on a hacked web site. There's an article at Slashdot, news by illiterates. As you'd expect from that particular site things are skewed a bit.
2001-07-24 08:51:38 AM  

I can't actually condone hacking, but this rules. The guy who runs the site is Rev. Fred Phelps; I think he's a Baptist minister. He and his brain-dead followers show up at gay pride parades and similar rallies with all the predictable hate slogans and in-your-face tactics. I believe he's been arrested numerous times.

I'm not certain, but I don't think the Bible contains the phrase "hate your fellow man". WWJD? I never met the man, but from what I've heard, "hate" wasn't in his vocabulary, let alone his domain name.

Just live and let live already. I've never understood why that's such a tough concept for people.
2001-07-24 09:01:11 AM  
This hacker was kind of a pussy for not getting rid of everything, but it's the thought that counts, I guess.
2001-07-24 09:04:51 AM  
Still fux0red as of 9:00 AM EST or so. Woo hoo! I'm all about first amendement, but those folks really have a bug of their ass... er, like buggering up the ass...

ah forget it. it's early for me.
2001-07-24 09:07:48 AM  
What a great thing to see early in the morning, I have a feeling that Rev. Phelps and his followers are in for a real surprise when they die... Farking ignorant farks...

WWJD? I dunno, What WOULD Jenna Drink?
2001-07-24 09:13:59 AM  
Who Wants Jack Daniels?
2001-07-24 09:17:20 AM  
2001-07-24 09:30:47 AM  
Some info abou the Rev. Phelps
2001-07-24 09:50:48 AM  
God loves everyone....even Rev Phelps who, by the sounds of it, is the spawn of Satan!
2001-07-24 10:14:17 AM  
Why Would Jesus Care?
I wonder if jello boy was a contributor to the site?
2001-07-24 10:17:24 AM  
Yeah, I know this Rev. Fred Phelps who ownz this site. He's in Kansas or something like that. He came to the University of Michigan in February (???) and put up 15 or so 20ft by 10 ft billboards on "The Diag", or center of campus. Everybody was pretty much forced to walk past them to class. The theme of these giant posters was linking the Holocaust with Abortion and genocide.

It was farking disgusting! I had to walk at 8 a.m. to class and look at pictures of dead cut-up babies and pictures of death camps. Let's just say I didn't eat that day, at all. They justified themselves by putting up warning signs about 100 yards back before the event...but that would require an extra 10 min of walking around it to get to the same class. And of course, I had little time to spare due to my being late already (sleeping in and most likely hung-over).

He organized this, but wasn't at the event either...he had his wife and children (around age 7 or 9) hold up signs that said "fags = evil" and "fags die, god laughs". I couldn't believe that kids that age were doing that.

Serves this bastard right to get his site hacked. Some people are so ignorant. I'm all for believing in whatever he wants to believe, but once he starts trying to force his views unto others....I pray for brimstone and sulfur to rain upon his head!!

some articles on it:
2001-07-24 10:30:49 AM  
Just made my farking day
2001-07-24 10:36:17 AM  
That guy makes Jack Chick look like the most tolerant, loving person there is
2001-07-24 10:36:35 AM  
More about Fred Phelps... (Yes, I know some of the links are broken, I wrote it in 1998 and I'm not updating it every time some yutz moves his web site.)
2001-07-24 10:55:08 AM  
It's great that this site was hacked. It's just too bad the hacker's language makes it sound like it was hacked by a 13 year old boy.
2001-07-24 10:56:07 AM  
I hope that he and his children who are following him will burn in hell for the things that they do and force people to do.
2001-07-24 11:06:27 AM  
9:58 Central, still hacked.

Hookers and Hummers for EVERYONE!

We here in Kansas would like to appologise for the existence of Phred Phelps. He has been sentenced to be annaly raped continuosly for the next fourty years, or until he likes it, which ever comes first.
2001-07-24 11:06:36 AM  
Meta: Nice article. We need some sort of a "B" Ark loaded up with people like Phelps and his clan. Throw in as many of the Scientologists as you can catch and launch that sucker.
2001-07-24 11:12:03 AM  
Why Waste Jackelopes Dead?
2001-07-24 11:12:49 AM  
World Wide Jack-off Dance
2001-07-24 11:13:43 AM  
Watermelon! Watermelon! Just Don't!
2001-07-24 11:29:16 AM  
Why Worship Jesus Dude?
2001-07-24 11:47:19 AM  
I think Fred Phelps even picketed Matthew Shepherd's funeral. I'm sure God was real proud.
2001-07-24 11:52:23 AM  



2001-07-24 12:00:53 PM  
Who Wants Jack Daniels?
2001-07-24 12:17:05 PM  
Actually, I'm *glad* phelps protests. On the small scale, it is disruptive and annoying. However, it helps. A lot of people are indifferent to gay rights, but when they see how utterly hateful and visceos some people can are to us, they actually begin to care.

-= rei =-
2001-07-24 12:23:38 PM  
Kammat & Meta: Thanks for background info! What a raving freak!

Evil is as evil does. Nuff said...
2001-07-24 12:27:01 PM  
We Want (that) Jackass Dead

That's a point I'd never thought of Rei, and it's a good one. But there is just something so evil about picketing someone's funeral, that is far beyond disruptive and annoying. It's vile. I'm very surprised he hasn't been badly hurt yet. He's screwing with people when their emotions aren't quite as controled as they could be.
I know if that asshole were ever to picket outside a funeral of a person I loved, I'd have a hard time restraining myself.
2001-07-24 12:37:38 PM  
When this guy dies I don't think anyone will picket his funeral, just a lot of partying going on. So will God.
2001-07-24 01:02:10 PM  
I love it when people make Christians like myself look bad because they are morons.
2001-07-24 01:05:50 PM  
Oh, btw these people showed up at my graduation because they started a Gay-Strait Alliance at my school. There were about 10-15 of them all with their little signs and t-shirts. One of the signs I found particularly humorous was the one that said God Hates Jenks(name of the school). What chapter in the bible did they find this information in? Just because a club is started at a school of 4000 people and 10 people go to this club God automatically hates the school for it? That is definatly not my god. They must be reading the gospel according to St. Bastard.
2001-07-24 01:29:29 PM  
Phred Phelps is a tired old man with a severe case of recto-cranial inversion. He leads his "followers" by force and coersion. I could care less what adults do witht heir own time, but every time I see the 7 yr olds holding up a sign that says, "God Hates fags" I wanna puke.

Although, their is a good way to deal with him. A Topeka radio station came up with the idea. It's a Phred-a-Thon!! They donate money to Gay-Lesbian organizations on per-minute deal. The longer he is out there, the more they make.
2001-07-24 01:34:23 PM  
Actually, I'm *glad* phelps protests. On the small scale, it is disruptive and annoying. However, it helps. A lot of people are indifferent to gay rights, but when they see how utterly hateful and visceos some people can are to us, they actually begin to care.

Except the fact that they make stereotypes of christians which really sucks because God loves gays. (I won't use fags because fags is a hate word, and that is against the Bible, respect your neighbor and such.)

Smackey, I would of "smackey"d them, so to say, I would of done something to get my sued by them. So then I will get lots of supporters and be known as the christian who stopped the, as the bible says, "wolfs in sheep's clothing" or something like that.
2001-07-24 02:00:45 PM  
I read a site with comprehensive information about the Phelps family life. That man is a freak.

He kidnapped his 18 year old daughter and brought her back home....forcing her back into his little hellhole.

Pure evil. The way he abused his kids....the way he controls them.
As for the funeral picketing, I think it's purely tasteless. Doesn't matter if he's picketing poor Matthew Shepard's funeral (kid never did anything to *him*. that man never even knew him) or Clinton's mother's.
It's just sick and disrespectful.

When he dies, they'll be a pagan fark fest. Sex, alcohol, fire, and lots of homosexuality. We'll all fark on his grave and have a lot of fun. Then we'll defecate on it.

(Double standard, hell yeah)
2001-07-24 02:03:40 PM  
Who Wants Jelly Donuts?
2001-07-24 02:54:53 PM  
I would have stopped and talked to them but I was too busy sneaking my inflatables into graduation. They weren't there afterwards. =( Pansies. Oh btw if anyone finds one of their Bibles i would like to see it.
2001-07-24 03:09:55 PM  
Good point Rei.
2001-07-24 03:23:24 PM  
We Want Jack Daniel's
2001-07-24 03:24:02 PM  
sounds like phelps is an arsewipe.

gives arsewipes a bad name.
2001-07-24 03:31:23 PM  
Not only did I get this here and get over 2,000 hits.

It was f*cking linked off Metafilter also. YAY FOR ME!

as they say on Metafilter.. 'I try not to look to the hax0r community for guidance in Constitutional issues.'

2001-07-24 03:39:04 PM  
Wet Weirdo Jacks Dogs?
2001-07-24 03:42:18 PM  
No, no, you've got it all wrong. Its "What Would Jenna Drink?". Haven't you ever been to

-= rei =-
2001-07-24 04:14:48 PM  
You know, it really isn't all that suprising to find out that an anagram of "evangelist" is "evil's agent".
2001-07-24 05:52:24 PM  
Who Wouldn't Join Drew
2001-07-24 06:36:31 PM  
Now Demo, if Drew and all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?

Answer: Of course you creatin, life would be too boring to live without Drew and my friends!
2001-07-24 06:50:40 PM  
Rei:According to you "A lot of people are indifferent to gay rights"
I have nothing against gay people, nothing at all. But the whole gay rights issue just pisses me off. Should someone that has sex with their own, be allowed special rights? Why does sexual preference need an umbrella of protection?
The laws we have on the books take care of any discrimination problems. We don't need new laws, we need enforcement of the existing laws. If you disagree, I would like to know why.

2001-07-24 06:50:51 PM  
Now if someone could make "reverend" Freddie vanish
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