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(Pittsburgh Post Gazette)   D.C. man thinks Mike's Hard Lemonade appeals to underage drinkers   ( post-gazette.com) divider line
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2001-07-23 09:35:55 AM  
I guess I don't understand the problem here... it's not like they are saying "hey kids! try a Mike's Hard Lemonade!"

Their commercials contain only adults. If kids respond to the ads for some reason, that's the kids' parents' problem, not Mike's Hard Lemonade...

That's like blaming your teen's suicide on Ozzy Osbourne, for Pete's sake!
2001-07-23 09:36:27 AM  
2001-07-23 09:36:52 AM  
what alcohol doesn't appeal to underage drinkers?
2001-07-23 09:39:39 AM  
Satusquo: Beat me to it.

Next week:
D.C. man thinks fake ID's allow teenagers to get into bars.
2001-07-23 09:52:27 AM  
Hey! Anyone else English here? This is like the early 90s all over again! Guess I won't have to explain "alcopops" to my American friends for much longer...

Overlord: Another possible headline might be "Alcholic drinks found to appeal to people who want to get drunk"
2001-07-23 09:53:16 AM  
Well, yeah! That's a good point too! Basically put, if you have ANY advertising campaign that teenagers will see, then you can say "it's aimed at teens"...
2001-07-23 10:15:07 AM  
Straightedge: Dark ales, stouts, etc. I've never met a single underaged person interested in drinking them.
2001-07-23 10:27:48 AM  
This stuff is drinking 101. I remember Boone's Farm. As long as there are kids (or wussies)this stuff will be around.
2001-07-23 10:58:44 AM  
But what about the Children!?
You know, this is America. If kids like something made for adults, we must ban it from everyone. We can't have parents responsible for their children. Long live the Nanny State!
2001-07-23 11:07:44 AM  
Straightedgehotchic: God damn it! That is the exact same thing I was gonna say, the same words and everything!

IckyMettle: You haven't met enough undersage drinkers, then. I know some people who would drink rubbing alcohol!
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-07-23 11:20:03 AM  
rubbing alcohol?!?

i've tried mikes hard lemonade, and its good, i personally like pilsner irquel or becks better, but the hard lemonade is good too. Ive only seen one advertisement for mikes hard lemonade, and it didnt seem like it was directed at me, i only had it cause my cousins older cousin gave me one. anywho, shut up stupid people.
2001-07-23 11:23:01 AM  
I've had some of this stuff it doesn't even taste like alchohol but it has as much or more then beer like 8%... I think. This is a great drink to buy girls. hehehe. I was actually at a party a about a month ago and some high school girls showed up and thats all they drank, sadly I asked them all their ages and they were all like 16, a few said 18 but they were lying. ANYWAY that guy is right it is geared toward kids, beer is more of an aquired taste.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-07-23 11:33:26 AM  
yes, beer took me 14 anda half years to get used to. hehe.
2001-07-23 11:36:34 AM  
My brother used to work at Taco Bell. He said on the graveyard shift, there was a homeless guy who'd come in a chug a bottle of Listerine.
2001-07-23 11:42:03 AM  
Heh. I will be really pissed off if they take Mike's off the market because of some idiot like that.

What's with the bullshiat about advertisement, too? Maybe it's because I don't watch much television other than the Game Show network and the Travel Channel, but I have never seen an ad for Mike's or any similar beverage (Smirnoff Ice doesn't count).

Oh well. fark 'em.
2001-07-23 11:53:41 AM  
I ran out of Scotch a few weekends ago, so I picked up a six-pack of Mike's Hard Lemonade one Sunday afternoon. Hey, folks! It's not all bad

It looks and tastes like lemonade, but it is also clearly marked "BEER" on its label. Go figure.

I wouldn't recommend a steady diet of this jazz, but Mike's runs circles around all those lousy wine coolers that Madison Avenue tried to shove down our throats a few years back.
2001-07-23 12:01:39 PM  
Please, it isn't aimed at kids, it's aimed at people who like the idea of drinking but don't like real alcohol. This group obviously includes some teens, but it also includes about 80% of women of all ages, they're girl drinks. Pear cider, wine coolers, mixed drinks in general, these all fall in the same category.
To fault a company for making a product with a very broad appeal is idiocy. Some white racists probly like the Playstation 2, does that mean Sony advertising is aimed at the KKK?
2001-07-23 12:05:15 PM  
IckyMettle: Personally, I love Guiness. Most of my friends do too, but our first drink of choice (due to cost) has to be Beast.

Personally, if I have to pay taxes and I am able to die for my country, I feel as if I have the right to drink whatever I want. And play with matches.
2001-07-23 12:18:09 PM  
"Exposure to or awareness of beer advertising by those under the legal drinking age has nothing to do with what can help them make decisions about not drinking alcohol beverages," Becker said. "Alcohol abuse and underage drinking unfortunately predate the advent of beer advertising, and preventing these problems is not as simple as turning off the television set or covering children's eyes."

That means teach your children...do not rely on the TV, school, and their friends to do you your job
2001-07-23 12:19:07 PM  
D.C. man wants his 15 minutes of fame. Film at eleven...
2001-07-23 12:21:49 PM  
Froggy...you must not watch Nickelodeon if you aren't seeing these commercials.

(anyone catch the subtle irony?)
2001-07-23 12:22:09 PM  
I don't particularly like beer and this is a good alternative. The only ad I've seen for the stuff was at the bar.
2001-07-23 12:23:17 PM  
Brings to mind the Kids in the Hall sketch..."Girl Drink Drunk"
2001-07-23 12:27:51 PM  
I'm ashamed to admit that, as a teen, i drank my share of Matilda Bay and Seagrams Wine Coolers. Maybe it was marketed to teens or maybe i (the stupid teenager) thought it tasted better than beer. The hardest part of getting drunk in those days was finding a self-respecting 21 year old to purchase the frufru crap. Sadly, this may not be the case with Mike's Hard Lemonade, as i've seen many of my friends pass up a Bass in favor of the reincarnated winecooler.

On a related note, I think the makers of ice and soda should be held responsible for making scotch more appealing to teenagers and wussies.
2001-07-23 12:35:58 PM  
Anybody else remember a similar hysteria over a beverage called "Cisco", about 10-15 years ago? It was basically a higher-alcohol wine cooler, but when people figured out that teens were drinking it, they started calling it "liquid crack". Umm, yeah.

Some friends of mine - whose opinions on such things I respect - bought some Mike's a few weeks ago, and gave it bad reviews as anything other than maybe a girl drink.

2001-07-23 12:53:02 PM  
Cisco, man that stuff tasted like crap. But I guess it was useful. They should just call that stuff "Second Base".

Why are they calling Mike's the first "malternative"? Anyone remember the fruit flavored St. Ides? Man, the fruit punch flavor broke me in. Now that's an underage drink, sweet and cheap as hell.
2001-07-23 01:07:39 PM  
Girl's drink? Huh? Why should any alcohol be a "man's" drink as opposed to a "girl's" drink and what's the difference? I thought the idea was to get the alcohol inside you in a taste you like. Oh wait. I get it. A REAL man's drink has to taste like piss or sewage but he has to pretend he LIKES it to be a real man...
2001-07-23 01:46:10 PM  
Do they still make Purple Passion?? That was my teen-years drink of choice.

I think when we switched to beer, all the "Ice" and "Dry" kicks were going on. Keystone Dry was our cheap alternative... yick.
2001-07-23 02:01:10 PM  
smirnoff ice is popular too
although if you're smart, you can just make good tasting mixed drinks with a good alcohol content, like screwdrivers, vodka and (insert drink here), bacardi 151 and koolaid/hawaiian punch, etc. chicks like mixed drinks too. :)
2001-07-23 03:03:16 PM  
What it comes down to, people, is that new drinkers (whatever the age) want drinks that TASTE GOOD! Duh! Is that so surprising? How many people drink grain straight up? Or rum, for that matter. Most hard liquor (as well as liquors like schnapps) is mixed to improve the flavor. If alcohol didn't get people drunk, no one would drink it cuz most of it tastes nasty! I remember being in Germany back when I was 13 (exchange student) and the parents gave us beer mixed in lemonade (tasted great!).
*steps off soapbox and shuts up*
2001-07-23 03:13:44 PM  
[image from falken.homestead.com too old to be available]
2001-07-23 03:20:02 PM  
This is bullshiat! The commercials for mike's is directed at men who otherwise would call it a pussy drink. The commercials are at construction sites, just where many 13 year olds are going to be, eh? What a moron, looking for fifteen minutes of fame, this is sure! It seems to me that this type of thing happens often, and the mediation of our kids innocence being taken away makes headlines, and hey that is when the problem starts because these same headlines use the same mediums as the advertising of the products, only difference is that they actually use headlines for example: Studies show that KIDS will DRINK this PRODUCT and love it so much. I personally belive that this subconcious type of mediating is responsible for the outlash of school shootings after columbine, and will be the reason why profits will shoot up in this market if it becomes national news. I wonder if this person who started this hype isn't actually paid by these drink making companies, because remember- any media is good media- negative or posive, unless it is cancer causing.
2001-07-23 03:22:55 PM  
I was looking up Latin slang the other day.. The Latin Slang word for Alcohol is "Water of life".
2001-07-23 03:28:37 PM  
I love mixed drinks. They're the easiest and quickest way to get me toasted. (Cause I can down those fuqers like oxygen, man)

Mike's is good. I like Smirnoff Ice too.
Before long, I'll be drinking pure malt.
(gimmie a mickey!!)

Mostly I drink B&J or other crapass wine coolers.
Course, now...I've got to quit the gateway drinks and move on to the real stuff, because I've developed a tolerance. It takes 3 four packs, or 2 six packs to get me good and buzzed.
2001-07-23 03:31:14 PM  
This lemonade is crap, crap, crap. Teens will always be trying out cheap, sweet alcohol, big deal. The best way to get a girl naked in high school was to give her some southern comfort. Advertising is the cause of a lot of problems for teens, we could spend all day listing them.
Joe Camel, MTV, etc... Just turn off the farking Television once in a while and you will see a big difference. Right now I am on a self-imposed exile from TV for a month. It has made a difference in my life.
2001-07-23 03:59:02 PM  
I thought this quote was funny:

"It's created quite a buzz," said Eric Shepard, executive editor of Beer Marketer's Insights, a beer industry newsletter.

I'll bet.
2001-07-23 04:12:19 PM  
Dllem: The English word "whiskey" comes from the Gaellic "uisge beatha", which literally means "water of life". (the word dates back to the early 18th century; I don't know whether there's any relation to the Latin term)
2001-07-23 04:14:55 PM  
Quit saying "Malternative!" Reminds me of that Friends episode where monica had to cook with Mocklate.

Down with making up words for marketing purposes!
2001-07-23 07:44:49 PM  
dont drink the yellow snow
2001-07-23 08:09:51 PM  
Actually, I kinda like the stuff, as I think most beer tastes like piss. I haven't had any Guiness (sp?) yet, so Im basing my beer opinion on domestic and microbrews.

Very little beats a rum and coke though.
2001-07-23 08:53:19 PM  
Mike's is OK, but why not make the real thing?
IE: Maker's Mark and homemade lemonade.
I'm not overly fond of "malt beverages".
(Zima . . *yak!!*)
2001-07-23 10:32:14 PM  
When I lived in Canada,they took a similar drink off the market there called Rockaberry cooler for this reason too.I dont like zima or Mike's but the Jack Daniels coolers are awesome,I cant see it appealing to adults or hard drinkers because the hangovers are pretty damn severe on these sugary drinks.
2001-07-23 10:42:47 PM  
Doc Otis and Two Dogs Lemonade Brew kick ass. I've never had Mike's, although I've been meaning to try it. I also don't understand the whole "girl drink" thing. I like all sorts of stuff. Fruity drinks all the way to shooters. Sex on the beach, cactus coolers, margaritas, rum & coke, texas tea, vodka martinis, and the occasional shot of tequila. Fairly eclectic, I think. Wine coolers and most beer taste like piss. Zima's not so hot either. Although I think I could get used to Guiness. Point is, I drink what tastes good to me, and that is usually sweet stuff.
2001-07-24 01:19:59 AM  
I got some hard lemonade tonight, just for s&g's and because the friggin' store was out of hornsby's (I got hooked on cider when I lived in England). Not bad, I guess. Cider still tastes better though...I guess I'll hand it out when my weenie friends come over just to watch them start giggling. It actually reminds me of strawberry hill, my drink of choice in high school.
2001-07-25 12:03:08 AM  
Hmm, the drinks of 'real men' tend to be bitter. Beer and strong coffee come to mind. Not a flavor most people like naturally. The correct choise of complimenting foods is important, sweet stuff and beer generally don't go together really well.
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