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(HearldNet)   "Missing" kid found 3 doors down playing Nintendo   ( divider line
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11914 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Sep 2002 at 8:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-18 09:55:38 AM  
OMG TBF you're my age??? wow, i thought you were older!!! (meant as a compliment, you look mature, not old :p) lol TBF is teh babz0rz :)

oh, and all that trouble over nintendo? kid should get it bad.....if ur gonna cause trouble, might as well be playing gcube or xbox at least and make it worth the punishment.......
2002-09-18 09:56:03 AM  
Bark_atda_moon ~~ that's for grown-ups. Cuz you never know what they may be up to.

As for this little shiat ~~ Let the beatings commence!!!!

Sorry, but I grew up in a house where you didn't go anywhere with out letting the grownups know about it.
2002-09-18 10:00:59 AM  
Thanks DaCricket,

At least the little farker didn't fall down a well.

"Whats that boy, little Timmy is playing Nintendo.. And whats that... he can't beat Super Pitfall."
2002-09-18 10:06:54 AM  
At least these parents seem to care about their child.

Unfortunately, all too often, there are parents who could give a flying shiat if their kid was missing. :(
2002-09-18 10:09:43 AM  
For farks sake did no one see this:

"and a "man tracker," a person specially trained in following almost imperceptible traces of a trail. "

Now who the fark is a man tracker for a living... seriously. What the hell can this "man tracker" have over a super smelling dog. Sad part is the city probobly pays this man tracker 100k+/yr for his man tracking skills. God i farking hate man trackers.
2002-09-18 10:30:25 AM  
The other day my nephew says, "Look! Doesn't the grass and trees in this game look so real?" I said, "When I was growing up I used play games that had much better looking trees and grass than that!"

"Really????" he replied. I said, "Yeah it's called going outside and playing outdoors." So of course he rolls his eye and fires up another game. Go figure?

I shouldn't complain: I am still soo addicted to that Spear Chucker game on Fark a week ago:
2002-09-18 11:13:24 AM  
Now it seems like a kid just has to miss lunch before they call the press conference.
2002-09-18 11:13:34 AM  
Penguinfart now I am too. AHHHH!!!!!

2002-09-18 11:48:28 AM  
2002-09-18 01:53:33 PM  
Dump the SNES people and get a Gameboy Advance, it's much better, or just get an emulator for your PC.

BTW, am I the only who thought this would be about the band "3 doors down" when they read the headline?
2002-09-18 02:03:09 PM  
two points:1) This kind of shiat wouldn't happen if the press didn't make it seem like EVERY child in the US is being stalked by a child molester and is in imminent danger of being snatched up as we speak. I walked to school starting at age 6 (really)in the S.F. bay area and there was never a thought of my being kidnapped. Of course,I WAS a difficult child: maybe my parents had ulterior motives.

2)I am very, very old in comparison with many farkers, and it makes me sad. I actually COULD go and cry and listen to Minight Oil.
2002-09-18 02:04:43 PM  
Negligent parents have now found a way to cover up their faults.
2002-09-18 02:46:58 PM  
"We pulled out all the stops," Jorgensen said. "We were very concerned that he may have met with foul play.

Did they call the Psychic Hotline?
2002-09-18 03:37:33 PM  
Well we all know of one stop they didn't pull out! WTF?!?!
2002-09-18 03:49:52 PM  
sometimes I lose my kids but then I just go back to the last place I left them.
2002-09-18 03:54:15 PM  
BigPimpin - "BTW, am I the only who thought this would be about the band "3 doors down" when they read the headline?"

I thought the same thing. I mean, now that their Superman song is old, it's not like they have anything better to do than play Nintendo. =P
2002-09-18 04:17:42 PM  
Hey- it's Marysville- their closest neighbor is like a block away. Yeah, I admit it- I live near the town- they all over react out there.
2002-09-18 04:43:47 PM  
When I was a kid, disappearing for hours at a time was the norm. How else was a kid to engage in protracted misbehavior? What a bunch of morons.
2002-09-18 06:00:31 PM  
I have all the nintendo systems (the virtual boy kicks ass btw), a PS2 and a dreamcast. I don't play them that much anymore now that I've got a job.. used to have huge gaming parties when I was 12-13 with a bunch of friends. We'd play Goldeneye and scream at eachother until 4AM..

I have a huge stack of NES/SNES systems in my closet.. about 20 NES and 9 SNES, all of them from garage sales for a buck or two. Heh, they might be worth something, someday.
2002-09-18 06:17:10 PM  
Did anyone notice that one of the "stops" was a


Is her name Maya? If so, I used to date her. Had to change my phone number afterward because of her man trackability.
2002-09-18 09:10:06 PM  
Did we slip bakc into the 80's this morning? Hell lets slip back into the 70's and say he was playing pac-man.
2002-09-18 11:46:05 PM  
Looks like they forgot the two rules of video games:
Check everywhere.
Talk to everyone.

See, parents, lack of video game basics will hurt you in life.

This message has been brought to you by ERAUQS, makes of Parasite Fantasy:The Fast Food RPG
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