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2007-08-21 11:52:22 PM  
My fiance proposed in private, but while we were away on vacation. I was in a horribly pissy mood because I had lost my ID the day before while biking and was coming down with a mild case of food poisoning. Just as we were packing up to go home he threw a ring box at me. He's lucky he escaped with a yes and with his balls intact.

I'm a huge hockey fan, so he was all "aren't you glad I didn't do it on the Jumbotron?". I think I said something about puttin' on the foil, too.

/got caught on the "kiss cam" once
//we pretended to start a fight
///I think it was pretend...
2007-08-21 11:54:21 PM  
Bloody William: The best way to ask someone to marry you:

"Will you wear my ring? It's my last girlfriend."

/Did I say best? I meant most farking disturbing.

Ha.. we joked about doing that with my mom's cremains.

Someone: What a lovely diamond!
Me: It's my mother.
It was your mother's?
Me: No, it *is* my mother.

Oh the laughs we could have had...
2007-08-22 12:03:37 AM  
orclover: I proposed to my wife in a bathroom, what can I say the moment was right.

Married almost 10 years, 2 kids.


/yah, seriously. all the details match.
2007-08-22 12:10:15 AM  
2007-08-22 12:19:11 AM  
I was there. It was pretty damn funny. And sad, too. But mostly funny.

/almost as sad and funny as losing 7-0 to the Nats.

How about losing 2 in a row to the Nats?

/damn, do those "Stros suck!
//11-6? WTF?
///No you can't have a 2nd half miracle comeback. Not yours.
2007-08-22 12:37:16 AM  
Shocktopus: "Put on the foil"? Is that some commie hockey term?

I realize this is waaaaaaay too late, but damn...

No, the Russkies didn't invent it... the Hansons did! It's a Charlestown hockey term.

And to contribute, asking privately is the way to go.

/Asked her dad too
//He was cool about it
///The reception didn't put us in debt, and was way cooler than any of the other 5 weddings we went to last year in addition to our own!
2007-08-22 12:39:51 AM  
Adman12: What a loser. I would never have have put my (now) wife on the spot like that. Even though I was absolutely sure of what her answer would be, I asked her in private. It's just more serious and respectful that way.

Agreed. If this was a serious attempt, what a farking moron. For me, it was awkward enough with some guy cleaning giraffe poo 70 feet away (and no one else), but it worked. And I knew for a fact that she only would've dumped popcorn on my head if I did something stupid like "so, whaddaya say?" instead of "will you marry me?" Or anything else that would've embarrassed the shi'ite out of her.
2007-08-22 01:02:22 AM  
rbaron71: We got congratulated by a lot of drunk people on the dance floor, and the band members as well!

That's what this thread needed. WOO HOO.

2007-08-22 01:21:33 AM  
FlyingJ mongbiohazardYou should've worn a trenchcoat & played this on a boombox;
Link (new window)

OMG, dear God no. I wanted her to say YES.
If I had played that abomination I'd have deserved a rejection.

And no trenchcoat... I did have a nice big fat cuban cigar in my hand while I was asking though. ;)
2007-08-22 01:41:04 AM  

Theaetetus: I'm married, and I can do whatever I want, don't have to turn over my paycheck, have to explain myself, ask permission, yada, yada. It's called "being in a respectful, adult relationship, with an equal."

My wife and I have more-or-less comparable salaries. That's one way to ensure equity.

Mine makes 1/3 as much as me. She still finds nothing wrong with berating me that I should be making 50% more than I am making.
Go figure.
2007-08-22 01:43:34 AM  
Catracks: You a doctor? I had to Google "nitrile gloves."

Nah. Was a psychiatric aide at a state hospital. Scared the hell out of the other half the first time I called him from work and he heard nothing but screaming in the background..

We originally planned for this June, but my parents just recently (like, within the last month) gave us the ok and our finances weren't quite up to par. That, and we still don't know what church we'll get married in (he's Catholic, I'm Protestant - his mom wants us married in a Catholic church, I'm not looking forward to converting, etc). So we were shooting for next June. And then we found out one of his closer friends is planning a wedding for our date, so we're back to the drawing board.

I'm thinking a mid-January wedding at this point. Only because no one has weddings then. Mostly because it's so goddamned cold and snowy. But we'll see...
2007-08-22 02:31:23 AM  
birdistasty - get a dressmaker to build your dress from the ground up - you'd be stunned at how much this will save you & you'll look fabulous. That's what I did.

My dress cost me $640AUD, the wedding cost $2K. Very happy with the results all round. :D
2007-08-22 04:30:21 AM  
This is why I proposed to my wife at the top of a Ferris wheel, having slipped the carny a ten to stop us at the top and not let us down until I got a "yes".

And really, what signifies the everlasting love and commitment of marriage better than a sweeping view of the monster-truck races at the Lake County Fair in Crown Point, Indiana?
2007-08-22 05:44:55 AM  
We met on Feb 5th and she moved into my apt in March. In June I bought a ring, left it outside the door under my hat and knocked. She took a peek at the ring, said "yes" and I came around the corner - "but you have to ask my father first." At the big 4th of July picnic at their house that coming weekend with all of her family running around. Damn.

Anyway, it all worked out in the end and we just had our 30th anniversary on July 9th.
No it hasn't always been easy, but it's always been worth it.
2007-08-22 06:58:08 AM  
We met at a toga party, I proposed at a pajama party by asking her to pose for some pictures on the beach then saying "You'll look better with this on." About ten seconds later... "Can I keep it?"
2007-08-22 08:11:01 AM  
people don't dump stuff on other people's heads except in the movies.

/ahhhhhh i'm droppin loads of popcorn all over your heaaaadddd
2007-08-22 08:18:28 AM  
k-rock: Just out of curiosity, to all you married or engaged farkers out there: How much do you figure one should spend on a ring?

You have to hand it to DeBeers - their marketing over the last century has all but convinced most women (keyword being "most") that a possible suitor does not love them unless he can produce a 2-carat diamond ring.

I spent more than I should have - a little under $3k - given my financial situation, but got no-interest financing for a year and paid it off in time. You have to know your potential fiancee's style - mine is not flashy and enjoys simple, elegant jewelry. Trust me, you will know the ring when you see it.

Add one to the public proposal count - I did it in the middle of an outdoor dance floor at Grant Park in Chicago. Her neighbor's band was playing, I coordinated with him to help me out. A lot of her family and friends were there and all knew about it. I'm one of the lucky ones for whom everything went right.
2007-08-22 09:10:15 AM  
k-rock: Just out of curiosity, to all you married or engaged farkers out there: How much do you figure one should spend on a ring?

I spent $0 on my engagement ring for my wife. She spent $2,500 on the ring she wanted. I was poor and she wasn't, and she didn't want to wait for the inevitable while I saved up the cash. I was going to pay her back, but that idea became moot once we got married. We ended up spending $4,000 on her engagement and wedding rings (band had to be custom-made to fit the engagement ring), and about $230 on my wedding band (Zayles outlet ftw!)

I think it is a bad sign if someone cares more about the ring than what it symbolizes, and I don't understand people who drop a decent home downpayment into a piece of jewelry.
2007-08-22 09:46:51 AM  
k-rock: Just out of curiosity, to all you married or engaged farkers out there: How much do you figure one should spend on a ring?

/In the midst of an ongoing debate re: appropriate cost of engagement rings.

When I got married, my future wife was understanding that we didn't, and won't have a lot of money. She's also very logical in that spending $3,000+ on a ring is too much money that could be better spent towards something else. So she was happy with rings I bought at a pawn shop. I ended up getting lucky, picking her up a ring that cost me all of $80, and after taking it to get resized at the jeweler, found out it is a 1/2 carat perfect cut worth at least $1,500.

I call that good karma. If you find the right woman, the size of the ring, nor the wedding itself should even matter.
2007-08-22 10:27:41 AM  
I'm guessing that if it wasn't an act, then we are dealing with a clueless buffoon. Who the hell proposes to his girlfriend on the Jumbotron of an Astros game? I could see maybe proposing at a Red Sox or Yankees game, but the Astros aren't shiat. It's similar to proposing in line at McDonalds. Anyway, he's probably fapping and crying tonight.
2007-08-22 10:39:14 AM  
k-rock: Just out of curiosity, to all you married or engaged farkers out there: How much do you figure one should spend on a ring?

/In the midst of an ongoing debate re: appropriate cost of engagement rings.

Very expensive. But the results are priceless.
//Getting married next year.
2007-08-22 10:40:22 AM  
http://go.fark.com/nyet?i=3014414&l=http://wcbstv.com/topstories/local _story_232194348.html
2007-08-22 10:41:32 AM  
one more time1http://www.fark.com/cgi/comments.pl?IDLink=1957597#new

mods please delete last post
2007-08-22 11:23:55 AM  
My boyfriend proposed to me on live, international TV last May so, naturally, I'm getting a real kick out of these replies.....

/it was on Fox & Friends (flame on!)
//Vicki Lawrence from "Mama's Family" was there too
///first and last time to use a worn out fark cliche' I promise.
2007-08-22 11:50:42 AM  
Know how I knew?

My wife proposed to me. She took xmas lights and strung them into "Marry Me?" in our backyard.

She should have written 'Merry Me?'.
2007-08-22 01:34:02 PM  
I saw the exact same thing happen at a Nuggets game a few years back (sans popcorn, the woman just fled).

I was at that game, too. Funny shiat, it was.
2007-08-22 02:36:48 PM  
Wow, my first greenlight! I'm no longer a FARK virgin! Sweet!

Oh, and by the way, people, I put $3,000 down for the cost of the ring because I figured a guy who thought it was romantic to propose at a ballgame probably wouldn't be buying the ring at Tiffany. He sounds more like a Zales guy to me.
2007-08-22 04:15:35 PM  
Tigeriffic: FAKE. Real life women don't throw drinks in men's faces, or dump popcorn on their head, or whatever. That only happens in the movies.

Oh so that bloody mary was just a mysterious "cold spot" in the atmosphere that night?
2007-08-22 07:41:52 PM  
tafka: birdistasty - get a dressmaker to build your dress from the ground up - you'd be stunned at how much this will save you & you'll look fabulous. That's what I did.

My dress cost me $640AUD, the wedding cost $2K. Very happy with the results all round. :D

You know, you're the second person to tell me that. I keep looking at David's Bridal to see if I like anything in the $99 department (I hate dresses, first of all - secondly, why should I drop a ton on something I'm going to wear one freakin' time?). I don't want to spend any more than, say, $300, but it's not looking like I'm going to get my wish.

I'll have to see about the dressmaker's route, though. Thanks!!
2007-08-23 02:57:07 AM  
Hell, I've got a wedding ring kicking around that I'd be willing to let go for fifty bucks.

/I hear the ex put hers on Ebay...how very gauche
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