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(New Scientist)   To prevent pre-release piracy, labels offer reviewers glued-shut cd players   ( divider line
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2002-09-16 4:35:57 PM  
analog to digital converter - problem solved.

I don't think the RIAA will be happy until they can get away with selling music that no one can listen to because it's encrypted.
2002-09-16 5:29:19 PM  
Send it to me and I'll beat it open and send the CD back to you.

What dimwits....
2002-09-16 5:30:18 PM  
Yeah, too bad you can just rip the damned CDs out of the player and then make all the mp3s you want.

Side note: how can you tell who gets credit for posting a link?
2002-09-16 5:30:30 PM  
asshats. wonder if they included portable speakers that were glued in as well.
2002-09-16 5:30:55 PM  
I downloaded those two songs last year, jesus...
2002-09-16 5:32:01 PM  
Why does dumb stuff like this get posted but my submissions don't get posted?

Sorry, had to be said. Seems to be the latest gripe...
2002-09-16 5:32:21 PM  
Universal, for example, plans to issue a unique code number with each CD copy of Bon Jovi's new album Bounce. This will provide access to a web site with information on priority concert tickets, as well as previously unreleased tracks.

Um....someone wanna make the witty comment? I got nothin'
2002-09-16 5:32:22 PM  
Oh they'll want to ban flathead screwdrivers...
2002-09-16 5:32:57 PM  
NYT had an article linked from /. earlier today. Apparently they include headphones that are glued in as well.
2002-09-16 5:33:14 PM  
Not my gripe though...although, I have posted a lot of stuff lately that...sorry.
2002-09-16 5:33:25 PM  
This kinda stuff cracks me up. The new Pearl Jam song was availible on Netscape last week. It wasn't even availible to radio until today. Dumbasses.
2002-09-16 5:33:34 PM  
Cut the glued-in headphone cord, attach to computer, rip songs as neeeded....
2002-09-16 5:33:59 PM  
Riot act was available for download for the past week or so at least....
Has it been released?
2002-09-16 5:34:02 PM  
acutally, it said they glued the headphones in,lmao. Anyway, all this would do is waste money. Any idiot can just use one of those mp3 players that can upload songs through the line out or headphone jack.
2002-09-16 5:34:36 PM  
Wldncrzy14 - Shouldn't be hard to guess the numbers, either 1 or 2 (based on the numbers of albums sold).
2002-09-16 5:34:50 PM  
Uhhh, hello!?
This isn't the way to fight the ecological problem of overpackaging, people.
You record company execs need to quit getting your panties in a wad.
2002-09-16 5:35:04 PM  
I didn't even know Pearl Jam and Tori Amos were still around. You think Eddie Vedder is pissed that the guy from Creed stole his voice?
2002-09-16 5:35:07 PM  
You ever try splicing together headphone wires that are as thin as a human hair?
2002-09-16 5:35:20 PM  
Riot Act by Pearl Jam and Scarlet's Walk by Tori Amos.

Who would want these pieces of shiat anyway?
2002-09-16 5:35:36 PM  
Why don't they just hold off giving the CD to reviewers until after the release. It's not like anyone is going to hold off buying a CD because they can't find a review. Oh wait, they're probably targeting MTV watchers who won't do anything unless they see a vj doing it.
2002-09-16 5:36:19 PM  
Exick, i wouldn't....
i just noticed them in Newsgroups...
So does anyone know if they have been released to record stores yet?
2002-09-16 5:36:27 PM  
Hehe, thanks Davellis
2002-09-16 5:36:27 PM  
HA! This is a sign that the labels are on their last legs on trying to prevent piracy. It's been a game of tag for years now, the consumers will win! Muahahaha!
2002-09-16 5:36:34 PM  
next - riaa bans super glue.
2002-09-16 5:36:42 PM  
I'll try, Wldncrzy14...

The next step would be to introduce computers to Bon Jovi fans...

That way the legions of Bon Jovi fans, also known as New Jersey, can have access to songs that are actually worse than the ones that made the cut, something that many industry insiders had previously thought impossible.

Not great, but I've been at work all day and my sense of humor's not really sharp. That's all I got.
2002-09-16 5:37:01 PM  
Up next: RIAA sues US Postal system for allowing "a means of transportation by which copyrighted music might be unlawfully distributed".
2002-09-16 5:37:29 PM  

when will they learn?

oh - never?!

i didn't think so.
2002-09-16 5:37:36 PM  
The word 'piracy" was once used in a song, it is therefore the property of the RIAA. You will cease using all words ever used in any song in relation to the discussion of music as relates to the proximity of said words online.

The Internet is ours! sure we didn't think of it, and didn't even care for years. But now thats it taken off we want it all...

I hate the RIAA, just in case you couldn't tell.
2002-09-16 5:37:46 PM  
Impaler, I don't think the RIAA will be happy until every CD comes with a self-destruct option wired into it.
2002-09-16 5:38:30 PM  
Damnit! GLUE! It is so hard to break open CD players that have been glued shut! I'm sure no one would ever consider physically breaking into the cd player.


Whats next? The RIAA trying to ban hammers which would break into cd players?
2002-09-16 5:38:50 PM  
They must've gotten the idea after trying to steal the table lamps from a Motel 6.
2002-09-16 5:39:55 PM  
Alert! Alert! This CD has reached its maximum amount of play cycles and will now self-destruct in 10... 9... 8...
2002-09-16 5:40:22 PM  
Hmmmm. I kinda wonder if labels and what-not are going to be phazed out of the world of music. Most of us have CD burners, access to the net, and the lack of morals when we download crappy music. I dont feel sorry for the RIAA at all. Skrew them and their low grade, over hyped crap pop music. This action by them is the act of an already dead animal breathing its last breath hopefully.
2002-09-16 5:40:25 PM  
You people best not be dissin' Pearl Jam. They own you.
2002-09-16 5:41:15 PM  
Dear RIAA,

I own about 50 CD bootlegs. Come and get me.

2002-09-16 5:42:13 PM  
In related news, Sony International is releasing Jennifer Lopez's new album packaged with a Cone of Silence.
2002-09-16 5:42:37 PM  
Oh, and wasnt it Pearl Jam that tryed to get rid of the Ticket Master monopoly? I cant imagine Eddie going along with this
2002-09-16 5:43:20 PM  
"The albums involved are Riot Act by Pearl Jam and Scarlet's Walk by Tori Amos."

TORI AMOS?!?! Oh friggin' paleeezee.. SHE'S getting pirated?? LOLOLOL Desparate farkers.
2002-09-16 5:44:09 PM  
If you download one of the songs, will they come and glue your ears shut?
2002-09-16 5:44:45 PM  
MilkIt: theyre on usenet? exelent.....
2002-09-16 5:45:13 PM  
2002-09-16 5:45:19 PM  
Some labels do ridiculous things with pre-release records...

For some 'superstar' artists like Michael Jackson or Madonna, they won't send advance copies. You have to go to a label office and listen to it there. With a chaperone.

As if listening to that crap wasn't unpleasant enough already.
2002-09-16 5:45:43 PM  
the headphones are glued in to the CD players as well...

and remember these CDs are going to people who review records. If you're the only guy who's CD player comes back unglued, and the MP3s leak... you never get to review an Epic/Sony release again... and everyone else will probaly follow suit...

and that means no more job for you.

And from what we understand, Tori Amos started this with her husband/producer in their kitchen. Which is bad, because 6 of the songs from the CD had already been leaked when she did it. (And yes, I'm a Tori Fan... but even I think it's silly)
2002-09-16 5:47:18 PM  
I bet the cd is glued in too. But this is still stupid. It's still really easy to get around.

Smash it and take the cd out, and use a knife or box cutter to get the cd off whatever its glued to.

OR: Dismantle the cd player, and connect wires from where the headphone jack is to another cable.

It's not even hard.
2002-09-16 5:47:20 PM  
OK, well, it's called a patch cord and a sound in port on a computer. this worked well for two songs on an encrypted CD that iTunes couldn't read. It read all but the first and last songs. iTunes had to be running- the computer alone could not tell it was an audio CD.
Headphones glued in, you say? and the supplier of the unit will check for tampering? well then, go to the earpieces on the headphones. Peel back the foam cushions and do whatever is necessary to remove the speaker. get out your soldering iron and a piece of patch cord. Problem solved.

No one will EVER stop anyone who is determined enough. Digital means get cracked in 5 seconds by some 13- year- old- kid, mechanical means can likewise always be circumvented by a guy who's good with hand tools and has a little patience. So, RIAA, instead of focusing all your money on preventing people from pirating, especially means which prevent certain kinds of fair/ legal use, work on coming up with a way to make money on the pirates. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
2002-09-16 5:47:41 PM  
I dig Tori Amos.. i plan to download that album pretty soon. Oops, did I say that?

Much love for Tori though
2002-09-16 5:48:59 PM  
This is dumb on so many levels.
2002-09-16 5:49:17 PM  
Yeah... better watch out, 'cause all those hip kids are gonna rip off the Pearl Jam album.

We'd better make sure to piracy-protect that upcoming album of Estonian and Latvian folk music, too. All the kids are pirating that.

C'mon... does anyone really give a good goddamn about Pearl Jam anymore? Vitalogy, Yield, and Binaural all FURTHER proved that band's irrelevance.
2002-09-16 5:49:59 PM  
the new pearl jam song is not very good. :( and this is coming from a guy who owns 22 pearl jam albums and singles.

fark... I thought the mohawk ment a higher ratio of rocking. Guess I was wrong.
2002-09-16 5:50:17 PM  
Okay... maybe I'm completely farking stoo-pid... and slap me silly if I am... but do you mean to tell me that these people issued "review" copy CD's in brand-new, portable CD players ($$$) that were then GLUED SHUT, so no-one could remove the CD and copy it illegally?

This borders on incomprehensible for me. [SLAP!]

And more importantly... exactly WHO'S idea WAS this???

"HEY Boss!! I have this GREAT idea!! ... "
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