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12157 clicks; posted to Entertainment » and Main » on 06 Feb 2007 at 5:32 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite   |   Watch    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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‘’ 2007-11-13 8:17:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
‘’ 2007-11-14 1:35:40 PM  
...and troll bowl wins TKO!
‘’ 2007-11-15 3:53:15 PM  
you film nerds are all in denial of your nerdiness.

how do you know if you're a film nerd? You say the word film.
‘’ 2007-11-15 4:26:51 PM  
I prefer "cinematic experience".
‘’ 2007-11-15 8:21:18 PM  
I prefer to call it "life"
‘’ 2007-11-15 8:49:46 PM  
u wish monkey boy
‘’ 2007-11-15 9:39:26 PM  
‘’ 2007-11-15 10:14:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


‘’ 2007-11-17 12:57:11 AM  
is Scab now a killing word in LA?

upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
‘’ 2007-11-17 8:22:20 PM  

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sag cot debate
‘’ 2007-11-17 10:35:23 PM  
ok someone must have murdered the mods. Was it something I said?
‘’ 2007-11-17 10:36:22 PM  
cause you know, I might have to go start posting on another BBS if fark has become undead.
‘’ 2007-11-18 2:00:41 AM  
I am a man with an opinion of several hundred words about bras for cartoonishly oversized boobs being sold at a store and my opinion is as follows...
‘’ 2007-11-18 2:11:36 AM  
I am a nerdy girl looking for validation re: my sex appeal. Pray tell, kind sir, is this where I post photos of myself (taken from a great height, of course) in order to receive adulation from the masses?
‘’ 2007-11-18 2:19:02 AM  
Trolley_Dolly: It's better than the cesspit of *hugs* and *gropes* that TF has become. Color me thoroughly amused by the main page and its denizens.

Yeah, it is better than TF. The people are funnier on the front pages.
‘’ 2007-11-18 2:26:19 AM  
SockMonkeyHolocaust: Yeah, it is better than TF. The people are funnier on the front pages.

I love the earnestness of some of the posts (bra thread). Earnestness on the internet is to me like the smell of blood is to a shark. Jeez, I'm all turned on now.
‘’ 2007-11-18 2:28:07 AM  
Trolley_Dolly: Jeez, I'm all turned on now.

I recently learned that is called a "wide on"
‘’ 2007-11-18 2:33:25 AM  
SockMonkeyHolocaust: I recently learned that is called a "wide on"

I am feverishly searching my Day-Timer for an opportunity to use this phrase.
‘’ 2007-11-18 3:00:26 AM  
On second thought we shouldn't squander this fantastic term on Fark. You know Conan O'Brien lurks these forums in hopes of stealing our witticisms and passing them off as his own.
‘’ 2007-11-18 2:28:12 PM  
Dillenger Four is our name spelled wrong. None of us are tanned, hot dudes. However, we make up for this in sheer genius. You're already farked.

We formed in 1994 as the Ted Kennedys, the only reason we changed the name is because we eat shiat. Chris Farley was a genius, and we miss him more than we miss Elvis Presley because Fat Elvis didn't make us laugh. At least not on purpose. Dellinger Four usually goes on tour a couple of times a year so we can lose tons of money in the name of D.I.Y. ethics while earning "street cred" we can eventually cash in on with the inevitable major label release, done in the name of artistic freedom, and the accompanying video aired on 120 MINUTES while we casually chat with Matt Pinfield about who played the skinflute on Journey's second album or some shiat.

The next time you see Against All Authority ask Big Dog about the time he smoked a joint with a chimp at Monkey Jungle in Florida. The bassist from Digger hates the Bad Brains but loves Sonic Youth, Dilinger Four says that's farked up. We also think Leatherface's "Mush" LP is the greatest pop-punk record ever and also that you should have at least one Motorhead record for every one Ramones record in your collection because Lemmy's track record is far superior to Joey's.

Dillenger Four would like to think we wouldn't have to say we're bothered by bigots, and right-wing mentality in general, however recently a fellow decided to get on the mic at a show in Chicago and "dis" all the "suburban biatches." If you do this we will have to make fun of you, too. And, just like him, you will get jumped on by us naked.

We enjoy being drunk. As far as the rumors go; it seems the two most popular are that most of Dillanger Fore are homosexual drug addicts/dealers, or that we're totally die hard christians. They're both true. Oh yeah, and St. Patrick really did shiat on that guy from Hot Water Music's chest, but it was only cuz he loved him. If you buy our record, please read the lyric sheet or else our effort was pointless.

Who Farted?

Hugs & Bruises,
Diliawdnfer Fousdar
‘’ 2007-11-18 10:28:30 PM  
a nerdy girl? GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE!

no really please post images here. I am scarred for life after watching The Departed and being forced to see Jack Nicholsen's penis. or was that a stunt penis. eiw
‘’ 2007-11-18 11:33:31 PM  
anonymous: a nerdy girl? GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE!

Damn, I'm hot (pops)
‘’ 2007-11-18 11:36:48 PM  
Everyone go ask Tina to put her videos back up. I love her.
‘’ 2007-11-19 12:13:45 AM  
Increase your Size

‘’ 2007-11-19 1:02:03 AM  
sorry I only like girls that can projectile vomit and not get any on them.
‘’ 2007-11-19 1:06:55 AM  
This used to be the only forum up with which I could keep. No longer.
‘’ 2007-11-19 1:52:11 AM  
dolphin blood all over my patio this is beach front property but were talking post apoclyptic times so its worth nothing
‘’ 2007-11-19 2:22:16 AM  
Heamer, don't leave me!
‘’ 2007-11-19 2:34:34 AM  
Trolley_Dolly: Heamer, don't leave me!

I remain. Like the cheese that stood alone, I remain.
‘’ 2007-11-19 4:34:31 AM  
its not post-apocalypticoontil they make you king for being the last person alive with a jawbone as you and your charred friends suck fungus off the ground to stay alive
‘’ 2007-11-19 1:20:30 PM  
‘’ 2007-11-20 2:00:45 PM  
I just bought an e-book reader for the purpose of downloading classics off of Project Guttenberg and getting rid of a few hundred books. I looked at the price of e-books to download and it's f-ing ridiculous. fark $15 downloads.
‘’ 2007-11-20 3:18:09 PM  
They've been advertising those things all over BART (the S.F. bay area's "subway") lately, and I always thought it suspicious that they never advertised a download price on the signs they plastered all over the walls.

How much did you pay for the e-book reader itself?
‘’ 2007-11-20 5:54:40 PM  

Like I said, though, it's primarily to replace all the books by dead white people. I should cut my collection in third with this.
‘’ 2007-11-21 1:43:39 PM  
Reminder that Snakes on A Plane was an internet viral sensation latched on to by farking losers who think that the debating the juxtaposition of two unlikely-to-meet warrior classes from history in the form of pirates verse ninjas was clever.
‘’ 2007-11-21 1:45:11 PM  
Reminder that the maximum effective range of an M1 Garand is 400 meters.
‘’ 2007-11-21 1:47:12 PM  
Reminder, write a movie substituting third string pop culture references for actual humor and dialogue. Curse a lot. Have wacky characters that smoke weed. Aim it towards white suburban college kids with shiatty taste in everything.

Pitch to movie studios by Wednesday.

/is Keivn Smith
‘’ 2007-11-21 4:14:06 PM  
anonymous 2007-11-15 03:53:15 PM
you film nerds are all in denial of your nerdiness.
how do you know if you're a film nerd? You say the word film.

I usually say Flick. That's just how I roll.
‘’ 2007-11-21 4:14:41 PM  
Damn, forgot to have the 'reverse comments' clicked on.
‘’ 2007-11-22 7:24:32 AM  
Photos of Amy Winehouse with coke in her nose makes me happy.
‘’ 2007-11-22 1:30:18 PM  

Trolley_Dolly: Photos of Amy Winehouse with coke in her nose makes me happy.

I am bored with her and I hate the British music press.
‘’ 2007-11-24 9:39:05 AM  


I am bored with her and I hate the British music press.

I would be really pleased if she fatally OD- ed. The British press are all c*nts, but when you're a country with that many Z-list celebs, you don't have much choice.
‘’ 2007-11-24 2:05:55 PM  
Trolley_Dolly: The British press are all c*nts, but when you're a country with that many Z-list celebs, you don't have much choice.

Yeah, Mazzy Star and the Stone Roses still get press. Seriously. What the fark.
‘’ 2007-11-24 3:46:40 PM  
ezthemes.comView Full Size

heres where I admit my embarressing fondness for billy piper
‘’ 2007-11-25 10:08:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
‘’ 2007-11-26 3:45:02 PM  
hmmn everyone in the industry must be off hiring scabs
‘’ 2007-11-27 8:55:24 AM  
anonymous: heres where I admit my embarressing fondness for billy piper

What's there to be embarrassed about over liking Billie Piper?

nndb.comView Full Size
‘’ 2007-11-28 11:49:29 AM  
I am going to sell T-shirts that have George Peppard saying "Don't two girls one cup me, bro"
‘’ 2007-11-28 3:07:17 PM  
Um I dunno its something about getting crushes on Dr. Who sidekicks
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

er, associates... *gulp*
‘’ 2007-11-28 3:23:18 PM  
does blogging mean you are a scab? Gee I better not just in case...
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