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12157 clicks; posted to Entertainment » and Main » on 06 Feb 2007 at 5:32 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite   |   Watch    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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‘’ 2007-02-14 10:27:31 AM  
remember kids, Lost is tonight
‘’ 2007-02-14 1:32:11 PM  
AZRockslide: Heroes. rules. That is all.

jeez i need help

i read it as Herpes
‘’ 2007-02-14 10:07:19 PM  
ubermensch: Why did Jack's bro put his dad through all that if they could have just killed jack there? If they were going to kill him, why all the drama?

Maybe because if Jack says "Im going to talk to my Dad" then turns up dead then obviously that puts the spotlight on Dad versus how it played out which was all the blame on the brother and then Dad tries to off Jack while he is in the clear.
‘’ 2007-02-15 12:56:24 AM anyone ever in here?
‘’ 2007-02-15 11:48:50 AM  
DirecTV or Dish?

Which package?


‘’ 2007-02-15 12:50:56 PM  
American Dad is to Family Guy
as The Critic is to The Simpsons.
‘’ 2007-02-15 4:17:58 PM  
WTF is going on with Lost? I am so Lost this season... and 24... N/C
‘’ 2007-02-15 9:17:50 PM  
Has anyone gone to Is it real? If it is the server is down.
‘’ 2007-02-15 9:51:22 PM  
hello thread.
‘’ 2007-02-15 10:40:21 PM  
snikrepkire: American Dad is to Family Guy
as The Critic is to The Simpsons.

I think American Dad is funnier. The guy who does both had to segment the humor of Family Guy to try to make the shows a distinct entity and I think that American Dad got the good stuff, not to mention that the underlying premise (CIA agent, housemom, alien, hippy kid, nerd kid and a psycho goldfish) makes for less need to find convoluted ways to get the characters into wacky situations.

And the Critic isn't worth 1/100 the opening of the Simpsons.
‘’ 2007-02-16 1:20:32 PM  
Hmmmmm. SockMonkeyHolocaust, you're the first person I've heard of that prefers AD to FG. I don't mind it, but FG is one of the few shows that causes me to consider intentionally watching TV at a certain time.
AD gets watched as a side-effect of that -as does King of the Hill.

Saw 2 movies last night:
Jesus Camp - Terrifying.
Altered - Not so much.

Is anyone going to the Jagermeister Music Tour? I'm thinking of Boston April 4th, but I haven't actually heard of any of the bands except Stone Sour and I don't know if I like them.
‘’ 2007-02-16 2:32:56 PM  
DirecTV or Dish?

Depends on what channels you want, whether you want hi-def, whether you want a PVR. There's a reason there's an assload of plans out there :)

Way back 10 years ago I picked Dish over DirecTV because they had Comedy Central on their cheapest plan where DirecTV had it only in their middle tier, so Dish was cheaper for what I wanted then.

Last year when I was looking for HD stuff, Dish had more HD content than DirecTV. All the HD stuff on both systems is moving to MPEG4 to save bandwidth and Dish had shipping MPEG4 hardware already. Some of their newer HD channels already required it. So that's what I went with (DishHD Silver package).

Both situations have probably changed since I looked at it.

DirecTV has better PVR's though. DirecTV has Tivo, Dish has a poor workalike of it. It's better than it was though; the first standard-def Dish PVR I had was *really* bad feature-wise, and the hard drive crashed 3 months out of warranty (not surprisingly, it was a Maxtor drive, but that's a rant for the Fark Tech Forum, not here...) :) Their HD PVR's are *much* better. Still not a Tivo but getting there.

Drew has a DirectTV Tivo setup and uses the hell out of it, but he doesn't have a hi-def TV yet.

Both of them, plus every land-based digital cable system, are going to have nasty MPEG compression artifacts because they all overcompress the shiat out of things. Some people complain about one vs the other because of this. I seriously believe they're ALL equally sucky. Some of them try to compensate with filters to blur edges to make it less obvious but that just trades one distortion for another.
‘’ 2007-02-16 2:48:28 PM  
Hello world!
‘’ 2007-02-16 2:52:46 PM  
Drew ... doesn't have a hi-def TV yet.
Yikes. I can't believe you just outed Drew. You are so fired.

Thanks. The only other real compare/contrasts I can find anywhere are "Whichever one has the best deal at the time" and "DirecTV has better sports packages".

I probably shouldn't watch that much TV anyway.
‘’ 2007-02-16 3:38:01 PM  
American Dad is to Family Guy
as The Critic is to The Simpsons.

What about Futurama?
It was much better than The Critic and actually comes from the same guy as The Simpsons.

The Futurama episode with Fry's dog has always stuck with me. I can't think of any other tv show that ended like that. The first time I saw it I hated it, it's just so sad and not right. But after I've seen it a couple more times I've grown to appreciate it, mostly because it doesn't paint a rosy picture. I just feel so bad for the poor dog. He's sitting on the curb, waiting for Fry to show up, while in the future Fry thinks the dog forgot about him. It still gets me.
‘’ 2007-02-16 4:17:22 PM  
Futurama is great.
It took me a while to warm up to it, but now I think it was consistently better on average than the Simpsons.

I just literally spit out a tiny bit of my Sprite while I was browsing imdb and saw a banner ad for Open Water 2. Yougottabefarkingkiddingme....
‘’ 2007-02-17 12:48:42 PM  
re: Futurama. My TiVo started recording it and I started watching it and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Much better than the Simpsons are now. I just think Simpsons is past its "Best by" date and that they're milking the cash cow.
‘’ 2007-02-17 9:01:28 PM  
Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere:

Great album, or the greatest album?
‘’ 2007-02-18 2:57:04 PM  
So how do I know which forum to stay in?
‘’ 2007-02-19 2:10:19 PM  
I think American Dad is funnier.

Meh. I tried very hard last night to view it (Black History Month, peanut butter episode) with a more open mind, but it still fell way short of the FG episode.
I guess it could have been an especially weak AD ep., I thought the FG (Peter is a bully, Stewie gets a tan) was pretty uninspired as well. There were some really hilarious parts of the FG though, not so much with the AD.
I actually enjoyed King of the Hill (Bill's family barbecue recipe) as much over all as the Family Guy, and quite a bit more than the American Dad.
The new Simpsons (7,14,21, etc. Up style documentary) was of a quality rarely seen of late, it was the best of the bunch.
‘’ 2007-02-19 2:14:04 PM  
So I just watched the movie Idiocracy and I absolutely loved it. Best line in the movie: "Go Away! 'Batin!"

Agree/Disagree/Don't Care???
‘’ 2007-02-19 4:09:26 PM  
Yup. People are already getting pretty sick of me yelling that, AllYourBase.

That flick had many flaws, but I think most of them are just attributable to the film being way more ambitious than was achievable by the amount of resources hat were devoted to it.
It's seriously threatening to worm its way into my Favorite 50-100 movies.
‘’ 2007-02-19 8:34:29 PM  
hello are any liters(or anyone) here to talk 24 or heroes?
‘’ 2007-02-19 9:52:21 PM  
‘’ 2007-02-20 2:22:56 AM  
My attempt at live transcription from songs in my playlist
Drink her shmaza from a shell
San Francisco show and tell
Well I should know, by, now, that its just a spell
like a Sunday in PJ
that its cheap but its not free
and Im not what I used to be
and that loves not a game for me

Babylon sister shake it, babylon sister shake it
so fine, so young, tell me im the only one
here comes those santa ana winds again

my friends they no go for that cotton candy
son your playin with fire
the kid will live and learn
as he watches his bridges burn
from the audtiorium

babylon sisters, shake it, babylon sisters, shake it
so fine, so young, tell me im the only one

youve got to shake it baby, youve got to shake it baby, youve got to shake it...


bury the bottle momma, its grapefruit wine
kick off your high heel sneakers, its party time
the girls dont seem to care
whats on
as long as they play till dawn
nothing but blues and elvis
and somebody elses favorite song
give us some funked up music
she treats you nice
feed us some hungry regaee
shell love you twice
the girls dont seem to care tonight
as long as the mood is right
no static, no static at all
heavy , no static at all

Give us some funked up music, she treats you nice
Feed us some hungry regaee she'll love you twice
The girls dont seem to care, tonight, as long as the mood is right
no static, no static, no static at all....

in the corner
of my eye
i saw you at rudys
you were very high
you wer ehigh
it was a crying discrace
they saw your face
on the counter
by your keys
was a book of numbers
and your remedies
one of these
surely will screen out the sorrow
but where are you tomorrow

i cant cry anymore while you run around
while you run around
break away,
just when it seem sso clear
that its over now
drink your big black cow
and get out of here

down the green street
there you go
looking so outrageous
and trhey tell you so
you should know
how all the pros play the game
you change your name
like a gangster
on the run
you will stagger home
to your precious one
im the one
who must make everything right
talk it out till daylight

i dont care anymore
how you run around
how you run around
break away
just when it seems so clear
that its ove rnow
drink your big black cow
and get out of here
‘’ 2007-02-20 3:23:34 PM  
JonBonham: Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere: Great album, or the greatest album?

The greatest bubble gum album I've ever heard. Danger Mouse is the future of hip hop, which makes him the future of pop, but it seems that most of the stuff I've heard doesn't have a lot of staying power. I predict that he will produce the next epic hip hop record.
‘’ 2007-02-20 9:26:40 PM  

/is it live, or is it Memorex?
‘’ 2007-02-21 4:51:13 PM  


Americas Top 180

Cause it's a hell of a lot cheaper than Time Warner's blackhole of suckage. :D
‘’ 2007-02-22 5:35:42 AM  
caption this screenshot:
[image from too old to be available]
‘’ 2007-02-22 10:43:35 AM  
This just isn't the same :-(
‘’ 2007-02-22 10:22:53 PM  

I am a screenshot from the motion picture entitled King Kong
‘’ 2007-02-22 11:06:28 PM  
Tonight's Sara Silverman Program was farking funny. Her abortion monologue during the pageant was brilliant, anyone else see it?
‘’ 2007-02-24 12:08:18 PM  

Staring contest....GO!
‘’ 2007-02-24 4:21:44 PM  
do you like people who pronounce the word "escape" as "ickskape"?
‘’ 2007-02-25 5:52:22 PM  
"He made his dahdirtah ickskape".....
‘’ 2007-02-25 8:37:46 PM  
so is this the oscar thread?

the sports forum is this exciting too.
‘’ 2007-02-26 9:09:09 PM  
BlueBook, are you lost?
‘’ 2007-02-26 10:09:34 PM  
Heh. And I always thought cigar cutters were just pretentious toys.
‘’ 2007-02-27 1:25:10 PM  
Heroes was awesome last night!
‘’ 2007-02-27 4:30:00 PM  
If you yell loudly in this thread it echoes.
‘’ 2007-02-27 4:31:00 PM  
‘’ 2007-02-27 4:31:56 PM  
‘’ 2007-02-27 4:32:51 PM  
‘’ 2007-02-27 4:34:27 PM  
‘’ 2007-02-27 4:35:52 PM  
Man, I'm easily amused.
‘’ 2007-02-27 4:36:49 PM  
Man, I'm easily amused.
‘’ 2007-02-27 9:09:52 PM  
‘’ 2007-02-28 2:47:29 AM  
What's the word? Thunderbird!
‘’ 2007-02-28 10:04:47 PM  
‘’ 2007-03-01 12:42:10 AM  
Hahah this thing is still here.


almost as annoying as farktv and those stupid ads for farktv
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