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(benmaller.com)   College football's biggest prize the Heisman Trophy has changed its name. The award was renamed "The Heisman Trophy presented by Suzuki."   ( benmaller.com) divider line
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2002-09-14 04:01:10 PM  
I call on every sportswriter everywhere to refuse to call it this.
2002-09-14 07:06:28 PM  

Waste of bandwith.
2002-09-14 07:15:46 PM  
Next, the Noble Prize Peace Prize presented by Johnson&Johnson...
2002-09-14 08:48:14 PM  
I agree FoamingPipeSnake.
2002-09-15 01:08:36 AM  
I'm sorry...what with every other major college footballer being paid under the table, over the table, with cars, bars, and hookars (sorry), exactly why should I be a)surprised, or b)concerned that the Heisman is now named after crappy cars and decent bikes?

If the world were truly relevant, we'd soon hear about the 2003 Heisman, brought to you by Grade Inflation, Inc; Bling Bling, Ltd; and the Limited Partnership of Hoes and Crystal.

Or maybe I'm just cynical. Being a university faculty member has its downsides...
2002-09-15 02:35:45 AM  
I hate that site so much...
2002-09-15 02:35:57 AM  
*YAWN* Who cares? The Heismann is a worthless piece of crap anyway. Just look at the winners in recent years - most have been complete bombs in their post-college careers.
2002-09-15 02:36:22 AM  
Seems like every motherfarker sells out sooner or later, eh?
2002-09-15 02:37:55 AM  
Notice the word "rumor" in the URL.
2002-09-15 02:38:19 AM  
Farking money grubbing sell-outs.
2002-09-15 02:39:46 AM  
That's OK. Corporate Sports and Corporate Money have been farking each other up the ass for years!
2002-09-15 02:41:49 AM  
Well, if they can sell the "naming rights" of stadiums and speedways, why not dumb college sports trophies? In fact, I think they shoulda shopped around for a better/more embarassing sponsor. Imagine "The Heisman Trophy presented by Tampax".
2002-09-15 02:41:53 AM  
Anybody ever heard of Jeffery Breagle? (sp) he got in an interesting car crash to say the least. any four three fivers in the house to back me up? you can guess who I am. (hint) vegas this weekend on a private jet.
2002-09-15 02:41:58 AM  
Now OJ can rationalize away the bad feeling associated w/getting his repo'd - "Bah.. goddam sellout crap.. don't want it anyways".
2002-09-15 02:50:21 AM  
this is lame, but the heisman is a piece of shiat anyway. just look at the last guy who got it. i mean ... wtf?

the world needs to be more concerned with mens college hockey and womens lacrosse or something that actually is still about athletics and skill and not about money.

ps no i was not picked on by football players in high school, on the contrary, hs football is good for u
2002-09-15 02:51:42 AM  
Nah, the Nobel Peace Prize presented by DuPont would be more appropriate.

(hint: Alfred Nobel invented the prize as sort of an apology for inventing explosives such as dynamite. He had mining and demolitions in mind when he invented them, but it wasn't long before the military figured out that it was good for reducing people to little moist chunks. In horror, he invented the Nobel Peace Prize to encourage people to NOT use his invention that way. DuPont, of course, is a major supplier of military explosives.)
2002-09-15 02:52:27 AM  
The Heisman Trophy, the most prestigious award in college athletics... college's equivalent to the Oscar.

Someone's confusing "College Football" with "College Athletics". I suspect that college water polo competitors don't get too broken up about being passed over for a Heisman.

But I'm just being nit-picky. It's not like this Ben Maller guy is claiming to be a journalist or something.
2002-09-15 02:53:02 AM  
Gee, what a surprise, you guys downplay the importance of anything you dont personally like. Maybe the only people who actually post just tend to be negative people.

Professional sports are nothing compared to college sports. Go to the events, and you can tell the difference between someone who shows up, and someone who actually has a pseduo-emotional attachment to his team. The heisman is a big deal... yes, it means big money and marketing, true. But dont let the necessary business functions of sports wash away the honest desire of thousands of college athletes, who dont get paid under the table, who dont cheat, and who will NEVER get paid to play their sport when they graduate-

if you think they are in it for the money and corporate sponsorships, you're being naive and mediocre.
2002-09-15 02:58:41 AM  
This is the evening news presented by MICROSOFT.

Think I'm joking?
2002-09-15 03:01:33 AM  
Not at all. What did you think MSNBC was?
2002-09-15 03:01:51 AM  
oh, and go trojans.

..since the USC logo is so prominantly displayed in the wallpapaer
2002-09-15 03:02:49 AM  
This is the evening news presented by MICROSOFT:

Halfway across the globe, U.S. authorities have finally captured a terrorist Warning: General Protection Fault 32912 has occurred. Please reboot your computer to resume your news.
2002-09-15 03:02:54 AM  
Attention everybody,

The site is now Farked.

Nothing more to see here, move along.
2002-09-15 03:04:04 AM  

Hm. Back now.
2002-09-15 03:07:06 AM  
why do these crappy ben maller posts keep getting posted? they always get farked. I bet he's probably blowing drew.
2002-09-15 03:11:17 AM  
2002-09-15 03:13:32 AM  
No, This is the Morning News presented by Microsoft.

"Earlier this evening, US Special Forces in"
***NAV WARNING: File '10pmtoday.nws' is virally infected. Fix/Delete/Quarantine? Unable to fix this file. Quarantining.***

Also today, President Bush addressed the United Nations regarding
***MSIE has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. Invalid Page Fault***

^restart browser^
^recrash browser^
^give up and reboot^
2002-09-15 03:17:41 AM  
Ishidan, completly off subject, but i did not know DuPont was a supplier of explosives to the US military... I used to deliver food for a local restaraunt, and always wondered why they had such strict security measures at their offices. heh.. that explains it.
2002-09-15 03:23:46 AM  
you mean this guy is sponsoring the Heisman?
[image from seattlepi.nwsource.com too old to be available]
2002-09-15 03:28:42 AM  
It's has nothing to do with the NCAA, because it belongs to The Downtown Athletic Club.
2002-09-15 03:36:29 AM  
Yeah, DuPont...well, WAS, at least...a major military explosives producer.

(they stopped in the 1990's? Hm. I didn't know that until I went hunting for a site to back me up. Guess I'm out of date.)
2002-09-15 04:00:52 AM  
DuPont is the maker of Kevlar as well i believe.
2002-09-15 05:14:21 AM  
It really does not matter. There will be the sports radio debates on the subject, then everyone will forget about it. Here in Bronco land no one actually refers to our stadium as "Investco Field". It's still gool ole "Mile High". Bah.
2002-09-15 05:16:46 AM  
I can't believe this is true... but if it somehow does come about, it really has to make you wonder...

Does it MATTER that it's presented by Suzuki? Are you going to go out and buy a Suzuki auto or motorcycle just b/c the Heisman has "presented by" tacked onto the name?

Grand stupidity.
2002-09-15 05:44:36 AM  
Riddil: hey, why not?

how many stadia have we had named after corporations?

Some went back to their old names when the parent company crashed and burned, but nonetheless. Enron, Viacom, so on and so forth.
2002-09-15 07:43:45 AM  
The main problem with sports and everything else nowdays is that everything has become over commericialized. Everything is about advertising and money and it is destroying our culture. Look at the last super bowl for example: Aerosmith on stage with Britney Spears and N'Sync. That was just a plan to appeal to younger views, gain more fans and sell more cds. Then look at all the baseball stadiums. Every stadium must have been renamed almost by this point. It is sad really. We have over commercialize everything. It is carrying over into our lives in other ways. Christmas has even lost it's meaning. They start advertising and trying to sell us stuff for Christmas earlier and earlier every year. We have become a very greedy culture. Look at all the sports figures that make millions of dollars. They want more so they do commericals. Companies are even cashing in on September 11. Look at all the stuff you can buy about September 11. Someone is cashing in big time. I mean come on. Now I am not saying all of us of us has lost what we hold important but think about this and look at the other things around you. Family values are fading more each day. The divorce rate is sky rocketing. Traditions such as marriage seems to be dying. What used to be forever is now 'well maybe until I get tired of you'. What ever happened to putting an effort into things and working out your problem? We are becoming a nation of quiters in that aspect. We are losing focus people. We have to stop listening to the media so much and get back to the basics but the question is is it too late?
2002-09-15 10:54:09 AM  
I hate the design of that web site!! I had to scroll down for 45 minutes before I found a good article.
2002-09-15 11:47:08 AM  
the heisman by suzuki is no big deal.. they've have the sears national championship trophy for a while and no one has complained about that..

still doesnt want to make me want to buy a grand vitara or a gsx-r anyways
2002-09-15 12:58:58 PM  
The best part is this comes right after the reigning Heisman, Eric Crouch, just retired from the NFL. The Heisman obviously means jack squat right now. It's not for the "best" or "most talented/skilled" player in college football. It's bestowed upon the marquee player on a top three team. Simple as that. Heisman = suck 90% of the time. Don't sweat it. Suzuki just wants to be associated with over-hiped, heavily marketed players who will suck in the NFL.
2002-09-15 01:35:50 PM  
Actually, its "The Heisman Trophy presented by ABC", since ABC/ESPN have to give their blessing.

The Heisman is pure crap.Payton Manning got screwed out of it because he wasn't playing for a ESPN-approved school.They gave it to a friggin' cornerback instead.A cornerback, that's how much they hated the idea of giving to a Tenn ballplayer.
2002-09-15 01:53:42 PM  
"World Trade Center, brought to you by United Airlines and American Airlines"
2002-09-15 03:38:09 PM  
Jeez...what next? "And now to present to you the Sears Trophy, for winning the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl...congratulations on your Suzuki Heisman winner, also...all on the behalf of the Enron Corporation..."
2002-09-15 05:38:42 PM  
Feh. To this day, I refuse to call Joe Robbie Stadium (where the Miami Dolphins play) by it's corporate-bought name. Joe Robbie poured his heart and soul into building that stadium...
2002-09-15 06:11:39 PM  
You're all class Cyffon.
2002-09-15 06:12:58 PM  
Does this mean Suzuki just bought the Heismann trophey winner jinx as well ? Look back at how many winner's sank like lead ballons in the NFL and compare that to Suzuki's 'quality' car manufacturing efforts and how can you deny that this is a partnership made in 'heaven' :)

Imagine "The Heisman Trophy presented by Tampax"......LOL good one Mc...
2002-09-16 02:25:29 PM  
Alright, my two pence:

Some of you are blurring the line between college and pro athletics. Pro = In the end they are all in that chosen profession for the cabbage. (hey, the practice squad makes $350k/year, wouldn't you?) College = I'm not going to refute that a lot of college sports (football and basketball mainly) are corrupt. Those two sports alone generate mind boggling revenue at even newly established colleges. Difference = College still has the walk-on. The guy or gal that plays the sport w/o any financial aid coming from the athletic department. Their existence alone on a college athletics squads legitimizes the spirit of college athletics. When they start taking cash from boosters college athletics is irreversibly farked. Commercializing an award like the Heismen insults the spirit of college athletics just as much as the commercialization of Bowl games. Feh.
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