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(Boston Globe)   Partying men vs. 26,000 volts. Turns out it isn't just the amps that get you   ( divider line
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2002-09-14 4:22:34 PM  
Kinda sad when the fark headline has less typos than the article. 26,000 bolts?

And someone give that man a Darwin award.
2002-09-14 5:35:50 PM  
Hmmm. For some reason, I still think its just the Amps that get you. I guess the 180,000 volts fried my brain, huh?
2002-09-14 5:36:00 PM  
These guys obviously never thought that the old attleboro water tower would be a much better place to get blotto. All you can do is fall off the damned thing. And, I;m not statitician, but i'd say the odds of living are better for a 40 foot fall then 26,000 volts.
2002-09-14 5:36:46 PM  
Who is this "he" they keep talking about?
2002-09-14 5:37:21 PM  
Some partiers go for the juice that'll kill them.
2002-09-14 5:38:25 PM  
and then, my friends, you die

and instead of a Great Cornholio episode, this quote comes to mind:

Hey y'all, watch this!!!
2002-09-14 5:40:02 PM  
And if a kid climbs a pylon she will erupt into a ball of flames and die, too, if she goes above the grid. Perhaps there should be a public service announcement/ps?
2002-09-14 5:44:28 PM  
remember boys and girls, drinking does cause you to do stupid stuff. so don't drink.

Also, boys and girls, remember to ground yourself before you go touching 26,000 volt unshielded wires.

Hmm, anybody know the resistance of the human body? I'm sure it can't be more than a few thousand ohms.

26,000V/3,000ohms = 8.66Amps.
Yep, that'd leave a mark.
2002-09-14 5:45:31 PM  
I knew I shouldn't have slept through Math and Science class.
2002-09-14 5:46:43 PM  
So whom is the family going to sue for this horse's patoot's death; the railroad, the fence maker, the electricty company, Isaac Newton for discovering the laws of gravity; NO! GOD for creating gravity.

It was the fast stop at the end of the fall that killed him. The other farker is still alive cuz he didn't fall.... bwahahhahhaha.

Another fine day for cleaning out the gene pool.
2002-09-14 5:47:42 PM  
thats a shocker...

im lame =)
2002-09-14 5:47:55 PM  
Laddie, this parrot wouldn't *fwoom* if you put four million volts through it! It's bleeding DEMISED!
2002-09-14 5:54:29 PM  
Officials at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, R.I. said early Saturday morning that Taylor he was is in good condition.

Say what?!?
2002-09-14 5:54:29 PM  
I'm very sure it is the amps that kill you, not volts. That's all I've ever heard, plus:
My chemistry teacher has a device (don't know name of it) that plugs right into a regular outlet that converts amps to volts, so the amperage is super low, but it puts out many thousand volts(not sure of exact number, but I pretty sure it's well over 10,000). You can touch the end of it and it doesn't hurt, even though it is sparking and buzzing. Very cool

btw, 1/10 of an amp can kill you, and most regular outlets have 15 or 20 amps
2002-09-14 5:55:01 PM  
Texans: Anyone agree/disagree with the endorsement in my profile?
2002-09-14 5:55:22 PM  
One entry found for electrocute.

Main Entry: elec·tro·cute
Pronunciation: i-'lek-tr&-"kyut
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): -cut·ed; -cut·ing
Etymology: electr- + -cute (as in execute)
Date: 1889
1 : to execute (a criminal) by electricity
2 : to kill by electric shock
- elec·tro·cu·tion /-"lek-tr&-'kyu-sh&n/ noun

How can they both be electrocuted, but only one died?
2002-09-14 5:57:08 PM  
In case this article doesn't go live on the Fark page, here is a great article explaining the difference between lightning shock and industrial (live wire) shock and what it does to people.
2002-09-14 6:00:19 PM  
At least James Taylor is okay.
2002-09-14 6:00:58 PM  
Brackish: And if a kid climbs a pylon she will erupt into a ball of flames and die, too, if she goes above the grid. Perhaps there should be a public service announcement/ps?

Kansas City-area Farkers might recall just such a PSA from years ago, with "Billy, the Professional Tree Climber," talking about climbing trees near overhead lines and utility poles.

"And that can MAY even KILL you."
2002-09-14 6:03:44 PM  
The farked up thing is, a kid who went to my school a few years back successfully sued the schhol for getting trashed, climbing up to the electric rail, and somehow managing to lose both arms. I'm not sure what he won or how much. Hopefully no one wins anything from this; Amtrak is hurting plenty as it is.
2002-09-14 6:06:15 PM  
Raddamant Electricity is a weird thing. Yes, 1/10 of an amp, can kill you. But I've taken that much before having worked in the EET field for a bit, and in classes. Not a fun feeling. 1/2 an amp is pretty much lights out.

Since your body is made up of all sorts of different voltage friendly fluids, voltage flows pretty easily through you. (voltage flow is current, btw.) This is how the brain gets all of it's messages from nerve endings in the appendages.

When taking large amounts of voltage, there are several factors as to why someone dies and another doesn't. I'm not sure what all those factors are, except for being grounded or not, types of food in the stomach, how much you are thinking at the time, whether God hates you... wait, God doesn't hate you, his finger slipped, anyway, you get the point I think.

Disclaimer: anyone else is welcome to refute me.
2002-09-14 6:09:55 PM  
It's a combonation of the amps and the voltage. A single electron at 100,000 volts doesn't do much damage but if you have 15 amps (charge/second) carrying charge at 220 volts, it will kill you.

For example, a static electricity shock can be around 40,000 volts of potential difference between the door knob and you, but there isn't much charge flowing so you just get a pin-prick.

Raddamant, transformers can increase the voltage at a cost of current, or vice versa.
2002-09-14 6:11:04 PM  
Oh to add something: the multiplication of amps and volts are Watts, which are units of power. So it's the power that kills oyu.
2002-09-14 6:13:06 PM  
Anyone else thinking of "Skinhead on the MBTA" by the Dropkick Murphys?
2002-09-14 6:16:28 PM  
Heh, I live in Attleboro. Glad the idiots are being weeded out.
2002-09-14 6:17:15 PM  
V=IR, W=VI & W=V(R^2)

W= Watts (Power)
V= Voltage
I= Current (usually in amps, my also be expressed with an "A")
R= Resistance

just for those non tech types
2002-09-14 6:18:20 PM  

[image from too old to be available] More power! Arh arh arh...
2002-09-14 6:26:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-14 6:30:14 PM  
"What a revoltin' development!"
2002-09-14 6:30:20 PM  
Nope, its still the amps.
2002-09-14 6:30:26 PM  
TEMPYST - just wish they could do the same sort of weeding out here in Fall River, oh wait - we don't have a train line. damn! Guess we'll have to rely on drunks falling off the catwalks under the Braga bridge.
2002-09-14 6:30:37 PM  

vast...are u going from thread to thread doing this crap???

2002-09-14 6:32:15 PM  
Clueyee: Just this one and the forum. Chill.
2002-09-14 6:37:57 PM  

i am in texas.....and well.....tony sanchez is def alot better than....rick least in my opinion
2002-09-14 6:41:22 PM  
Good rule of thumb: 1 Amp is more than enough to char flesh, let alone 15.
2002-09-14 6:44:05 PM  
I am from Texas too...we don't call him Tony...we just call him Dirty.
2002-09-14 6:54:32 PM  
Interestingly, the resistance of the body decreases rapidly with increasing voltage. It has something to do with carbonization of the flesh. About 400 is the magic point where carbon trails quickly form, rapidly heating surrounding flesh to the point of tissue seperation.

Touching a 14,400 substation main will most likely blow a fuse. Hopefully, there will be a trail of carbon with very little resistance in your body that misses the vital organs that will short most of this current to ground. If there isn't a good path of conduction, the current will continue to flow, releasing energy in YOUR body, not somewhere else. The goal when being electrocuted is not becoming the winning object when calculating the Maximum Power Transfer Theorem.

I have a 1.5MW oil filled transformer I need testing. Any volunteers?
2002-09-14 6:58:32 PM  
"Awww, go fly a kite!!!"
2002-09-14 7:15:17 PM  

Power = (Voltage^2)/Resistance
(not voltage * resistance^2, you may be thinking of current^2 * resistance)

Also, voltage does not flow. Current flows between two points that are at a different voltage. Saying that "voltage flows" is tantamount to saying "I am a big idiot". Not a flame, just a fact.
2002-09-14 7:16:17 PM  
thank you, I stand corrected. It's been awhile :b
2002-09-14 7:17:49 PM  
Considering a shock from the carpet is 10-20,0000 volts and a VanDeGraf can hit 200,000 , damn straight it's the amps.
2002-09-14 7:18:53 PM  
The volts aren't the only thing that get you. Apparently, The rythm eventually IS gonna get you.
2002-09-14 7:25:53 PM  
2002-09-14 7:31:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-09-14 7:42:04 PM  
Awsome headline
It is only current through you that can kill you. thats how its possible to survive a lightning strike. It takes about 1/10 of an amp to stop a person't heart, and of course there is that whole burnt fleash problem when electricity is just coursing its way through your limbs. Oh, it doesn't take much at all to cause brain death either, seems that nerves were pretty much designed to conduct, thats generally the least painful way to die, which is why thats the way the gov't used to electrocute people.

Yeah i really don't seem to have anything relevant to add to this thread, and yet i insist on posting.....
2002-09-14 7:44:31 PM  
2002-09-14 7:45:20 PM  
BAH! damn html! fug it.
2002-09-14 8:02:56 PM  
It's not the volts that get you. It's also not the amps.

It's the joules.

Matchyn: Provided the skin is dry and intact, the body actually has a substantial electrical resistance; last time I checked myself with a multimeter, I was ~3 megaohms hand-to-hand.

Trouble is, that only holds at low voltages. If you're across enough voltage to have the resultant current provide a path through the skin, you're pretty much just a big bucket of saltwater. Zoom.

My own personal record is 1 kilovolt, when I was repairing a strobe light and was in contact with the HV 'trodes when I turned it back on to see if I'd fixed it. Answer was an emphatic "yes." Fortunately, since I was on the HV side of the transformer, current was essentially nil.
2002-09-14 8:27:14 PM  
The good thing about being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm is that the body is already soaking wet. High initial currents like to travel on the outside of conductors and fortunately, you happen to be soaking wet. There may be severe burns and a few trails through the body, but the majority of it should travel along that water dripping off you. And blow your clothes to shreds too!

Oh, I did get shocked once in my life. It was by a 16,000volt, 8uF capacitor from a high voltage cable tester. We called it the "thumper." Discharging its energy into a 40watt flourescent tube would cause it to jump into the air and explode. All from 8uF! One day I had to fix the thing. It seems someone had taped the high voltage interlock gravity switches in the "up" position when I cracked open the case. My mistake was not taking out the high voltage probe. One of my fingers found that it was live. The energy released to my finger created a loud report from the heat that was almost deafening. Fortunately, no burns or smoke from the discharge. It took most of the strength out of my arm, but I was able to check to see how much voltage was remaining in the capacitor. About 8,000 volts remained. I fixed the knife switch and was able to finish repairing the instrument.
2002-09-14 8:38:18 PM  
A lad from the boro of Attle
Got a jolt that did make his teeth rattle
He climbed higher and higher
And touched the live wire
'Tis the dead that n'er give a tattle

This, this I do for you.
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