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(Some Guy) Video This guy puts your Yo-Yo skills to shame   ( divider line
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4844 clicks; posted to Video » on 12 Aug 2007 at 4:15 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-08-12 2:58:55 AM  
Ah, but can he kill a person with it?

/yo-yos were originally designed to be weapons, you know
//it's true because I saw it in a movie once
2007-08-12 4:22:53 AM  
I have Yo-Yo skills?
2007-08-12 4:27:01 AM  
So is it Hiroyuki Suzuki or Alan Sperngo?

I'm strangely not impressed. I mean, I realize how insanely difficult it is to do that, and yet... I dunno. There's only so many interesting things you can do with a lump on a three-foot string.
2007-08-12 4:34:47 AM  
LindenFark: There's only so many interesting things you can do with a lump on a three-foot string.

And seeing most of them full-length requires some form of recurring payment. =(
2007-08-12 4:43:11 AM  
Hmm, give me a couple of cases of beer and two days and I bet I could do better tricks than that sap.
2007-08-12 5:45:22 AM  
Augie Fash puts that guys Yo-Yo skills to shame.

he does awesome tricks using hats, and other stuff.

must see to believe.
2007-08-12 8:17:00 AM  
2007-08-12 9:40:58 AM  
Chinaman, of course. Should have guessed.
2007-08-12 10:45:05 AM  
yeah, but does he ever get laid?

//nuff said
2007-08-12 10:55:57 AM  
He probably has girls hanging all over him. That's cooler than being a musician because you just don't see people performing with yo-yos as much as you do with instruments.
2007-08-12 12:35:56 PM  
check out the greatest bowling shot ever video linked on the right. it's pretty freaking sweet!
2007-08-12 1:05:13 PM  
This guy wins.

homepage.mac.comView Full Size

/Yes that's a guy.
2007-08-12 4:50:07 PM  
no, he doesn't
2007-08-12 5:11:56 PM  
Killua wanted for questioning...
\Electrify that shiat!
2007-08-12 9:41:59 PM  
"Oooh! Do me, yo-yo master!"
2007-08-12 11:35:28 PM  
Was it Tommy Smothers?

Dagnabbit, where the hell are my teeth?
2007-08-13 7:02:16 PM  
Teh_Stu: This guy wins (Pops)

You saved me the time to find this clip, it's what I had in mind also.
2007-08-14 12:30:41 AM  
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