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2007-08-04 9:53:54 PM  
It actually is pretty funny. One of those kitchy 60's things. They should hold on to it.
2007-08-04 10:19:51 PM  
"It looks like a bad piece of balloon covered paper mache done
by a second grader. Popping out of a stove-pipe hat that looks even worse,"

2007-08-05 12:43:14 AM  
Great. Here come all the Big Apple fanboys.
2007-08-05 12:47:22 AM  
Openly Gay Celebs
Celebrity Sex Tapes
Fighter Jets
New York City Landmarks

For some reason, I found this to be funny.
2007-08-05 12:54:14 AM  
It's cheesy, but I love it.
2007-08-05 1:00:50 AM  
That apple is the single lamest gimmick any Major League team does. It looks like it belongs in a cheapshiat Minor League park - then again, that's exactly what Shea is.
2007-08-05 1:11:57 AM  
I hope the old apple makes it over to Citi Field. It'll be a bit of Mets flavor in what's looking like a pretty generic modern stadium. It's hokey, and a bit ramshackle, but that's the Mets; we've got a silly theme song, a mildly disturbing mascot, and a banged up old apple. Fred Wilpon seems to think he needs to class up the place and bring new people in, which is a bit insulting to the current fanbase who gladly fill up Shea.
2007-08-05 1:38:17 AM  
dastwa: It'll be a bit of Mets flavor in what's looking like a pretty generic modern stadium.

As opposed to the unique, beautiful snowflake they play in now?

Shea was the first cookie-cutter stadium, and it appears to have outlived all those that came after. This Queens native won't be sad to see Shea go, despite having seen my first ballgame there: Mets-Pirates, Sept. 27, 1987.
2007-08-05 1:47:24 AM (pops)

i signed! let's go mets!!!
2007-08-05 1:51:17 AM  
IAmRight: Like Shea Stadium has anything else that's distinguishable about it.

/waits for Mets fans to claim SOMEthing
//not that most of the country knows about
///but then again, the TV cameras care more about the other team in town :/

Well, we do have planes flying overhead...
jimpoz.comView Full Size

...but I think Shea's scoreboard is one of the best in baseball (of the electronic variety)
jimpoz.comView Full Size

Both lineups and both leagues' out-of-town scores all the time. I'm gonna miss it at the new park
2007-08-05 2:05:17 AM  
Shea's certainly generic, but I prefer the simple utility of the big municipal stadium to the concessions-focused profit maximization of modern stadiums. Hopefully Citi Field will surprise me, since I'll be seeing plenty of games there, but the large reduction in seats and the emphasis on restaurants and snackbars in the previews have me worried. Shea may be little more than a concrete ring around a baseball field, but there's a purity of form to it that's missing from the forced quirkiness of the newer stadiums I've been in. It's just 55,000 seats pointing at the diamond, with some bathrooms and hot dog stands to get you through the game.
2007-08-05 2:46:05 AM  
As a Yankees fan, I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other. That said, the apple is probably the best known part of that park next to Mr. Met, and since it's relatively easy to move, why not keep it?
2007-08-05 2:51:28 AM  
When I first started going to ballgames at Shea in the 80s, I thought the Home Run Apple was a lame prop. But it has grown on me and I think it should be brought over to the new stadium as a nice link to the past.....
2007-08-05 3:05:47 AM  
That headline could and should read:
Farkers closeminded. and el_perro fight to preserve the "Big Apple"
2007-08-05 3:45:24 AM  
That article is almost entirely useless. I mean, subject aside, the article could be summed up into two sentences.

"The Mets are debating over whether or not to take a storied piece of the ballpark with them when they build a new stadium. Fans have differing opinions."

If I really wanted to read a whole bunch of blogs from Mets fans, I would.
2007-08-05 8:47:15 AM  
What if you made a less craptactular-looking one for the new park - you know, one that doesn't look like it's been there since before the Jets left?

\and I agree with jimpoz, that's more going on on that scoreboard than most people realize....
2007-08-05 8:52:38 AM  
I never lumped Shea in with the other multi-purpose parks. The big difference to my mind was the open-air outfield and the natural grass. That's why seeing a game there was never the soul-crushing experience that seeing a game at, say, the vet was (nothing against philly; I'm sure it was the same in pittsburgh or cincy).

If they come up with a new "home run apple" it will suck. There's no way to combine classiness or modernity with that thing; it goes from hokey and sorta charming to garish REAL quick. It'll probably have "party patrol" people shooting out of it hydraulically to shoot t-shirts into the crowd.

and while I'll sorta miss shea and appreciate how it's really just a place to see a baseball game, I've always sorta found that people who bash the bells and whistles of the new parks hasn't been to one. citifield is going to be gorgeous. Generic on the inside perhaps (relative to all of the rest of the newer parks), but that exterior facade looks to be an actual building achievement as far as ballparks go.
2007-08-05 8:57:58 AM  
What jimpoz said. I love that damn scoreboard. Makes scoring the game so very easy.

/And I like that stupid apple.
//What's so great about your park?
2007-08-05 9:06:37 AM  
superoogie: //What's so great about your park?

The Mets don't play in it.

/sorry.. too easy
2007-08-05 9:40:05 AM  

/sorry.. too easy

Like your mom.

/Goodnight, everybody!
2007-08-05 10:23:05 AM  
Shea Stadium's scoreboard is actually the biggest one in the MLB (particularly since the Astrodome no longer hosts baseball- it had a larger scoreboard.)

I Like the Shea scoreboard, the out of town scoreboard is especially nice to have. I wonder how that scoreboard will be translated to the new stadium.

I don't have a lot of nostalgia for Shea or Yankee stadiums. Shea was always kind of a dump and a terrible place to actually watch a ballgame, and Yankee Stadium, for all intents and purposes, was demolished in the 1975 renovation. The upper deck at Yankee Stadium is also a terrible place to watch a ballgame- though not nearly as bad as Shea.

Rain delays in both are horrible, horrible affairs unless you're lucky enough to be under an overhang. The walkways pack real quick, and it's shoulder to shoulder there.

Shea Stadium, I won't miss. It's replacement can only be better. New Yankee Stadium has some big shoes to fill.

If both stadiums come out as awesome as AT&T park in SF, I'll be happy. Especially if they figure out how to make garlic fries.
2007-08-05 10:58:45 AM  
Wise_Guy: superoogie: //What's so great about your park?

The Mets don't play in it.

/sorry.. too easy


2007-08-05 11:49:31 AM  
As long as they incorporate a new apple, I wont mind getting rid of the old one. I can't wait for the new stadium, Shea is falling apart
2007-08-05 12:43:22 PM  
The new stadium MUST have an apple, of course, one at least as big as Shea's. But I don't see the point in moving the old, busted one. I love the apple idea, not necessarily that one particular apple.

/Mets fan.
//Not signing.
2007-08-05 12:58:00 PM  
superoogie: Like your mom.

/Goodnight, everybody!


/nice one
2007-08-05 2:58:17 PM  
That apple's the only thing I like about Shea.
2007-08-05 3:24:00 PM  
I signed; for a Mets fan, the apple is classic conditioning. A happy response occurs every time when the apple comes out, because we have just hit a HOME RUN! It's like Pavlov's dog (probably get dogged like Mike Vicks backyard for the comparison). It's part of our franchise history that needs to be kept. Other teams have fireworks, cannons, etc. that go off when their team homers, but if a squad is down 10 runs to a visiting team, and the home player homers, the fireworks appear gawdy. The Mets apple just peeks out and goes back down without overdoing it.

I wonder, have any players hit a home run into the structure where the apple is hidden? Been a Mets fan since I started watching baseball, have attended a few games in Shea, but have not always had access to watch the non-national broadcasts of games until SNY and CW11 on dish (SNY=after 2 1/2 hrs of game time anyway).
2007-08-06 10:59:47 AM  
Yeah for a website built by farkers!!!!

Good Luck closeminded and el_perro!
2007-08-06 11:35:15 AM  
Soundwave8487: As long as they incorporate a new apple, I wont mind getting rid of the old one. I can't wait for the new stadium, Shea is falling apart

I agree, in principle, but the problem is that instead of this cheesy, ugly apple it's going to be some fancy, glowing, obnoxious apple probably sponsored by Apple coming out of an iced latte cup sponsored by Dunkin Donuts. So instead of just a simple apple coming out of a hat it's going to be two more obnoxious corporate sponsorships.

That's really my only problem but, meh, vive la revolution I guess.
2007-08-06 11:44:12 AM  
It also would have been nice if they could have put Citifield somewhere closer where they could have put some actual nice things around it other than junkyards, airports, and car repair shops.
2007-08-06 12:32:29 PM  
Daniels: So instead of just a simple apple coming out of a hat it's going to be two more obnoxious corporate sponsorships.

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