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2002-09-13 09:33:10 AM  
You have Fark's root password. :)
2002-09-13 09:37:54 AM  
12. You use the word "asshat".
13. You have this website ( bookmarked.
2002-09-13 09:39:50 AM  
if your a guy and your laugh can best be described as a giggle.

my earlier one wasnt specific to computer geekery and it has 5 votes, not bad i guess.

i didnt understand most of the computer jokes, it doesnt make me less of a human being though, if anything it makes me more.
2002-09-13 09:42:11 AM  
An old geek:

You've wired a program on the backplane

You remember when high speed data was 300 baud

You know what x-on / x-off did in a KS 35 teletype

Chaff wars

You gained router proficiency way back when 48kb across the backplane gave you wood.

The first computer game you played, Moon Landing, had 10 variables and printed out the results in ascii pictures on fanfold.

You have wired in and tested the first IP network with BBN. ( My personal claim to fame)

Mitch Kapoor taught your packet class.
2002-09-13 09:43:29 AM  
Tadlette hehe, it's mad isn't it? Brainfark is probably the single nerdiest thing I have ever seen. "Why?" is a very good question. There are people out there who can write quite complex programs including some which write themselves (quines) in brainfark. That is so totally beyond my ability I just have to gasp. I think you probably have to be autistic, or just an incredible genius to do that sort of stuff.
2002-09-13 09:46:09 AM  
An old geek:

You've wired a program on the backplane

You remember when high speed data was 300 baud

You know what x-on / x-off did in a KS 35 teletype

Chaff wars

You gained router proficiency way back when 48kb across the backplane gave you wood.

The first computer game you played, Moon Landing, had 10 variables and printed out the results in ascii pictures on fanfold.

You have wired in and tested the first IP network with BBN. ( My personal claim to fame)

Mitch Kapoor taught your packet class.

And voting is newfangled enough to confuse you!
2002-09-13 09:52:21 AM  
You remember the good ole' days when Lynx was da bomb.

You have more than 3 e-mail address that you use regularly.

You scoff at the uneducated masses that actually buy pre-built computers.

You can't think of anything more exciting than gettting in all the kick-ass parts you just ordered and constructing your new computer.

You have computer parts strewn all around the house.

You wear clothing that have sayings/jokes on them that have to be explained to most everyone else. (see for much of my wardrobe)

Thats all I got.
2002-09-13 09:54:42 AM  
Hehe, that's pretty cool. I'm impressed. I wonder if you can still get a copy of moon landing.
2002-09-13 10:03:18 AM  
There's a whole other venue of geek that's not even covered here... like myself, the music geek.

1. You've broken off dates so you can go to a show.
2. You've become so sick of describing first genres, then what the music is like, then the bands to people who are oblivious of anything not on the radio that you just tell them, "I listen to bad music and deserve to be shot for it"
3. You feel like crying when you download an incomplete mp3 track and burn it onto cd before finding out.
4. You send emails to slightly well known fairly obscure bands asking them to play shows in your neighborhood and then realizing you have no way of putting together a show.
5. You stopped dying your hair black because it became cool.
6. You've already selected the place where you want your record store to be and you haven't even left high school.
7. You'd buy something on vinyl before you'd buy it on CD, even though your record player is at home and you're in college.
8. You go to the record store just to be there. You've given up on finding the music you'd like, and resolve to buying 2 dollar used tapes of bands that just look stupid.
9. You don't understand why talking about your band to a girl is such a turnoff (I thought they went for that kind of thing!).
10. You buy 20 dollar bootlegs of your favorite bands even though its just their TV appearances and not actually live concert footage, just because the store credit is more than cash when you sell your CDs.
11. You're going to see 24 Hour Party People tonight (like me... w00t w00t)
2002-09-13 10:08:14 AM  
You spend all afternoon at work discussing the rumors and possible reasons why Eric Crouch retired.

You think #5 on highways list is hysterical.
2002-09-13 10:15:13 AM  
When its really funny to say "What? A black man can't be a squirrel?"
2002-09-13 10:15:44 AM  
- When reading posts about people starting ISP, you think to yourself "I wonder who that was," cause you probably worked with them at some point.

- Most of the people from 10 yrs ago you met at a con or board.

- When the roommate of your GF wanted to start a company, you laughed because "nobody would pay more than a few dollars for game mods."

- The stock dot-bomb didn't really affect you cause most of your money was in real estate by then.
2002-09-13 10:16:23 AM  

I think it ran on one of our first Unix machines in New Jersey. My co workers and I must have knocked down hundred of acres of Washington state playing on Saturdays. Maybe some of the old Unix guys would have it buried in the garage but it's probably on 1 inch tape. Or even worse, it's in a 3 ring binder and requires you to type the whole damn thing in.

I should have added "If you have ever visually inspected your RAM boards with a microscope looking for broken crosspoints or faulty magnetic donuts. And then you took out your soldering iron and fixed it!"
2002-09-13 10:26:35 AM  
11. Monitor tan.

Ultraviolet lights light up the room in a much more attractive way than the sun can offer. Dark rooms with the light turned on is gothic too.

10. Before heading to the bathroom you inform your friends you're off to download and log out.

Not when your bathroom is equipped with this.

9. You become physically ill at the mention of the RIAA, and visibly excited at the mention of object-oriented programming.

Object-orientated programming sucks. Perl, python, C and assembly rules! Everyone knows the RIAA is a scam.

8. You have a poster on your wall of the Linux penguin.

I don't have the poster, I have the license plate!

7. You're mad because all your friends got goodnight kisses after prom, but your sister just slugged you in the arm and said "Thanks, bro."

Sometimes I sneak out and go on a date.

6. You think having twice as many computers as there are people in the house is a bare minimum.

A wall in my bomb shelter is stacked with headless servers.

5. You feel that living life like the movie "tron" wouldn't be so bad.

Isn't that the goal of humanity?

4. In your little black book, you list (both) the girls you know in order by IP address.

They weren't just a number, they were a whole new domain.

3. You can type faster than you can speak

I speak with a dvorak accent.

2. When your shrink says "Mother . . . " you say " . . . Board."

Gnu doctor is my shrink.

1. If, by some happy accident, you someday have kids, you want to name them after your favorite fonts.

Name them after my servers.
2002-09-13 10:26:47 AM  
Im' going to name my kid Helvitica....Little Helvitica Wine
2002-09-13 10:26:57 AM  
I always read "$" as "string"...

I need help. :P
2002-09-13 10:28:56 AM  
Your first celebrity crush was Gadget from Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers.
2002-09-13 10:30:16 AM  
Is moon landing the one where you jump the rocks and craters in the little moon buggie?

If so, that game was _cool_ !
2002-09-13 10:31:35 AM  
hmmm perhaps that was moon patrol ..
2002-09-13 10:32:59 AM  
On the 'games' thread,

You played 'Suspended' by activision and thought - Best. Game. Evah!
2002-09-13 10:32:59 AM  
wow, we actually do have a Farker from Nebraska?

/Geek for noticing
2002-09-13 10:33:36 AM  
infocom, not activision
2002-09-13 10:35:29 AM  
--You instinctively go to Google when you need an answer to anything.

--You go to Home Depot exclusively for computer modding parts.

--You "watch" Conan O'Brian religiously....then turn to infomercials with Carson Daly comes on.
2002-09-13 10:37:06 AM  
Your favourite RPG was Paranoia.

All Hail the Computer !
2002-09-13 10:39:36 AM  
You get excited when someone acknowledges your post

/thanks for noticing
2002-09-13 10:50:07 AM  
09-13-02 10:35:29 AM Hugemoviesguy

--You go to Home Depot exclusively for computer modding parts.

Oh crap, this is me.
2002-09-13 10:50:43 AM  
You scratchbuild your own USS Stargazer model.

(If I ever finish the damned thing.)
2002-09-13 10:51:50 AM  
Moon Landing was, I'm reaching back to 1969 here, just a little rocket that you input the fuel usage, thrust, angle of entry and I don't remember what else. After you input your choices it would print out a little ascii scenario showing your rocket. Then you input the changes you wanted and ran it again. Eventually you either landed or crashed. Crashes were simulated with arcs of asteriks rising from a hole in the moon surface. If I remember correctly it took about 2 minutes to run each set of changes. This was on a Teletype keyboard and one of the first "high speed" printers any of us had ever seen. The printer still used a hammer and printhead. God, does anybody even know what I'm talking about? Gear back then required software AND mechanical knowledge. Anyway, this was the first "interactive" real time application most of us had ever seen. We were just stunned by the enormity of it all.
2002-09-13 10:53:16 AM  
More than three email addresses? Feh. You know you're a geek when you have your own domain name, so you can give a different email address to every single potential source of spam.
2002-09-13 10:53:39 AM  
You check the weather online rather than looking out the window.
2002-09-13 10:56:18 AM  
My apologies if I started a threadjack.
2002-09-13 10:57:21 AM  
Larken: I think you have the code wrong.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

I've heard it refered to as the konami code.

You know what's really sad?

I know off the top of my head that the game genie code for infinite lives in super mario world is C222-D4DD, and I haven't used it in years.

Oh yeah.. geeky things?

12) Your porn is all encrypted.
2002-09-13 10:57:30 AM  
2late2baviking Sounds pretty damn cool to me. I never got to see that one (a little before my time) but I'm definately familiar with the 'stunned' feeling you get when you see something really revolutionary for the first time.

Who would have lived at any other time than now ?
2002-09-13 10:58:55 AM  
I did work with a Teletype keyboards tho :) Noisy !
2002-09-13 11:19:10 AM  

The problem with being around for the birth of Unix is keeping up. I moved from being a specialist to being a generalist who understood all of the boxes on the drawing but didn't know where all of the bits went anymore. Well, not completely. I was an x.25 subject matter expert and in the late '80's started networking IP. The right time, the right place.

For our younger viewers: X-On / X-off operated a relay in the base of the teletype unit that started or stopped the paper tape reader.

Chaff was the little yellow, oily dots that were punched out of the paper tapes. They collected in a bin under the TT and had to be thrown out. Because of the oiled paper they stuck to everthing they came in contact with. Chaff wars were conflicts whose objective was to get someone covered with chaff. And example, took a small box of chaff and set it on a mousetrap in a desk drawer, tied a string to the arm of the mousetrap and the back of the desk. Then go to occupant of said desk and ask for a manual or whatever and watch as they opened the drawer and the mousetrap launched the box of chaff into the air and onto their lap. Seemed like a hoot back then. Probably get you fired today.
2002-09-13 11:25:21 AM  
How about this one:

My boyfriend and I spent our first few dates trying to stump each other with Star Trek trivia.
2002-09-13 11:27:47 AM  
The "old" geek thing again...

When you see "$" and think HEX, not moo-lah.
2002-09-13 11:35:15 AM  
Your boyfriend talks you into taking him to all the comic and game stores in town so he can find blue dice that will brng him luck when he plays RISK 2210 AD.
2002-09-13 11:42:55 AM  
-You consider adding your girlfriend to your LAN a major commitment.

-There are more letters after your name then in your name.
2002-09-13 11:55:08 AM  

Its both the curse and the blessing of working in IT for any length of time that as soon as you get _really_ good at something they either stop making it, change it totally, or sell it to someone you don't want to work for. It keeps us on our toes, learning, and keeping an eye out for the next big thing, but its annoying to put so much effort into your knowledge and skills in an area to have it amount to nothing time and time again.

You have horses ? *jealous*
2002-09-13 12:07:35 PM  
- You waited in line for 8 hours on cold concrete in full Renaissance garb for the midnight release of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

- You know more about Xena or Labyrinth than anyone sane should know-- including inner symbolisms and double meanings.

- You have life-sized carboard cutouts of Xena and Dr. McCoy from Star Trek.

- You can add yourself to the list of people who got to know their significant other online before having physical contact.

- You own every episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus on DVD.

- You've considered naming your children after dead poets.
2002-09-13 12:08:51 PM  
- You went to a comic convention and thought that you'd never seen a group of cooler people in your life.
2002-09-13 12:21:33 PM  
- You couldn't watch Star Trek without shedding a tear (or feeling pretty woeful) for weeks after the Challenger disaster.
2002-09-13 12:35:36 PM  
- You couldn't watch Star Trek without shedding a tear, regardless (whether in laughter or pain).
2002-09-13 12:37:53 PM  
You refer to DOS 2.1 as "the good old days".
2002-09-13 12:38:39 PM  
Here's 20 in no particular order.

1. When you first received a mother board with no ISA slots, you wept because you knew it marked an end to an era.

2. You first learned how to spell 'anonymous' correctly because of FTP.

3. You read Slashdot, understand the stories, and scoff at the editors often.

4. You have at least one *nix based box running full time devoted to being a shell machine.

5. You keep old motherboards/expansion cards around because 'you never know'

6. This makes you nostalgic:

]10 HGR2
]20 LET X = PDL(0)
]30 LET Y = PDL(1)
]50 GOTO 20

7. You've had arguments over vi vs emacs

8. You can remember when efnet would usually only have 4-500 people at any given time, and was the only one around

9. You remember when The Source wasn't a hip-hop magizine

10. Replacing a keyboard every 3-5 months due to beer/soda spills is considered regular maintence

11. If the corner store is out of 64oz soda cups, you figure it's not worth it. You've been searching all your life for something bigger.

12. You've spent more then 20 hours trying to get a woefully old machine to run BSD

13. You've gone to a party and ended up spending the evening on the hosts computer

14. You spent a weekend hooking your GPS to your laptop for the sole reason of going war driving.

15. You stoped keeping your cell phone in it's belt holster because you were ashamed of how old it is.

16. You've spent more time downloading and cracking a game then actually playing it, and realize getting it to run was far more satisfying.

17. You've gone to a girls home and ruined the mood by laughing at her Compaq/Packard Bell

18. You've counted in binary/hex/oct to pass the time in the car

19. You hold contests with your freinds to see who can keep a client idle on IRC longer.

20. As a general rule, your freezer has more food in it then your fridge.
2002-09-13 12:51:07 PM  
"You can remember when efnet would usually only have 4-500 people at any given time, and was the only one around"

When it was the only one around, we didn't know to call it efnet. I didn't anyway.

It was actually efnet/the single ircnet I mucked up on. :)

- You remember when all the channels were + , and whats with this newfangled # thing anyway ?

- You mourned the day irc clients got precoded flood protection :)
2002-09-13 01:02:05 PM  
Well, here goes my list (modded versions of other lists sometimes)

You have had more computers than girlfriends, you have fonder memories of your computers than girlfriends, and you have "better" stories concerning your computers than girlfriends.

You have suffered physical pain from having to throw away old computer parts, even the ones that didn't work anymore.

You have found bugs, diagnosed them, and provided fixes... for hardware.

You compain about how bad tech support is these days, and you start off into a story "back when" when ts was actual engineers and not phone jockeys.

You think about pay raises in terms of the computer parts it will buy.

You and some friends actually started an ISP, in 1994.

You have a hard copy of the "Hacker's Test".

Concerning the previous question, your Weeners is "which version?"

You have warm memories of chatting with BBS SysOps, and thinking it great when they drop your upload/download requirement cause you sent them 5 bucks.

You have done things in software that the designers did not intend, and vehemently denied could happen, until you showed them.

Well, enough of this.

2002-09-13 01:07:03 PM  
Signs that you're DATING a geek:
On the first date, he shows you his new screensaver
(This was '96, still together now)
2002-09-13 01:08:59 PM  
Your friend calls and since he did not read your last e-mail to him you tell him to hang-up, log on, get up to speed then call you back.

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