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(Montreal Gazette)   Hell's Angel on trial in Quebec for 13 murders complains he can't understand evidence because it's in French   ( montrealgazette.com) divider line
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2001-07-19 08:42:05 AM  
Some of these guys live(d) near me..
2001-07-19 09:45:44 AM  
I can't understand murder.
2001-07-19 10:02:13 AM  
You kill someone. Pretty simple actualy.

"Let me tell you about murder. It's fun, it's easy, and you gonna learn all about it" - TinTin
2001-07-19 10:07:37 AM  
TinTin said that?
2001-07-19 10:34:18 AM  
I can "understand" the actual act, I have more of a problem with motivation (and -for myself- with conscience).
2001-07-19 11:32:26 AM  
"I'd never kill someone. Not unless they really pissed me off."
2001-07-19 11:34:57 AM  
..OR i run out of places to hide the body
2001-07-19 11:53:39 AM  
If he killed 13 Quebecois he should get a medal
2001-07-19 11:54:19 AM  
Well, maybe not.
2001-07-19 11:54:56 AM  
Stand in awe of my rock-solid convictions!
2001-07-19 12:05:17 PM  
All I can say is that if a Hells Angel killed someone...he probably did something really shiatty and deserved to die. I know a lot of Hells Angels...and yeah some do bad shiat...and yeah some sell drugs and crap...but none of them go around killing people unless there is a real good reason. You are likely to get your ass pummeled if you talk shiat to them...but not dead.

2001-07-19 12:16:39 PM  
What???!! What logic.
2001-07-19 12:58:15 PM  
We're not talking logic here Charlie...If I have to explain it to you...you wouldn't understand.
2001-07-19 12:59:04 PM  
That is what this place is about. Many opinions from different perspectives....not just white bread, 3 kids, day job views.
2001-07-19 01:03:04 PM  
farking frogs
2001-07-19 01:17:44 PM  
Nutdip: What warrants a "real good reason" for a Hell's Angel? This fruitcake killed thirteen people, fer krissake.
2001-07-19 01:38:30 PM  
I did not read the article...and I suppose anyone could be a fruitcake and go on a killing rampage...and if he did that, bad on him.

What I am talking about is...if he is your average Hells Angel, he does not just go around killing people. If a rival gang attempted to take his patch, that person is dead. If a rival gang killed his brother, that person is dead. If a rival gang or anyone for that matter did any horrible thing to anyone that a Hells Angel if friends with...that person could end up dead.

Murder is not funny to me and it is not good ever...but that is just the culture in biker gangs. I just happen to know a little about it that is all. (check my pic) I am not in a gang...but am proud to know some of them and would not ever think of farking with them (even though I am 6'6" and 325 pounds.)

Any other questions?
2001-07-19 01:46:04 PM  
OK...I read the story and I maintain my position...

He probably did not kill a family of thirteen people. He probably killed 13 assholes who you would not want as your neighbors anyway...

If you want to know the real story. Get Sonny Bargers book "Hells Angel"...

Then you will know...

I dated his neice. That is how I know.
2001-07-19 01:46:35 PM  
however the hell you spell neice?
2001-07-19 01:49:46 PM  
Walter Stadnick is a legitimate businessman and he owns Rebel's Roadhouse here in Hamilton ON Canada.

He is a family man and takes pride in home ownership.

It's alleged that he and is biker buddies conspired to commit the murders, not that they actually pulled the trigger or detonated the bombs, as the case may be. So the cops are saying they hired killers to do the jobs.

By and large, the guys getting whacked are also bikers/criminals who owe money or who ratted.

In Quebec, a little boy was kllled a few years ago when a car bomb blew up in a residential neighbourhood. That's what is pissing of the pigs. Innocents getting killed in the drug turf war's line-of-fire.

What bothers me is that the feds, in concert with the RCMP and law enforcement across the land, have enacted laws and are introducing new laws, which take away basic human and legal rights. They built a special prison in Quebec to house these guys. They're not allowed to see family.

New laws will allow the feds to do the same even if you're not an active member of the gang, but are a lawyer or a bookkeeper who occasionally works for them.

Everyone's liberty and rights are threatened by this legislation. They can lock you up, confiscate your house, cars, boats, etc., freeze your bank accounts and other financial assets, based solely on being charged. Even if you're found innocent, what life do you have left when you're free again?

So to those of you who have already convicted Walter, shame on you! Even in Canada you're 'innocent until proven guilty' dammit.
2001-07-19 01:53:58 PM  
I dated Sonny Bargers neice also. She said you were a fruitcake.
2001-07-19 01:59:49 PM  

I appologize...I was writing under the assumption that he killed someone...I totally overlooked the fact that he had not been convicted.

Anyway...please take my comments in general and not relating to any particular person. I just wanted people to know that biker gangs, although not rosey, usually don't have assholes in them that just go around killing people for no reason. As a matter of fact, I know of one biker who killed someone and I will tell you why...and then maybe neonjesus will understand...

This person killed a child molester who had been farking children in the neighborhood in the backside for years. 5 year olds on up. Now tell me which one of us would not love to wrap our hands around the neck of someone who has had sex with a 5 year old.

That my friends...is what I am talking about.
2001-07-19 02:01:30 PM  
Ed. Paaaaaaaaaaaaaalease.
2001-07-19 02:01:55 PM  
Nonjesus...forgive him....he knows not what he does.
2001-07-19 02:04:32 PM  
Your right,
there couldn't possibly be any violent psychopaths in the Hells Angels. They are all kind of like Robin Hood and his merry men. They pummel the rich and give to the poor. And they only kill those that really, really, really deserve it. I am so glad you opened my eyes to this very misunderstood group of "Angels".
2001-07-19 02:05:26 PM  

You're right, he probably killed scum - but that doesn't raise him above it, I don't want him in my neighbourhood either. I'm sure there are enough really nice, sensitive Hell's Angels that you'd love to chill and have a beer with, but they're still members of a violent gang.

Living in Montreal, I've heard enough stories about Hell's Angels activity in Quebec, and I wouldn't want any of them anywhere near me.
2001-07-19 02:10:13 PM  
So then Charlie...your form of discrimination is ok? Nice.

I'm happy to have enlightened you. The next time your car is broken down in the middle of nowhere and a few of the hells angels pull over to help you get it running, or offer you a ride to the gas station. Tell them to shove off.

Or better yet, when you find out that some seamingly normal white guy in his 30s on your block has raped your child...tell the Hells Angel that broke his neck to go to hell.

Just don't categorize pal. There are plenty of good people in bad places. Both geographically and situationally.

Nice to see that your mind is open.
2001-07-19 02:10:29 PM  
I maintain the position that he is innocent until proven guilty, or when they finally give him some evidence in English. I mean, shiat, it's cruel and unusual punishment to throw someone in jail, but give not understandable proof that he did it. Stupid Quebec and their farking government.
2001-07-19 02:17:01 PM  

It's nice to know the Hell's Angels are out there, protecting the world from the REAL criminals, like child molesters. And, hey, if they have to deal drugs, steal, run businesses out, kill cops that get in their way, other dealers on their turf, and other bikers that kill their brothers, that's a fair price to pay, I guess.

Do you really think this guy had 13 just reasons to kill people? Would you be defending him if he wasn't an Angel?
2001-07-19 02:19:51 PM  
GirlWithGlasses: French is the primary language in Quebec. It's like sticking someone that doesn't speak English in an American jail, and then blaming the government when he doesn't understand the charges.

Besides, why doesn't he have a bi-lingual lawyer?
2001-07-19 02:26:21 PM  
Hey nutcase the KKK stand for the same exact things.
By the way Sonny Bargers neice just called and she wants her training wheels back.
2001-07-19 02:32:45 PM  
What's all this jibba-jabba?
2001-07-19 02:34:22 PM  
Yeah, Nutty.
Whats with the KKK picture?
And is it Nutdip or Nutnip?
2001-07-19 02:55:49 PM  
So when the biker gangs attempted a hit on a journalist that was just?
2001-07-19 03:08:49 PM  
I pity da fool dat messes wit Hells Angels
2001-07-19 03:29:36 PM  
Wasn't there something in one of those international civil rights doctrines that covers this? I can never remember, but it makes sense, if those doctrines cover fair trials.

Also, they're not Hells Angels, but I know quite a few bikers of the same type. I've seen them beat the shiat out of one guy in a bar, but the guy had it coming big time. Everybody wanted his ass kicked. The bartender (and we all know they're never wrong) refused to take money for thier drinks for the rest of the night, and when the cops showed up, nobody in the bar had seen the idiot all night *evil grin*
2001-07-19 03:50:40 PM  
Quebec surrenders!!
2001-07-19 04:23:33 PM  
I love the scene in Gimme Shelter where the Hells Angel is glaring at Mick Jagger.
2001-07-19 05:00:52 PM  
I never defended all of them...I give up. You perfect people win. I'm going riding...

Charlie...that picture was done by Jelloboy. I just posted a picture of myself next to my bike...he did the rest. I do not associate myself with the KKK. I am just a guy who rides a bike and protects the little people like you from bad guys. I too have 3 kids and a fancy job... we are not all that different.
2001-07-19 05:02:44 PM  
Ed... Sonny Bargers neice is 38 years old. (which matches her breast size this year only) She stopped using training wheels 30 years ago. You must have the wrong girl in mind.
2001-07-19 05:07:32 PM  

With the same given set of circumstances, I would defend any man in jail accused without proof in his own language. If you read that article...it is without a shread of evidence that would lead me to believe that he is guilty. The fact that he is a Hells Angel is the only thing that the writer of the article was counting on to insure that the TV infected public assumed his guilt. That is what is sad. I am just the opposite... I have a slightly skewed opinion I agree...but from my view...the guys who died probably deserved it. Not the kid who tragically died when a car bomb went off. That is horrible.
2001-07-19 05:50:03 PM  

What you are saying is true, the HA's do not kill anybody just for the fun of it. Same with the mafia and most gangs.
2001-07-19 07:02:08 PM  
Tucci? Legitimate businessman who hangs with biker buddies? Don't all Angels consider themselves legitimate businessmen?
But as you say Tucci, it seems OK because he didn't pull any triggers, maybe only hired someone else to do that. Your acceptable take on this behaviour is quite apparent with you addressing him as 'Walter'
PS: Your a little paranoid on the Biker Law. Lets not get carried away
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