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(CBS2.com - KCBS Los Angeles)   Cheese magnate pays $10,000 fine for illegally building a private airstrip. Subby moves Astronaut and Fireman to No. 2 and No. 3 on his list of things to do when he grows up. No. 1? Cheese Magnate   ( cbs2.com) divider line
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2007-07-20 01:55:45 PM  
[image from img530.imageshack.us too old to be available]
"Hmmmmm....cheese magnet....ahhhrrllgghhh....."
2007-07-20 02:15:44 PM  
media.npr.orgView Full Size

Senator Ortolan Finistirre: That's ludicrous - The great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese!
2007-07-20 02:45:36 PM  
The mozzarella cheese baron

Alex, I'll take 'Nicknames I wish I had' for $200.
2007-07-20 04:04:10 PM  
Blessed are the Cheesemakers!
2007-07-20 04:08:11 PM  
It's Gouda be the King.
2007-07-20 04:10:59 PM  
Behold, the power of cheese.
2007-07-20 04:12:50 PM  
weedstoons.comView Full Size
[image from shallowcenter.com too old to be available]
2007-07-20 04:28:18 PM  
It's all about the cheddar
2007-07-20 05:45:37 PM  
This is sub-par photoshoppin' for a Fark thread.
2007-07-20 05:46:12 PM  
cheezus christ thats a big fine!!!
2007-07-20 05:48:59 PM  
theres a leprino's factory near where I work. The place reeks crazy bad
2007-07-20 05:50:16 PM  
Abe Fromage? The Cheese Magnate of Chicago?
2007-07-20 05:50:17 PM  
I'm thinking a $10,000 fine (in exchange for a 3 year variance) because he wanted a place to land his jet isn't going to keep him awake at night.
2007-07-20 05:51:09 PM  
What a friend he has in Cheeses.
2007-07-20 05:51:16 PM  
He Cheddar not build any more airstrips or the SLO Bleu might send detectives Colby and Jack out to pay him a visit.

/yeah I know but it's my first time to do that.
2007-07-20 05:51:19 PM  
farm1.static.flickr.comView Full Size
2007-07-20 05:52:23 PM  
A one mile airstrip for crop dusters? How did he think he was kidding?
2007-07-20 05:53:11 PM  
What, no pictures of Cheese graders? Are you kids that young?
2007-07-20 05:53:21 PM  
wakizashi = teh funniest thing I've read all day

2007-07-20 05:53:57 PM  
It is sad the regulations you have to go thru to do something on your own land.
2007-07-20 05:54:55 PM  
Give him a break!
rowini.nlView Full Size

"It's not easy..."
2007-07-20 05:55:01 PM  
String cheese North
Swiss cheese South
2007-07-20 05:57:17 PM  
Loved the headline, kudos
2007-07-20 05:58:09 PM  
String cheese North
Swiss cheese South

....just don't french fry when you're supposed to pizza
2007-07-20 05:59:44 PM  
I liked the term "Mozzarella Baron."

So much so that I may try to claim the title myself one day.

//if not for these xx chromosomes i'd be stroking a handlebar mustache right now
2007-07-20 05:59:53 PM  
Fishflinger: It is sad the regulations you have to go thru to do something on your own land.

Dude, it's a runway not a swing set...
2007-07-20 05:59:58 PM  
news.bbc.co.ukView Full Size

2007-07-20 06:01:05 PM  
The cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone,
Hi-ho, a-dairy-o, the cheese stands alone!
2007-07-20 06:01:15 PM  
i read "chinese magnet".
2007-07-20 06:02:31 PM  
airstrip is probably on google maps somewhere
2007-07-20 06:02:43 PM  
Lesser-known World War I aviators: The Mozzarella Baron.
2007-07-20 06:03:01 PM  
But what of his massive underground lair full of hookers and blow?
2007-07-20 06:04:07 PM  
. . . He was so saddened, he immediately became Bleu Cheese

2007-07-20 06:04:21 PM  
Man, am I in the wrong job. I don't even have a 5000 foot long strip to illegally grade.
2007-07-20 06:05:43 PM  
I hope he wasnt into Frumunder Cheese....
2007-07-20 06:06:45 PM  
The Original Cheese Baron

doughmaker1.comView Full Size

. . . somebody stop me before I make another tragically unfunny pun
2007-07-20 06:08:37 PM  
a $10,000 fine, how will he cut it?
2007-07-20 06:08:47 PM  
I first read it as Chinese Magnate. Like 5 times.

/headline makes no sense that way
2007-07-20 06:09:59 PM  
This thread needs more cheese pics.

i108.photobucket.comView Full Size

i108.photobucket.comView Full Size

i108.photobucket.comView Full Size

i108.photobucket.comView Full Size

That last one is really cheesy.
2007-07-20 06:12:32 PM  
Kanemano: a $10,000 fine, how will he cut it?

I get it.

/wish I hadn't
2007-07-20 06:13:33 PM  
i36.photobucket.comView Full Size

Diogenes wins.
2007-07-20 06:14:10 PM  
deathboy.comView Full Size
2007-07-20 06:15:03 PM  
I did not achieve this position in life by having some snot-nosed punk leave my cheese out in the wind.
2007-07-20 06:15:34 PM  
I'm a native cheesehead who used to design & program mozzarella machines for a living, so I'm getting a kick out of these replies...

Leprino is the sole cheese supplier to every Pizza Hut restaurant in the U.S., and no doubt has other big food service accounts as well. You've almost certainly eaten his cheese without realizing it. Leprino's mozz is made by some funky patented proprietary process involving fluidized beds. No one else does it that way.

I've heard that old man Leprino is a little old Italian guy, the bitter enemy and rival of old man Saputo, another little old Italian guy with former mafia connections who expanded his operations from Canada into the U.S. by purchasing Avonmore cheese (which had previously bought all of the Stella Cheese assets) with the presumed aim of trying to dethrone Leprino. So there's more than one mozzarella magnante out there... and that's not even taking into consideration whoever owns Grande, who if he's not really mafia-connected sure delights in using the rumors to intimidate people.

Fishflinger: It is sad the regulations you have to go thru to do something on your own land.

Well, TFA isn't real clear on what damage was done, but if sloppy work ends up destroying a river -- which Mr. Leprino doesn't own -- there should be penalties.
2007-07-20 06:16:08 PM  
WhatYouSay: This thread needs more cheese pics.

2007-07-20 06:19:49 PM  
cheesy headline, subby.
2007-07-20 06:20:05 PM  

"Denver cheese magnate Mike Leprino plead no contest and paid a $10,000 fine for illegally building a private airstrip in what was described as the worst grading grating violation case in county history."

2007-07-20 06:20:39 PM  
tehvodak: WhatYouSay: This thread needs more cheese pics.


the cheese or the spice girls?
2007-07-20 06:21:41 PM  
I'll see your cheese magnate and raise you a dental floss tycoon.

/raisin' it up...waxen it down
2007-07-20 06:23:35 PM  
Captain Krunk: Jay Leno wrote this; it's the Jay Leno we don't often see....

That's not a cheese-related question
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