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(   Since Sci-Fi deosn't seem to want Farscape any more, photoshop what the show would look like on another network   ( divider line
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5168 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Sep 2002 at 5:30 AM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-09-09 11:34:44 AM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-09-09 11:34:58 AM  
on CBS?

home.kc.rr.comView Full Size
2002-09-09 12:02:31 PM  
lansdalewarehouse.comView Full Size
2002-09-09 12:07:35 PM  
2002-09-09 12:56:31 PM  
tacoconsumer.comView Full Size
2002-09-09 1:01:50 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size
2002-09-09 1:34:42 PM  
lansdalewarehouse.comView Full Size
2002-09-09 2:26:30 PM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-09-09 2:43:09 PM Full Size
2002-09-09 4:08:14 PM  
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2002-09-09 9:34:28 PM Full Size
2002-09-10 3:02:01 AM  
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2002-09-10 5:38:52 AM  
LOL Digitalchris, you got my vote.

I wish i could tell the cable complany to remove lifetime and all of its sister stations from my lineup. Blocking them out on the box only seems to hinder the wife for about 10 minutes.
2002-09-10 5:57:47 AM  
I don't know the US TV networks, so I just did an obvious but still related ps.

whoah.netView Full Size
2002-09-10 6:03:09 AM  
vipertoys.netView Full Size

Channel 5, UK.
2002-09-10 6:10:29 AM Full Size
2002-09-10 6:53:43 AM Full Size

"Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"

Only on Nickelodeon...
2002-09-10 6:59:09 AM  
well-meaning.netView Full Size
2002-09-10 7:41:17 AM  
Bicycle Thief!
2002-09-10 7:47:37 AM Full Size
2002-09-10 7:58:51 AM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-09-10 8:23:25 AM  
hang on did I change danny bonaduci (or however he spells his name!) Full Size
2002-09-10 8:32:18 AM  
codewalkers.comView Full Size

OK, so I suck....
2002-09-10 8:38:55 AM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-09-10 9:31:34 AM  
planet-karl.comView Full Size
2002-09-10 9:33:50 AM  
Quick, cheap... Full Size

...and incredibly insensitive. I'll go hide now.
2002-09-10 10:00:51 AM Full Size
2002-09-10 10:05:33 AM Full Size
2002-09-10 11:15:54 AM  
Damn probably too late for a vote and the theme has probably already been done but god dammit I put some effort into this one...haha Full Size
2002-09-10 12:54:27 PM  
pic1.picturetrail.comView Full Size

I've never seen Farscape either. Eh.
2002-09-10 12:56:45 PM  
imagemagician.comView Full Size
2002-09-10 1:04:43 PM  
What the hell is farscape?
home.attbi.comView Full Size
2002-09-10 1:06:40 PM  
Well, here's what I predict will be on Sci-Fi Channel if they keep cancelling all the good shows:
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size

2002-09-10 1:22:29 PM  
Err... Now with voting:
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-09-10 1:49:15 PM  
My husband would agree, he loves that show!!!
2002-09-10 2:10:57 PM  
pcisys.netView Full Size
2002-09-10 4:45:29 PM  
Gotta love crossover shows Full Size

Imagine how many sponsors had to change their undergarments when they saw this episode!

Dude! You're drinking Granny's piss!
2002-09-10 6:28:34 PM  
fdc.fullerton.eduView Full Size
2002-09-10 7:21:04 PM  
2002-09-10 8:53:22 PM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-09-11 8:28:47 PM  
geocities.comView Full Size

Yeah, it's late and I probably won't get any votes (thank you 24-hour Fark registration process) but I'm posting it for posterity anyway, since it's my first Photoshop effort.
2002-09-13 7:20:41 PM

This would be for HBO. I initially did it for a video I did to "Woke Up This Morning".
2002-09-13 7:31:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Whoops... let's try that one again....
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