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2002-09-06 12:14:14 PM  
"enforcement would depend largely on "the act of pooing" itself"

Aaaah haha haha haha ha!!!
2002-09-06 12:14:47 PM  
[image from attaway.net too old to be available]
sounds great...FOR ME TO POOP ON!
2002-09-06 12:16:01 PM  
. . in other news, bush declares a new axis of faeces . .
2002-09-06 12:17:29 PM  
My neighborhood has rules about cleaning up after your dog. I have 3 dogs who poop +/- 3x a day each. That is a lot to have to clean up. Fortunately, I have a vacant lot right behind the house. Dogs poop with impunity, and I don't clean up!
2002-09-06 12:19:45 PM  
I don't see any reason why owners SHOULDN'T be forced to clean up after their dogs. I hate it when some dog-walker lets his pooch take a power dump in my front yard. Either keep the dog moving or clean up after it. Is that SO HARD to do??
2002-09-06 12:20:42 PM  
The town is just picking on the dogs because the dogs are gay. The dogs weren't kissing or anything, but they do look gay. Next the town will be giving the owners bags of rags. Bigots.
2002-09-06 12:20:47 PM  
I wish they'd declare a war on dogshiat over here in the Netherlands...
Stuff is farkin' everywhere. Middle of the sidewalk seems to be the most-preferred location for most dog-owners.
2002-09-06 12:24:00 PM  
Like you, dogs do not actually want to just poo anywhere anytime. If you give them an appropriate place to poo and a regular schedule for pooing, they will poo exclusively in that place.
However, when lazy dog owners only tend to their dogs when it is convenient for the lazy ass dog owner, the dog will feel like he has no choice but to poo at every opportunity. Tough to house train a dog like that, too.
2002-09-06 12:24:05 PM  
That article used the word "poo" (or variations thereof) waaaaayyy too many times.
2002-09-06 12:26:34 PM  
Whats up with the articles and excrement today?
2002-09-06 12:27:26 PM  
War on Pooh?
[image from poohfriends.com too old to be available]
Did he join al Qeade like Bert? We have to take steps to keep these fictional characters in line, lest we have more fictional wars cropping up all over the place.
2002-09-06 12:29:59 PM  
I travel nine months a year for work. I rent alot of short term apartments who will take my german sheppard. I swear to god, I think I'm the only one who picks up after my dog every time. Those inconsiderate bastards who are afraid to get their dainty hands dirty are farking it up for the rest of us.

Case in point:

I'm now in Fort Lauderdale. Because of irresponsiblie dog owners, the beaches are off limits to all dogs in Broward county.

The ONLY time you can take your dog to the beach is Friday and Saturday between 5-7pm for a $5.50 fee. (Did I mention that the "dog beach" is exactly 50 yards long?)

farking bastards.

2002-09-06 12:32:04 PM  
you know, if people can bag their own shiat, how hard can it be to pick up after their dogPrevious Fark link. I used to live across the street from a small park and I saw the same thing all the time, it really upset me. People would be walking by my house and their dog would take a crap in my yard and they would just walk on. How hard would it be to take along one of those plastic bags from the grocery store, or a reusable scoop or whatever for the PC group? Not hard at all. Just do it!
/end of latest rant
2002-09-06 12:33:24 PM  
Farking dog owners that don't clean up after their animals and smokers that throw their butts on the street. Both groups of people that should be beaten to death with a tire iron.
2002-09-06 12:35:40 PM  
What crap.
2002-09-06 12:35:47 PM  
I agree that the non-poop-picker-uppers have ruined it for the rest of us. In Indian River, Florida, I can only take my dogs to the public park from 6am until 8am or I get arrested.
2002-09-06 12:36:27 PM  
That's because the reason most people want a dog is "ohmagwad, ain't he cute? Let's have one!". And only later realize that a dog is an actual living creature that pees and poos just like we do...
My sister's got a dog (well... anklebiter's a better word, tho it's a nice enough li'l beast), and she went throgh great lengths to train it.
Unfortunately, most dog-owners are lazy craphats who couldn't be bothered to mind the rest of the world.
2002-09-06 12:36:31 PM  
Good news: poop is a renewable resource. It is an organic, environmentally friendly green, recyclable nutritious product for our botanical friends. I must say it provides valuable lubricating qualities for pedestrian locomotion and poop technology as a scent marker has GPS units beat by thousands of years.

4 out of 5 pooping dogs can't be wrong.
2002-09-06 12:37:54 PM  
If you pick up after your dogs, you will always be prepared to pay your traffic tickets.
2002-09-06 12:40:18 PM  
I guess no one in that city knows about Al Jaffe.
2002-09-06 12:49:03 PM  
I agree with whoever said that people who don't clean up after their animals should be beaten with sticks. It ain't the dog's fault. They are basically stupid animals who will eat said shiat if they are in the mood.
Part of owning a dog means:
1 walking the animal
2 cleaning up after it
3 keeping it from barking after 10pm
4 not letting it run loose
5 not letting it piss on your flowers/bushes/etc.
It's amazing to me how many dog owners seem to be oblivious to these simple rules of responsible dog ownership. Nothing better than cleaning up dog shiat when you don't even own one. Thank you so very farking much for sharing your dog's waste products with me and my family. Loser.
2002-09-06 12:53:06 PM  
Most shiat isn't funny. But poo? Hilarious!
2002-09-06 01:04:14 PM  
Yosarian wrote five rules for dog ownership. Yos, you seem to be assuming that everybody lives in the city. In rural areas, taking care of your dog consists of putting out a bowl of food a few times a day. No need to "walk" the dog when it already lives outside almost around the clock.

From the original article: "The paper bags often got soaked in the rain, council animal officers sometimes could not refill them in time because they had to attend to other duties and pet owners would often take multiple bags, leaving none for other dog-walkers."

That's a stupid excuse, but using paper bags was stupid to begin with. The right way to handle this is to put dispensers at the dog walking areas that contain rolls of plastic bags (like vegetable bags at the supermarket). Rain isn't a problem, and the rolls hold 500-1000 bags so there are plenty to go around. This is the solution I've seen at all well-functioning urban dog parks.

Oh well, Australia has been going to hell in a handbasket anyway, ever since the citizens let the government ram gun control down their throats.
2002-09-06 01:23:41 PM  
GunBoy - If you live around people then you have to live by these rules. Laws actually. Even if I live way out in the country I don't want your mutt roaming my property. Target practice.

With a hose! I wouldn't harm a dog unless he was attacking. Some of my neighbors think that it's ok to let their dogs run free (Born free... as free as the wind blows, la la la la la...never mind). One guy's Blk. Lab. had my wife, who was 8 mos. pregnant, and my 4 y o son pinned up against her car one night showing it's fangs. This after I had asked the guy very nicely to please keep his dog on his property not once, but three times. That dog is lucky that I didn't get my hands on it because I would have killed it with my bare hands. Little farker was fast! Not so lucky in the end after all when I called Animal Control. He went Bye bye. And then, of course, I was the bad guy.
What would you have done in that situation?
2002-09-06 01:24:10 PM  
My condo complex put up posts with a bag dispenser and little trash bin for poopies. I'm sure not everyone uses them, but I think it's a good idea. Now you don't have an excuse.
2002-09-06 01:51:03 PM  
Instead of wasting all this money on prevention why not hire people to stand around, (government workers favorite past-time anyways) wait for someone to leave their animals shiat, pick it up, chase him/her down and throw it at them.
2002-09-06 01:52:06 PM  
Hey, Yosarian, I don't disagree with your dog rules for city folk. I'm just saying that they don't apply in rural areas.
2002-09-06 02:15:04 PM  
GunBoy - I hear ya'. But what would you have done about the dickheaded neighbor? Just curious to what others would do in that situation.
2002-09-06 02:32:01 PM  
I live in New York City (of course), and those stupid biatches on the Upper East Side with their annoying so-called "dogs" (Yorkshire terriers) are EVERYWHERE, and DAMNED if they're gonna ruin their $300 manicure by picking up after the rat-thing.

Solution: Shoot the dog.

Freakin' Latinos with their uber-fighting dogs are too macho to clean up after him.

Solution: Shoot the dog.

All along my street, there's dog shiat. Freaking East Village types are too stoned to pick up after their mutts.

Solution: Shoot the owner.
2002-09-06 03:07:16 PM  
Yosarian. Do the American thing, sue the owner. $10,000 in "emotional damage" for the dog gowling at my 4 year old child.

Seriously, I agree with your solution. It sounds like the dog was a pest in the neighborhood all the time, and you didn't just call Animal control for one incedent...

My old roommate owned a dog but worked and went to school, ment the dog spent most of her time at home alone, or being cared for by me... I walked her every day and played with her, I was the one who finally broke her of her pooping inside problem... But then again, she bit him several times, but never me.
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