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(The Daily Bull)   Apple and Netscape users join forces to form 1% of computer market   ( divider line
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1333 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jul 2001 at 12:45 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-18 12:54:44 AM  
Yeah, ok.

That was dumb.
2001-07-18 01:10:34 AM  
Let's face it,
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posts are just not funny, except stuff from the Onion.
2001-07-18 01:18:10 AM  
Did you miss 'Dinosaurs found to be Sodomites'?
2001-07-18 01:27:12 AM  
i liked the ninja one better. although, i could be a little biased. anything with ninjas, monkeys, or robots scores extra points with me. obviously, monkey vs. robot and robotfrank are near the top of the list. the kung-fu chimp scores pretty good, too.
2001-07-18 01:33:28 AM  
>> anything with ninjas

The plural of ninja is ninja. You must now commit seppuku.
2001-07-18 01:38:37 AM  
If I say "ninjas" too, do we have to commit seppukus?
2001-07-18 01:40:27 AM  
Yes, you do.
2001-07-18 02:12:30 AM  
Here are some really rough web stats on visits to the Ninja Burger website:

6275288: MSIE
1140133: Netscape - about 1 in 7 (14-15%)

Operating System
6927559: Windows
380388: Mac - about 1 in 20 (5%)

I'd point out a few things. First of all, visitors using Netscape are more prevalent than visitors using a Mac. Therefore, Windows users are using Netscape too; more often, in fact, than Mac users do. The crackheaded notion that Netscape and Apple are associated on some deep level is just plain misguided. This isn't the first article to mention it, and it won't be the last. But they're all on crack. This is a myth propogated by Microsoft, who wants you to think that because their browser is shoved down your throat on all Windows boxes, that therefore everyone must be using it. A lot of people take the time to download Netscape Navigator too.

Second, note that Netscape users account for roughly 15% of traffic, while Mac users account for roughly 5% of traffic. This is far beyond the 1% combined that the article stupidly alleges. There are more people using these products than people acknowledge. And 5% is a hell of a lot. For example, the population of the United States is about 5% of the world's entire population. The population of New York State is about 5% of the entire United States population. The population of the Bronx is about 5% of New York City's entire population. So foo.

Thirdly, it's worth noting that of all the Windows users, about 50% of them (3655258) are still using Windows 98, while about 10% of them (741521) are using Windows ME. Mac users are still willing to pay to upgrade their systems; almost all are running either 9.1 or OS X. Windows users are the ones using old technology, which is exactly why Microsoft is panicking and doing their crackheaded "keep paying for software every year" thing; they can't make people upgrade their software.

I think Ninja Burger provides a pretty good cross section of the web using public, and I bet if Drew pulled his Browser Stats for, he'd see similar patterns.
2001-07-18 02:41:48 AM  
shoved down my throat, yes, but it works better than nutscrape.
2001-07-18 02:57:07 AM  
I laughed so hard that a huge glob of shiat came out and smeared my buttcheeks and shorts. Then I fainted.
2001-07-18 03:07:55 AM  
I hate IE and Netscape. I use Opera with OSX.
2001-07-18 03:19:28 AM  
Bong hits to Paul!
2001-07-18 03:20:12 AM  
I understand the web by watching the pretty green symbols that scatter across my monitors. No, wait, that was The Matrix. I just use IE.
2001-07-18 06:14:31 AM  
Opera for Linux here. (unless I'm at work, then it's Opera on win98). 3.5 million supposedly using this little gem. I give it another year before Opera is #2.

If M$ can get IE6 down to a 2meg install (no java) maybe I'll look at the damn thing again..
2001-07-18 07:29:25 AM  
I was in love with Netscape (4.0 - 5.0 I think) until I found Opera.

I thought for sure I'd be seeing Leopold in this thread. :)
2001-07-18 08:06:04 AM  
uh...IE here, but I used netscape 4.75 religiously until I got my new box, and discover that there are things you can see in IE that netscape needs another plugin for...aeonite, I saw you on the back cover of YIL (gotta love the dentist office) good pitch for the crowd

- former greenskeeper, about to become masters champion
2001-07-18 08:41:32 AM  
Opera at home, Netscape at work.

However, many Opera users have their browsers report as MSIE because many sites do crap browser checking for IE and won't let you in unless you are using IE for 'compatibility'...

Opera can report as Netscape, IE, Opera or Mozilla... hard to track actual Opera users.
2001-07-18 08:58:06 AM  
Opera, Netscape, IE at work. Damn compatability testing.

IE at home.

I've not read the article, but the tagline for it got a fairly loud guffaw out of me.
2001-07-18 09:33:57 AM  
Linux / Mozilla mostly, though I do use Windows/IE 5 some at home. IE actually wouldn't be a bad browser if they would get rid of a few "features" like the inability to disable Javascript or the fact that IE overrides any custom error pages that a web server may try to provide (some of which may provide useful links or information).
2001-07-18 10:01:13 AM  
i just tried out opera and it's damn good, but i'm just too used to IE to change now.
2001-07-18 10:56:51 AM  
What irks my about Opera (which is what I'm using now, incidentally), is the news and mail readers.
The mail is OK, but doesn't splat messages onto the filesystem in such a clear manner as NS, and
the newsreader sucks, because there's no way (I can find) to move news posts into mail folders. You know - joke lists with the latest postings and suchlike. Annoying, but one has to keep up with the Robinsons now, doesn't one?
And oh yeah - Amazon doesn't like Opera. I don't like Amazon (anymore), but it's a good place to deref ISBNs.

More on topic: maybe the 1% is the NS-on-Mac users. Then, the numbers would even be realistic.
2001-07-18 11:00:24 AM  
I am using Mosaic 1.0 on my Tandy computer. It freakin' flies! This information super highway is amazing!
2001-07-18 11:48:51 AM  
I used to LOVE Netscape. In fact, when IE 5.0 came out, I was still using Netscape 4.x in protest to Microsoft. Then I started to realize that Netscape didn't work right, pages didn't look right, and a whole bunch of other issues.

I switched to IE for a while, and you know what? It wasn't that bad. You have to admit, the interface is a lot cleaner and more intuitive. That new Netscape 6 just boggles the mind!

Thanks for all the comments on the article, folks! They are appreciated!

Aeonite: Heh heh, yeah, I know the actual figures, but hey, that's where I see things going in the very near future.
2001-07-18 12:08:58 PM  
Lynx, dammit! It's the only inter-web browser for real women and men.


Actually, I usually use IE on a Mac, OmniWeb in OS X and IE 6 in Win2K.

Linux? I ain't no commie!

2001-07-18 12:30:53 PM  
Lynx in the house!
2001-07-18 12:38:20 PM  
That was a seriously lame artical. Satire, to be effective, needs to be directed at persons or organizations that think a BIT to highly of themselves (like, say, France). Now, Jobs, and to a somewhat lesser extent Apple as a whole, are certainly viable targets, but generally not on something they recognize to be a problem - their market share. And Netscape hasn't been an independant company for what... going on two years now?

I did enjoy the dateline on the artical, however (year of 19101).

2001-07-18 12:53:55 PM  
Yeah, I need to fix that... but it works fine in IE!!
2001-07-18 01:43:38 PM  
Why can't apple just make it's own browser, then I wouldn't have to mess with these crappy ass ones.

Anti-trust, fooey
2001-07-18 03:15:06 PM  
Netscape 4.7 forever!

Sigh... Why'd they go and have to fark up the perfect web browser with NS 6? It's almost enough to make me want to use M$IE.

2001-07-18 07:11:04 PM  
OS-X w/ Mozilla!.

The thing that made me switch from Netscape to Internet Explorer back when I was on OS-9 was being able to disable cookies from individual web sites. Call me paranoid. . .
2001-07-18 09:15:11 PM  
I use both IE and Netscape (4.6) it depends on what I want to do at the time. Looked at Opera some time ago but had problems. Maybe I should look again.
My only take on the subject is how damn arrogant and pretentious people can get over a farking OS. It's just a God Damn OS for crying out loud. Just use what serves your purposes. It's like arguing over what religion is the best one.
We started a company based solely on Mac/PC integration.
There are 10,000 skyscrapers in the Naked City. There are also 10,000 skyscrapers that are 90% Novell, some flavor of UNIX, Banyan Vines (yikes) or Microsoft based. Guess what? The other 10% are Apple. Such as the Marketing Dept and Graphics dept. Most of the time I found that the IS Dept would scratch thier heads when I mentioned that Apple can do TCP/IP (which killed Novell's staunch SPX/IPX stand) and can co-exit with another operating system in a networked environment. It takes a little doin' and a little social engineering about file names, lengths and forks but can be done. Anyway I'm not a Apple guy I'm a computer guy. I do computers, OS, software or anything for that matter.
It's all really silly to argue or put bumper stickers on a car.
2001-07-18 09:57:40 PM  
Let's hear more about what inter-web browsers and operating-systems people use! I am so very interested in it! I want to hear opinions, people!

I don't even know if I'm being sarcastic anymore!
2001-07-18 10:15:50 PM  
Microsoft BOB!

I don't either.
2001-07-19 12:14:28 AM  
I would like to apologize for this link being down for the last four hours.

Our ISP is really, really, really bad. They like to shutdown for "regulary scheduled maintenance," which in reality is "eratic technical difficulties due to incompetence."
2001-07-19 03:40:23 AM  
it took me a while to get back on this, but, aeonite, would it be okay if i just lose an honor point. i still have ten.
2001-07-19 08:36:09 AM  
Spacegoat said: Let's hear more about what inter-web browsers and operating-systems people use! I am so very interested in it! I want to hear opinions, people!

I don't even know if I'm being sarcastic anymore!

That wins quote of the day.
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