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(Propaganda Matrix)   New September 11 photos likely staged - major discrepencies between documented events and pictures emerge   ( divider line
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28330 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 05 Sep 2002 at 3:42 PM (20 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-09-05 3:30:25 PM  
Good god- take a fairly plausible idea- the a President might have slightly fudged the truth to seem more on the ball- and end up looking like a nut sack in less than 2 minutes.

I'm investing in Reynolds Wrap if we have this many tin foil hat loonies running around.
2002-09-05 3:51:05 PM  
reads article.. yawns.. NEXT!!!
2002-09-05 3:52:56 PM  
I don't know about y'all but those outstanding images of the clock really proved this theory beyond any doubt. I mean how can we argue with those crystal-clear pictures?
2002-09-05 3:52:56 PM  
the clock was probably wrong... see, the guy in the 2nd picture is pointing at it, in outrage.
2002-09-05 3:55:24 PM  
2002-09-05 3:55:28 PM  
Next they are going to say that Oswald did not kill Kennedy ......that will be the day
2002-09-05 3:56:14 PM  
Maybe it was set wrong. Somebody got confused about the whole "spring forward, fall back" thing.
2002-09-05 3:56:50 PM  
The clock is a horrible point, unfortunately. Anybody who went to school knows the clocks were NEVER ever correct.
2002-09-05 3:56:58 PM  
Oh man, what a pathetic web page. I've submitted dozens that were better than this.
2002-09-05 3:57:58 PM  
Looks like the clock says 9:25 to me.
2002-09-05 3:58:19 PM  
Oh, goody! A new conspiracy theory!
2002-09-05 3:58:54 PM  
Well, I'm a jet fuel genius - I can solve the world's problems
Without even trying
I have dozens of friends and the fun never ends
That is, as long as I'm buying
Is it any wonder I'm not the president
(He's not the president)
Is it any wonder I'm null and void?
Is it any wonder I've got

Too much time on my hands, it's ticking away at my sanity
I've got too much time on my hands, it's hard to believe such a calamity
I've got too much time on my hands and it's ticking away from me
Too much time on my hands, too much time on my hands
Too much time on my hands

[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-05 3:59:00 PM  
Glenny no understand...*rubs aching head*
2002-09-05 3:59:28 PM  
So, in the last year, they were able to scrounge up all those kids, convince them and their parents to pose for the shots and keep their mouths shut, and reshoot the photos, in the process skipping details like the time on the wall and what the prez was wearing that day. Rrriiiiiiiiigghhhhttt. Dr. Evil, you're a genius.
2002-09-05 4:00:24 PM  
All the Jews were evacuated from the school before Bush arrived, too.
2002-09-05 4:00:46 PM  
I've lived in the Eastern Standard time zone all my life, we have daylight savings time. Many of the buisnesses and schools I have worked at or attended have had the time EXACTLY one hour off a great deal of the time, usually fixing it right before the time changes again.
2002-09-05 4:00:52 PM  
The little hand of the clock is back and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
Back... and to the left.
2002-09-05 4:00:53 PM  
What is the conspriacy theory? Are they saying that bush actually went back to the school and reshot the pictures, why? Who would care?
2002-09-05 4:01:48 PM  
Talk about needing a conspiracy.

Here we have the video picture of Bush from 9-11...It clearly shows that he is wearing a burgandy tie, black jacket and WHITE shirt...

However, this image depicts Bush wearing a BLUE shirt

And this photo makes me hold the president in such high regard too! With that glowing oily forehead... wait, could the "white" shirt possibly be a blue one that is overexposed!?

both images had balanced histograms
translation: "Look at me use big technical terms in a casual manor. That's because I'm smart and know what I'm talking about"
2002-09-05 4:01:53 PM  
In another photo proving that there is a goverment conspiracy, the following photo looks like a normal view of the White House, but if you look at it closely enough (and have a strong belief that the government is involved in a conspiracy) then the photo appears to be someone giving you the bird .

[image from too old to be available]

2002-09-05 4:04:01 PM  
I saw another conspiracy site recently where they pose the question, "where is the plane wreckage at the pentagon?" Something about there being no evidence of any aircraft wreckage?

I don't delve into these conspiracy theories too deeply, but I do thing the government and corporate media are giving the public a good gang raping lately - I don't believe 'em much...
2002-09-05 4:04:10 PM  
I used to get all freaked out at my school when the clocks were behind and they (the school) would correct the time. Turns out, every clock in school could be set remotely from the office. I was in class and really high one day, and they clocks were being reset. They went backwards at 1 minute intervals, and made a "ka-chunck" sound. I started mumbling about going back in time and put my head down on my desk and started crying.

Ah, the memories!
2002-09-05 4:04:17 PM  
can we just go back to the fat lady who fell on the sidewalk???
2002-09-05 4:04:30 PM  
He's probably gone to hundreds of schools. You know they all look the same.
2002-09-05 4:05:11 PM  
I hate pinko-commy-hippie conspirators...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-05 4:05:11 PM  
Bush knew the clock was wrong, and he did nothing.
2002-09-05 4:05:42 PM  
I'm not a Bush fan, but come on, this is just sad. This really isn't that big of a deal even if it is true.
2002-09-05 4:05:54 PM  
It's sad that people actually put time and effort into something so meaningless. I mean really, what if he WAS an hour later? BIG F'N DEAL!

sad sad sad sad.
2002-09-05 4:06:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

Only an idiot would look at these two pictures and not realize that one of them shows the time 9:25 properly and the other one shows the time 10:25 improperly. As you see with the first picture, the hour hand should be between the two numbers, not pointing straight at the current hour. Not even mentioning the fact that school clocks tend to be wrong and everything else.

2002-09-05 4:07:25 PM  
Ogre: Dammit you beat me to it.
2002-09-05 4:08:26 PM  
That was a pretty funny page. It's sort've like every UFO page that has poor lighting, bad angles and unclear pictures that people allow their children to scribble "clear" pictures on top of.

I was pretty interested in the part where Bush discussed having seen the first plane hit. I've never heard that one before. Perhaps that's made up (LOL)? If not, still sounds like an honest mistake to me.
I'll be saying I saw the second plane hit til the day I die, yet I was still on the train platform in Newark at the time.
2002-09-05 4:08:26 PM  
That's what happens when someone has too much free time and an eight ball.
2002-09-05 4:10:14 PM  
WOW! A whole website dedicated to the fact that your president is clueless...

2002-09-05 4:14:09 PM  
Come on you guys, don't take this so seriously! It's fun to pretend that the world's a little weirder and more dangerous than it really is...
2002-09-05 4:14:49 PM  
B.Jesus took the words out of my mouth.
2002-09-05 4:15:38 PM  
I agree who would care.

The Pentagon photos that don't show any debris are old news. But to allow everyone to rest easy. There is a survelance video of the plane actually hitting the building.
PS. are you going to the next Fark Party?

Right on Sarge!
2002-09-05 4:15:53 PM what? The fact still remains that 2 planes hit the towers, they collapsed. A plane hit the pentagon. And thousands of people died because of this.
2002-09-05 4:17:06 PM  
The annoying thing is that a handful of points that are made on this page are valid ones worthy of some degree of investigation. But, they're buried under a pile of nonsense. For example, I really don't care what time the blurry clock is displaying or how often Bush changes his shirt, but it's interesting that GW hung around the school long enough for them to set up a little command center, and that he brought along so many senior advisors for such as standard public appearance.
2002-09-05 4:17:49 PM  
In the second photo Bush is standing right on the X on the rug. I'm sure they staged the photo, then X'ed the spot so he would know where to stand.

I don't even think this is a classroom. I think this is the same sound stage in Utah they used to fake the moon landings.
2002-09-05 4:19:35 PM  

Is it just me, or is that site a complete waste of bandwidth? I mean, if they were going to cover something up by taking fake photos:
1. would they pick such a non-event to cover up? (a misstatement?)
2. wouldn't someone have thought to go back and look at the originals and see what clothes he was wearing.
3. I'm completely baffled by the whole thing.
2002-09-05 4:19:37 PM  
Just because I had some time, and to show how stupid this guy is, here's the pictures of bush after I over exposed it in Photoshop in about 1 minute. I tried to match the pinkness of his face and lack of blue overall. Keep in mind, I went into the histograms as well.

[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

Some photo expert that guy is.
2002-09-05 4:20:23 PM  
I have come to several conclusions, either:

a) Bush set all of this up to secure a second term and to make lots of money selling oil. This is all an elaberate scheme concocted by the same Republicans in the secretive military-industrial complex that had President Kennedy assasinated.

b) Have you wondered how our government could use tax payer money to create really good first person shooters? Our government not only preplanned this whole event by funding Muslim extremists in Afghanistan over 20 years ago, but also by the more recent CIA training of Palestian terrorists tml And why fund both sides of a war? Obviously not to make money, blowing up bombs is just like burning money. Is it for power? No, because if these evil ultra-right wing conservative Republicans are actually that smart they would have taken over the world after the Civil War. The real reason is because Republicans are actually demonic reptilian aliens from Mars


b) The internet is dieing and Fark now has to covertly "create" websites that people will read.

And if you believe a or b is the answer you should check out Seriously.
2002-09-05 4:21:39 PM  
Farking Squirrel:

Hey, what's up?
I am planning to attend the next FARK party. Do you know where it's gonna be?
2002-09-05 4:22:51 PM  
What a complete idiot!!! This guy must live in one of those militia comunes....
2002-09-05 4:25:54 PM  
I FIGURED IT OUT! Its a conspiracy to sell t-shirts:
2002-09-05 4:25:57 PM  
WOW! A whole website dedicated to the fact that your president is clueless...


Another troll who bashes the US without having the stones to reveal which country THEY are in.

2002-09-05 4:26:24 PM  
I love how all these whacko conspiracy nuts always preface their bullshiat with things like "I'm an image expert!" or "I'm a ballistics expert"!, etc. Everyone's an expert at something apparently.

Yeah, it's been covered here. All of those photos obviously came from different sources and are of greatly varying quality. Some of them are overexposed, some underexposed. shiat, and I'm not even an image expert.
2002-09-05 4:27:07 PM  
what the hell is wrong with the fark server today? I'm on a T-1 and can hardly get into anything. Buy a new server Drew!

stupid article BTW
2002-09-05 4:28:13 PM  
2002-09-05 4:29:23 PM  
If you're looking for a website that proves Bush is an idiot, I'd recommend

Let the man speak in his own defense of theirself.
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