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(IMDB)   Ben Affleck is balder than a baby's bottom, joins Trafficant's toup� club   ( us.imdb.com) divider line
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2002-09-05 02:17:50 AM  
Anyone wanna 'shop up a pic of what this might look like?

Gotta also wonder how many times it's come off in Damon's hands during a good rodgering.
2002-09-05 04:27:37 AM  
What! An actor is vain? I don't believe it.
2002-09-05 04:27:43 AM  
Satire? From IMDb? If he really wears a rug, it looks damn good.
2002-09-05 04:28:14 AM  
2002-09-05 04:28:22 AM  
bald men unite!
2002-09-05 04:29:31 AM  
I wouldn't have guessed it to look at him. He's only like what 26 or something?
2002-09-05 04:32:38 AM  
That page is cool as hell, Buffy had an attack of the hershey squirts and Matt Damon smoked doobs with his folks.. it's almost too neat to be true.
2002-09-05 04:38:31 AM  
Soooo, his hair sucks as bad as his acting?
2002-09-05 04:41:15 AM  
I have a confession to make. My eyebrows are fake. Each one of them is an itty bitty hairpiece. They attach with Velcro.
2002-09-05 04:43:43 AM  
Does that mean they can get him to play the Mekon if they do a Dan Dare movie?
2002-09-05 04:46:18 AM  
I'd still hit it.
2002-09-05 04:48:03 AM  
[image from topshot.com too old to be available]
Ban Affleck

i dont have photoshop on this computer
2002-09-05 04:49:24 AM  
Well of course "Ban" is suppsed to be "Ben", but it just adds to the funny.
2002-09-05 04:50:03 AM  
This rocks. He deserves to be bald. Frankenstein-looking motherfarker.
2002-09-05 04:51:11 AM  
Man, what's next, Affleck's not really a jerk either?
2002-09-05 05:00:42 AM  
What I don't get is the statement that he hadn't told JLo. Uh, How could she *not* be able to tell? I would think that she's attempted to run her fingers through his hair during shagfests or something, right? It would feel different than regular hair, right?

Maybe they both have a "don't touch the do" policy.
2002-09-05 05:09:35 AM  
2002-09-05 05:16:50 AM  
What's the big deal? Just say it's a toupee. Nobody will stop seeing his films because of this. It takes a big man to admit to wearing a toupee.
2002-09-05 05:17:25 AM  
omg i don't believe it, it looks too real.
2002-09-05 05:18:23 AM  
[image from members.optushome.com.au too old to be available]

BAh .. you get the idea
2002-09-05 05:25:25 AM  
Oh wow! I didn't know he was a burn victim!
2002-09-05 05:31:29 AM  
he has a big head.
2002-09-05 05:31:41 AM  
[image from defiantgraphics.com too old to be available]
Wow....he DOES look bad without the hair!
2002-09-05 05:34:30 AM  
Yep...still hittable.
2002-09-05 05:46:15 AM  
Either way, I don't think I'd do him. Matt Damon maybe.
2002-09-05 05:52:47 AM  
2002-09-05 06:04:11 AM  
I'd still hit it, and I'm straight.

And by the way, this story smells of BS.
2002-09-05 06:13:26 AM  
What is this obsession with babies' asses people have?
2002-09-05 06:23:09 AM  
I can't believe it's not hair!
2002-09-05 06:25:56 AM  
Looks like Vince Vaughn took the play-fighting a little too personally and leaked a crap story to IMDB.

Nobody hates Affleck more than me, and as much as I want to believe it, I think somebody raided the National Enquirer's idea drawer.
2002-09-05 06:26:34 AM  
Not only is Affleck bald, but further down in the same story, it's revealed that Matt Damon smoked pot! POT!

Jeez, the shockingness of those dual revalations makes me fear for my pesonal safety
2002-09-05 06:52:33 AM  
Fact: Ben Affleck grew up in Berkeley.
Fact: LBNL has been operating a tritium facility to the dismay of many locals who tell of leaks and all sorts of problems with radioactivity.
Fact: Ben Affleck is bald.
Fact: No one knows how Ben Affleck got his first part?

I smell MIB.
2002-09-05 07:04:55 AM  
First off, I call Bullshiat, but its kinda obvious that its not true

I remember hearing a story a while back about how damon and affleck went to auditions together back in the day and one time ended up at the Mickey Mouse club, and both were about 18, just 10 years too old. They both auditioned anyway.

And then after AFFLACK broke up with paltrow, everyone said he was givin the 'dazed and confused' paddle-assin to Damon, with a side of Anus Sausage (I'm talkin bout Butt-Sex!) but who cares?

2002-09-05 07:33:47 AM  
Those whacky celebs!
2002-09-05 07:37:12 AM  
I like the bit at the bottom about Matt Damon smokin the funny bone with his parents.

God, my parents suck.
2002-09-05 08:07:42 AM  
I thought Aflack grew up in Cambridge, MA? Same idea, different coast.
2002-09-05 08:09:19 AM  
Never mind, I just read his bio....sorry...
2002-09-05 08:23:03 AM  
you think ben's embarrassed, think about j.lo... chris judd is probably laughing his ass off
2002-09-05 08:23:12 AM  
jlo doesn't know yet.

Mustn't be gettin himself much then, cause i imagine that sort of thing would reveal itself pretty quickly.

I have this mental image of him going the growl and the rug getting caught and flapping about as he goes the buisness.

2002-09-05 08:30:39 AM  
MMMMM. . .Ben Affleck.
2002-09-05 08:38:13 AM  
I guess that secrets out.

Just shave it...your cranium that is.
2002-09-05 08:42:01 AM  
It must be a partial toupe, kinda like the one Ted Danson wore on Cheers.
2002-09-05 08:44:41 AM  
He may look a bit like this:
2002-09-05 08:46:51 AM  
Bloody hell. Or this:

[image from hash.com too old to be available]
2002-09-05 08:54:53 AM  
Yo Affleck! You da bomb in Phantoms!
2002-09-05 09:03:19 AM  
Applesauce baby.
2002-09-05 09:17:09 AM  
I hate this crappy no talented actor.

But it's just a National Enquirer-type lie. Not true.
2002-09-05 09:18:37 AM  
Affleck way overracts. His buddy Damon is a much better actor, with the exception of that stupid golf movie.

I thought only Costner could ruin golf on the big screen, and I was wrong.
2002-09-05 09:22:07 AM  
"Aw that's a bunch of hogwash!"
heh. a good reference if I do say so myself.

And didn't Jerry Bruckheimer pay to cap Ben's teeth when he was in Armageddon?
2002-09-05 09:23:08 AM  
The Daily Star (source of the story) does have about a 30% to 50% bullshiat factor, so I'll withhold judgement. However, It's perfectly possible. Rugs are made of real hair, stuck down and weaved in in various ways - it's quite possible someone you're porking wouldn't notice.It does piss me off that people don't just admit they're balding and get on with it, instead of trying to be something they're not though.
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