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(Detroit Free Press)   Pitcher rips Detroit Tigers for pulling him as a starter. Dares them to release him. Has given up an average of almost 8 runs per game this season   ( freep.com) divider line
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2002-09-04 07:43:36 PM  
Haven't read it, but lemme guess...

Jose Lima?
2002-09-04 07:43:54 PM  
he better watch out or he'll get traded for mark grace
2002-09-04 07:44:05 PM  
Right on target.
2002-09-04 07:44:27 PM  
2002-09-04 07:44:42 PM  
Hey Lima time, you suck!
2002-09-04 07:46:37 PM  
I totally love how my team is imploding so publically, if you are going to suck, you need to suck like this.
2002-09-04 07:47:47 PM  
They're gonna send CY LIMA to the bullpen? THE BASTARDS!!!

Didn't read the article, but if he built his argument around how bad the Tigers suck and who are they to criticize... well... how can you argue with that?
2002-09-04 07:48:51 PM  

That is all...
2002-09-04 07:49:27 PM  
The funny thing is that he is right. If you are not good enough to pitch for the Tigers you might as well go home.
And yes Detroit is one crappy organization.
2002-09-04 07:50:18 PM  
Sounds like Jaime Navarro. Navarro lost a game 10-9 and then complained about lack of run support post-game.
2002-09-04 07:55:57 PM  
Eye_power.....GOOD JOB

2002-09-04 07:56:45 PM  
Awww, smoked by a Mud Hen. *sniff*
2002-09-04 07:56:47 PM  
he's got two choices....

get sent down to toledo, who probably wouldn't have him.....
or be traded to the royals, who probably would have him.
2002-09-04 07:58:06 PM  
Good thing he's got that Casa Ole gig to provide him a steady source of income.
2002-09-04 07:59:02 PM  
I think Lima should take his own advice.

And let me guess... he is making over $1 million a year? Anyone know how much he is making per season?
2002-09-04 08:03:14 PM  
Thank God he is not playing in houston anymore. First he has a good season, gets a big head, does a few Casa Ole commercials, and BAM he sucks. I hope gets released and then he can eat all the enchiladas he wants until he runs out of money and is forced to work at the resaurant.
2002-09-04 08:09:03 PM  
jose lima needs to quit biatching and sit on the bench collecting his fat paycheck..
2002-09-04 08:12:43 PM  
"Crying..There's no crying in baseball"
2002-09-04 08:14:57 PM  
He's pissed 'cuz there wasn't a strike.
2002-09-04 08:20:07 PM  
still waiting for the mets implosion...
but lima is a crybaby...the tigers have sucked all season and now he starts biatching?
2002-09-04 08:22:31 PM  
Waiting for a Mets implosion? What do you mean "waiting"? They lost 15 straight at home, and they will be mathematically eliminated from the post season sometime tonight. What more do you need? Locker room shoot out?
2002-09-04 08:25:53 PM  
Woo... I read that as 'pitcher' as in 'water pitcher'. Couldn't understand why the Detroit Tigers were ripped by a water pitcher.

Then I realized.
2002-09-04 08:34:48 PM  
Only one of many reasons why the strike would have been good.

None of these whiney, complaining bastards. Get a clue, farkwards. And get an edumacation.
2002-09-04 08:43:37 PM  
Leahrostova - The Tigers have sucked all season? The Tigers have sucked all of the past 15 years!

It should be noted that the rookie who started for the Tigers in place of Lima, Andy Van Hekken, in his first Major League start, pitched a complete game shutout.

Wonder if Lima-Time still has anything to say?

At least the Cubs have Sammy Sosa and Kerry Wood to cheer for. Who's gonna bring a Tigers fan out to the ballpark? Hiram Bocachica?
2002-09-04 08:43:55 PM  
Jose Lima makes $7,250,000 a year, and I think they are locked into another season for him as well. He is one of the MAJOR flops recently in baseball, one really good season and nothing since then.

Mike Hampton and him were both amazing for the Astros in 1999 and now both suck and make WAY too much money.
2002-09-04 08:46:37 PM  
Lima beans are going on strike?
2002-09-04 08:53:30 PM  
2002-09-04 08:54:05 PM  
I am now offically embarresed to live in Detriot. The Lions suck, the Tigers suck. This is a hellhole.
2002-09-04 08:57:40 PM  
Lima is a loser. As a Tiger fan, I'll be very happy if the Tigers can trade him for a sack of baseballs...though the other team would lose out on the deal.
2002-09-04 09:02:50 PM  
Kayinetik: You still have the Red Wings!
2002-09-04 09:05:46 PM  
Kayinetik: At least you have the Red Wings...
2002-09-04 09:05:51 PM  
Lima: "If I can't pitch on this team -- the worst or second-worst team in baseball -- where am I going to pitch?" he said. "If I can't start on this ballclub, I must be the worst pitcher on earth."

You have to admire his honesty.
2002-09-04 09:09:59 PM  
Basketball starts in 2 months...
Go pistons!
2002-09-04 09:17:36 PM  
Gimmegimme: "Lima is a loser. As a Tiger fan, I'll be very happy if the Tigers can trade him for a sack of baseballs...though the other team would lose out on the deal."

Don't worry, I think there's a good chance Texas will trade for him... probably give him a raise too. It would make a nice 1 - 2 combination, Park - Lima.
2002-09-04 09:44:52 PM  
Haha, knew it was Lima after the first few words of the headline. Jeez I wish they'd have a good pitcher throw fastballs at his nuts every time he whined like a Frenchie. I'm glad he's stuck in Detroit tossing cantaloupes like a company softball pitcher and we don't have to deal with his stench in Texas (for the most part, during the season.)
2002-09-04 09:49:13 PM  
[image from shortandstrange.com too old to be available]

"HEY...there's Jose Lima!!"
"Can we have your autograph when you come out?"
2002-09-04 09:54:13 PM  
You know, for $12 an hour, my job will FIRE MY SORRY ASS if I didn't do my job right.

His job is to throw balls across a plate in such a way that the batter misses... He is not doing his job right and is complaining that he now doesn't have to do it but he STILL GET PAID?!?

What pisses me off the most is I can fail at his job just as badly, but they will not pay me to do it.
2002-09-04 09:59:19 PM  
you know, it's really starting to hit home what a huge Detroit contingent there is here in Fark. Freep articles get posted all the time, and all of our sports teams get discussed, even the ones that suck ass.
as much as i hate reading the obligatory "detroit is a hellhole" comments every time our city gets mentioned (as a cliche, putting down detroit = kitty + domo + ackbar x20), i have to admit that one of the reasons why theres so many Detroit Farkers is because there's so little to do here.
2002-09-04 09:59:50 PM  
Red Wings.

They will restore some sense of Detroit dignity

As much as can be restored at least.

I can't wait for hockey to begin again. *sigh*
2002-09-04 10:02:11 PM  
But still.....

How can you not love Lima Time? I mean w/ the dancing and the video clip of his music video....

And that celebration high five/arm crossing combo he used to do with Robert Fick when he played first for the Tigs. Come on, somebody's got to remember that. Me and my friend do that when he pitches now. It's so fun.

Hey, if you're gonna suck, might as well suck in style, and Lima Time's definitely got style.

Oh, and that Van Hekken guy? Don't you remember the exact same thing happening to Cornejo, Powell, Santos, Grisenger and others? Teams can't hit him cause there's no report out on him, and are therefore fooled. Jury's still way out on Van Hekken.
2002-09-04 10:04:52 PM  
Just for the point of saying so, and I'm not defending Lima, there is a difference between a 7.77 ERA and saying that someone give up an average of 8 runs per game. If a pitcher only pitches for one inning during an entire game, and gives up 1 run, then he has a 9.0 ERA for that game. Just thought that needed to be pointed out.
2002-09-04 10:25:47 PM  
Sweater Girld...

There's dignity in the professional sports of Detroit??

Heh. You learn something new everyday..

*walks away whistling*
2002-09-04 10:26:42 PM  
OOps...My apologies for the typo in your name Sweater Girl.
2002-09-04 10:29:10 PM  
The Tigers. Ahh yes. Mike Illitch's tax write off...
2002-09-04 11:10:28 PM  
On what planet are you from where a 7.77 ERA doesn't equal giving up an average of almost 8 runs per game? I assume "per game" means per 9-inning game.
2002-09-04 11:14:20 PM  
Not that Lima could remember what pitching for 9 innings is like.
2002-09-04 11:46:02 PM  
thank GOD he's not in houston anymore.

aside from his one decent season, the guy has permanently scarred the houston astros and casa ole.
2002-09-05 03:06:42 AM  
[image from ryland.net too old to be available]
2002-09-05 08:15:03 AM  
Hey, Lima time is a good guy, he's just frustrated. I guess it's common sense that if your team has lost around 100 games they're going to start bringing up some young guys to get some PT. It's been a shiatty season here in the D, and I don't blame any of these guys for being crybabies (well, except Bobby Higginson, but he's just an overpaid assclown)

Lima has tried to remain positive all season, but he's been banished to the deep deep deep bullpen for most of the season, and he wasn't allowed to try and pitch his way back into form.

Hopefully they'll just get rid of the whole team except Inge, Fick, Santiago, and Pena and just start from scratch....even if we have to bring up some younger guys from Toledo or Erie...Give em a shot...

as for dignity...The Red Wings have plenty, and the Pistons finally made up for farking Isiah Thomas by hiring Joe Dumars and putting him in charge.....GO PISTONS!
2002-09-05 10:15:53 AM  
Lima sux...suxed when he was an Astro too!


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