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(The Smoking Gun)   Lil' Bow Wow's concert rider. What? No Courvoisier?   ( divider line
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20017 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Sep 2002 at 11:23 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-03 09:33:48 PM  
Gotta give the boy credit: His requests aren't bad. Plus he asks for Carnation Hot I want hot chocolate..
2002-09-03 11:26:10 PM  
always ask for things you can't spell.

Makes you seem 'portant
2002-09-03 11:26:17 PM  
Screw the little hump. I hate rap and anything that smells like it. Jesus loves you. Eat more bologna.
2002-09-03 11:27:24 PM  
At least he's not asking for condoms..
2002-09-03 11:27:51 PM  
No malt liquor either, not even for the DJ or the dancers.
2002-09-03 11:28:10 PM  
This kid has yet to learn the art of trailers. These requests are pretty simple compared to others the 'gun has given us.
2002-09-03 11:28:53 PM  
What's with the black hand towels?
2002-09-03 11:29:24 PM  
This list wasn't that bad.

Now if -he- wanted the case of Red Bull, it might be excessive. The kid's too young for a case of Whoop Ass though.
2002-09-03 11:29:31 PM  
What, no Madden 2003?
2002-09-03 11:29:58 PM  
Only CRISTAL for the young'in...

Little kids that rap are the worst. It's embarassing just listening to it. Ugh.
2002-09-03 11:30:17 PM  
China and silverware for twizzlers, starbursts and chips?
2002-09-03 11:30:58 PM  
yeah but what does he need jergens for hmmmmmmmm....?
2002-09-03 11:31:11 PM  
Amen Bigpeeler lay it on the line.
2002-09-03 11:31:23 PM  
Who buys [Lil] Bow Wow's albums?? Seriously. Who.
2002-09-03 11:32:18 PM  
He's good, but he's no Little Romeo though...
2002-09-03 11:32:42 PM  
Sec wrote:

Little kids that rap are the worst. It's embarassing just listening to it. Ugh.

AHHHHHHH! I'm having flashbacks to KrissKross.
2002-09-03 11:33:00 PM  
Begoggle > prolly all daddies friends. ...and every 4-14yo suburban black kid.
2002-09-03 11:33:32 PM  
"who the hell is Lil' Bow Wow?" is about all i can muster.
2002-09-03 11:35:16 PM  
Man, you gotta feel sorry for these little pint-sized superstars. Five years from now, when he's all washed-up and obsolete we'll see him in an interview on E! talking about how all he ever wanted to do is be a normal kid going to a regular high-school, attending football games, going to the prom, never had the chance to have a normal childhood, blah blah blah...
2002-09-03 11:37:16 PM  
Someone put this retard out of his miseryu before her records "Jump Jump 2002" or pops out a cover of "Iesha" (or however you spell that)
2002-09-03 11:37:18 PM  
He got raped in the butt by his security guard a few years ago. Have some pity.
2002-09-03 11:37:36 PM  
I gotta agree with laywersrock. Why do you need china dishes for tater' chips, candy, and gatorade? It's like putting one of my photoshops in the lourve.
2002-09-03 11:37:58 PM  
I wonder if anyone's actually taken the trouble to give him those 100 volt outlets he wants. Apparantly he likes that "brownout" feeling.
2002-09-03 11:39:48 PM  
Aren't his 15 minutes of fame over? it's time for him to join Webster and McCauley Caulkin in Michael Jackson's Stable of Freaks.
2002-09-03 11:39:59 PM  
My question is why only 100 volts? Most appliances require at least 110 to 120...
2002-09-03 11:42:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-03 11:44:07 PM  
I went to a Kris Kross concert back in the day!
2002-09-03 11:46:03 PM  

I'm sorry to hear it. I see the prescription is helping somewhat. recovering from a 6" hole in your head must be grueling.
2002-09-03 11:46:19 PM  
100...101...whatever it takes.
2002-09-03 11:48:38 PM  
Hey Krazy Kat.. I think he should have some rubbers so we won't have any "Lil Lil Bow Wow's".

Nice comment Bigpeeler... I am on your side.
2002-09-03 11:48:52 PM  
I don't like polka or bluegrass,(or rap) but if some kid wants to do it and manages to get a little success for himself, I wish them all the luck in the world. Bet if he was some rich 'businessman' (music IS a business you know) any criticism would be chalked up to 'jealosy'. Because it's a young black kid suddenly the rules are different and he somehow doesn't 'deserve' what he has and its OK to hate him.

2002-09-03 11:49:01 PM  
Well someone needs to get shot. Now.
2002-09-03 11:51:14 PM  
No malt liquor either
Red Bull is not only a energy drink, but there is also a Red Bull malt liquor.
2002-09-03 11:51:59 PM  
Soap bars ? Who still uses soap bars ?
2002-09-03 11:52:50 PM  
the odd thing is, he's relatively talented. but he will have maaaajjor psychological problems.
2002-09-03 11:53:08 PM  
Ah yes Kris Kross, the kid rappers who wore all they're clothes backwards. Then everybody else did it. i never did, so i never had to figure out how to take a leak without going in my pants.
Have nothing against rap in general but kid rappers just annoy the hell out of me. They think they're so cool cuz they have money, and fame and fortune and....hell i'd also think that way too if i were them. Now if you excuse me i think i otta pracitce my freestylin' so i can get a record yo.
2002-09-03 11:54:57 PM  
There it is:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-03 11:55:00 PM  
Lil Bow Wow has way more talent then Lil Romeo could ever dream of. Even still Lil Romeo has more then BigPeeler, who doesn't bother to listen to it and just calls it crap like the ignorant lil farker he is. Go back to your diet of beer and boobies. We don't want you to attempt to think.
2002-09-03 11:55:02 PM  
Nobody lays it down like Chali 2na .
2002-09-03 11:56:34 PM  
Um, Neofuq, BigPeeler is a rapper.
2002-09-03 11:56:57 PM  
There is no rap I've heard that I like except a kid in my english class last year by the name of Mike Mercer, who wasn't a total farktard. now, admittedly I haven't listened to much rap, but I have heard enough to know that the vast majority of it sucks. But I'm not trying to be down on anybody's musical preferences. Whatever floats your boat, man.

Thus endeth the sermon.
2002-09-03 11:59:24 PM  
if rap had different lyrics and artists would less people throw out the oblig. "it all sucks"?
2002-09-04 12:00:11 AM  
I wish Lisa Lefteye had hit lil bowwow and romeo when she schmeared herself across the highway. I'm not trolling, i just hate bad music and havent had time to post.
2002-09-04 12:00:40 AM  
He needs to get crazy and ask for stupid shiat just to see if he can get it.
like a football helmet filled with jello pudding.
neked pictures of bea arthur.
and under arm hair from the shaving of a virgin.
and a glory hole in each bathroom.
2002-09-04 12:01:18 AM  
seeing Dylanspurgin's remark, i should clarify: I don't hate rap, I hate bad music. All rap is not bad music. All COUNTRY is bad music. In case you were wonderin.......oh....n/m then.
2002-09-04 12:02:27 AM  
Ah yes Kris Kross, the kid rappers who wore all they're clothes backwards. Then everybody else did it. i never did, so i never had to figure out how to take a leak without going in my pants.

I knew kids in my class that did this. That fad lasted about a week at my school...

Oh, and to all the rap-hating Farkers, I'll just say: get with the times. ALOT of people of like rap nowadays. That is all.
2002-09-04 12:02:44 AM  
correction: little FRENCH kids that rap are the worst
2002-09-04 12:03:43 AM  
Bow wow or Romeo dont have a thing on....
Super Greg

"Da Numba 1"
2002-09-04 12:04:09 AM  
Warm it up Kriss!

I'm about to!

Warm it up Kriss!

Cuz' that's what I was born to do!
2002-09-04 12:05:13 AM  
I used to hate country music, then i figured out that i had no idea what country music really was. thanks khyi[.com]
/shameless plug

oh yeah, and Tenacious D is "The Greatest Band on Earth" TM
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