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(WWE)   WWE website reporting that wrestler Chris Benoit and his wife were both found dead today in Atlanta   ( divider line
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38612 clicks; posted to Main » and Sports » on 25 Jun 2007 at 6:49 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-06-25 6:24:45 PM  
Does Subby have any link to a story or is it just bullshiat? Bad Subby.
2007-06-25 6:25:41 PM  
No, it's true, go to and it's there now.
2007-06-25 6:26:49 PM  
WWE.COM: They have what doesn't! Get the scoop at WWE.COM.

/Like they don't make shiat up for a living
2007-06-25 6:26:54 PM  
It's weird that something like this is reported and the first thing I think of is "oh, weird storyline." I haven't followed wrestling for years (it isn't REAL to me) but I'm always amused by their antics... is this one? is this legit? It's so quasi-reality.

I hope its a story but if it's not, it's sad... he's an ollld Calgary Stampeder that used to entertain me and my friends when we were young.
2007-06-25 6:27:59 PM  
If true this is awful, he was my favorite wrestler. :(
2007-06-25 6:29:01 PM  
Just like the car bomb thing

2007-06-25 6:29:57 PM  
His kids were found dead too.
2007-06-25 6:30:24 PM  
First Vince McMahon and now this?
d23 [OhFark]
2007-06-25 6:31:44 PM  
They need to change their Limo company before it's too late.
2007-06-25 6:46:36 PM  
Flavivirus: I hope its a story but if it's not, it's sad... he's an ollld Calgary Stampeder that used to entertain me and my friends when we were young.

I remember going to see him when he first started with Stampede wrestling. He was Owen's tag team partner. They were both really young, I think it was in 84 or 85. It was one of their first matches.
2007-06-25 6:51:22 PM  
Still waiting for mainstream confirmation though. I really hope this is just an storyline angle. Of course, how would they retcon it? Ugh.
2007-06-25 6:51:49 PM  
crystal meth and steroids don't mix well
2007-06-25 6:52:09 PM  
It's on Google News, and some of the sites have confirmed that it isn't a storyline, it's the real deal.

He apparently had flown home this weekend to "attend to a family matter". Yikes.
2007-06-25 6:52:12 PM  
Are we going to make this the official Raw discussion thread since tonights Raw is three hours and will be a tribute to Beniot? I say yes.
2007-06-25 6:52:27 PM  
another fake WWE death. shameless.
2007-06-25 6:52:32 PM  
It's only on that website because nobody but rednecks with mullets watch wrestling.

Google cares not.
2007-06-25 6:52:51 PM  
2007-06-25 6:52:51 PM  
We are still awaiting further details, but we are extremely saddened to report that former WWE and WCW World champion Chris Benoit and his wife, former WCW and ECW personality Nancy "Woman" Benoit were both found dead today in Atlanta, Georgia. Obviously this will be a huge developing story in the days to come but at this point, we'd like to express our deepest condolences to the Benoits' family, friends, and fans at this time.

A meeting is currently ongoing at WWE TV and it is expected that tonight's three hour Raw will now be dedicated to Benoit's memory.

6:09 Update: issued the following statement this afternoon: "WWE is sad to report that Chris Benoit and his family have been found dead in their home. Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths. Tonight's Raw will be a tribute to Chris and his family."
2007-06-25 6:53:10 PM  
Personally I am inclined to believe this, sure Vinnie and the limo, but this seems credible, I doubt that WWE would fake a whole family's death for a show.
2007-06-25 6:53:18 PM  
well he's finally back with eddie. RIP
2007-06-25 6:53:24 PM  
Hmm, the wife too? Usually a wrestler dying isn't news but I guess there must be some murder involved here. Crazy
2007-06-25 6:54:01 PM  
someone put out an apb on kevin sullivan!
2007-06-25 6:54:11 PM  
RIP Rabid Wolverine :-(
2007-06-25 6:54:14 PM  
Chris Benoit and his family were found dead in their home

WTF? Did he kill them? Or die protecting them?
2007-06-25 6:54:25 PM  
Thats a shame. He was a favorite of mine for a long time. He had a ferocity and a level of technique that was hard to match, and that allowed him to go toe to toe with bigger guys like The Rock or The Undertaker and have it look good.
RIP Canadian Crippler.

pics.livejournal.comView Full Size
2007-06-25 6:54:31 PM  
Seriously. This is very weird.

There's a whole hell of a lot more to this story...
2007-06-25 6:54:45 PM  
It's real, it has to be real because it's recognized on TNA's main page.
2007-06-25 6:54:47 PM  
Assuming it's real, My $5 goes on the square marked "murder/suicide caused by steriod induced psychosis"
2007-06-25 6:54:50 PM  
It's sad that WWE is so beyond fake that I am still not convinced anything even as serious as this isn't some form of publicity stunt.
2007-06-25 6:54:55 PM  
Some time back I posted a long list of wrestlers who died young, rarely from natural causes; damn, there were a lot of them.

I think the site is but I am not sure.

Something about the lifestyle, they die young--and in large numbers.
2007-06-25 6:55:13 PM reports their son's name, Daniel. I'm actually thinking this is real now, but very strange how not one media outlet has picked this up. I know it's all fake and entertainment, but policemen and media have underground ties, someone would have called someone.

Well, the very nice lady at the Atlanta police department knows nothing abuot it. Please don't call her! :)
2007-06-25 6:55:33 PM  
someone put out an apb on kevin sullivan!

I thought the same thing. Beniot did steal his wife
2007-06-25 6:55:40 PM  
How does this make the sports tab? I mean, if there was Circus news, would that make the sports tab? Wrestlers for the most part are great athletes but when your outcomes of your competitipons are predetermined you are not participating in a sport.
2007-06-25 6:55:58 PM  
the wwf curse rolls on...
2007-06-25 6:56:45 PM  
Damn. He was my second favorite (Ric Flair is still my favorite).

Rest in peace Crippler. I'm praying for you and your wife and kids.
2007-06-25 6:57:08 PM  
Very sad. He left the tour this weekend and skipped last night's PPV due to "family emergency".
2007-06-25 6:57:52 PM  
I hate fake wrestling (and I'm not too fond of the real stuff either), but you hate to hear about stuff like this.

Hopefully it turns out to have happened under better circumstances than when Phil Hartman & his wife were found in their home.

/Still misses Lionel Hutz
2007-06-25 6:57:55 PM  
I never watch wrestling, but I saw the Vince getting blown up segment while flipping channels. Probably not the best storyline now.

//good night funnyman?
2007-06-25 6:58:03 PM  
This is very sad. He was a life long wrestler, his wife a former valet (by the name of Woman from the Doom and Kevin Sullivan days in old WCW). He was also a fellow Edmontonian and I remember him coming home as champion after winning the world title.

What makes it worse is the WWE's use of death in story lines. The whole Vince McMahon is dead thing really looks extra stupid in the face of this tragedy. The wrestling world also lost "Sensational" Serri Martel last week, but she was long retired (although inducted into the WWE's Hall of Fame this past Wrestlemania). Now Benoit, and active superstar, has died and his family has sadly dies with him.

I will be watching to see the cause of the deaths. This is a tragedy for the industry.
2007-06-25 6:58:12 PM  
2007-06-25 6:58:30 PM  
"This is not part of the show folks"
2007-06-25 6:58:37 PM  
msnbcmedia.msn.comView Full Size

2007-06-25 6:58:39 PM  
Guys, this really isn't anything to laugh about. True, the McMahon storyline was an angle, but this is real. What I'm wondering about is the PPV event that he had to leave last night due to "a family emergency." So many questions surrounding this tragedy. I hope we can get some answers soon.

/RIP Benoit
//gonna miss you dearly
2007-06-25 6:59:03 PM  
Aw, that sucks :(

For the record though is the Vince thing real?
2007-06-25 6:59:18 PM  
jwood: WTF? Did he kill them? Or die protecting them?

Considering his 'art' was getting sweaty, slapping people on the chest, and helping them flip over his body....he was probably shot while donning his neon pink spandex pants.

Last words? "Wait, I need my boot so I can put your head between my legs and--"
2007-06-25 6:59:26 PM  
Geezus, this isn't happening.
2007-06-25 6:59:36 PM  
The ONLY (and I mean ONLY...this completely sucks) upside to this is that the fake-ass Vinny Mac Is Dead angle now has to be dropped in a damned hurry.

/will miss singing his theme song
//Here comes Chris Benoit, and he's really mad
///Here comes Chris Benoit, and he's really an-gry
2007-06-25 6:59:39 PM  
Wow. This is very strange. Benoit was scripted to win the ECW title last night on PVV and didn't show due to a "Family Emergency".

RIP Crippler, RIP Woman

2007-06-25 6:59:55 PM  
2007-06-25 7:00:32 PM  
Thanks, Chris. Definitely one of the best there's ever been.
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