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(AJC)   Keychain tweety bird deemed weapon by school (with picture)   ( accessatlanta.com) divider line
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736 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Sep 2000 at 8:16 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2000-09-29 10:08:27 AM  
Laf that picture makes this whole thing even stupider than I first thought.
2000-09-29 03:44:20 PM  
I think a pen or pencil could do more damage than that. They should definately outlaw pens and pencils.
2000-09-29 04:14:37 PM  
ok, the picture shown there is the keychain AFTER they removed the 8-inch chain link attached to it. it''s not about the tweety thing on the end, it''s about the insanely long chain attached to it (that the picture conveniently leaves out). It''s still incredibly stupid, but it''s not as stupid as you''re led to believe.
2000-09-29 04:50:10 PM  
Oh no, it IS stupid. Our school has a "zero-tolerance" policy on weapons too and we''re not allowed to have chains longer than 30cm. Mine''s about, ohhhhhhhh I''d say 3 feet
2000-09-30 09:33:29 AM  
Am I the only one that thinks that they did the right thing?

Personally, I think that the problum does not lie in the schools execution of their policy. It is very important that they keep all non-essential weapon-like objects out of schools. If they had bent the rules for a tweety chain, even if the girl didn''t intend to use it as a weapon, someone else could have.

Where I believe the problum is is in the policy itself. Two weeks suspension with out appeal is a bit harsh for a little girl with a tweety-bird chain. Maybe just cutting the chain and an essay to write on how weapons control in school is important would have been more appropriate.

anyway, that just MY two cents
2000-09-30 04:01:20 PM  
I agree, they could have giver her a warning, just because its zero-tolerance doesnt mean they have to suspend her.
2000-09-30 05:19:37 PM  
Zero-tolerance usually means punished to the fullest extent when it comes to school systems.
2000-09-30 09:35:07 PM  
Hey, but anything could be used as a weapon.
I jab someone with a pencil, then they''ll outlaw too.
2000-10-01 08:07:07 AM  
well hell, your bare hands can be used as leathal weapons but there is NO way we can keep those out of schools. Until something major happons in our society (for example, people stop feeling the need to kill each other) all we can really do is keep as many weapons out of schools as possible. If someone attacked you with a pensil, you''d probably back away, if only becaouse they got the drop on you you''d still back away. However, if you had a kinfe or something tucked under you pant-leg you might strike back. Moreover, if you had a chain hanging out of your pocket, you might defend yourself, allowing more possible damage to you and your attacker.
2000-10-01 02:26:11 PM  
The funny thing is this:
"The school district lumps Ashley''s Tweety bird chain into a category with pellet guns, ice picks and swords. "
2000-10-02 09:31:39 AM  
That''s a pretty wicked-looking chain she''s got there. The girl''s definitely a killer. I''d lock her up for a few years too, just to be on the safe side. Imagine the humiliation of being strangled with a Tweety-Bird chain. Oh, the humanity!
2000-10-02 12:34:44 PM  
This is all just a complete crock. The more "Zero - Tollerance" policies there are the worse off the schools will be. It used to be in my school days that when there was a problem between 2 kids they would duke it out and face a 2 or 3 day suspention or a weeks detention. If a weapon was used the punishment was worse and could get you expelled and get the police involved. Now the punishments are so harsh that to a child it seems no different to punch someone or beat someone with a chain or stab someone. Now if you are forced into an altercation with another student and no matter what you do the punishment is just as harsh what are you going to do? You are going to take the most severe action you can. The most bang for your buck if you will. As to this girl I think the princapal should be fired with great prejudice and whoever destroyed her property (broke the chain. boy i bet it was a dangerous weapon since it could be broken so easily) should be charged with vandalism or at least have to pay restitution to her. Hows that for "Zero-Tollerance"?

Of course to me there is a more ominous side to the "Zero - Tollerance" mentality and public schooling in general. This country was founded on the idea that we are all sovereign individuals, that there are certain rights that cannot be taken away such as the right to defend yourself or the right to believe and say what you want. What is taught in schools now is that the group is the supreme authority and trumps individual rights. That''s socialism folks. And as more generations of children pass through the public school system that have been taught that they have no rights save the ones that the government/principal/teacher allows them to have the more people accept tyranny as adults.

After 85 years of the public school system in this country. People can accept a president who, when he can''t get a bill passed in the constitutional way decides to usurp the power of congress to legislate by creating laws by executive order. Socialists like Hillary Clinton and Al Gore are portrayed as moderates. People are constantly having their individual liberties trampled and don''t even know it. In my opinion the government schools are a big cause of many of the problems in this country today.

Just my 2 cents (probably closer to a rant)

2000-10-04 01:48:05 AM  
The way I see it, if it''s ok to kill an innocent baby, it''s good to kill people who are asses and are mean and such.
2000-10-04 09:47:45 AM  
On top of all the other stupid things in this episode, She bought the keychain at a school fair.
2000-10-04 08:15:29 PM  
An object is only as dangerous as the person holding it. If you don''t know how to take a gun off safety, that gun is just as dangerous as a stick. If you know where to kick someone you can kill them. It''s all crap.
2000-10-05 11:32:40 AM  
Actually, this is the law & order mentality of the right wing taken to an extreme state. She broke the rule, she gets punished. No "Three Strikes, you''re out"; it''s one strike and you''re out. Cobb County, GA is one of the most right-wing areas in the U.S.
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