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(NASA)   Real time satellite tracking. Find out where both the Space Shuttle and the International Space station are right now   ( liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov) divider line
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2002-09-03 01:01:14 PM  
Cool. Will it track Lance Bass's lifeless corpse too? (well, not anymore thank god)
2002-09-03 01:02:38 PM  
The heck with all that: let's track the vice president!
2002-09-03 02:37:18 PM  
[image from liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov too old to be available]
2002-09-03 02:37:43 PM  
That is very cool. It also shows what's in daylight, etc, so when we go and bomb the fark out of something we'll all be able to tell whether it's night or what with one click.

Bookmark it!
2002-09-03 02:37:59 PM  
wow, more useless but somewhat cool technology.

i bet bin laden will find it useful in his next wave of attacks... nasa: doh!
2002-09-03 02:38:34 PM  
Let's track Osama.
2002-09-03 02:40:12 PM  
What the - Why is the International Space Station in a Motel 6 outside of Cincinnatti when it said it was going to be at the office ALL day?

That tramp!
2002-09-03 02:40:24 PM  
I have my web cam set up in my pants to track the orbit of my balls around my pee-pee. They shift oddly from time to time. I'll get it online shortly for all to see...
2002-09-03 02:41:13 PM  
It might be useful to track the gaggle of Fb-'s children. I think they are planning something.
2002-09-03 02:42:24 PM  
I feel so proud to be an American. /sarcasm

It's a real testament to wastefull government programs that all the technical knowhow that is NASA and the best they can do is waste money by growing rock candy in micro gravity in order to impress a bunch of 3rd grade school children.
2002-09-03 02:43:36 PM  
My wife and I used it to watch the station go over a couple weeks ago; the program is real accurate. We watched three sattelites go over while we were fishing Sunday night. Try clicking the 3D option.

BTW when viewing the station, you need to be looking quite a bit above the horizon it's supposed to rise on. There is a lot of haze and unless its crystal clear, you really don't see the station until it's at about the 10:30 position (9:00 and 3:00 being the horizons). It moves pretty fast as it is going overhead.
2002-09-03 02:43:39 PM  
I'm sure the whiners will have a field day with this, but I think it is very cool.
2002-09-03 02:45:56 PM  
satellites - uh
2002-09-03 02:48:54 PM  
I took a look at the J-Track 3D feature... thats cool. Just CTRL+click out to see a little better view. Really cool stuff.
2002-09-03 02:51:46 PM  
Hmm... no satellites are over Iraq right now... that seems strange. It would be kinda cool to see all the military ones also.
2002-09-03 02:57:17 PM  
Been using this site for a while now - it rocks! You can just step outside - see the space station - step back inside.

Last week I used my binoculars and saw a Mexican Space Agency capsule pulling the hubcaps off the shuttle...
2002-09-03 02:58:09 PM  
Satellite stuff is way cool. I am going to get a nice DVB deck with a 90cm Ku band dish with actuator - pull in the nifty obscure stuff. http://www.lyngsat.com
2002-09-03 02:58:29 PM  
Ctrl+Click and check out the orbit of Chandra. What the hell is going on there? it's like doing some wacky loopty loop orbit. Very strange...
2002-09-03 02:59:49 PM  
It can't tell me where Christa McAliffe is.
2002-09-03 03:00:23 PM  
NASA is the best site on the Internet if you search a lot of the site. All this yahoo, msn, google, aol crap don't deserve to be higher than NASA.
2002-09-03 03:01:12 PM  

09-03-02 02:51:46 PM Cubicle-slave
Hmm... no satellites are over Iraq right now... that seems strange. It would be kinda cool to see all the military ones also.

The predators broadcast in FTA DVB AFAIK.. I would really love to know what sat they downlink from.
2002-09-03 03:03:29 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]

HOLY shiat!!!!!

WTF is going on????!
2002-09-03 03:03:58 PM  
Thirdrail: Chandra is on a way loopy orbit to get out of Earth's magnetic field so it can see X-rays better. They only make observations when Chandra is wayyy out there.
2002-09-03 03:19:08 PM  
this is ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooold, watched it for several moths ago
2002-09-03 03:21:18 PM  


2002-09-03 03:21:23 PM  
What the heck is Starshine 3?
It's listed under human crew... a Soyuz maybe?
2002-09-03 03:23:50 PM  
nevermind, I found it. It's not manned.

2002-09-03 03:27:24 PM  
Zorgon, Thanks.
FNG [TotalFark]
2002-09-03 03:28:35 PM  
but can it find my keys?
2002-09-03 03:33:59 PM  
This is sweet. They need to stick a few cameras on these that we can operate, like that guy's website. Maybe a few lights to switch on and off too.
2002-09-03 03:36:27 PM  
This is a cool link, yes, and a big 'aw shaddup' to all the detractors. I have had the opportunity to see the station go over my town about two months ago and it was pretty cool to see. Very bright and extremely fast but how often do you get a chance to see that?

I also got an opportunity to see the shuttle boosters seperate after a launch around 3 a.m. one night, and I was in the suburban Atlanta area at the time. I was just walking along minding my own business when there's this loud "swiiiiiiiiisssssssh!" sound and a bright flash in the sky, which left an afterimage for about one minute. Turned out that the shuttle had just launched only seconds ago from Florida and that the skies were clear enough in my area to see the boosters seperate. Of course, about eight to ten months ago, I forget when, the Atlanta news station WSBTV was actually able to pick up a shuttle heading into orbit from the camear in their helicopter due to clear skies as well.

I think this is pretty cool -- it gives the American people a chance to see just wtf all that crap is that they see at night in the skies, that AREN'T ufos.
2002-09-03 03:50:48 PM  
Been checking this site out for about 2 years now.
2002-09-03 03:59:34 PM  
COOL!!! I can tell when the station and the shuttle go over my house.
Now I don't have to wear this tinfoil hat 24/7 to keep them from reading my thoughts!

2002-09-03 03:59:51 PM  
I saw the shuttle once. I waved and they blinked their lights.
2002-09-03 04:00:56 PM  
How cum "Amateur" doesn't bring up naked housewives doing self-breast exams by sattelite?
2002-09-03 04:04:58 PM  
Everytime I try to find something, it just says "Current location: Outer Space."
2002-09-03 04:11:16 PM  
[image from ibelgique.ifrance.com too old to be available]
"So... you see how we can track just about anything with computers."

"Oh David, you're so cool. Let's make out."
2002-09-03 05:03:24 PM  
Whoops! I just clicked on one of the yellow lines and it changed the orbit path. OMG!! the HST is on a collision course with the space station! sorry about that NASA.
2002-09-03 05:04:16 PM  
Anybody notice that there are already 4 SKYNET satellites in orbit?

Let us all join hands in welcoming our new machine overseers.
2002-09-03 05:26:25 PM  
This is still one of the few 'ActiveDesktop' items with any interest... You can still add it to your desktop from what remains of the Active Desktop Gallery (for those of us in Windows land).
2002-09-03 05:45:58 PM  
didn't i see this on goldeneye?
2002-09-03 06:16:06 PM  
Spiffy........ I likes things like this..... :)
2002-09-03 07:02:30 PM  
I know most of August I could go out in my back yard after 10 mountain time and at about 10:20 I could watch the space station go from west to east and the longest it took once was about five minutes. Pretty cool to watch.
2002-09-03 07:47:42 PM  
Remember ladies, free mamograms if you go outside topless while any of these fine satellites are overhead.
2002-09-03 08:00:30 PM  
Cool site. I have been getting J-pass email for over a year. They will let you know when you can see them (with the neked eye).
2002-09-03 10:29:17 PM  
2002-09-04 07:20:49 AM  
Useful for knowing when to hide your, uh, 'training camp' to avoid detection by overhead spy satellites...
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