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(Yahoo)   Reporter sent to cover car chase picks up hitch-hiker. Guess who he picked up?   ( news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2002-09-02 08:23:37 PM  
2002-09-02 10:49:02 PM  
I'm not going to read the article. I'm just going to guess that he picked up some little girl whose Nimbus 2000 had broken down on the highway. Have a nice day.
2002-09-02 10:58:16 PM  
"He looked like a normal modern guy,"

As opposed to those abnormal guys from the Renaissance you see walking around.
2002-09-02 11:12:51 PM  
Wldncrzy14 found the crucial quote.
2002-09-03 12:52:29 AM  
Normal modern guy (Safe to pick up):
[image from smc.maricopa.edu too old to be available]

Abnormal Renaissance guy (Do not let in your car!):
[image from creativemaille.com too old to be available]
2002-09-03 03:24:26 AM  
Well that just about covers all the funny things that can be said in one swoop
2002-09-03 03:26:16 AM  
clueless reporter
in search of good material
gets lucky with dude
2002-09-03 03:28:03 AM  
Man, it sure didn't take long for the haiku thing to get old.
2002-09-03 03:37:31 AM  
A normal guy is naked under his overalls and with tattoos on his arm?
Those libertine Norwegians!
2002-09-03 03:39:36 AM  
Did he pick up Dabney Coleman? Cause that would really suck.
2002-09-03 03:39:44 AM  
Old thing gets haiku,
Here in S.O.V.I.E.T Russia.
Filter bypassed. Fark.
2002-09-03 03:43:51 AM  
Norway, land of Thor
Bare chested Tattooed shoulder
sounds like gay porno
2002-09-03 03:58:00 AM  
Bastard haikus suck. Farkers using them are twats. Damn, I've done one now.
2002-09-03 03:59:53 AM  
Well, I suppose its normal to be naked underneathe your clothes...
2002-09-03 04:02:24 AM  
Nothing to see here, just a test, move along now.
2002-09-03 04:03:13 AM  
"I was just following the car chase, you know... and I thought I'd just get out and follow it on foot."
2002-09-03 04:07:20 AM  
Wait a second, I am that Abnormal Renaissance guy! I also replace "i" with "y" and use olde english spellings!!

'Twas nothing t'more t'wan the wynd!
2002-09-03 04:09:36 AM  
Im glad that crooks from other countries all look like the goofballs on COPS in America.
2002-09-03 04:15:28 AM  
Llarken good point but he was bare chested under his overalls. That is only good in gay romance novels.
2002-09-03 04:50:54 AM  
| |
| |
| | <- 11 foot pole
| |

Cipster, I know there is something really funny to follow up what you just said, but I don't want to go near your comment with a ten foot pole.
2002-09-03 05:00:22 AM  
The fugitive told Gustavsen he had been following the chase in a car with his cousin, but that he had left the vehicle and continued alone by foot.

And THAT little story didn't ring any alarm bells in our star reporter's head?

man, who was bare-chested under his overalls and had a large tattoo on his shoulder.

OK, class, who can give me a description of the sort of person you would least like to have alone with you in your car? Yes, Lars?...

"He looked like a normal modern guy,"

That statement does not fit the above description.

2002-09-03 05:03:08 AM  
that wasnt amusing.

it'd be amusing if that coont killed everyone & the big tattoo on his shoulder was the Fark logo & he was a hermaphrodite with dillusions of grandure.

I'd laugh at that, this was just stupid
2002-09-03 05:13:16 AM  
"It's a Twat!"

I got nothing.
2002-09-03 05:18:36 AM  
My best guess is he picked up Anna nicole smith who was wearing a big bird outfit and holding a peta banner with cliche kitty on it.

The article is likely not worth reading.
2002-09-03 05:24:36 AM  
Wldncrzy14, I love you.

Meanwhile, someone needs to hit Lars with a gluebat.
2002-09-03 05:25:54 AM  
hey, maybe norway is like the alabama of europe, then all he would need is some buck teeth, freckles, some chew'n tabaccy running down his chin, and his purtiest cousin at his side, and hed have been perfectly normal
2002-09-03 05:26:22 AM  
Cipster: I was always under the impression no self-respecting gay man would be caught dead wearing overalls(?)
2002-09-03 05:34:33 AM  
...self-respecting being the key words there...
2002-09-03 05:36:11 AM  
2002-09-03 05:38:08 AM  
Did I mention the overall SHORTS some of my sisters wear? In LEATHER?

*walks away with head held high, under great effort*
2002-09-03 05:39:17 AM  
Llarken the guy in overalls is not gay. He is straight but then the gay guy seduces him and maybe even slightly forces himself on him. After the initial shock wears off the guy in overalls realizes he really likes manlove.
He immediately stops wearing overalls and changes into a tight fitting baby-t, leather pants and starts taking Amyl Nitrate and E while engaging in hot anonymous sex at various clubs and bathouses around town.
2002-09-03 05:40:09 AM  
I thought that loked liked quite a "normal Renaissance guy". You could have hurt the poor chap's feelings by a comment like that. Unless all the pointing and laughing got to him first, of course.
2002-09-03 05:41:45 AM  
I still wouldn't trust him in my car.
2002-09-03 05:42:28 AM  
Okay, you gave that waaaaaaaay too much thought ;)
2002-09-03 05:44:39 AM  
These don't look very practical.
[image from priape.com too old to be available]
2002-09-03 05:46:10 AM  
Are you trying to say he's gay?
2002-09-03 05:47:31 AM  
Stereotypes are funny things. I started to get mad at Cipster's last post, but then I remembered something that happened to me earlier today. I've got a new buddy (platonic) that I've been hanging out with a lot. Most people never guess that either of us are gay. We're just guys, basically. Anyway, I ask him what kind of stuff this one friend of his does for fun. "Oh, you know, gay stuff," says my friend. I nod my head, thinking of amyl nitrate, bathhouses, etc.
2002-09-03 05:47:37 AM  
Wow. Ugh. I mean, that is one rediculous looking getup, gay OR straight.
2002-09-03 05:50:07 AM  
You know, if my kiddo ever turns out to be gay, more power to him. But if he ever shows up in THAT, I'm SO calling Oprah.
2002-09-03 05:51:16 AM  
No, they don't look practical. He should get rid of them at once!
2002-09-03 05:52:47 AM  
Hytes Xian sorry I was not trying to offend you.
2002-09-03 05:55:25 AM  
Where is that thread about the man thongs we had a while back. Some "interesting" stuff in there.
2002-09-03 05:58:33 AM  
Oh, I know you weren't Cipster. It's all good. Especially your little story. You should write porn!!! ROWR!
2002-09-03 05:59:03 AM  
Haha, there's actually a link to it in my profile, Cipster, in the section about my "favorite Fark quote". There was some hilarious stuff in that thread.
2002-09-03 06:06:24 AM  
that should have deserved the "Dumbass" tag
2002-09-03 06:30:39 AM  
[image from hot.ee too old to be available]
2002-09-03 06:47:57 AM  
Move along now. This isn't the guy in overalls and tattoos you're looking for.

Shawn Pickrell
2002-09-03 06:55:51 AM  
"I started to be a bit suspicious"...probably when the fugitive turned down the reporter's proposal for gay sex.
2002-09-03 06:56:47 AM  
How about a new link, eh?

Bored with all the ones from today already.
2002-09-03 06:57:30 AM  
Llarken:I was always under the impression no self-respecting gay man would be caught dead wearing overalls(?)

I know I would!
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