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(Yahoo)   Libya declares that they are no longer a rogue state   ( divider line
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5043 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Sep 2002 at 2:39 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-02 06:06:35 AM  
So they're now a lipstick state, or a mascara state?
2002-09-02 02:41:09 PM  
I declare that I am no longer contagious.
2002-09-02 02:42:00 PM  
Doo Dah Doo Dah
2002-09-02 02:43:15 PM  
Isn't that the country that's on every movie about terrorists?
2002-09-02 02:43:47 PM  
That's nice. [/sarcasm]
2002-09-02 02:43:51 PM  
In other news, Iraq is now a friendly state, full of happy puppies. Iraqi officials say the change has been coming for a long time and they are happy with their new leader, Blue, from Blue's Clues.

This announcement follows the sudden and shocking revelation out of Germany today; WWII never happened. Historians and holocaust surviors are said to be shocked by the news.
2002-09-02 02:43:59 PM  

If they were a rouge state before then maybe they could become what you're describing.

Anyone ever figure out if it's Qadhafi of Gadhafi? Or when you use one or the other or whatever?
2002-09-02 02:47:15 PM  
Yeah but we will still bomb the fark out of you.
2002-09-02 02:47:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'll believe this once Gadhafi issues a formal apology for the brutal murder of Dr. Emmett Brown at the hands of the Libyans that took place back in 1985.
2002-09-02 02:49:28 PM  
why is Libya a bad country? If it is due to that one plane bombing then we could say that the USA is also a bad country. I believe we have shot down a civilian airliner also.
2002-09-02 02:50:47 PM  
So theres a new opening in the "rogue state" department? Where do I get an application?
2002-09-02 02:50:57 PM  
I want an apology from Huey Lewis for EVERYTHING he ever recorded.

And in other NEWS, little magic panda bears will dance with Gadhafi as he washes the feet of his people as the sun shines down on a new day...with ribbons and whistles and happiness and everything!!!
2002-09-02 02:51:53 PM  
I heard that North Korea just declared itself a part of the Axis of Good.
2002-09-02 02:52:03 PM  

Yeah, the USA has shot down a civilian airliner. It doesn't really count, though. The plane was full of Arabs, and they aren't all that civil to begin with.
2002-09-02 02:53:21 PM  
Of course not. The U.S. is the world's only Rogue State. Everyone knows that.
2002-09-02 02:54:40 PM  
And Ashcroft has decided that individual rights are to be held above political aspirations.

Shrub is weeping...
2002-09-02 02:57:06 PM  
Piper887-it's whatever you want it to be. there generally isn't a single correct spelling for words when you're moving between different alphabets, you just do as best you can.
2002-09-02 03:01:26 PM  
Flobbster wins funniest comment of the day award.
2002-09-02 03:07:23 PM  
In his defense Gadafi lately hasnt been the asshat he used to be.
2002-09-02 03:13:03 PM  
Ok, so its not a rogue state, but why would anyone want to live there?
Doing my best Sam Kinison voice, " You Live In A Farking Desert - Its Sand, Its Going To Be Sand In 100 Years..."
2002-09-02 03:18:05 PM  
I declare myself immortal, obscenely rich, and lusted after by incredibly beautiful young women.

Hmm. I don't feel any different.
2002-09-02 03:22:21 PM  
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2002-09-02 03:26:37 PM  
Khadafi hasn't done a damn thing to anyone in years, and has definitely been making strides to join the world community. He's helped out some with the "war" on terror, and he's denounced terrorist acts some time ago. Libya even settled a big lawsuit brought against it over Pan-Am 103.
2002-09-02 03:46:47 PM  
Piper877: before this made it to the main page, the original title read "rouge" not "rogue". I'm sure an Admin wouldn't have corrected it just to embarrass me. Would you, Jeff?
2002-09-02 03:54:12 PM  
I agree that Ghaddaffi isn't much of a threat to anyone because of the change in attitude that resulted from the US and allies bombing the crap out of his country a couple times and the fact that he is old, soon to die and wants to go to heaven.

He has made a lot of progress towards joining the civilized world though.
2002-09-02 03:56:32 PM  
"If you Americans and Britons continue to provoke (the Muslims), you will regret it," he said in the speech, which was monitored in Cairo.
A U.S.-British attack on Iraq, he said, would give a "big boost" to Osama bin Laden

Ain't it a trip when a former madman is a voice of reason? This guy has seriously made strides in the right direction since we poked a few tomahawks up his bum. There was a National Geographic article on it a couple years back. At this point, he's making more sense than our own Pres. But then again, a turnip in Karo syrup makes more sense than GW.
2002-09-02 03:58:32 PM  
Iraq announces it is no longer a rogue state either....North Korea announces....

Details at 11.
2002-09-02 04:13:25 PM  
There was a National Geographic article on it a couple years back.

Ah, yes.... I always turn to National Geographic for the hardcore analysis of international Affairs. Those pussies over at Foreign Affairs don't know shiat.
2002-09-02 04:25:12 PM  
GaDaffy Duck. He's my favourite.
2002-09-02 04:31:55 PM  
Being a US citizen in Libya is like being being Bruce Willis in Die Hard 3 with the sign that says "I hate everything." No matter what you do, your ass is dead.
2002-09-02 04:41:00 PM  
So now, if King George wants to invade Lybia he will be attacking the African Union. Khadafi ain't stupid. No doubt King George will not see this and invade.

Down with the usurper!!! Bush that is.
2002-09-02 05:18:52 PM  
Podycheck: You saw the TV version, didn't you? In the theatrical release, the sign said, "I hate ni**ers" (of course, it had the letter g in place of the stars)

That scene makes a whole lot more sense that way.
2002-09-02 06:17:35 PM  
It sounds like most are a bit skeptical of this story, but it's the best thing I've heard in months. A little teensey ray of hope. He sounds almost lucid. I mean, just think ... politicians actually behaving with dignity and common sense, for the good of humankind. GW scares me a tad.
2002-09-02 06:28:12 PM  
yes, and I declare myself fifty pounds underweight.
2002-09-02 06:34:58 PM  
Tarvuz and Rival- What plane, where and when? Cite your sources dammit! I want to know about it!
2002-09-02 06:41:21 PM  
He's just scared.
2002-09-02 07:08:46 PM  
In other news, the US said they aren't the largest terrorist organization in the world.
2002-09-02 07:49:48 PM  
2002-09-02 08:41:09 PM  
These two people are talking about the Iranian jetliner shot down during Kuwait liberation war against Iraq. If demographics hold true, there should be at least 7% of the posters here of middle eastern descent. So that's their right to point out through their expression of free speech the other side of the story. It's definitely worth noting there is really no difference or separation of state when the subject of a ME region and the USA comes up. These folks could Sunni, they could be shiite or coptic Christians. In the final analysis, regardless of their particular sect or ethnicity, all the Arab and to a great degree Muslim world unites in opposition to American power regardless of their own interregional differences, including any lingering anger over the Iran-Iraq war.

Iran Iraq, you recall was that multiyear war featuring the wondrous human wave suicide assaults, Electrocution webs in the marshes down south in the disputed coastline region and other fun and happy things. When people from that fierce and in many ways barbaric part of the world gripe about American death and destruction rained down on their heads, they need only recall the 100 of Thousands, if not Millions who gave up their lives in the Iran Iraq war. Why people living in the USA still support their barbaric regimes back home is beyond reason (at least by western standards). To wit, if such persons are so at odds with the government policies of their adopted homeland, why do they stay? What's even more difficult to swallow is how they could be upset with the USA's pursuit of elements associated with the events of 9-11. That's really a little hard to stomach.

2002-09-02 09:09:05 PM  
Tarvuz wrote

Yeah, the USA has shot down a civilian airliner. It doesn't really count, though. The plane was full of Arabs, and they aren't all that civil to begin with.

1) They were not Arabs.

2) The shootdown was a case of mistaken identity. A ship in that did it was at the time engaged in combat. Admittedly the ship should have correctly identified the plane--other U.S. ships did. But it that is easy for us who are not being shot at and seeing a plane on radar rapidly approaching us...

3) The Libyans destroying an air planes was not a case of incompetence and not a case of mistaken identity, it was intentional. They set out with prior intent to kill civilians.

4) The is hardly the only case. The Libyan repeatedly engaged in terrorism against both civilian targets in general and areas where Americans were likely to visit in specific.
2002-09-02 09:43:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hot diggety Louis, play that calypso tune, you know the one - "Rogue, rogue, rogue your boat."
2002-09-02 11:53:26 PM  
What Rogue State??? He never said he was in a Rogue State...It looks more like a Horny State!!
img src=
2002-09-03 12:51:57 AM  
If anyone could name the incident about a commercial airliner we shot down, I'd be more than interested.

I'd like to know if Tarvuz is telling the truth or just throwing out BS propaganda.
2002-09-03 01:09:32 AM  
Oh ok. I see now, we shot down a plane in a warzone by accident. Wow, I guess that makes us just as bad as the Libyans who blow up a plane with a bomb on purpose over Scotland.

Transcript of the American guys who shot down the plane:

Radar Dude: Sir, there appears to be a passenger jet full of nuns, orphans, and old ladies.

Commander: Let's blow those towel heads out of the sky! Open up all batteries and fire! Man I hate Arabs!

Gunner Dude: All batteries, there is a passenger plane full of helpless towelheads crossing this way. Fire at will! Fire at will!

*Boom* *Boom* *Boom*

Radar Dude: Sir, those towelheads are all dead! Their ashes will litter the Gulf!

People in Backround: God is great! God is great!

*High fives*

2002-09-03 03:00:17 AM  
well, it does not make a difference to the families of the victims what the supposed intention of the killers are or are my opinion.

Listen, I am super happy to be American and all that yee haw stuff but I also am not naive in thinking our country does not do some super crappy stuff and cause the deaths of lots of civilians either or purpose or as a result of think otherwise is to be a sheep.
2002-09-03 09:31:27 AM  
attractive and successful African-American

just testing the filter......
2002-09-03 11:20:52 AM  
It's not Yee Haw stuff. It's a duty to your country. If you live here and are a citizen or becoming a citizen you sure as hell better have your allegiances straight otherwise the argument for internment starts to gain traction. We can't have enemy sympathizers becoming enemy combatants when it starts getting hot and heavy. In the WW2 era, California citizens were mortified by the thought of a large Japanese population movely freely about during the conflict. Everyone nows says it was dispicable but ask yourself, what if the war wasn't going well for the USA. In reality it wasn't. If we were looking to be the loser, these folks recently emmigrated from Japan would start looking good as local magistrates. You think I'm nuts? We won and we became their magistrates for several years.
2002-09-03 11:54:04 AM  
In other news, WorldCom has declared itself NO LONGER BANKRUPT, ENRON declared itself run by competent respectable businessmenn, and Senator Hollings declared himself a partisian of the people and returned the 10 million he collected in kickbacks last year from Disneyland.
On the local newsfront Florida held an election with NO hint of Fraud, and a black man was elected governor of Arkansas, and George BUsh stepped down as president of the US because he felt he was not competent to continue and that he had gained the office through illegal manipulation. In a statement Bush apologized to the world...
2002-09-03 11:58:39 AM  
and BTW KingHorse if you blindly accept what your government says you deserve to be deported. Our founding forefathers INSTINCTIVELY distrusted governments and ALWAYS 2nd guessed and questioned the MOTIVES and EXECUTION of all government business. As a GOOD American citizen it is your DUTY to QUESTION and INQUIRE. We our the judges of our government and they are acting in YOUR NAME, not the other way around. A government FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE...
I am proud to be an American, but many of the things our government does makes me ashamed.
2002-09-03 12:29:15 PM  

In a war against a shadowy enemy it's going to be very difficult for our government to be 100% accurate in identifying and terminating enemies. Get used to the enemy using our freedom against us. Everytime we screw up and hit some "aspirin" factory you can bet they will be crying a river for all Americans to feel guilty over.

It's up to us as good citizens to back the government if we believe it is a just government. If you don't think fighting the arseholes who keep trying to kill us and our economy (checked the airlines lately, these Al Qaeda people have put a lot of good Americans out of work with their fear mongering) your a sad excuse for a citizen. We didn't pick the time and place to start this fight but we will sure decide on what terms it will end. Most experts see the conflict extending beyond our natural lives. That's because we let the problem fester to the point that we now have a complete generation of illiterate people ready to get their reward in heaven if they can take out some infidels. Ask yourself this. How do you think the Islamists would treat Christians if they had the upper hand? They would wipe us out my friend. We are showing uncommon generousity in not wiping them out. But that is our way. We out think the east and try to share our way with them in hopes they will see it as enlightened. Been going on since the Persians and Grecians squared off 450 BC. Greeks glorified the human form and human intellect, the East pounded individualism out of the human. Pretty stark differences there.

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