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(   In the last 60 years, Los Angeles has produced 10 percent of the world's serial killers. Officials announce plans to update city motto   ( divider line
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2007-06-19 5:19:00 PM  
2007-06-19 5:20:03 PM  
All killer, no filler?
2007-06-19 5:20:24 PM  
When you have Paris Hilton as a neighbor, you might actually understand why.
2007-06-19 5:20:29 PM  
Nuke it from orbit?
2007-06-19 5:21:45 PM  
My cereal does not cut the roof of your mouth.
2007-06-19 5:22:16 PM  
Only 10%? That's bullshiat! I demand a recount.
2007-06-19 5:22:49 PM  
They're behind in parallel killers though.
2007-06-19 5:22:55 PM  
"What happens here stays here; your body parts may end up elsewhere"
2007-06-19 5:24:01 PM  
And 90% of the world's porn stars, but who's counting?
2007-06-19 5:24:14 PM  
Los Diablos?
2007-06-19 5:24:20 PM  
It's just because the weirdos from elsewhere move there.

2007-06-19 5:24:52 PM  
New motto:

"Man, I'm going to cut you up so bad, that you... you gonna wish I didn't cut you up so bad. Oh and welcome to Los Angeles."
2007-06-19 5:24:57 PM  
Florida? I'm looking at you...
2007-06-19 5:25:48 PM  
The crime rate in my city has grown 20% since last year. The weirdos are moving here.
2007-06-19 5:26:26 PM  
Funny RadioactiveApe.
2007-06-19 5:26:39 PM  
MissHoneychurch 2007-06-19 05:24:01 PM
And 90% of the world's porn stars, but who's counting?
2007-06-19 5:28:42 PM  
We Floridians still lead the country in prosthetic leg attacks.

/Suck it Cali
2007-06-19 5:29:31 PM  
You mean, 10% of the worlds identified serial killers! I'm sure most states have a little lonely town...or maybe a quiet suburb...or maybe a bustling city street, where people go about their day-to-day business, a smile to an acquaintance, a cup of coffee with a colleague or old college buddy, you would never think that they could do something like THAT, no, not old Steve. But there he is, on the TV, getting pulled out of his basement, screaming for his dear, dear toys. His special little baby angels that will never have to get all OLD and wrinkly...

Hey, but in better news, Pee-Wee is back!!!
2007-06-19 5:29:40 PM  
If you had to negotiate the 405 and 710 everyday you'd become a serial kiler too...
2007-06-19 5:32:04 PM  
ok look at california and its population as a percentage of the whole US. There's more crazies because there's more people.
2007-06-19 5:32:23 PM  
Why am I not surprised?
2007-06-19 5:33:23 PM  
make that 10.7%
2007-06-19 5:33:57 PM  
In the immortal words of Cuervo Jones,
You might have survived Cleveland. You might have escaped from New York. But this is L.A., vato. And you're about to find out that this farking city can kill anybody!
2007-06-19 5:34:01 PM  
This figure is probably high, since I doubt that serial killers in rural China, Siberia, or Congo ever really get "known."
2007-06-19 5:34:47 PM  

I rtfa but my reading retention is crap. They're all from LA? ok you guys need to do something about that.
2007-06-19 5:40:23 PM  
That is soooo weird!
I was like totally planning to move there next month.
How did they know?!

2007-06-19 5:41:52 PM  
and I thought they all came from Wisconsin
2007-06-19 5:43:47 PM  
Yet another argument in favor of Arizona Bay.
2007-06-19 5:45:11 PM  
Bresin: and I thought they all came from Wisconsin

or Indiana
2007-06-19 5:52:40 PM  
Yeah, living here makes me homicidal, too.
2007-06-19 5:53:28 PM  
...and with 1/3 fewer calories than a normal cereal killer.

img.villagephotos.comView Full Size
2007-06-19 5:54:00 PM  
w00t VIRGINIA!!!

nationalledger.comView Full Size

/ suck it crazy cali libs
2007-06-19 5:55:37 PM  
cbc.caView Full Size

Canada representin'! W00t!
2007-06-19 6:00:08 PM  
I think it's a mixture of the heat and the traffic.
2007-06-19 6:00:58 PM Full Size

Rostov in da house!
2007-06-19 6:01:05 PM  
If you're so special, how come a lowly civil servant like me just caught you?
2007-06-19 6:06:34 PM  
10% of the serial killers......that have been caught.
2007-06-19 6:13:52 PM  
To paraphrase Rickey Henderson- I live in LA, and I'm not a serial killer. That makes it nine percent right there.
2007-06-19 6:16:15 PM  
studebaker hoch: LA is the asshole capital of the west coast.

And each and every one of them has a fark accout.
2007-06-19 6:16:16 PM  
That's nothing. The USA produced even more.
2007-06-19 6:22:25 PM  
"Los Angeles: if you lived here you'd be dead by now."
2007-06-19 6:23:47 PM  
img510.imageshack.usView Full Size
img225.imageshack.usView Full Size

Don't worry. We'll catch them.
2007-06-19 6:29:42 PM  
Pee Wee is back!??!?
2007-06-19 6:30:08 PM  
Only 10%? Yawn....

Wake me when they reach Seattle's serial killer ratio.
2007-06-19 6:30:20 PM  
They should rename it Los Wayne Angeles.
2007-06-19 6:31:43 PM  
The is definitely something in the water that they pipe down from the Owens Valley. Look at Hollywood. One successful film and they keep repeating it until they are caught.
2007-06-19 6:32:27 PM  
"only the fruits and nuts live in california"
2007-06-19 6:38:30 PM  
meh, nothing compared to here in WA state where most of the serial killers like Bundy and the green River killer come from.
2007-06-19 6:38:48 PM  
And that's not even counting the LA cops!
2007-06-19 6:39:53 PM  
Wake me when they reach Seattle's serial killer ratio.

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"I become the horror. What we know we can become only in our heart of darkness. It's my gift. It's my curse."
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