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(Daily Breeze)   Silly: Graduating student puts toy soldiers on mortarboard. Stupid: He's ordered to cut off the soldiers' guns. Fark: Principal thus hands student a real weapon to remove the fake ones   ( divider line
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623 clicks; posted to Politics » on 18 Jun 2007 at 6:20 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-06-18 6:23:24 PM  
America has gone completely farking batshiat out of its mind crazy.

//in case you hadn't noticed
2007-06-18 6:25:43 PM  
Surely someone will blame this on liberals, but I'm very liberal and I think this is retarded.

/don't call me Shirley
2007-06-18 6:26:28 PM  
Leonard, a first-year principal, didn't respond to several requests for comment, deferring to district administrators, who said the toys with miniature rifles and grenades violated a zero-tolerance weapons policy.

Apparently, we just need robots to enforce rules rigidly. Why bother employing this waste of space when a TI-85 can do his job just as "effectively"?
2007-06-18 6:27:27 PM  
This is pretty much textbook dumbassery.
2007-06-18 6:46:23 PM  
Remember that time in ET when the Fed's guns were replaced with walkie talkies?!

This is stupider.
2007-06-18 6:48:37 PM  
5th grade? Mortarboards? Really?
2007-06-18 6:56:07 PM  
Wow. So... much... stupid.

But if you really want to get your blood boiling, check out some of the horror stories that have resulted from these "zero tolerance" policies in schools.

"Zero tolerance" makes a good sound bite on the local news, but it practice it is a horrible policy that destroys lives (and results in lesser bullshiat like TFA) all to solve a problem the largely doesn't exist.
2007-06-18 6:57:18 PM  
What I find really amusing/sad is that the weapons weren't "removed", they "had the tips clipped off", a la sawed-off shotguns.
2007-06-18 7:01:53 PM  
LOL, this country farking sucks.
2007-06-18 7:08:38 PM  
I LoL'd

//good one subby
2007-06-18 8:57:09 PM  
When you outlaw toy guns only toys will have toy guns
2007-06-18 9:28:24 PM  
img373.imageshack.usView Full Size

/only member of his platoon to make it through the fifth grade graduation unharmed...
2007-06-18 10:11:42 PM  
The a55h0le leftist school faculty and boards....

/yeah, figures.
2007-06-19 5:38:03 AM  
Remember kids - anythings a weapon if you beat someone with it hard enough (mayhps this principle?). Its terrible to think that a model of a soldier would have a gun - they musta ran outa flowers and chipmunks! In any case i think using zero tolerance in schools is farked up. Any message a child might interpret from a .5 inch green rifle is dwarfed by the concept that they can make a mistake on a test but never in real life.

God forbid children LEARN anything in school...

/I have zero tolerance for people excusing thier actions with zero tolerance policies.
/if your in a position to exercise authority then you should damnwell show some responibility when you use it and account for your actions.
/dont like weapons for any other reason than keeping good king george at bay...
2007-06-19 1:12:13 PM  
Step down from the education system, retards. If you can't distinguish the difference between a tiny plastic replica in the hands of a toy army man, you are not intelligent enough to education the antions youth.

However, we always need more drones to do the simpler jobs. Miss Idiot Principal, report to 7-11. They have an opening for night manager.
2007-06-20 3:46:01 AM  
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Meet the new campus supervisor.
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