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(Some Guy)   Teenager charged with sexually assaulting a horse. Dude, neigh means neigh   ( gtconnect.com) divider line
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2007-06-15 10:41:01 AM  
Poor Hillary Swank. She must be catatonic.
2007-06-15 10:56:19 AM  
If it weren't for my horse...

// Didn't RTFA
2007-06-15 11:03:59 AM  
Stephens said he seemed to be following a "very concise, deliberate, well-thought-out plan."

seems like the whole farking a horse thing nullifys the "well-thought-out plan"
2007-06-15 11:20:49 AM  
Paging Mr. Hands to the thread.
2007-06-15 11:21:06 AM  
Paul Harvey unavailable for comment.
2007-06-15 11:21:29 AM  
Somehow I don't think you thought your cunning, concise, deliberate, well-thought-out plan all the way through.
2007-06-15 11:21:39 AM  
im a horse, and this article was neigh on disgusting..
2007-06-15 11:22:21 AM  
img.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-06-15 11:22:21 AM  
No wonder the poor horse had a long face...
2007-06-15 11:22:25 AM  
Sarah Jessica Parker got raped?
2007-06-15 11:22:29 AM  
Why the long face?
2007-06-15 11:22:35 AM  
Equus, anyone?
2007-06-15 11:22:47 AM  
Did the kid use a curtain when he was done?

/window seat plz, one way is fine.
2007-06-15 11:22:51 AM  
I would NOT hit it! Look how sharp her hooves are! She is way below my stan...
2007-06-15 11:23:04 AM  
8 farking seconds!
2007-06-15 11:23:09 AM  
Yea, but what about the horses feelings? Will he call tomorrow or was it a one night stand? I say make him take her out and show her a good time, maybe to a nice resturaunt. Let her be on top next time, you know make him understand what happens when you fool around.
2007-06-15 11:23:30 AM  

larrytt.comView Full Size
2007-06-15 11:23:33 AM  
[image from telegraph.co.uk too old to be available]

Captain Obvious to the rescue!
2007-06-15 11:23:47 AM  
In before the Radcliffe Equus pictures.

2007-06-15 11:23:53 AM  
"'It's midnight in Montana and I can't get my dick out of this cow,' I like that song, a real cowboy song."
~George Carlin
2007-06-15 11:24:26 AM  
2007-06-15 11:24:36 AM  
You can lead a horse to penis......
2007-06-15 11:25:11 AM  
+1 subby. That made me chuckle heartily.

/Neigh, not the sausage again
//guys pretty farked up
/Not as much as that horse is gonna be
//How old was the horse?
/Was it consensual?
2007-06-15 11:25:12 AM  
Is his name Ben Dover?
2007-06-15 11:25:24 AM  
8 farking seconds!

Just like in the rodeo.

/Ironic? No
//Coincidence? You bet your sweet horse's ass
2007-06-15 11:25:28 AM  
Must have had one of those "near-death" experiences.

2007-06-15 11:25:43 AM  
The Aristocrats!
2007-06-15 11:26:29 AM  
but Tony, she was a whorse.....
2007-06-15 11:26:55 AM  
The kid must be hung like a .... nah
2007-06-15 11:27:07 AM  
this made me throw up a little
2007-06-15 11:27:09 AM  
I'm a sexually abused horse and I'm getting a big kick out of these responses

/great headline BTW subby.
2007-06-15 11:27:33 AM  
Must have been one coltish filly.
2007-06-15 11:27:36 AM  
Tom_Slick: Is his name Ben Dover?

Beat me to it.

/Hi ... Victor Hugo.
2007-06-15 11:28:05 AM  
Well, after reading the artical I can see that these guys have some good material to send to www.farmteensex.com, not that I would know anything at all about that NSFW site. And not that there is anything wrong with that.

/Worked for a Vet back in High School, worked with Horses
//Never once had an urge to boink one of them.
2007-06-15 11:28:11 AM  
OH Wilbur.....
2007-06-15 11:28:22 AM  
Now in full color!

i78.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-06-15 11:28:23 AM  
My friend with benefits Flicka...
2007-06-15 11:28:28 AM  
This thread is worthless without pictures.
2007-06-15 11:29:42 AM  
I did not hear the camilla was in the states
2007-06-15 11:29:46 AM  
i46.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-06-15 11:30:04 AM  
karatekitten13: This thread is worthless without pictures.

[image from img405.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2007-06-15 11:30:07 AM  
karatekitten13 2007-06-15 11:28:28 AM
This thread is worthless without pictures.

What? You looking for a new steady Girl Friend? Or just a Real GF experiance?

/not that there is anything wrong with that.
2007-06-15 11:30:48 AM  
B&E? Felony.
Farking a horse? Misdemeanor.

2007-06-15 11:30:48 AM  
Corvallis !? I was guessing Washington state. Junior needs to relocate.
2007-06-15 11:30:56 AM  

/obscure cacksacka!
2007-06-15 11:30:59 AM  
I'm confused---was our hero pitching or catching??
2007-06-15 11:31:02 AM  
img175.imageshack.usView Full Size
2007-06-15 11:31:22 AM  
They made a video?

/fires up utorrent
2007-06-15 11:31:56 AM  
Can you imagine the converstion when this kid called his parents to bail him out

"Mom? I'm in jail. Can you come get me?....."
2007-06-15 11:32:07 AM  
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