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2001-07-14 01:06:21 AM  
Getting tired of the France shiat.. But that was fun.
2001-07-14 01:22:50 AM  
I concur with Rikkochet. While that little Flash animation was amusing, this French bashing really needs to stop. It's getting extremely old, and the comments section is full of nothing but merde like "b00bies!!!1 france sux0rs!!!!111". France is the 6th richest country on Earth and is a member of the G7, so they must be doing something right. If you must pick on a nation, then pick on a nation that truly deserves to be made fun of, like Pakistan or Mexico.
2001-07-14 01:33:19 AM  
Bust a Bra, Win a Prize

France Rules
2001-07-14 01:37:43 AM  
Pakistan surrenders
2001-07-14 01:46:14 AM  
Oh come on. People who complain about 'France Surrenders' are hilliarious. France Surrenders is a Fark running gag. Its part of Fark! Thats like telling Homer to not say D'oh. Lighten up.
2001-07-14 01:51:39 AM  
The Switzerland one is the best.
2001-07-14 02:01:37 AM  
Blar: Actually they're the 5th richest country--that is until California becomes its own country.

California Uber Alles

Fishbulb: Agreed. France surrenders kicks ass.
2001-07-14 02:01:39 AM  
Thanks Fishbulb, my thoughts exactly. It's called a 'running joke' because it runs on and on. Unless you people have a vested interest in Francais, YOU lighten up.

The falling space crap from Russia is good too.
2001-07-14 02:08:37 AM  
In the news today.
France has decided to no longer surrender. Instead they will throw unsuspecting Pakistanis under approaching tank treads and ask Drew for beer.
Kentucky surrenders!
2001-07-14 02:13:29 AM  
Why not pick on the USA, afterall there the ones the rest of the world snickers at whenever they try to flex there big army navy and airforce muscles.
2001-07-14 02:21:02 AM  
Zaq: No they dont snicker, they cower.
Kentucky is still surrendering.
2001-07-14 02:27:02 AM  
France is picked on because of their tendency to surrender. They're #6 on the G7 because they surrendered the higher spots for fear of invasion.
2001-07-14 02:47:18 AM  
Radeon: No they dont snicker, they cower.

Once again we have small minded, naive American who's head is so far up his arse that he actually thinks the rest of the world is oh so scared of his beloved country.

Get off your power trip and go home cuz no ones going to surrender to you (not even France)!
2001-07-14 03:02:57 AM  
And where are you from, Zaq?
2001-07-14 03:04:02 AM  
2001-07-14 03:14:19 AM  
I liked the Annex option.

2001-07-14 03:17:04 AM  
Zaq: Jealous are we? I guess your upset that my countries power *dick* is bigger than yours. Where ever you are from, you surrender. Biatch.
2001-07-14 03:34:57 AM  
I'm Canadian biatch, and ya better watch or will just have to send some guys with hockey sticks down there to kick some ass.

Respect the hockey stick -surrender to the hockey stick.
2001-07-14 03:39:04 AM  
Your..*holding hand over mouth* Canadian? Dont we own you or something?
2001-07-14 03:42:30 AM  
Ooooh, Canada!!! Now I'm shaking. Some stand up comic put it best when he said that the Canadian army is like the tag-along little brother who says, "I'm helping!" even though they can't do jack. They can bring maple syrup.

Soccer is better than hockey. But Americans don't seem to like soccer too much. We're like the only country in the world that doesn't worship soccer. Hockey is better than football or baseball, though.
2001-07-14 03:47:03 AM  
Jebediah: Football rules. Or as they would say in Canada, Foootbahl.
2001-07-14 03:52:08 AM  
Hey I'm not the one running around preaching about how much smack my country can lay down one the rest of the world. Frankly I don't care, we don't waste our money trying to piss off everybody else. There is a reason they tell you Yankees to sew Canadian flags on your backpacks when touring Europe -yeah great why don't you fools ruin our reputations as well.
2001-07-14 03:59:41 AM  
Canada doesn't run around preaching about military strength because they have none. What does Canada waste its money on? Beer? Sweaters? I've never heard anybody tell me to sew a Canadian flag on my backpack in Europe. Except maybe Denmark, where they'll think it's a pot leaf.

I can't believe you used the term, "lay the smack down"...
2001-07-14 04:03:20 AM  
Zaq: Do you really think that the U.S. could not put the smack down on Canada? Talking about someone with thier head up their arse (as you claimed that my head was there). What the hell do you think that Canada could do to us? Take away our import rights to maple syrup and hockey sticks?
If you want to taunt a lesser country try Iraq. I hear they are in the need of a good beating.
2001-07-14 04:06:11 AM  
Radeon: Iraq might be improving soon. I heard Hussein is thinking of stepping down as leader.
2001-07-14 04:13:57 AM  
Jebediah: I am a litte confused. How does that improve Iraq? Sadam's son is waiting in the wings to take power. He is 10 times the madman that his father is.
Or did I misunderstand you?
2001-07-14 04:18:11 AM  
Excuse the spelling errors. It is 4:16am and I am on the second half of a case of beer. And no, DREW IS NOT HERE!
2001-07-14 04:28:14 AM  
Good call on Hussein's son being crazy. I forgot about him. He is evil. Remember the story on April 1 or April 2 here about him printing a story in his newspaper about food being given out. Then he said it was just an April Fools joke. That is just cruel.
2001-07-14 04:43:29 AM  
Jebediah: Yes. I fought in Desert Storm. I can tell you that one of the reasons we didnt send Sadam to meet his maker, to be pushing up the dasies, meet the choir invisible, become an ex-Dictator, was that he is a hell of alot better than his son. (did you dig the Monty Pyton reference, even though he is not a parrot. ;)
2001-07-14 04:47:10 AM  
What happened to Zaq? I guess he had to go milk a maple tree. Or whitle some hockey sticks.
Ahhh. Must go to bed. Nite all, or actually just Jebediah. Please excuse my druken poor spelling. And Zaq: Surrender Biatch!!!
2001-07-14 10:03:36 AM  
Canada surrenders Zaq to France.
2001-07-14 10:18:09 AM  
And the pair of you both speak the language my country gave you.
2001-07-14 10:29:52 AM  
Our country can beat up your country, nyeah, nyeah!
2001-07-14 10:30:06 AM  
"Ohhhh say can you see...
by the dawns early light.
What so proudly,,,we hail....."

Is everybody standing up??????
2001-07-14 10:30:57 AM  
Actually, I think the bigger question is, which country makes the best beer. Discuss among yourselves.
2001-07-14 11:08:55 AM  
hehehe I loved the Annex one
2001-07-14 11:40:35 AM  
Quiet down, all you Canadian vs. U.S. people, and come down to South Texas so I can buy you beer and the best darn FAJITAS anywhere ( Pharr, Tx is the birthplace of fajitas, this coming from a friend of mine who dated the inventor's daughter). Make sure you don't take the jalapeno pieces out of the pico-de-gallo, or I will have to open up a jumbo size can of whoop-ass and lay the SMACKDOWN on you. ( smackdown is one word, not two)
-He who mans the sticks
-He who sticks it to the man
2001-07-14 12:18:58 PM  
here's the real question:

How many fark articles labeled Stupid, Scary, or Asinine take place in the good ol' US of A?
2001-07-14 12:29:25 PM  
I don't understand something. (Well, I don't understand a lot of things, but I'll concentrate on one, here.) BBSpot had a survey that mentioned "France Surrenders" and now we have this thing. Is the Fark joke spreading, or did Fark import the joke from elsewhere?

In other words, is this the next AYBABTU?
2001-07-14 12:38:01 PM  
Tim, I don't think mocking France for being a bunch of cheese eating surrender monkeys is anything new, BUT I think honestly, that BBSpot chose that as a reference to good ol Fark here.

Its spreading.

Be afraid
2001-07-14 01:06:43 PM  
How about we replace france surrenders with Germany Surrenders
2001-07-14 01:15:16 PM  
Mr. Stickerman,

You bring the Fajitas, sure, but we bring the beer...

American beer is pisswater...
2001-07-14 01:43:57 PM  
Canada -- such wonderful potential... but plagued with an infestation of froggies. It's no wonder so many of them are bitter.
2001-07-14 01:50:12 PM  
I don't really think it matters where you're from. I've met good people from all over the world. I've met bad.

Seems to me, that if you can't take a joke, if you don't have a sense of humor, and if you don't drink beer, you need to stay away...far away from Fark.com.

So people, lighten up, take a joke, laugh a little, drink another beer and continue with your day.
2001-07-14 02:30:51 PM  
I think it all goes back to WWII. Why didn't they have "Catholic Church Sabotage" as Jack Chick so believes, as an option?
2001-07-14 02:39:27 PM  
I think it's funny that Zaq thought he spoke for the rest of the world. Who appointed him, I wonder?

Julius Caesar made the French surrender over and over. The English made the French surrender at Agincourt. They had a nice run for a while under Napoleon, but in the end they surrendered again. Twice. Except for the Old Guard...they chose to die to the last man defending the Emperor.

I have to admit, in my own mind, the last stand of the Old Guard makes up for all other surrendering...and perhaps explains it. 100% killed in action without breaking is unequalled in world history.

#2, as I recall, the the Minnesota 81st at Gettysburg... they took over 80% KIA and never broke. They took the brunt of Pickett's charge, if I remember it correctly. I welcome any corrections.

Am I rambling again? Sorry.
2001-07-14 04:27:56 PM  
Canada is where all the British loyalists went during the Revolution. Not to mention that it's got a heavy infestation of cantankerous Frankophones who keep threatening to split off and form their own country. Quebec surrenders.
2001-07-14 04:39:50 PM  
Cory Hart never surrendered. Maybe France could learn a thing a two.
2001-07-14 04:48:38 PM  
Sorry for the old thread, but...yes, the rest of the world snickers. Well, not really snickers, and maybe not the rest of the world. All I know is Australia just groans and has another beer, and Japan gets pissed off.
Oh, and Transactiod, that was so funny!
2001-07-14 04:58:05 PM  
You know, I'm pretty sure that France never surrendered as many times as Belgium has. Because if you're sitting in Germany and want to conquer France without having to send your tanks over the alps you have to go through the flat plains of Belgium. In doing so, they get conquered. As a bonus, Belgium also gets conquered on the off chance that France gets some sort of competent military leader.
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