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(Atlanta Journal Constitution)   Remember the kid in Alabama who killed a half ton wild boar with a handgun? Turns out it was a farm pig named Fred, "hunted" in his pen   ( divider line
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2007-06-02 01:38:47 AM  
Cry me a river you bunch of overly sensative wimps.

the "pen" was 15 acres.
2007-06-02 01:39:56 AM  
Ok- Forget American Idol. Our new show will be called American Asshat.

Each week, the 2 most annoying /embarrassing people from our pop culture TV news have to appear on the show. The first week the contestants will be Fatboy's Dad vs. TB-Asshat. There could also be a Celebrity Week (like on Jeopardy) with Paris vs. Lindsey.

Winner each week will be declared "Biggest Asshat!!", wins $10000 in free legal representation, a year supply of Rice-a-roni, and a chance to win big in the year-end champions round.

Also thinking a free tasering on National TV would be nice.
2007-06-02 01:51:13 AM  

Rip off of Bill Hicks and "Let's Hunt and Kill Billy Ray Cyrus" is funnier.
2007-06-02 02:18:58 AM  

I had not heard of this bit, lemme go google.

OK, I'm back. Well, with that level of violence we would have to put it on pay-per-view instead of regular TV. It would probably make more money that way, but I would run the risk of ending up as a contestant on my own show.
2007-06-02 04:19:44 AM  
Sadly, this kids mother thinks it's her story that's finally being made public.
2007-06-02 04:20:23 AM  
2007-06-02 08:34:27 AM  
By .50 caliber, they mean peener, and by pen they mean anus. I leave it to you to figure out what they mean by hunted and shot.

/squeal like a pig!
//in the South.
2007-06-02 09:02:51 AM  
Eddy Borden

Eddy Borden took a gun.
Shot a pig twenty times.
And then to the pig again.
Plugged it another twenty one.

/Okay, suck.

Eddy Borden took a gun.
Shot a piggy just for fun.
When that didn't do the trick,
He shot him again, the little prick.
2007-06-02 09:12:35 AM  
Eddy Borden couldn't aim
but his father wanted big game
they found a hog in a cage
and shot up the poor thing in a fit of rage

/fun stuff
2007-06-02 09:52:12 AM  
hartmangroup.typepad.comView Full Size

/ Full Size
2007-06-02 10:24:30 AM  
Walljasper: Congratulations, Dad. You've taught Jamison that he can succeed only under carefully controlled circumstances. And then you've taught him to talk up his meager accomplishments. I see a nice job in middle management for Jamison.

Or president of the Unites States.

Oh, and daddy has now revised their web page trying to cover his lies.
2007-06-02 11:07:25 AM  
A Bunch of Hypocrits, You guys all Act like you guys are innocent from anything wrong doing to an animal. What about your pets in your houses? You think they wanna be kept in the house ? would'ent they rather be out running the woods/forest being free ? The kid made a simple mistake, The animal was'ent wild, it was a pet. But if your deer hunting how do you really know if the deer your about to shoot is a pet ? Its just a deer. Now if you were hunting Cats and Dogs then I could understand.

//My veal was great last night, lol
2007-06-02 11:47:55 AM  
seriously, you need to eat your meat or you'll get a severe case of vaginitis..... Hasn't anyone here ever seen the Fun with veal episode of southpark?

But if they catch it in time an injection of beef blood can cure it.

Goes to freezer and pulls out the venison(deer)+ wild boar sausage.......
2007-06-02 11:59:46 AM  
Hey kid that shot the pig. You are a dick and if I were God you would die in a horribly painful way at a very young age. Karma is a biatch and it is coming for you loser.

Hey parents of the kid who shot the pig. You people are sick and your little bastard of a son needs counseling and you all should just kill yourselves out of embarrassment for being such lowlife assholes

Hey people of Alabama. You people really need to make this sort of thing illegal. YOu should all be ashamed.
2007-06-02 01:40:21 PM  
Quite a "hunt". Did the kid have to cover his eyes and count to fifty before he started?
2007-06-02 01:42:11 PM  
zenferret: Pigs scream when they are in pain. And they ARE intelligent animals - much smarter than a dog or a cat. If you still have no problem with a fatass 11 year old torturing one to death for 3 hours with a freakin' hand cannon, then bully for you, tough guy.


I heard a friend's pot-belly pig screaming once when the neighbor's dog attacked him---they got the dog off, but I never want to hear that sound again. And if I was the one who caused that sound, I think it would haunt my dreams forever.

And, yes, I do blame the kid, at least a little. If you shoot something and it makes that sound, your humanity should kick in and go, "Hot damn, I'm a horrible person and I should farking stop right now."

Maybe he was trying to put it out of its misery, but the correct way to do this is to hand the gun to your dad and say, "Hey, Dad, please kill this animal with one shot", not shoot it five more farking times.
2007-06-02 01:58:18 PM  
It's cruel and inhumane to let people live in Alabama with all those hicks.
2007-06-02 03:22:28 PM  
img63.imageshack.usView Full Size

2007-06-02 03:38:02 PM  
Maybe someone at the end of this thread could send it to the big fat lying brat.

2007-06-02 03:54:36 PM  
I only hate hunters because most of them try to act like hunting is a sport.

Hunting is a sport like golf is a sport: it's not.
2007-06-02 04:17:29 PM  
As long as there's not a ball involved it's not a goddamn sport. Fishing? Not a sport. Hunting? No. Boxing? No. Wrestling? No. The list goes on and on.

Football and futbol, lacrosse, basketball, etc. those are sports.

/Pool doesn't count because it's played on a table and you can drink and smoke the whole time.

//Those dipsh*ts who play Texas Hold 'Em with those douchebag mirrored sunglasses on should be stricken from appearing on ESPN.
2007-06-02 04:54:30 PM  
Im still laughing about all the people saying the picture was faked. Im going to quote one of the better debunker posts now with his "evidence"!, just for fun:

Jack310812007-05-29 10:03:59 AM

Ok. I'm falling in with the "it's fake" crowd. However, I haven't seen anyone actually give evidence to that end, so I'll do the honors.

First, the photo of the hog hanging.
[image from too old to be available]

Luckily, their supposed heights are given. The kid is 5'5", or 122 pixels tall. The dad, standing just behind, is 6'1", or 132 pixels tall. The pig, which we assume is directly next to them, is 10'7", or 256 pixels tall.

122/65" = 1.877 pixels per inch for the boy. The dad is just behind, so we would expect that ratio to be just a bit lower, and it is. 132/73" = 1.808 pixels per inch. However, for the hog, we get 256/127" = 2.016 pixels per inch. Even if their measurement is correct, the boy and dad are standing a good bit behind the pig to make it look bigger.

Next, a comparison to the photo of the boy on top of the hog. I used the boy and hog from the previous photo and resized each to match the proportions of this photo:

[image from too old to be available]

I had to resize the hog to 500px, or 1.95x. Because the boy is leaning right on top of the hog, I should have to resize the boy a similar amount. However, the boy is now 190px, or only 1.55x the previous size. Failed again.

Now, for the group photo. Hell, I don't even need to do analysis on this one. In the former photo, he is standing up tall and resting his elbows on the hog's back. You can see him from the chest up. Now, he's kneeling a good 7' behind the hog's head and you can see more of him. Fail.

lol good job, jack.
2007-06-02 05:52:17 PM  
A lot of hunting takes place on ranches. I have seen a bow hunting show on the outdoor channel where the star shot a tame deer from a tree stand. Rich guys go out to these farms and blow the sweet shiat out of animals as they eat food from a trough or enjoy a salt lick. Deer sometimes walk right up to the hunters expecting to be fed. The men that do it are cowards.
2007-06-02 06:09:54 PM  
Cowards? Yeah. But I think it's mostly closeted bondage freaks who can't think of a better excuse to ditch their wives for a getaway week-end of ass-play with their old high school buddies, yet they aren't skilled hunters either.

Yessiree. 3 hours of shooting into a bucket, then a full week-end of:
[image from too old to be available]
2007-06-03 12:46:31 AM  
thamike wins the thread.

Ghost Dog (pops) is the shizzy.
2007-06-03 01:14:52 AM  
Take a look at the negative comments section of the website, in terms of the first e-mail message on the page.

Any more e-mails like this will be taken at face value and turned over to the police.

What a pansy. Basically set him and his fat kid up for the hate mail. Good luck trying to report everyone.
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