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(IMDB)   Russell Crowe gets into Mexican barfight, woman puts him in headlock until he calms down.   ( divider line
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12911 clicks; posted to Main » and Entertainment » on 27 Aug 2002 at 3:22 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-08-27 3:27:09 PM  
In other news: Ashly Judd is still hot.
2002-08-27 3:27:15 PM  
Thats just awesome...
2002-08-27 3:28:59 PM  
hahahahahahaha sissy hahahahahahahaha sissy hahahahahaha
2002-08-27 3:29:33 PM  
Russell Crowe: Gladiator or Perpetrator?
2002-08-27 3:29:54 PM  
Simpsons did it!!!!

no, wait.. that was southpark...
2002-08-27 3:30:58 PM  
I got into a Mexican bar fight last spring it was awesome.
2002-08-27 3:32:24 PM  
makin movies makin songs and foightin 'round tha world!
2002-08-27 3:32:35 PM  
pussymus maximus
2002-08-27 3:33:24 PM  
Moral of the story: if you go to Mexico, do not hang out in the Tittytwister.
2002-08-27 3:33:25 PM  
Doesn't say if he was trying to recite his poetry or not.
2002-08-27 3:35:10 PM  
Funnier when you take into account E! ranked him the toughest star in hollwood
2002-08-27 3:35:32 PM  
i always knew he was a pathetic shlub! and now i have diffinitive evidence. what a putz. he's not hot he's a girlie man.
2002-08-27 3:35:34 PM  
Say, isn't that the Gladiator guy?

*sarcastically high-pitched*

2002-08-27 3:36:35 PM  
2002-08-27 3:36:47 PM  
russell crowe just looks cool in a wifebeater.. for some reason those shirts just fit him..
2002-08-27 3:37:00 PM  
Toughest star? I thought he was the biggest asshole in Hollywood..
2002-08-27 3:37:13 PM  
It comes down to this: no jodes con una Mexicana pendejo.
2002-08-27 3:37:27 PM  
got 2 words for ya. PAN SY
2002-08-27 3:37:28 PM  
I'm sorry, but a few weeks back he beat up Moby, now he's fighting mexican women.

Typical pussy Austrailian
2002-08-27 3:38:23 PM  
Crowe got into a barfight in Canmore Alberta when he was filming Mystery Alaska. Apparently he cannot skate at all and was on skates most of the time. One night at the local watering hole a few of the townspeople were jabbing him about it and Crowe went beserk... the guy has issues.
2002-08-27 3:40:29 PM  
me and Tugger 'ere... we love a good fight. don't we, Tugger?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-27 3:40:41 PM  
He has always reminded me of the pilsbury dough-boy (at least that's what Meg Ryan told me a few years ago).
2002-08-27 3:41:27 PM  
"Ay-ay-ay, Señor Ding-Dong!"
2002-08-27 3:41:35 PM  
Didn't Andy Kaufman wrestle women? At least he won all his matches. Take it to the logical conclusion - Andy Kaufman would kick Russell Crowe's arse!
2002-08-27 3:41:41 PM  
he punched my friend the head one night in austin. he's a douche bag. a douche.....bag.
2002-08-27 3:42:12 PM  
This guy's a putz.
2002-08-27 3:42:45 PM  
I wonder who would win in a fight? Ryan O'Neal or Russell Crowe?
2002-08-27 3:43:12 PM  
I'd hit
2002-08-27 3:43:45 PM  
Too bad Ah-nold isn't still in Hollywood making movies, else he could give this Aussie poseur the beat-down he so richly deserves. Beating up Moby? Gilbert friggin' Gottfried could handle that...
2002-08-27 3:44:01 PM  
Perhaps his years performing the Rocky Horror Picture show as Dr. Frank N Furter made him insane.
2002-08-27 3:44:22 PM  
Crowe is not a small man, what kind of women do they have down in Mexico? Are the women of WWE recruiting? I would think this would make a GREAT photoshop theme if we could find a source pic!
2002-08-27 3:44:45 PM  
Funnier when you take into account E! ranked him the toughest star in hollwood

i may be a little redundant here but oh well. russel is a pussi boy and he's always struck me as being that. E was sorely mistaken. mr crowe is a putz.
2002-08-27 3:44:45 PM  
I want to see that woman!!
2002-08-27 3:46:11 PM  
I don't think he's all that good looking either...
2002-08-27 3:46:32 PM  
One time I was shopping at the JC Penny
when Russell Crowe jumped out of the ladies dressing
room and kicked me in the nuts.
2002-08-27 3:50:47 PM  
Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.
2002-08-27 3:51:04 PM  
2002-08-27 3:52:28 PM  
That guy needs kicked in the vagina.
2002-08-27 3:52:43 PM  
he's probably short too

short people always have issues

prove me wrong
2002-08-27 3:53:22 PM  
The man who became a General. The General who became a slave. The slave who defied an empire. This pus gets strapped in a head lock. Man he should of biotch slapped the woe. I forgot this is the guy who picks fights with bigger pussies like Moby. Imagine that two fags in a slobber knocker or a just a slobber. Kill them both please.....
2002-08-27 3:58:19 PM  
Crowe and Van Dam can start their own He-man Toughguy Wannabe Club.
2002-08-27 4:03:26 PM  
I think Crowe has his AlphaMaleness insulted when he was in the restroom and found out how Moby got his nickname.
2002-08-27 4:07:11 PM  
MAn that guys a twat. He didn't stink up the screen too badly in Gladi-olas, so now hes the shiat? Fark him. Stuff him back under a rock where you found him
2002-08-27 4:07:41 PM  
Well, that should calm his ass down for a while.
2002-08-27 4:12:27 PM  
I don't see what the big deal is here. I mean, you go to a mexican bar and you're expected to do at least two of the following:
1. puke
2. fight
3. catch random scabie
4. Get head from a mexican woman
5. hire domestic help (only applies to white upper class and politicians)

Looks like he was trying for 2 and 4 (my favorite picks as well) and just fell er....short.
2002-08-27 4:13:21 PM  
he's just an actor.

what he does is not real.

he's a great actor in LA confidential, Beautiful Mind, The Insider.

However, that does not indicate what type of a person he is.

His co-star in Gladiator who played Emperor Marcus Aurelius, said actors are overpaid and overencouraged children.

Prove that wrong!!
2002-08-27 4:21:31 PM  
In case anybody cares -- IMDB says Crowe is 5'11-1/2".

I've liked most of the films I've seen him in, and yes, I think he's hot, but Mr. Crowe is in desperate need of a real good old-fashioned ass kicking. Don't know why he's got such an attitude problem, but if he doesn't change it, somebody is gonna change it for him.
2002-08-27 4:21:43 PM  
Hahahaha! Pussy!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-27 4:23:16 PM  
Kinda off-topic but

Joaquin Phoenix played an evil Commodus in Gladiator.

I have never so badly in my life wanted to jump through a screen and beat the shiat out of someone in my life.

Excellent actor.
2002-08-27 4:30:52 PM  
I've thought this guy was a jackss ever since was such a humorless dick to Steve Martin at the Oscars.
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