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(Chicago Breaking News)   Approved apparition of the Roman Catholic Church now appearing in Chicago   ( chicagotribune.com) divider line
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2001-07-13 09:07:06 AM  
Literally, for the love of God, these people need to get a grip. Sure God hasn't had direct contact with people for 2000 years or more (some would say never if he exists at all). He's the almighty, all powerful being in the universe. Why in the heck are these flukes of nature being categorized as acts of God and communication from they beyond? "I'm the creator of the universe! My people on earth haven't seen me in thousands of years, I should let them know I'm still around by giving them a wonderous sign. Hey great timing! There's a knot in that tree branch that looks like like Mary, woo hoo! That was easy, now back to work." I'm sure if God wanted anything to do with us he'd come down to say hi or at least communicate in another way. But a tree branch? Besides these people are so religious, what about the no no of worshiping images and icons and the like?
2001-07-13 09:09:42 AM  
This may just be nitpicking on my part here, but, if she appears in Chicago, wouldn't that make her no longer the Lady of Guadalupe? That should make her now the Lady of Chicago.

I agree with you though MrScience.
2001-07-13 09:21:53 AM  
a loogie I coughed up today looked just like Jim Varney...worship my lung butter!
2001-07-13 10:00:32 AM  
"maybe the skeptics don't have faith" or don't have LSD more like
2001-07-13 10:09:17 AM  
A virgin was on my penis once.
2001-07-13 10:14:59 AM  
The Virgin On Tour

July 9-13 Chicago
July 16-20 Minneapolis
July 23-27 St. Louis

Don't be left out! Call TicketMaster now!
2001-07-13 11:13:49 AM  
But was that only an apparition Farkeater? Only a vision of a virgin sitting on your Mr. Happy?
2001-07-13 11:45:37 AM  
Uh Midgetrossa, me and me fellow Catholicas are chartering a bus. Where do we find this hallowed, Shrine of the Loogie?? Er-nest,,,Er-nest,,,Er-nest.
2001-07-13 11:48:28 AM  
The other day, something squirted all over my friend Monica's face. I swore I saw the Virgin Mother reflecting in the little pool in her left eye. Cum worship at Santa Monica.
2001-07-13 12:27:03 PM  
It must have been just a vision because when she got off (no pun intended) she wasn't a virgin any longer.
2001-07-13 12:41:15 PM  
"We think things will change because she is here. No more gangs. No more shootings," said Moreno, the mother of an 11-year-old named Guadalupe. The Virgin came, Moreno said, to bring peace."

And if things don't change, then we'll just use the christian mantra ,"God works in mysterious ways".

Neat little package, all we need is a bow....
2001-07-13 03:47:13 PM  
What are we going to do with these crazy rosarie rubbing Catholics?
2001-07-13 04:14:25 PM  
FYI: This is not an "approved" apparition. The submitter should have read the article more carefully.
2001-07-13 10:16:06 PM  
it's not an apparition of the catholic church, either. i think the submitter was smoking a little too much crack. remember, kids. moderation is the key.
2001-07-14 12:48:11 AM  
All Moses ever got was a shot of Ja's bum.
We're talking the big M, here.
So these people get a knothole.
Find your inspiration where you can.
If you look hard enough, everything is a miracle.

"Here's the question we ask of all our contestants on Lets Make a Dope Deal, what made you drop out?"
"Well, one night I played Black Sabbath at 78 speed."
"And then what happened?"
"I saw God."
(Cheech and Chong)
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