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2002-08-27 01:49:23 AM  
"I don't know if there was a misunderstanding about his obligation, but he is doing his duty and complying," U.S. District Judge Fred Biery said Monday.

2002-08-27 01:52:40 AM  
At least he doesn't have the baseball union behind him.
2002-08-27 01:53:05 AM  
2002-08-27 01:53:45 AM  
Boy, this guy sounds like a real jewel.
2002-08-27 01:53:49 AM  
Sad. I remember the days when a man would be jailed for standing by his beliefs.
2002-08-27 01:54:36 AM  
wow hilarious headline
2002-08-27 01:56:05 AM  
Smart move by the asshat.
2002-08-27 01:56:22 AM  
how about "guy send court bill for 16 grand"
something geez
2002-08-27 01:56:26 AM  
Yeah, all judges find shiat like that to be just farking hilarious.
2002-08-27 01:58:21 AM  
40 bucks a day is outrageous. You could make more than that at minimum wage, with the added bonus that you can't be sequestered.
2002-08-27 01:59:28 AM  
Man!!! I only got 15 bucks a day.
2002-08-27 02:00:04 AM  
$40/day? Bastard. In Oklahoma, jurors only get $20/day.
2002-08-27 02:00:19 AM  
Last time I was on jury duty, I only got $15 a day. I got ripped off, man.
2002-08-27 02:01:40 AM  
People get payed according to their analytical abilities and overall intelligence. Sorry andon.
2002-08-27 02:01:47 AM  
I guess that I'll have to move to Oklahoma if I want a raise than.
2002-08-27 02:02:28 AM  
2002-08-27 02:02:48 AM  
This guy has balls.

No BRAINS, but balls.

Sad that it's people like this that -breed-.
2002-08-27 02:03:07 AM  
there's a juror dress code?? Is wearing a tie supposed to make a defendant feel different when you've just found him guilty?? "Hey those people just found me guilty of murder and i'm gonna die now in the electric chair. But damn did that foreman ever look sharp in that tie and jacket."
2002-08-27 02:03:13 AM  
I agree that jury duty doesn't really pay. What we need are professional jurors. Half the reason I always try to get out of jury duty is that I can't afford to go.
2002-08-27 02:06:50 AM  
Severin heh, can you imagine a guy walking in on a murder case wearing a t-shirt that says "OJ was GUILTY"?

Most likely he would buy himself a one way ticket off the jury selection.
2002-08-27 02:07:19 AM  
Jurors in my neck of the woods are paid $6.00 a day. Not a typo, folks -- that's it. Six bucks. A Day.
2002-08-27 02:08:56 AM  
Madpoet The thought of professional jurors frightens me. Too jaded too quickly.
I would much rather see the courts pay people not reimbursed by their companies for time off, what they would normally earn in a day. Per day.
2002-08-27 02:10:23 AM  
The first time I served jury duty it was $7 a day. It was a murder trial that lasted four weeks. Big bucks!
2002-08-27 02:10:49 AM  
Sweater Girl- I was kidding about the proffesional jurors. I agree that they would be incredibly jaded. But you have to admit... a small part of would think it was funny.
2002-08-27 02:10:51 AM  
While I agree with the Court that he's technically, well, in contempt, I dare say I'm inclined to agree with him. In most states, one's employer is *required* to give one paid time off for jury duty. So you're making your normal salary along with the nominal $20-$40 a day or whatever.

If one is self-employed, however, one's going to lose money without a doubt. If I normally charge $100/hr for my services, then my time is worth $100 an hour. Just going to the courthouse for one day costs him about $800. And last I checked, they abolished poll taxes in the 60's.

(Only by registering to vote will you get called for jury duty. Therefore this man's loss of income could theoretically be interpreted as a poll tax on self-employed persons.)
2002-08-27 02:11:03 AM  
Hey Sweater Girl. You gave me an idea how to get out of jury duty next time i get called, thanks.
2002-08-27 02:11:48 AM  
Severin: There isn't a dress code for Oklahoma jurors. Not in the county court I had to go to, anyway. Whatever would be appropriate to wear into court is what the jurors wear, i.e. nice clothes.
2002-08-27 02:12:14 AM  
I was summoned once and later released but if I recall correctly you only $5 a day here in CA...
2002-08-27 02:15:05 AM  
QuietSound: It's upped to 7$. I still make that in 12 minutes at my job.
2002-08-27 02:15:30 AM  
when I served jury duty, we only got 10 bucks a day.

no dress code... i wonder if i'd have to wear a suit and tie... being that i'm a woman.

funny story though... one guy got off of 'his' duty 'cause he asked the judge what time he could leave... he really, really had to be in the other city 40 miles away by a certain time. No he didn't say the reason, but just said it over and over, then got dismissed. As we 12 were deciding the fate of the poor farker on trial... we would chime in saying... dang, wish I had to be somewhere right now.. dang, why didn't I say that.

oh well, live and learn... and by the way, I had to pay more in child care than they paid me. Now I wish i had worn some funky t-shirt!
2002-08-27 02:15:56 AM  
LazarusLong42: Oklahoma courts select potential jurors by accessing DMV records, not voter registration records. I know this because my drivers license is in one city and I am registered to vote in another. It has been this way for about two years now, but when I got the court summons a few months ago, it went to the address on my drivers license. Not the address I'm registered to vote at.

(Incidentally, my DL and voter registration addresses are different because I'm at college. I know a lot of people that do it this way. Lets you vote while you're away at college.)
2002-08-27 02:19:17 AM  
Quick poll:
I'm just curious. How many of you biatch and moan and completely resent being called for jury duty? How many of you suck it up and feel like it is a duty that needs to be done?
2002-08-27 02:20:14 AM  
Madpoet oh I would snicker, indeed:)

Unless I was the one in court. heh.

FuzzBeast I do what I can. On the back be sure to have MANSON WAS FRAMED. That may just push you over that 'should we keep him or not?' quota.
2002-08-27 02:22:39 AM  
Just tell them you've done lots of drugs. They'll send you home.
2002-08-27 02:23:44 AM  
Andonbray I actually would be intrigued to be called for jury duty. But my job would have me excused before the first questions began. It's semi media, and that is just not allowed
2002-08-27 02:23:51 AM  
it was a biatch finding child care, since i had no family in a new city....

but i thought the whole experience was truly rewarding.

Now though, i'm a smoker, they just better give me my smoke breaks... i'd hate to be in anybody's jury if I was dying for a smoke!

as for the vote... i go for a jury of my peers... i'd gladly serve again. then again, my husband is the main bread winner of the family; it could do much harm to certain families
2002-08-27 02:23:57 AM  
Oh yeah, don't be *on* lots of drugs when you tell them that. Then they send you somewhere else.
2002-08-27 02:23:59 AM  
Hey, I'd do jury duty. On the condition that I could have my laptop for notes and porn. They'd probably say no, so I'd just play the disabled card and go home. Bummer, though. I want the power of incarceration in my hands.

2002-08-27 02:25:46 AM  
The second. It's not something I would do for fun, but I'll do it.
2002-08-27 02:27:06 AM  
"The Court is happy to accommodate Mr. Williamson's suggestion for an appointment," Biery's faxed response read. "Mr. Williamson is hereby ordered to appear ... to show cause why he should not be held in contempt of the court and jailed accordingly."

Classic. I love that judge.
2002-08-27 02:27:49 AM  
08-27-02 02:15:56 AM AntiNorm

LazarusLong42: Oklahoma courts select potential jurors by accessing DMV records, not voter registration records.

I'm... flabbergasted. This saddens me.

08-27-02 02:15:30 AM Aj_roller

oh well, live and learn... and by the way, I had to pay more in child care than they paid me. Now I wish i had worn some funky t-shirt!

This, however, saddens me even more. A seriously protracted trial could put someone working a minimum wage job, or a temp worker, into serious financial trouble. Three to one says they tend not to take that into account, either.
2002-08-27 02:38:11 AM  
California does the driver's licence thing, too. On the other hand, they'll let you off if J.D. will cause you serious financial difficulty - I don't know what the evidentiary standard on that is, though.
2002-08-27 02:39:33 AM  
People are sheep. I admit I didn't see the original article, but I'm willing to bet everyone here proclaimed him a 'hero' for demanding $100/hr. Now in this thread, the court is the 'hero' because the judge kicked his ass. Basically, weak-minded people just follow whoever seems most aggressive. Lame.
2002-08-27 02:40:33 AM  
Sweater Girl:Yeah showing up with a shirt like that sounds like something i'd do. No clue if we have a dress code or not for jury duty in Canada, but if I ever get called i'll definately find out.

I don't know, I just found it weird that the guy showed up in a golf shirt and they gave him a tie to wear.
2002-08-27 02:42:36 AM  
08-27-02 02:39:33 AM Corn_Fed
People are sheep. I admit I didn't see the original article, but I'm willing to bet everyone here proclaimed him a 'hero' for demanding $100/hr. Now in this thread, the court is the 'hero' because the judge kicked his ass. Basically, weak-minded people just follow whoever seems most aggressive. Lame.

Just how much are you willing to bet? Me thinks that you assume too much.
2002-08-27 02:54:37 AM  
There's got to be a better way than the jury system. The jury system (just like our government) relies on an informed populace. We clearly do not have that. Just turn on daytime television, go to WalMart, or look at the OJ jury (or even the Westerfield jury that took 8 days to do what should have been done in 8 seconds). Here in CA we call them Broccoliheads.

When I go to target, look around at some of those mouthbreathers, and think "someday my fate may lie in the hands of these numbskulls....my "peers", I shudder.
2002-08-27 03:10:34 AM  
I got summoned for jury duty last in Honolulu. I called and asked if they would pay for transportation. Yeah, sure they would. From New Mexico where I live now? No! Problem solved. You would think someone might have noticed a summons being mailed out of state?
2002-08-27 04:07:50 AM  
I think there should be some way for anyone to get out of jury duty, without too much hassle. I'd bet that jury integrity is frequently compromised by jurors who don't want to be there and couldn't give a shiat about the case. Noone would show up? Well then, that just reflects how much you're about to get screwed if you get a jury summons.

Don't hate the ones like me who'll try to weasel out of it, blame the sheep who willingly show up and, if they're lucky, earn enough compensation to cover the cost of parking. They're the ones who keep this nonsense going.
2002-08-27 04:08:15 AM  
When I was on duty this one guy got sent home to change after turning up in shorts and a T. The clerk of court was totally pissed off and gave him a roasting in front of the whole courtroom.
2002-08-27 05:23:40 AM  
I am so glad that we don't have this jury nonsense in the Netherlands. Yes, nonsense since it is based upon the idea of an informed populace, which already -and rightly so- got thrashed and I think (I can't prove it) that the Dutch populace in general is a bit (not much) better informed than the American.
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