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7907 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Aug 2002 at 7:28 AM (20 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-08-24 4:22:03 PM  
This should be good..

So, who's bringing the milk?
2002-08-24 5:47:05 PM  
mbapages.comView Full Size
2002-08-24 6:26:21 PM Full Size
2002-08-24 6:27:04 PM Full Size
2002-08-24 6:45:59 PM Full Size
2002-08-24 7:00:14 PM Full Size
2002-08-24 7:04:10 PM Full Size
2002-08-24 7:26:08 PM  
This one only failed because of poor packaging.

users.rcn.comView Full Size

2002-08-24 7:48:18 PM  
user.fundy.netView Full Size
2002-08-24 8:07:13 PM  
lol flig, what is it with that gay cereal? Full Size
2002-08-24 8:34:35 PM  
home.attbi.comView Full Size

From the "this took about 200 times too long" files... *ugh*

2002-08-24 8:37:32 PM  
niceboots.comView Full Size

Kinda surprised Kellogg's went for this one, though I always knew that money-grubbing Lucas would whore his droids out for the lowest common denominator. (Lowest common denominator here being the under-10 homosexual crowd, apparently.)
2002-08-24 8:56:34 PM Full Size
2002-08-24 9:00:29 PM  
home.kc.rr.comView Full Size
2002-08-24 9:12:33 PM  
this one wasn't intended, but it amused me too much to not finish. i'm stupid. Full Size
2002-08-24 9:46:27 PM Full Size

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against pizza for breakfast. To me, there's just nothing more disgusting than drinking milk with pizza. Ugh!
2002-08-24 9:48:31 PM  
ah hee hee heeee Full Size

(okay, the sad thing is, mustard guy is probably not home photoshopping on a saturday night... but at least i'm not mustard guy...)
2002-08-24 9:51:58 PM  
users.rcn.comView Full Size
Nice pebbles!

2002-08-24 10:20:46 PM  
Well, little known to most, Ms. Teirney has had a bit of an obsession over me for the last few years, and was constantly sending me saucy, come-hither photos like the above. Yeah sure, I'd hit it, and have, but Maura's just not my type; she's to...sophisticated...beautiful...talented. I just don't go for that kind of thing. I prefer my women to be, well...a little homely, and more than a little stupid. Anyway, I didn't call her back for a while and she just flipped! She came over the other day and stabbed me in the genital region (that was no picnic!). This photoshop is just step 1 in my elaborate revenge plot. Mmm'kay?
2002-08-24 10:20:55 PM  
ejweb.comView Full Size

I'm not sure what is worse, the lameness of this joke or the time I invested in seeing it to completion.

Blah, now with voting. Mods, be kind and destroy that pesky first one. Thanks.
2002-08-24 10:23:06 PM Full Size

If this has already been done by some farker in a parallel universe, I apologize...
2002-08-24 10:48:26 PM  
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2002-08-24 11:00:53 PM  
members.nuvox.netView Full Size
2002-08-24 11:22:27 PM  
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2002-08-24 11:35:21 PM Full Size
2002-08-25 12:45:26 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-25 12:59:30 AM Full Size
2002-08-25 1:20:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Poor quality, but it hey, you still laughed!
2002-08-25 1:44:18 AM  
2002-08-25 1:46:45 AM  
DAMNIT! Works better if you upload the image first...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-25 1:47:44 AM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-08-25 1:55:33 AM  
electrongate.comView Full Size
2002-08-25 2:01:35 AM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-08-25 2:32:05 AM Full Size
2002-08-25 2:35:24 AM  
When all ideas fail, go for the pun. Full Size
2002-08-25 3:47:28 AM Full Size
2002-08-25 5:38:47 AM Full Size
2002-08-25 5:52:11 AM  
da5id.home.attbi.comView Full Size

If this one's been done, please berate me mercilessly.
2002-08-25 7:53:40 AM  

cfporn.comView Full Size

2002-08-25 8:08:32 AM  
usdoj.govView Full Size
2002-08-25 8:12:15 AM  
bedlam.dreamwater.orgView Full Size
2002-08-25 8:32:19 AM  
For some reason I have the feeling that someone else has done this before:

ishkur.comView Full Size
2002-08-25 8:36:27 AM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-08-25 8:50:32 AM  
they're grrrritty!
2002-08-25 8:53:48 AM  
bcraig.slewsys.orgView Full Size
2002-08-25 8:55:14 AM  
geektweaked.comView Full Size

now with image!

(why do i have to be so retarded all the time?)
2002-08-25 9:12:53 AM Full Size

Much like the movie, this cereal tanked... mainly because, much like the star's head, the box was empty.
2002-08-25 9:29:45 AM  
mediaservice.photoisland.comView Full Size
2002-08-25 9:32:59 AM Full Size
2002-08-25 9:46:54 AM Full Size
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