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(MSNBC) NewsFlash MSNBC reporting Jerry Falwell condition downgraded to dead   ( divider line
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24857 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 May 2007 at 1:40 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2007-05-15 1:32:04 PM  
He's pining for the fjords.
2007-05-15 1:33:01 PM  
That's because there is not one mention of death on MSNBC. Nice try, sub.
2007-05-15 1:35:51 PM  
AP just confirmed his death as well, quoting Liberty University officials.

Fantine71: Yes there was.
2007-05-15 1:39:04 PM  
it's on CNN now
2007-05-15 1:40:23 PM  
Good night, funnyman.
2007-05-15 1:40:44 PM  
Goodnight, Fundyman.
2007-05-15 1:40:45 PM  
Holy fark on a stick, submitter's right.
2007-05-15 1:42:35 PM  
Ah, but will he get on the cart?
2007-05-15 1:43:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The world just became a little less evil.
2007-05-15 1:43:10 PM  
I guess there really is a God, after all.
2007-05-15 1:43:29 PM  
Where's your Messiah now?
2007-05-15 1:43:30 PM  
My headline FTW!
2007-05-15 1:43:31 PM  
He smells more of grave than gravy.
2007-05-15 1:43:32 PM  
sugarpop: Goodnight, Fundyman.

You get a cookie!
2007-05-15 1:43:33 PM  
He'll get over it...
2007-05-15 1:43:34 PM  
But now who will judge me?
2007-05-15 1:43:34 PM  
Goodnight, funny man.
2007-05-15 1:43:38 PM  
This guy is my hero and I know nothing about him. I can only hope to piss so many people off that multiple threads on fark shoot over 500 comments!

What a great man indeed.
2007-05-15 1:43:40 PM  
your next Sharpton!!!

1 down, 2 billion to go
2007-05-15 1:43:42 PM  
2007-05-15 1:43:46 PM  
2007-05-15 1:43:46 PM  
Now what we need is a good Iranian-style wake, where they carry the corpse through the streets and mobs rip bits off of it.

Of course, in this case, that might not be done out of reverence, and some of the fingers doing the ripping might be masculine, but with a fresh coat of nail gloss ...
2007-05-15 1:43:47 PM  
Anyone have a handbasket?
2007-05-15 1:43:49 PM  
Wasn't this same headline used for Anna Nicole Smith?
2007-05-15 1:43:49 PM  
That's right! Dead serious about going to Itchy and Scratchy land!
2007-05-15 1:43:49 PM  

Enjoy hell, arsehole.
2007-05-15 1:43:50 PM  
I'll put on my asbestos underpants and ask collected Farkdom: Is Jerry Falwell in Heaven, Hell, or neither? Why do you think so?

/willing to ask the question, but not going to take a position
2007-05-15 1:43:50 PM  
DAMN, beat me on the downgraded line....
2007-05-15 1:43:56 PM  
Oh, no! Who will molest the children?

/Good night, funny man
//Enjoy your sojourn to hell!
2007-05-15 1:43:57 PM  
Mormons. The correct answer is Mormons.
2007-05-15 1:43:57 PM  
He's just stunned.
2007-05-15 1:44:00 PM  
I have to admit, I'm having a very hard time shedding a tear.
2007-05-15 1:44:00 PM  
It was all those abortion-loving gay homosexuals, I'll bet you.

/praise Jesus!
2007-05-15 1:44:02 PM  
Good Riddance
2007-05-15 1:44:04 PM  
Put another evangelist on the fire!
2007-05-15 1:44:05 PM  
The world is a safer place now.

Bye Bye Jerry, ye will not be missed.
2007-05-15 1:44:07 PM  
I hope he burns in Hell.
2007-05-15 1:44:14 PM  
Ding dong the witch is dead...

Get that backhoe a-diggin. Gonna need a big hole for this one.
2007-05-15 1:44:16 PM  
the singer from Jane's Addiction died? who?
2007-05-15 1:44:16 PM  
So now can the left claim God is punishing him? and that he must have gone against gods will?
2007-05-15 1:44:18 PM  
At least now he knows whether or not he got it right.
2007-05-15 1:44:24 PM  
there is a god.
2007-05-15 1:44:28 PM  
Schadenfreude. In a big way.
2007-05-15 1:44:31 PM  
Ah.. This makes me happy. So very happy.

That bastard is the reason half of my family disowned me fifteen years ago.
2007-05-15 1:44:32 PM  
See you in hell Falwell
2007-05-15 1:44:46 PM  
He was an evil, spiteful, horrible horrible man. I don't celebrate anyones death, and I am not exactly celebrating this mans. But I am glad I won't be hearing his words of hate anymore. He was the reason I turned away from the Christian religion. If he was the public figurehead to the Christian faith, I wanted nothing to do with it
2007-05-15 1:44:47 PM  
"Upgraded to dead" would have worked for me.
2007-05-15 1:44:48 PM  
As with the radical Islamic nuts in the Middle East, I'm sure there's 100 people equally crazy ready to replace him.
2007-05-15 1:44:49 PM  
hmm... this was one of those things where my first impulse is to be happy someone's dead. then i realize that's just wrong, because it's another human being.

then i realize it wasn't a human being, it was jerry falwell.
2007-05-15 1:44:50 PM  
submitter: MSNBC reporting Jerry Falwell condition downgraded to dead upgraded to zombie.

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